July 18th, 2012 | 329 Entries

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329 Entries for “stretcher”

  1. The patient groaned. He rolled over, pain etched across his innocent face. His mother bent over the stretcher, concern drawing her face in tight lines. She couldn’t believe all that had happened in the past few hours.

    By Emma URL on 07.18.2012

  2. He said he’d pick me up at eight. It’s eight twenty!! What if he decided that he didn’t like me after all?? What if he’s not coming? What do I do then? What if–oh, there he is! I HAVE TO GET THE DOOR! NO, WAIT. HAIR AND MAKEUP CHECK!! Gah! My eyeliner is smudged! Oh, wait. I did that on purpose. Oh no! My mom answered the door!!
    “Hello! You must be Mel’s date! Would you like to come in? I could get you some cookies. We have chocolate chip, pecan, peanut butter–”
    Now we’re in his car. What am I supposed to say?? Just think. No! Don’t think. Talk.
    He’s smiling. He just laughed at my joke. YAY! Oh no, he looks confused about something i said!! my face is turning red!!
    we’re sitting in the restaurant.
    i order spagetti with extra sauce.
    BAD NEWS!! I just spilled my drink on my shirt!!
    my shirt is white…and now transparent.
    Put on sweater.
    Eating spagetti. He says something funny and I spit it out all over.
    Apologize about a million times. Turn bright red.
    We’re both laughing. I think this is good…i’m good. i’m okay.
    We’re outside. Talking. Laughing. Having a good time.
    Trip. On a random crack in the sidewalk. fall on my face.
    they take me away on a stretcher.
    some first date.
    he asked if i was okay.
    I AM IN LOVE. i just hope he is too…
    what if he’s not???
    everythings fading….blackout

    By Melanie on 07.18.2012

  3. There was a popping noise to it. Almost similar to popcorn kernels. The knee stretcher was slowing tearing apart cardinal valentino de agusta’s legs from his body and all he could think about was the look she gave him as she was falling into the boundless darkness.

    By Adam Sherritt on 07.18.2012

  4. Loading the stretcher, Sally watched as the men with funny jackets took her daddy. “Daddy’s going to be just fine baby.” Aunt Alex said, “He just broke his leg. After we clean up the mess we’ll go to the hospital and check on him.” “I wanna go with daddy!” “You can’t sweetie. We’ll go as soon as I clean up.” Stomping her foot, Sally crossed her arms and scowled as the ambulance drove away. Alex went back into the house. What does she know anyway, she’s not my mommy.

    By Adam URL on 07.18.2012

  5. The sky was blue. “The sky is never blue”, he thought. There were papers falling like dead birds from above, carefully resting on his lap. The Stretcher Building as it was known by had been premeditatedly removed from the corner of Vine and Chestnut. The Peoples Resistance had finally succeeded.

    By Adam Sherritt on 07.18.2012

  6. I don’t understand this word. Maybe I’m not that good in english after all.

    By dysania URL on 07.18.2012

  7. this word came at the worse time. and i hope its not an energy call from the forces around. i want to focus that good energy and surpass most all, think with the positive progress with a strong foot and consider but dont get stuck in what’s behind. smile. think. be.

    By mallorychacon on 07.18.2012

  8. It was the stretcher that made him look up very abruptly. Mark had never seen one at the school; usually, people were just carried back. If there was a stretcher, that meant something bad had happened. Something so bad, that someone was dead.
    Mark got up, desperately hoping that the person wasn’t Wesley.

    By Elsie Shu URL on 07.18.2012

  9. They brought her out on one. Rolled her down the front walk and put her in the hearse. My dad told me they don’t transport dead people in ambulances. Only dying ones, I said. The hearse took her away just past nine. My whole family had gathered in the kitchen. They were drinking tea and water. No booze. My sister and I had been at our neighbor’s house playing Nintendo. There was a phone call and our neighbor’s mom said that our Nana had died and my mom wanted us to come home. When we got home she’d already been rolled away on the stretcher. Everyone was gathered in the kitchen. My uncles and aunts, my dad, my mom. They were drinking tea and water. All the lights were on. There wasn’t any movement in the air.

    By Meg on 07.18.2012

  10. She entered the hospital on the stretcher, surrounded by doctors in coats and sobbing family members. Face bruised, arms and legs cut, she should have realized and left the first time he hit.

    By Lauren on 07.18.2012

  11. The stretcher carried him across the border, and as he crossed it he left behind not only his family but his will to live.

    By Siah URL on 07.18.2012

  12. Well, I was a little unsure about how to use the rest of the day. I’ve always been the type of guy who likes to keep things to himself the most possible time, to stretch them as long as I can. Like my secrets, like our love, like my life.

    By Cezar Croupier URL on 07.18.2012

  13. Stretcher. Reminds me of…my dad, surprisingly. I’ve never actually seen him in/around/with a stretcher. Maybe the reason it reminds me of him is because he’s a doctor. Of course, that’s not the very first thing that popped into my mind.
    Weirdly, the first thing that I thought of was…well, stretching.

    By Nisha URL on 07.18.2012

  14. sitting int he stetcher, my muscles began to break, with a sore crack, my stomach was ripping, i could feel how i was being torn to pieces by the stretcher i had grown acostumed to use, it was a dream, i think, i hoped it was a dream, otherwise id be trapped…
    trapped forever in a torture that lasted year, eons…and would only further rip my skin without mercy

    By basavanna on 07.18.2012

  15. Stretcher. What I think of that word upon reading it? Hmmm, I guess my ears. I have what they call “stretchers” in them. I don’t really know what the point of them are, but I like them. You put them in and it stretching out your ear hole. It actually really hurts. But after a while you get addicted to the pain and keep wanting it bigger and bigger. Everyone in my family tells me how ugly they are and I kind of think they’re beautiful. The aztecs and mayans used to do it, and mother likes their history so I guess she can keep on coping with mine.

    By Stephanie on 07.18.2012

  16. someone who tried saving somebody gets hurt and then ends up on a stretcher. As they are being put into the ambulance the person they were trying to save says thank you. They both smile at each other and hold each others hands for comfort. The person going into the ambulance blows a kiss and says your welcom

    By Odil Malazgirt on 07.18.2012

  17. “But imagine my position, one so cruelly unique.” He laughs a bitter, coughing chuckle. “Imagine, hypothetically, a man being carted in on a stretcher, in critical condition. Blood seeping out on the sheets. He’s crying for help and in pain. Any doctor would spring into action, ready to attempt to save a life,” He takes a labored breath, and slows. “But I already know exactly how and where this man was injured. I already know this man will die. I know the exact second of the exact minute that his heart will stop beating, and this moment is very soon. But I still have to act, to try to save him. All the while knowing my efforts are fruitless. Imagine this happening many, many times,” The man’s voice has grown tired.
    “So why do you do it, then? Why even try if you already know the man’s fate?”
    “I keep thinking I might change it.”

    By Dulcie URL on 07.18.2012

  18. stretcher is my name. My parents used to be Nazis until captin Adof killed himself. Anyway Stretcher

    By Soren on 07.18.2012

  19. when a footballer is injured and they get carried off on a stretcher, they should really hire good people for that because ive seen people been dropped, when there already injured :L

    By Abi on 07.18.2012

  20. They loaded her ontp
    onto the ambulance
    strapped into the stretcher.
    The straps cut into her skin. she paniced, screaming for them to free her. How could they do this to her, she was not crazy, the voices were real. they were the ones telling her to harm others. they were the ones that took over when she didn’t want them to.,
    they controled everything
    even as she laid there fighting the stretcher they controled everything

    By Raz on 07.18.2012

  21. He was laid out on the stretcher, deader than dead. d-e-d. It finally killed him this time, mixing this with this and that with that, thinking he was invincible, not caring that he wasn’t, half-hoping that he wasn’t. Leaving everyone behind, not believing that he took a piece of each of us with him.

    By chilimango URL on 07.18.2012

  22. They are going to take me out of here on a stretcher. This man is so fine I think I am going to pass out.

    By leelee on 07.18.2012

  23. Kim, Kim is a stretcher. We call her the show off because when we are stretching as a group she always does splits and is incredibly flexible. I discovered today that I can almost do a split, so I am becoming a stretcher myself.

    By Taylor on 07.18.2012


    The heart monitor chimed out Amy Morris’s breaths as her stretcher was rushed through the halls, her still body strapped down and covered in blood. no less than ten doctors and nurses raced by her side, pushing her stretcher toward the room that couds savee her life.

    By Kristina on 07.18.2012

  25. My goodness. Ambulances and things that make you taller. I would love a stretcher for my legs – just a couple of inches that would may be make my thighs look a little thinner and then I could get away with hot pants …… at 44 I think not!

    By Paula on 07.18.2012

  26. a drawer of thing and sometimes to draw an idea and stuff also a brand of stuff that i dont know i just know the name and my times almost done i dont know what else to write

    By Brittany on 07.18.2012

  27. The sun was shining.

    That was the first thing AnnaMaria noticed as she opened her eyes.

    She was strapped down.

    That was the second thing.

    Two burly EMS workers loaded her stretcher into the ambulance as she stared at the sky, unresponsive and motionless.

    The bandages across her wrists were stained with still-flowing blood; it might be too late.

    By Kristina URL on 07.18.2012

  28. They slid her stiff body onto the stretcher. She did not move a muscle…. her face did not even twitch. She lay there calmly, as if she had not been removed from her bed at all. She lay there, but then I realized it wasn’t really she who lay there, but her body.

    By Clara URL on 07.18.2012

  29. The next thing he knew, he was looking up from a prone position on a stretcher.

    Only moments before he had been skiing.

    Just before that, he’d seen the woman of his dreams.


    By Ella Lussuria URL on 07.18.2012

  30. They had her on a stretcher, the blue in her eyes becoming brief flashes of color as her lids snapped over them repeatedly. She was trying very hard to stay awake and alert, but each breath looked more labored than the next, her chest rising a little lower each time.

    I ran over to her side and seized her hand. She looked at me and managed a smile despite her exhaustion. “Hi, beautiful,” she whispered.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.18.2012

  31. She was carried off in a stretcher…..incoherent and crying. The Beatles concert had overwhelmed her and she became one of the masses of young girls that just got caught up in the hysteria of the moment. It was 1964

    By coramie URL on 07.18.2012

  32. They carried her out on a stretcher. I heard her screams for days, even though she was so far away that my heart felt empty. I prayed to a few gods I didn’t believe in and I wrote her a hundred songs that made her okay.

    By Niki URL on 07.18.2012

  33. I sobbed as they took her limp body away on a white stretcher, now slowly being soaked by her blood. Her lifeless blue eyes darted from one person to the next then landed on my red face. She smirked as a lone tear slid down her face.

    By Bellabella URL on 07.18.2012

  34. The lecher does sketch her on the stretcher.

    By Marianne URL on 07.18.2012

  35. I laid on the stretcher as they transferred me down to X-ray and surgery. I was scared shitless not only of the tube that they were putting down my throat but also of the records that were at mt side – I really didn’t want them to know which floor, of that huge hospital, I’d come from — the psych ward. Enough people knew I was crazy, I didn’t need any more

    By Alwaysjoy URL on 07.18.2012

  36. The stretcher was white, and bare, and simple. You would have no idea that just an hour before, it held a young lady fighting for her life. She twitched and flinched and, during those last few moments, just stared into the heavens. As if she knew.

    By Juliette on 07.18.2012

  37. Many things can be carried on a stretcher. Perhaps a person who was just in a fire or a professional football player. Stretchers are universal.

    By Savannah G on 07.18.2012

  38. He was carried off on a stretcher. The lights and horns were blaring all throughout and the fire blazed on as the men rushed to put it out. I knew this things but could not hear them, could not see them– all I could see was his tattered little form, laying limp on that stretcher. My precious, precious… cat. And I crumpled to the ground and wept.

    By tomo on 07.18.2012

  39. I wanted to follow the stretcher into the ambulance, but I wouldn’t have known what to do if I had. Her hands were too broken to hold, her cheek too bruised to kiss.

    By Rachel on 07.18.2012

  40. She could feel the stretcher being pulled from the back of the ambulance; she tried to look around at her new surroundings, but found that she could not lift her head. She could only look up at the sky, and then the bright lights that moved past her.

    By Winter on 07.18.2012