July 18th, 2012 | 329 Entries

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329 Entries for “stretcher”

  1. Silly doo doo poo poo, clouding my toilet and pervading my mind. Lots of pee pee and poo poo in the bathroom stall, because I couldn’t hold it and I had diarrhea. No words can express my deep loss of poo poo.

    By Thoraxe on 07.18.2012

  2. Stiff, everything was stiff. My breath, my arms, my legs, her body. I couldn’t bear to watch as they loaded the stretcher into the ambulance. It was an out of body experience as I watched, my mind completely paralyzed, tears streaming down my face.

    By Mira on 07.18.2012

  3. The stinkiest of doo doos was sitting in my shoe. Why would my brother do this? We had a bond, how could he soil my honor in such a way? I lifted my finger and waggled it in his direction. His jowels quivered and he pulled against his chain with a weak wimper. I tore into him with one glance. Never again would he be capable of poopmaking in my footwear.

    By Slagthor on 07.18.2012

  4. its march 11 2012. the time is 5:00 pm. i am currently flying through the air at 75 miles an hour in a convertible miata. it smashes into the ground and rolls three times. when i come to, i am severely hurt. my head is cracked open and i am losing consciousness. the ambulance arrives and takes me away on a stretcher as I pray to god and my guardian angel that ill be ok.

    By Dante Migale on 07.18.2012

  5. this man was sitting on the stretcher as he was being taken away by the EMS men, his heart was slowly stopping, he had trouble finding his breath. His friend stood next to him holding his hand tightly, trying to insure him that he was going to be okay but he knew he wouldn’t make it once he feel asleep for good.

    By Juliette on 07.18.2012

  6. it reminds me of death. death is following everyone even if those people don’t want to admit it but its there… Everyone has a certain amount of time before death comes before them but no one should be afraid of it its natural even if we all despise it it has to happen.

    By kasey URL on 07.18.2012

  7. as i lay on the stretcher, about to be taken away by the EMS men i stare at my lovers eyes, glistening with tears. It broke my heart, but i was already having a heart attack. Tears rolled down my own cheeks as i was afraid i may never see my dear amanda ever again.

    By Jessica on 07.18.2012

  8. hospitals ambulance grandpa living room bad sad scary doctor paramedics and bad stuff going wrong

    By Amber on 07.18.2012

  9. The sound of creaking wheels brought me back to my senses. On the stretcher, she lies there in anguish, her eyes glazed over like a blind dog begging for mercy. I watched the air brush her face and flow through her hair, and all I could think of was the scar on her cheek that stained her porcelain youth.

    By Tyler URL on 07.18.2012

  10. I couldn’t help myself. He hit me one too many times. I feel satisfied. Now he is the one leaving on a stretcher.

    By LB on 07.18.2012

  11. It stretched as long as the horizon, tracing the curve of the earth. I did not know how long it went, or who it connected to, but I felt as long as I followed it, I would find what I was looking for.

    By Mia URL on 07.18.2012

  12. when the potato tumbled down the roof we never knew what to expect when tony was wheeled away into the sunny day in the red undercarriage he always knew his mother to wear oh brother where will you be when we go onto the next green thing be on your knees? I’m sagging I’m sagging and when will we go

    By courtney on 07.18.2012

  13. this fells like something that you do to a rubber band, maybe., or a brand of rice, because rice is a starch, which reminds me of pumpkin picking, which i like to do a lot. and fields of corn, with hay. fall is coming soon, which leads us into winter. i like winter.

    By Angelika on 07.18.2012

  14. The incessant buzzing of insects fills the darkness outside, and seems to make the sticky humidity vibrate in the ears. Desperate moths hopelessly circle and collide into the dim and flickering lamp hanging from the roof of the large canvass tent, occasionally spiraling down onto your sweat soaked chest, as you recover on the stretcher.
    since the deafening din of the most recent tropical downpour, the forest is eerily absent of the usual jungle movements. you can almost sense the shadow of the panther observing your camp from the wetness of the dark.

    By matty URL on 07.18.2012

  15. One word. One chance to speak and be heard. A single moment where I can stop pretending and be myself. A sigh now . . silence

    By Desiree on 07.18.2012

  16. I’m a doctor who takes in patients, but I realize that most of the people I’m helping are very broken on the outside, whereas I am very broken on the inside, and fixing their outside for some reason means that I can fix myself on the inside, but I know this doesn’t make sense, but I know that I can convince myself to keep doing it thinking that it will fix me on the inside

    By Joshua Magno on 07.18.2012

  17. hello morning sun i decide that i am going to be something that my kids will be proud of. I have no fear or insecurities. wake me lord

    By ashley on 07.18.2012

  18. so I wonder about my situation and I think what does it all mean for my future. I am stuck for someone who really don’t change

    By ashley on 07.18.2012

  19. I see a stretcher.
    Just lying there.
    Doing nothing.
    It should stretch some thing
    shouldn’t it?
    or maybe
    it’s just me
    that thinks
    a stretcher should stretch.

    By Not Orange URL on 07.18.2012

  20. the first thing that comes to mind when i think of this word is hospitals, paramedics, ambulances, accidents, deaths, hurt. the more i think about it it reminds me of my mom and the day she felt sick, and furthermore, this reminds me of the horrible accident that i had with my mom last year in November 2011.

    By Naomi on 07.18.2012

  21. I imagine I would be on a stretcher at some point in my life. Vulnerable and at the mercy of others. I wish I could be on a stretcher; that sudden burst of death and life. What a grand feeling…

    By Sean on 07.18.2012

  22. death hospital sick sickly people old elders athlete physical activity preventative measures bodies crime scenes sketchers bad news depressing flat board or fabric that you put dead or hurt people on for transportation

    By Allison on 07.18.2012

  23. The hospital refuse pile was huge. Stretchers extended their reach to the heavens. I slowly started to climb the pile, hoping to see a way out of this wasted neighborhood. No end in sight.

    By Bryan on 07.18.2012

  24. A stretcher is wheeled out to carry her away
    the crowd gathering makes it impossible to view
    out of sight out of mind
    but worrying is inevitable
    who knows what this may turn in to.

    By zoe on 07.18.2012

  25. They took him away on a stretcher, yet, he was constantly saying he was fine. How were we supposed to know something wasn’t right? He assured us that if something was wrong he’s tell us. That’s what he said to us and his doctors, but he decided to be full of pride. So, there he goes being carted away on that dreadful stretcher.

    By Amanda URL on 07.18.2012

  26. They carried him away from our car on a stretcher. As they lifted him into the ambulance, he turned to me.

    “How can you walk?” He mumbled. His head lolled to the side and he blinked a few times as if it hurt to talk.

    “Don’t talk son,” the EMT said. She pulled a blanket up to his chin. “Lay still.”

    I wanted so badly to hold his hand, but I knew it was impossible now.

    “I will stay by your side until you are better. They say you will make it.”

    Only one of us got out alive; I’m glad it was him.

    By Fire on 07.18.2012

  27. She layed on the stretcher as blood poured from the wound. Paramedics hurried to stop the blood, staunching it with layers of gauze.

    “How could this happen to me?” She thought.

    By chloe on 07.18.2012

  28. Gives me an unpleasant reminder of many nights spent waiting at the heart hospital, waiting at the recovery center a couple blocks away, waiting at Stanford, waiting for my family to recover from the sicknesses they have endured.

    By Emilia URL on 07.18.2012

  29. I found a stretcher in my back yard one day. A stretcher a half of a body. There were two legs tangled up in my swingset, but the torso remained on the stretcher. I guess tornadoes are more malicious than I thought. Sucks to be that guy.

    By Dee on 07.18.2012

  30. gurney old thingz =s with wheels long white metal hospital death life firefighter ambulance people fire lights human pupppies kitties meme

    By gs on 07.18.2012

  31. Gym, loung, scrapes, art, love, tv, human, special, clothes, denver, towers, school, girls, boys, weight, food, problems,

    By Karen on 07.18.2012

  32. Wheeled away on a stretcher, some people’s nightmare, but it isn’t one when you’re completely alone, or when you’ve don it before, it’s remarkable how almost nothing becomes frightening when you’ve done it before. Experience, hindsight, whatever it is it’s 20/20

    By Ann on 07.18.2012

  33. The strecher remained in the ambulance. I insisted on carrying my father’s dead body myself. I regretted wearing my favorite white tee-shirt…but at least I have some red to color my wardrobe.

    By Arundhati URL on 07.18.2012

  34. I lied on the stretcher thinking about my last moments. The love of my life, Charlie right there holding my hand. I loved him, i will be with him eternally. I closed my eyes and took my last breath.

    By Hailey URL on 07.18.2012

  35. The length of the day pulled on my legs, my arms, and my face. I ached in a sense of loss. I was laying on that stretcher, I had flown my white flag.

    By Lauren on 07.18.2012

  36. a stretcher like, a chair? Those are pretty relaxing, they remind me of the beach, no matter where I am. I’m not even sure if that is what the word means, but it is the first thing that comes to my mind, the stretcher. Comfy and peaceful, relaxation.

    By elisa on 07.18.2012

  37. They wheeled the stretcher into the room and he tried really hard not to think about all of the dead and dying who had been wheeled into other rooms at other times. Because she was going to be fine. Both of them were. The three of them were going to leave smiling and happy.
    But there was just so much.

    By Madi on 07.18.2012

  38. When I think of stretchers I think of a young blonde woman. Something is wrong. The stretcher is blue, and reminds me of a cot. We are in the forest, but the landscape is city. There are many people around, yelling. My point of view in this scene is from her eyes.

    By Ruth Wenger on 07.18.2012

  39. She was carried out on the stretcher, her limp arm falling out from under the bloodstained blanket and dragging against the ground. Nobody stopped to tuck it back in, they just let that beautiful soft delicate flesh be marred the rough ground. I couldn’t do anything, I could only watch, invisible, and wait. I was already dead, but she still had a chance.

    By Solanaceae URL on 07.18.2012

  40. Gradually, I lowered myself onto the cold rock. The silence destroyed me as I heard the splash of her fall echo through our rocky hideaway. The ambulance wouldn’t allow me to join her. If I could do this day again, I wouldn’t hesitate right at the edge…I would have just jumped in by her side.

    By aria autumn URL on 07.18.2012