June 16th, 2013 | 182 Entries

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182 Entries for “strung”

  1. He was high strung after all the events of the day. Flopping onto the couch, he flipped on the tv, absentmindedly scrolling through the channels. Stupid…stupid…pointless. What was happening to society? He just wanted some quality shows, was that too much to ask for?

    By Kristina URL on 06.16.2013

  2. Don’t get strung out. Don’t let other people get you strung out. String in. Tighten all the strings you have.

    By Neal on 06.16.2013

  3. there was an invisible thread
    made of time
    one end yours
    one end mine

    By Aley URL on 06.16.2013

  4. As they glide over the frets, each string sings a different story with every strike. In this way, no two strums are ever the same.

    By Aaron M. URL on 06.16.2013

  5. i am strung out. i am lost. i confused and jumbled and feeling too much. I am tired. exhausted. gone. over. wishing for more.
    I have been traveling, trekking, searching and longing.
    I have it and now the feelings are vast; have enveloped all of me.

    By Mia on 06.16.2013

  6. Tausend Menschen. Sie stehen da mit großen Augen und sehen mich an. Verdammt, ich bin nervös. Wie soll ich ihnen erklären, dass ich sie nicht wegschicken möchte. Weder in den Irak noch irgendwo anders hin.Ich möchte diese angereihten Massen nicht fortschicken, nicht den Tod überlassen. Aber so ist es eben,nicht war.

    By Paulina URL on 06.16.2013

  7. A man was strung up on that tree many years ago. He was said to have murdered three innocent men in the night, and so the towns people had took his live body and tied him up. They hung him and he dangled there for many minutes, flaring around, trying to break free, but too late. He was dead and they burned the corpse and the ropes, then the children laughed and danced. No one goes near that tree anymore.

    By emilie on 06.16.2013

  8. Strung out. The only words he could think of when he looked at her crumpled against the wall. Her hair hung in clumped dirty stands, giving new meaning to the description dirty blonde. Her petite body now bordered on emaciated and her blue eyes were sunken and hollow.

    By Alex on 06.16.2013

  9. As you passively walked through the residential cobblestone roads of this quaint Italian city, you were confined by the clothes strung on clotheslines reaching across the street from apartment to apartment, only feet above your head.

    By Aleasha on 06.16.2013

  10. His feet swung. Like a sick pendulum. Back and forth while the last of his tremors were wrung from his body. One twitch. Two. And then blackness. But the swaying kept on. A reminder as the warmth left his body.

    By Jenn on 06.16.2013

  11. Highly strung is what i am especially when my hormone levels are what they are just before my menstrual cycle. That is a bit personal but it is infact true. I tend to be over emotional, cry a lot and get annoyed at things that would otherwise not annoy me. This is really a shame both for me and my family.

    By Katerina Faulds URL on 06.16.2013

  12. The animal was strung up to drain its life blood. The group rejoyced for they will feast tonight. The women search the woods for things to eat with the meat.

    By Avery Wood on 06.16.2013

  13. He strung the guitar in a soft gentle way as he was writing a song. The song was based on a poem he read in his a level class. It was written by wordsworth and he really didn’t like it. But hew thought it would be funny to write a little song about it.

    By lesley pearson on 06.16.2013

  14. I was STRUNG. Strung, now what, now what, trapped here, crazy trapped, uncapable of going anywhere, being here strung, what, I’m not even sure of what this means, just writing, writing, and what is there to write, I wonder, what is there to say. Everyonw has said everything about string and other stated, I can’t say more stop.

    By G on 06.16.2013

  15. The policeman strung his baton up in the middle of the police station. It had been a hard day, he wished some people would just stop committing crimes for a second or two. Honestly, couldn’t he get a break? Girls running around selling their bodies, boys running around selling drugs. Was it too much to ask for a day off. or even a day with a little less action?

    By voldemortingly on 06.16.2013

  16. Don’t be so strung up…..

    SHUT UP!!!


    By Evan URL on 06.16.2013

  17. Tense and pulled out… stuck between multiple things.

    By Alice on 06.16.2013

  18. There’s a feeling you get when you’re waiting.

    Like maybe you’re being strung along again. Like maybe this one will like you. Like maybe she won’t be looking for something you don’t have, never claimed to have, aren’t even sure what having would involve. Like maybe, somehow, despite all the evidence, there really is someone for everyone.

    Like maybe this time things will be different.

    By Shimbo URL on 06.16.2013

  19. I was strung out on love songs and champagne. Intoxicated by your scent. Enthralled in your beauty. I am yours.

    By Ricky URL on 06.16.2013

  20. out fear loathing lost finding the path trail unwinding finding belonging longing to live to breathe no restraint no ties just GO bee happy not confined to these palces and people who are fake they make you strung out and uneasy never calm and happ

    By Nightwind8830 on 06.16.2013

  21. strung up and tied down that is what makes me feel so highly strung. I ain’t born this way you know, its all the bullshit that folk expect for me to take that makes me feel like punching someone in hte face!!! All shocken up and fucked up with this strung up!!

    By prickly cactus URL on 06.16.2013

  22. ‘strung’ usually describes stringed instruments in the state of having strings on them. e.g. violin, bass et cetera. strung is the state in which desire is subdued and not allowed to occur as the person involved is already occupied but so yearns for another.
    s a v e m e p l e a s e ?

    one would say. ukulele. duhnuhuhuh.

    By Helena Anderson URL on 06.16.2013

  23. i find myself laid out, piece by piece, as if you are my engineer and i am the pieces of a satellite. there is something pulling on my left arm, as if you have tied something to me, so i cannot float away. but the clouds pull farther and i split in half.

    By Katia URL on 06.16.2013

  24. I danced along the edge of the light hoping noone would see me yet desparately wishing someone, anyone would notice me. As usual no one did so I continued my nervous

    By Johanna Hall on 06.16.2013

  25. I’d been roped up into something again. Every day, it seems like, I get strung up into some half-baked deal, given no details – and when I am it’s through a scribbled note pushed under the door – by shady figures who I never see the faces of. If I weren’t such a grounded and respectable figure, it’d be enough to make me paranoid.

    By John Doe on 06.16.2013

  26. The stumpy child skipped merrily into the butcher’s, her eyes darting from place to place, glancing at cow carcasses strung up by cable, incomprehensible signs and appropriately cuts of meat packaged in shrink-wrap, neatly arranged on the sterile and white shelves.

    She took the liberty of inhaling as deep as she could, taking in the rich scents of raw and cooked meat alike. Her red, tacky and glittery twinkled and scintillated as she spun towards the counter, pirouetting several times before coming to a standstill.

    The glass countertop showcased what Mr. Joel’s specials were today, small cards with scruffy writing sitting before the trays indicating what they were. She couldn’t read at 4 years old, but from her adequate bank of meaty knowledge, she deciphered that there was lamb, beef, and something else.

    Where was Joel?, she thought. He was always at a counter, preparing one thing or another.

    By Meg URL on 06.16.2013

  27. You seem like a very high-strung person. Relax a little!

    By Jason URL on 06.16.2013

  28. She carefully strung her threading through the loom so she could make her next weaving. She knew it would be beautiful.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 06.16.2013

  29. high strung, my mom is high strung and it drives me nuts. when we work together she talks to much and i cant get a single word in. she asks all these questions and i don’t know what to say to them then she stops at the end and just looks at me like i’m supposed to remember the first question she asked. it’s like that bus joke when the answer is ‘you’re the bus driver’

    By Denise on 06.16.2013

  30. i was strung along by a quite few people before I left home. My mother, my father, my girlfriend. That’s what made leaving so easy. I just sort of packed up and left. Didn’t have much of a plan except to get in my car, empty my bank account and hit the road. which is exactly what I did. I haven’t looked back since.

    By Tim on 06.16.2013

  31. I strung the two beads onto the wire, not sure where to go from there. They were purple; a rasther unassuming color at best, but they were sparkly, like gems that they were supposed to resemble. I added a blue one; one thatt looked circular but was really facetted.

    By Abby on 06.16.2013

  32. High and bright like a star that can’t stop shining, even though she desperately wants to. When people look at you and see providence there’s really nothing that can be done, because this starburst that you are will forever define you until you break into bits of nothingness (supernova?). It starts out with you strung from the heavens like some celestial God, and next thing you know, you’re strung up by the neck and life just seems as deep and unattainable as the blackness of deep space.

    By Rosalia Vanderbilt URL on 06.16.2013

  33. strung along piece of string han
    g on to every word until all of a sudden

    By Jessica Clifton on 06.16.2013

  34. Strung out, rung out, hung out to dry.
    You said, I said, we said goodbye.

    Now I’ve learned all my lessons, my tears are dry
    Don’t got enough water in me left to cry

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 06.16.2013

  35. The clothesline was strung between the only two trees in crystal’s yard. Her husband would be home soon from his job at the quarry and want dinner on the table. Tonight was meatloaf and she was

    By Lori on 06.16.2013

  36. She was a very high strung individual. Every little thing in her life was a great big drama. It was rather hard to witness and probably even harder to live.

    By Tracey URL on 06.16.2013

  37. You’ve strung yourself on the branches of my memories.
    Did it intentionally.
    Because you need me to think about it.
    Without it , you cease.
    …Contemptuous prick.

    By abbigail quinn URL on 06.16.2013

  38. Days have gone by, or at least you think they have. Nights as well. It’s all a blur. Somewhere between the booze and the drugs it all blended together. You feel strung out, tired, sick. Your insides are churning. You want to throw up but nothing’s coming out. And you want to ask for help, scream, shout, something, but your voice is gone. You’re done.

    By Rawr on 06.16.2013

  39. Drugs. Rock. Sex. Alcohol. The mid 1900s. THE LIFE.

    By Liloo on 06.16.2013

  40. It strung to me that the strings were hard to see or hard to play. But the sound was nevertheless extraordinary, safe. It tele-transported me. It was only of need of a magic touch to release its rhythm. And yet it was never truly fulfilling, for I was always longing for more.

    By Andrea Urreiztieta on 06.16.2013