December 15th, 2012 | 200 Entries

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200 Entries for “stir”

  1. She peaked out of the window, finally getting over the thundering noises. It was a whirlwind. She gasped, even though she knew it was coming. But seeing it made it more real.

    By Asma URL on 12.15.2012

  2. The word stir makes me think of Bob Marley, or stirring up as in to make waves in a relationship. I like the word stir. It implies movement and action and change. It’s really a very nice word.

    By Sheila on 12.15.2012

  3. She sat in her chair, bending over the desk in front of her. She stared at the paper that defined her life, a set of numbers that would mean her life or death. She stirred in her seat, afraid to open the page.

    By Julie on 12.15.2012

  4. Stir emotions or stir a cup of tea, your pot cooking. Anything to do with styrofoam? Maybe. Will this page stir something really deep inside me? Or stir my stomach instead. No one thinks of stirring much I guess but people stir or get stirred all the time.

    By Pavlos on 12.15.2012

  5. stirring the curry is usually a long boring process. atleast that’s what i thought when I saw my mom cook and try to teach me when I was young. Now though, cooking myself while listening to worship songs and carefully looking at the curry – it’s not so bad afterall!

    By Lunais URL on 12.15.2012

  6. You create a big stir when you walk in the room.
    You do everything with style.
    You wear bright colors.
    You talk in a voice so that people will notice.
    You make a stir.

    By Robin on 12.15.2012

  7. The feeling is stirring in my heart. A longing to do something more has arisen. It is overwhelming my soul, so hard to control. Things are stirring. Good things.

    By untamedimagination URL on 12.15.2012

  8. A simple lifestyle, I remember.
    He used to stir his tea, with six scoops of sugar.
    As much as I hated the sound of his spoon scraping the porcelain cup, I now find myself missing it.
    Now I stir my cup alone every morning.

    By Em URL on 12.15.2012

  9. when you finally wake up in the morning your stirring but really who want to stir in the morning when you can just sleep all day and all night and never stir again. But then you can also stir a bowl of cake mixture, so really there are two word for one :)

    By Safari Muir on 12.15.2012

  10. I sit waiting
    My heart pounding
    Blood rushing through my veins
    emotions stir
    my throat ties itself in a knot
    there isn’t much for me to do
    but wait.

    By emily on 12.15.2012

  11. i stir my pasta when it is bowling and i stir my tea to make it taste good. I love stir fried chicken and stir with a spoon, never a fork.

    By Ange on 12.15.2012

  12. The crowd murmured. It swayed. It danced on anxious toes. A tail of anger whipped across one man to the next. Someone yelled. Another someone collapsed. Calm crashed down like dominoes in a child’s finale. The puckish God grinned, his finger stirring the crowd’s emotions from his perch on Best Buy’s roof. Boy, he loved Black Friday.

    By A.Taylor URL on 12.15.2012

  13. A magpie flew through the open sky, its open call stirring the creatures below. It flew by a woman, drinking coffee. It flew by a kindergartener, whose backpack swung. It flew by a man, checking his watch. It flew by the other birds. It flew above them all.

    By Ariadne Jenkins URL on 12.15.2012

  14. She stirred the stupid potion. What a bunch of bullshit all this was. A good witch knows how to make potions, they said. A good witch doesn’t complain when they have to mix eye of newt with nasty butt farts, they said. She swore she’d turn them all into toads one day.

    By Nat on 12.15.2012

  15. When I was younger my mother was upset for after all the years of taking us to church and demanding obedience out of us, we never told her when we got “saved.” My first ever story prompt was this story. It couldn’t be too supernatural, but a stirring of the spirit, a feeling.

    By Aaron Jenkins-Vigil URL on 12.15.2012

  16. As i stir the pot, the water boils over the sides. Slowly, the water drips down, sliding gracefully towards the heat, where it will be evaporated. As gravity takes it to its destruction, the water will be reborn once again, into water vapor.

    By Trey on 12.15.2012

  17. Something like a hot-chocolate. Maybe causing trouble, maybe a moment of meditation before satisfaction. Stirring is a good thing – both cheeky and somehow soulful. Here’s to stirring.

    By Tom on 12.15.2012

  18. I want to stir things up. I want my life to be different everyday with new and exciting opportunities always coming my way. It’s important to take time to do things that we like. The world is full of stirring opportunities just waiting for us.

    By Amanda URL on 12.15.2012

  19. Its time to stir things up. Stop the stagnation and really get things moving. If you don’t the Universe will do it for you! So hang on and get ready to see what exciting things surface after you make that decision to stir things up in your life!

    By Jackie URL on 12.15.2012

  20. the wind in the trees made an unnatural rattle and the sound pulled her eyes up from the task at hand. She could barely see, but somewhere in the trees she knew he was watching her.
    let him watch that bastard

    By Veronica on 12.15.2012

  21. He would stir in his seat. The story hit home. He felt as if he was the one they were speak about. Could it really be ten years since he walked away from it all? He was uncomfortable. He did not want to look back. He worked hard at living in the moment with both eyes on his future. Tonight there was no hiding his pain. Tears welled up in his eyes as the speaker shared their story. A broken home life, a scared little boy and no place to turn. He like him were products of there past and it smacked him across the face. He did not want to deal with what he worked so hard at hiding. Fear of what others would think was the key to keeping all his secrets locked up. He had a habit of biting his upper lip when he felt fear fold over him. He could fast blood, a sign that he was in fear.

    By Crisnole URL on 12.15.2012

  22. stir stir stir the pot. Watch it bubble and pop.Can you hear the children in the next room? The house is warm and the air thick with love. The close memories of winter.

    By Quinn on 12.15.2012

  23. Marion stirred in Robin’s arms.

    “I have to finish packing.”

    “Need help?”

    “Sure, you can fold all my underwear.”

    “Sounds divine.”

    So she put him to work. She was sorting through her closet when she yelped.

    “Everything alright?”

    She tossed out packages of letters wrapped in bright red ribbons.

    “Remember these?”

    By GloriousClio URL on 12.15.2012

  24. To stir something once meant to intervene, to place one long wood spoon in a boiling pot or one long, encouraging phrase into a young child’s mind. There was a chef once who taught me at a culinary class, and he said, “To stir is to include even the burnt pots at the bottom.” Thinking back to my classroom fourteen years ago and my teacher’s words to me, I couldn’t help but agree.

    By Will B. Somethin URL on 12.15.2012

  25. stir my emotions all whats inside me, stir the people, the world make them laugh make them be different ,stir cocktails, laugh,histeria ,stir stars and galaxys in my mind ,juices together, body fluids ,stir words and phrases ,stir milk with chocolate,stir mind

    By basia on 12.15.2012

  26. Pfft. And the pot called me a spatula. I’m steaming now. Whistles, friction burns and a rhythmic clicking– one, two, three– my onomatopoeia is boiling over.

    By Liam Johnson URL on 12.15.2012

  27. Stir the flour with the baking powder and sugar. Stir in to mashed bananas. Stir in chocolate chips. Stir in a pinch of joy and happiness. Stir stir stir. Stir again. The recipe for dense and overdone muffins.

    By Tess URL on 12.15.2012

  28. you’ve stirred up so much shit. just stop it. go away. go back to leeds, and stop stirring the stuff in my head.

    By Bronte Cowley on 12.15.2012

  29. Stirring the chocolate syrup that sits at the bottom of the clear glass filled to the brim with 2% milk. The spoon clanks against the glass while you whisk the chocolate inside it and the milk becomes a light shade of brown.

    By Dempsey on 12.15.2012

  30. Mix or together. Provide an provocative thought or idea.

    By Chris on 12.15.2012

  31. Stomach stirred, head stirred, my heart is stirred.

    By Lindsey Michelle URL on 12.15.2012

  32. The wind stirred, and the town began to wake. What a beautiful day, said a child with her matches close at hand, and the ashes of the neighbor’s house swished at her little feet.

    By ewelina r URL on 12.15.2012

  33. I drank my coffee with just a little bit of cream and sugar. I used to like it with lots of sugar but I heard that it was bad for you so I decided to cut back. The best part of not having any sugar is that you don’t have to stir the coffee. All you do is add some cream to the bottom then add the coffee. The coffee stirs itself.

    By Aaron on 12.15.2012

  34. Like stirring coffee. Or tea. Or trouble. Causing problems that don’t need to be there, dipping that spoon in that soft, settled mess and ruffling it, forcing it to move and to rupture, pushing it round in that circular motion until it is active and writhing. Back to the tea. Put that spoon down.

    By Steve URL on 12.15.2012

  35. I stirred the chili that I made from Grandma’s cookbook. Still, it wasn’t right; ti wasn’t the way she made it, a bit spicy, but not too spicy. This chili was too spicy. So I tried again. Not spicy enough. What am I doing wrong? Too bad she isn’t here to help, bless her heart, but I’ll try until something happens.

    By Oscar Zegunis-Breen on 12.15.2012

  36. Ein Stier ist ein Tier. Es hat einen dicken Nacken. Die Frau vom Stier ist die Kuh. Und wer ist dann der Ochse? Ist der Ochse ein kastrierter Stier? Ich weiß nicht, warum die Menschen solche Barbereien machen. Also, sie haben schon ihre Gründe. Ein kastriertes Tier lässt sich leichter vor den Karren spannen.

    By Eli URL on 12.15.2012

  37. when i think of stir, i think of stirring. which can make me think of many more things, such as pancakes or things that stir my emotions. i am gonna go with the second thought. stirring emotions are caused by people i love or things i feel that i girlfriend for example gives me stirring emotions because frankly i feel strongly about her, positively i think.

    By Robert S. on 12.15.2012

  38. I stir the soup in slow, rhythmic motions, being careful not to let it spill over the sides. The bits of potatoes and chicken tumble about like surfers on a wave. The scent of the broth wafts into my nostrils as I lick my wet lips. This is divine.

    By Oscar Zegunis URL on 12.15.2012

  39. There was a light wind, that felt almost warm. She never moved, but it felt like she did. I dare not stir, for i was affraid she’d leave me..

    By Midori on 12.15.2012

  40. “Why bestir this very heart!” She thought as the sandwich fell from her hand.
    That was when she realized he was the peanut butter to her jam.

    – It could use some work.

    By Gelly Rolls from on 12.15.2012