February 25th, 2011 | 607 Entries

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607 Entries for “tables”

  1. There was no lack of empty tables. We sat down by the window, so we would have something else to look at other than the site of a deserted restaurant. Over three years we’d been saving to buy our share. We celebrated the opening just as the credit crunch hit. Now we were eating there every night just to give the staff something to do. In retrospect, we should have just bought the damn yacht after all.

    By vicky on 02.26.2011

  2. long food eat sit brown legs chairs graphs maths multiples numbers mathematics equations algebra time is running out!! long long short consume fat skinny short under hide

    By bob on 02.26.2011

  3. turn

    By Andrew Thornton on 02.26.2011

  4. Tables are for eating. They are for setting things on. They are for math and solving equations. They are for tea time. They sit in my living room in the form of coffee table or endtable or dinner table.

    By Kelsey on 02.26.2011

  5. tables bring people together.
    from around the world.
    we share so many things at a table.
    rich or poor.
    everyone has a table.

    By katherine degnan on 02.26.2011

  6. They moved the tables together, and Jim cringed. He’d known he couldn’t avoid the direct questions forever, but he’d at least hoped to make it past the next Kobiashi Maru before having to answer them.
    But one glance at Bones’ tired, beleaguered face told him that wouldn’t happen.

    By K. Wilson URL on 02.26.2011

  7. tables are good for eating on and for playing footsy under and for hiding what you’re doing with your hands and giving stuff toyour dog and resting your feet on your boyfriends feet sohe thinks you are being affectionate but really its cos the floor is really cold but its okay cos things like that are nice

    By rex nihilo on 02.26.2011