February 26th, 2011 | 412 Entries

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412 Entries for “strong”

  1. oh woohoo yeehaw yessir i like this word. i’m young therefore i vainly like to believe i’m strong and can move mountains. i solemnly promise to try to hold onto this belief for as long as i can, even when i look at myself in the mirror 20 years from now and realise not everything is quite as i had imagined it when i was rapidly typing on my keyboard.

    By mihaela URL on 02.26.2011

  2. i reach into the ground with roots that grow deep, the scent of earth and sky above my feet.

    By oohweecarrie URL on 02.26.2011

  3. strong makes me think of someone a man working out a lot and he is wearing a white wife beater and sweating and i also think of those who run a lot too like cross country also i think of like people who go through a lot but endure it and i think strength is not only physical but mental too

    By Victoria C on 02.26.2011

  4. He flexed in the mirror… Oh, how he wished he was strong. All he saw in the morror was a scrawny child. No muscles, or fat. Nothing but bone. No matter how hard he tried to make that boy larger, it never worked.
    While on his side of the mirror and a man, bulging with muscles… And tears streaking down his face that it still wasn’t enough.

    By Destiny-Blue URL on 02.26.2011

  5. I wish that I was strong. As it is, I am very weak. Weak in the mind, weak in the body, weak in personality. Wouldn’t it be great to be strong? To conquer, to dominate? I wish that I could, but sadly I can’t. I’m not strong. I never will be.

    By Jaci URL on 02.26.2011

  6. I am thinking of the time I saw you shake to gain strength. You were on the floor, holding your weight, plus ninety pounds on your back. I was next to you, doing the same without the extra. I watched you shake.

    By erinacious URL on 02.26.2011

  7. What does it mean to be strong? Is holding yourself back from tears being strong? Or is letting them pour strong for showing that you have a soft side? I think strength can be shown in many forms, but many go unappreciated. Just as everything else in life does.

    By Jesyanne URL on 02.26.2011

  8. No fui fuerte. Al menos eso es lo que creía. En realidad sin la fuerza inherente en mi nunca hubiera podido sobrevivir. Todas las humillaciones, los golpes, los miedos, la soledad, el abandono. Siempre cuidaban que tenía un aspecto limpio, normal …

    By Eli URL on 02.26.2011

  9. I am strong enough to withstand the tides of change.
    I am strong enough to live without love.
    I am strong enough to get by alone.
    I am strong enough to survive the greif that others may give me.
    I am strong.

    By liltig URL on 02.26.2011

  10. I never thought of myself as a strong individual. I have always been someone to rely on the strength of others but somehow through that flaw i have grown. There’s nothing like feeling proud of yourself for the first time and realizing you can repeat the action. Strength comes from within and your heart, not your brain. It is inherent in your soul.

    By Tori Randall on 02.26.2011

  11. I want to be strong someday. Maybe I will maybe I wont. Until then its easier to fight and fight and fight, because to give up is to die, even if I am not strong enough to win. Is that what it means to be strong? To always continue, never stopping to think you may fail.

    By N. Leslie on 02.26.2011

  12. i am strong and beautiful i am a woman i am amazing i can survive i will survive because i am strong because i am me because i will survive in this world and i have opportunities and i am strong
    i will accomplish all of my goals and all of my dreams
    i am strong
    i am strong

    By aryana abraham on 02.26.2011

  13. mental physical emotional
    strength come is many forms
    one who can rise above themselves for the greater good
    who can push themselves beyond their capacity

    By katherine on 02.26.2011

  14. Am I strong? What does emotional strength even me? Does it mean, to not be fearful? To be able to crush fear when it appears? What does that even mean? How do you get rid of fear, except to ignore it, or pretend it’s not there?

    So what is emotional strength? Getting through it in tact? Surviving? Is surviving in itself enough to be a strength?

    I’ve always thought that you were strong, though. I couldn’t tell you what that meant, just that I believed it.

    By Chloe on 02.26.2011

  15. Something that so many people claim to be, but rarely are. So magnificent, tall, proud, superb, but she dies, he crumbles. Once a statue, now, a pile of rubble. How can one be so easily lost? Your perception of strong, was wrong.

    By /b/ on 02.26.2011

  16. He was strong. or so he thought. the tears suggested not. But then maybe thats strength. he wasn’t afraid to show his emotions to those around him. he was only afraid to show them to himself. maybe not so strong afterall. noone know him well enough to say. he didnt know himself.

    By Kate on 02.26.2011

  17. Strong is not giving up whenyou don’t know what is going to happen. Strong isn’t just about strengh, it comes from within. It’s being about able to stand on your own two feet. It’s knowing what you want in life and being willing to get it even if it’s hard. You have to be strong to get where you want to be and to reach your true potential.

    By brittany on 02.26.2011

  18. used to suggest that someone has strength, men are generally stronger than women, there are 6 letters in the word

    By georgia on 02.26.2011

  19. You are the strongest person I have ever met. You’ve faced down everything tht has stood in your way and beaten it. I have to say that at one time I was jealous of your power, but now I see it for what it really is.

    By Jhymel on 02.26.2011

  20. james king is strong. he is my super boo and an absolute champion. he is the mightiest of all and the sexiest man alive. he has strong arms that make beans on toast.

    By victoria bennett grant on 02.26.2011

  21. Men are strong. Some men are stronger than others. Strong doesn’t always mean physical strength though. Sometimes strong can mean emotional strength. Strength is found in a deeper place than we can even imagine.

    By Katie on 02.26.2011

  22. strong, strong. what’s the definition of being strong? certainly not physical strength. people can be both strong and weak; there’s no such human as a strong person.

    By kaorita URL on 02.26.2011

  23. Hercules; or someone else famous…
    Or maybe just the regular mom. She is fearless protector, too.
    She would do anything to protect and defend her loved ones, to stand for what she believes in. That’s strong.

    By Genny on 02.26.2011

  24. Pokemon are very strong, did you know that a pokemon named strongchu was cut from the show because it was too strong? I didn’t. They replaced for some dumbass named pikachu, like wtf meng. Even I’m not that stupid.

    By Melissa on 02.26.2011

  25. Give me strength
    Give me reason
    I just want something to believe in

    Let me be
    and you’ll see
    just how much you meant to me

    By Kaven on 02.26.2011

  26. i want to be strong emotionally but its really hard sometimes. I’m strong mentally bc i can do the whole school thing and solve problems and pull it together when need be.. but then my emotions have a tendency to get the best of me and sneak up on me. a lot.

    also superman is strong. i need a superman.

    By Breann on 02.26.2011

  27. people are strong. especially after they’ve been broken. because to become stronger, one must become broken somehow. strength is in numbers occasionally and people need other people to survive. strenght is important. people are strong, but sometimes the strongest are the weakest of them all. think about it.

    By Callie on 02.26.2011

  28. My mind is made of mortar,
    And my spine is made of steel,
    But now I have to wonder
    Can my heart no longer feel?

    By SprawlingInk URL on 02.26.2011

  29. I am strong because I accept myself in a holistic manner, with my strengths and weaknesses. That’s what makes us strong: being whole.

    By Edmundo Soto URL on 02.26.2011

  30. i am. strong is courageous. strong is free will. strong is past the past. strong is moving on. strong is now. strong is the future. strong is love.

    By molijoli on 02.26.2011

  31. she once thought she was strong, and everyone around her thought so too. until the person with the strenght she admired left, her stregth dies silently that day along with her mother. That was two years ago, everyone still thinks she’s strong.

    By Lara URL on 02.26.2011

  32. Sometimes being strong is overrated. A person may be weak, or be considered weak, but that is what makes life interesting. If we all were as strong, there would be no fighting competitions.

    By Margot on 02.26.2011

  33. everything we have depends on our strenth. Someone who is strong knows how to live likfe to the fullest and knows how to accept failure and get back up again. There are many people who think they are strong and then wonder why they are having a hard time when trials come their way. Strength is found in hardship. Strength comes from failure.

    By abi armstrong on 02.26.2011

  34. Strong is what we all strive to be. It is being in control of your space and responsibilities. It is conquering fear, smashing doubt and having confiden

    By Tony on 02.26.2011

  35. I am not.

    By itsallunderstood URL on 02.26.2011

  36. its is spelt strong and it means hench beefy and stuff it makes me think of muscles and my gorgeous boyfriend seany, a way of life is a strong one as long as it has survived BIG WORDS

    By MEGAN on 02.26.2011

  37. Strong women give a fuck, but manage to over look the fucks they give. Strong women are caring, are smart, are beautiful inside. Strong women aren’t always muscular, they can be strong of hart, strong of will. Strong women have strong thoughts.

    By Pearl on 02.26.2011

  38. wowstrong i guess that isn’t me strong of mind not of body lasanga how would you dothis if you couldn’t type fast elephants are so strong in body mind heart and soul at first i didn’t realiz

    By Eliza on 02.26.2011

  39. She’s heard it a million times. Be strong and don’t cry. What’s wrong with crying? Is it so detestable to let emotions flow out instead of holding it all in, pretending to be all fine with a big smile on her face? For once she just wanted to tell them to shut up and leave her alone.

    By A Bananie URL on 02.26.2011

  40. Strength doesn’t just mean muscle
    It can stand for so much more
    It can mean someone who makes it
    Through thick and thin
    Without even a tear
    Someone who may shed a tear,
    But is as strong as if they hadn’t
    Some aren’t all that strong
    Even though they have the appearance
    of the strongest one
    Either way, no one can be strong forever,
    And everyone will eventually cry
    It doesn’t make them a wimp
    It just makes them stronger…

    By Ashlee URL on 02.26.2011