July 18th, 2012 | 329 Entries

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329 Entries for “stretcher”

  1. “Tell me the truth.” The raspy voice seethed with anger, the source of the sound a masked man.
    He, the victim, lay quite uniconsciously on the stretcher, his body in the form of an X. His wrists and ankles were ruthlessly shackled with rust-stained and skin-percing materials.
    He spat, and said, “Never.”
    At his repsonse, the masked man screamed a terrible scream that seemed to make the shack more eerie. A moment later, a high-pitched wail pierced the night. It was from the man lying on the stretcher.
    “I will never stop this until you tell me.”
    Those were the last words that the man would ever hear from the mysterious masked man. The door shut loudly, and the gears working in order to pull harder at the shackles echoed in the victim’s ears.

    By Tee URL on 07.19.2012

  2. The blood was everywhere, the body limp. Death smiled cruelly as he swallowed the soul of the once alive person, but now in fact, quite dead. If only the peremedics had guessed the real problem, maybe he could have been saved. Not anymore. His sould now beloned to Death.

    By Sophia on 07.19.2012

  3. We sometimes talk about grace-growers – people who require you to have more grace, because not everyone is easy to love. Sometimes people have hurt that they carry around with them and they are sometimes difficult to get along with because they take things the wrong way. Think one can go ahead and call the grace-grower a stretcher too; same principle. Stretching is painful, but it’s how we grow.

    By lisi URL on 07.19.2012

  4. I worked out a lot today I heard something in my hip pop. My trainer laughed and said, “good, you’re making progress.” Was she kidding? They always say listen to your body. My body was not having a pleasant day. I could be wheeled out on a stretcher for all she knows and even then she’ll probably think I made progress.

    By one shoe URL on 07.19.2012

  5. The man lay by the roadside, blood seeping from his head. Noone knew whether he was alive or dead. A crowd had formed as the emt’s moved him gingerly upon the stretcher. It wasn’t until the sheet was pulled over his body that the terrible silence that had fallen over the crowd gave way to screams.

    By Ben URL on 07.19.2012

  6. To stretch one’s self, to search for secret selves hidden on shelves. Dusty layered layers against a backdrop myriad of cereal bars and robotic cashiers. You need to creep close to the edge, to jump of the shelf, to stretch yourself, or you’ll remain as shrivelled and shrunk as you were on your day of birth.

    By Fred on 07.19.2012

  7. the ambulance came
    the car crashed
    the victim died
    the baby cried
    the mother ran
    it happened too soon
    i woke up on a strtcher
    in the sick room

    By dora on 07.19.2012

  8. Someone is bleeding profusely on top a stretcher, they’ve been in a car accident. there are paramedics all around rushing him to tyne ER. There is a women crying running beside them.

    By Ash URL on 07.19.2012

  9. oneday i got a phone call, my sister was in hospital and when i got there she was
    layed out on a stretcher all messed up from her car accident. I felt sick to the stomach
    I had never seen anyone disfigured in the way that she was.

    By dianne on 07.19.2012

  10. A man was walking in the brisk summer morning when the sirens blared his ears. He jumped and just at that moment saw the ER men hustling with a strethcer into his own home. The man’s heart pounded in his chest as he pushed past all the people to get inside his house. There she was. His heart broke as she lay there and the happiness had been drained from her face. The men lifted her onto the stretcher and took her away without as much as a glance toward him. Daniel knew at that very moment by the circumstances and the yellow tape that now surrounded the room that this was no accident. He then swore that until the day he died he would find who did this, and he would avenge his only pride and joy in life-his wife.

    By Macey Devlin on 07.19.2012

  11. Laid out and moaning on one of many, the blaring sounds of sirens, heat from flames and acrid smoke. Like a scene out of Gone With the Wind, she thought above the cacophony of screaming, shouting, radio bursts urgently demanding medics, police, firefighters. “Tara’s burning,” she whispered..

    By Ara URL on 07.19.2012

  12. A stretcher is most likely applied in hospital use. Another name for this item is a gurney. I have never been on a stretcher, but I have seen many people, mostly my relatives on stretchers. They are mostly made with fabric and cotton, but the stalks are of stainless steel.

    By Wrik Chakrabarti on 07.19.2012

  13. My soul layeth on the stretcher on it’s way to limbo hospital. It’s still searching for where it belongs, lost in the world. The body is still alive but it looks very much uninterested in everything it is surrounded by. Help my soul.

    By Joseph Dimanche URL on 07.19.2012

  14. One day a kid named strecher was walking along trying to find is mom, so he reached around a corner and ate a cheese puff, which turned out to be his mom, he killed his mom…

    By Frank Bartlett on 07.19.2012


    stretcher.. stretcher..

    What do you really even say about a stretcher? I mean.. its a stretcher.

    Alright this sucks. I’m still half asleep.



    My time just glitched and started over. Maybe this time I’ll tell a story.

    Things you can carry on a stretcher:
    dead people
    fat people
    short people
    monkey bread

    By Maggie on 07.19.2012

  16. A stretcher is what the hospital personel use to haul injured or sick people around. It is also used by other specealized personel.

    By Orion URL on 07.19.2012

  17. Pain is a time stretcher
    And time is a pain shrinker
    What happens then?
    Answer me

    By dirtymaggiemae on 07.19.2012

  18. injury ,hurting, something i dont like, pain ,hope, change and living life ,having fun

    By joan on 07.19.2012

  19. Death seems to be a pretty common word invading my thoughts lately. Stretcher is such a strange name to call a temporary excuse for a bed. It’s the transportation that is suppose to save your life after an “accident”. Is anything even an accident anymore? People die every single day and a stretcher takes them to their grave. It should have been simply named “your death bed”.

    By Lola URL on 07.19.2012

  20. They carried him out on a stretcher. This wouldn’t have been unusual in normal circumstances, but these weren’t normal. I have no idea where they found a stretcher, or why they got to use it on him, but they did.

    By zebra URL on 07.19.2012

  21. coffee is a stretcher to somewhere near the afternoon after pulling an all-nighter, partly due to work and also because sleep doesn’t come easily when shallow-breathing. meditation is good for you, I think.

    By cady on 07.19.2012

  22. coffee is a stretcher to somewhere near the afternoon after pulling an all-nighter, partly due to work and also because sleep doesn’t come easily when shallow-breathing…meditation is good for you, I think.

    By cadypie URL on 07.19.2012

  23. Transported from world to another other, feet in one, head in the next. He was taken, we saw him leave. No one saw him arrive. For a second he existed in both, he was stretched between the two.

    By Dan Frankenburg on 07.19.2012

  24. A stretcher by a roadside
    some place hot
    as long as the person on it
    isn’t completely covered
    there is hope

    By Skip Ploss (aka Poemasabi) URL on 07.19.2012

  25. I walked into the ward and looked clumsily around for my brother. I peeked my head around some of the cold, clinical doors but couldn’t find him. In a state of panic, I turned on my heel and came crashing into a stretcher. “I’m so sorry” I mumbled, making way for them. Then I spotted him – the dark mop of hair, the chiselled jaw. But he wasn’t my brother. He was someone I knew, but at the same time I didn’t know him at all. Then he was wheeled out of my sight.

    By Lauren URL on 07.19.2012

  26. Stretcher. Stretch out. Lying down. Face to the ceiling. How did I get here? How did my life end up like this? Stretched out and stuck in an ER, waiting to be seen. Patient. Impatient. How did I get here? How did things end up like this? I didn’t want it to. I didn’t mean for it to. Now I’m just one big ache.

    By Natalie Blardony URL on 07.19.2012

  27. There’s a lady asleep on a stretcher, hand dangling to the floor. No blood, just bandages. It feels calm outside, but In her head there’s a tornado of grief. Where is he?

    By Kelli on 07.19.2012

  28. Smoke. Explosions. That cloying in the back of the throat that soldiers know all the time. And the shouts and the “move him over here!” and the nurses moving fast, and the cold metal against your hands slippery with blood. It was hell getting him this far and the nurses weren’t sure what they could do for him, but it was better than being out there in the mud and the smoke and the noise.

    By Jack Wilde URL on 07.19.2012

  29. His body lay on the stretcher, taught. His wife wept over his as he was carried away, throwing her hands up to heaven, rain falling on heryellow dress. She said, ‘Why me?’ and said it again and again until she fainted and

    By Thomas on 07.19.2012

  30. One word can make a huge difference as they say Pen is mightier than the sword. A word of kindness can help cheer an upset person and a harsh word can even break relationships.

    By Pooja on 07.19.2012

  31. He and his brother carried her out on the stretcher. He looked down into her eyes and she quickly glanced away. Making eye contact was not good for her heart right now. Anything but this, she thought. Why me!

    By iffat on 07.19.2012

  32. time stretches by
    it feels like eternity
    life after life I see pass by
    it just keeps on going
    no one cans stop it
    just as no one really means to start it
    life happens
    end of story
    except for the pain and sorrow people mask
    a stretcher of time and endless torture for some

    By Emma Blankenship on 07.19.2012

  33. He found the stretcher all alone in the back alley. Th sun was cascading through the branches of the half fallen down tree. It didn’t want to go back. Not now, it was far too early.

    By Martin O'Callaghan URL on 07.19.2012

  34. I hate strechers. What a horrible concept. I feel uninspired. I was hoping for something more like “fish” or “figgy pudding” or at the very least something about crumpets. Apparently I am hungry, and boring. The sun has gone away. This still has nothing to do with stretchers, does it. I read a piece about stretch marks today. They are not like tiger stripes, apparently.

    By E on 07.19.2012

  35. They carried him out slowly as she ran behind, desperately gripping at his limp hand. He was unconscious, they said. We don’t know what’s wrong, they said. How could they not know? How could nobody know? And then a shot rang out, piercing her eardrums. Now, no one will ever know.

    By Clair URL on 07.19.2012

  36. The stretcher was sitting abandoned in the warehouse, surrounded by old newspapers and crates. It had a blanket and pillow that looked used. Maybe by a homeless person.

    By Rachel on 07.19.2012

  37. It was supposed to be a little bit of fun. Harmless fun. But I suppose it always is. Until it isn’t and your watching someone you care about, more than you ever knew, being carried away.

    By Raiine URL on 07.19.2012

  38. I gasped as I was placed onto the stretcher by the medics who had just removed me from my burning house. Caught afire by a careless parents lit smoke, a danger to myself. On the stretcher I felt myself trying to catch my breath, gasping for the fresh air that I could rarely find inside my house. I didn’t know where my parents had ended up, and at this point I didn’t really care. I was just happy to be alive.

    By dancer13 URL on 07.19.2012

  39. i have no freaken idea of whats to write about strecther….I request a new word please! This one’s a little tough for the first try and thats is not so fair is it? thought so

    By Jackie URL on 07.19.2012

  40. I was lowered onto the crisp, soft hospital bed, still lying painfully crippled in the stretcher i was in. The fall was damaging. Too damaging.

    By Regine Teo on 07.19.2012