June 23rd, 2013 | 211 Entries

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211 Entries for “stilts”

  1. At times he felt as uneven and tumultous as if he were on a pair of stilts for the first time. Tall, awkward, gangly, never knowing quite how to disappear. He’d always been forced onto the stilts.

    Now, more then ever, as he looked into the girl’s face, he wondered how to get off them, how to melt into the background again, where he was comfortable and she couldn’t laugh at him.

    Her breath stilted as she gazed up at him, and she searched madly for something, anything to say so that he wouldn’t turn away and find someone else to dance with.

    By Maria URL on 06.23.2013

  2. Saturday I watched my brother in law’s dog walk around and thought to myself, his back legs are SO long he looks like he’s on stilts!! Then I noticed he runs like a giraffe…both left legs, then both right legs. I love giraffes. *sighs*

    By Boo URL on 06.23.2013

  3. They’ll make you big and tall
    you may or may not be afraid to fall
    but think about what might happen
    if you’re stuck all the way up there
    the lady folk won’t kiss you
    and if you bend over you’ll fall
    the men they’ll feel tiny
    not manly at all

    so think twice before you decide
    to climb in those stilts
    think thrice before you decide
    to walk in those stilts
    but never forget to think about why
    you needed to stilts in the first place

    By Lola URL on 06.23.2013

  4. I’ve seen many tiny people, many small things trying to balance on their stilts. I had a friend once who lived on invisible stilts. She told me about the sky, never having seen it. Told me of the world without feeling. Life is being a waitress forever, she said. She believed herself. She had babies, she pretended to love. Grandchildren, she pretended they were grand. She died. Her life was summed up. Apathy.

    By Tangles on 06.23.2013

  5. By the time she found the house it was dark. Built on a hillside, held up by stilts on one side, it was obvious the family had money. All the information she had gained up to now pointed to this being her family, but she could not fathom why they had let her go.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.23.2013

  6. On two stilts. On a tight rope with two stilts. Right underneath is regret. Right above is respect. And this rope is life.

    By Bobert on 06.23.2013

  7. Stilts were a funny sort of thing, don’t you think? People wore them to make them look freakishly tall; abnormal, yet people spend most of their lives conforming to society–to become normal. The world we lived in was so strange. But it had its share of beautiful moments.

    By Jenna on 06.23.2013

  8. Above the world, on stilts of pride, I stride.
    Looking down on those below, I go.

    I pick up the pace with an upturned face.
    No attention do I pay to where each footstep will lay.

    Much to my dismay, gravity has yet a hand to play.
    From my superior perch, majestically tall, I fall.

    By Land of Dave URL on 06.23.2013

  9. I remember my first time at the circus. The first thing I saw was a clown on stilts. He scared me and maybe that’s why I am so afraid of clowns. For some reason nothing else from the circus still scares me. There were knife throwers, flame breathers, tight rope walkers, lions, elephants, and more. But something about that clown on stilts stuck with me.

    By Jack URL on 06.23.2013

  10. She walked through the crowded street and passed a man in a top hat carrying stilts on his shoulder. A pointy moustache perched on his lip and a goatee finished the look. He caught her eye and gave her a devilish smile
    “Check out the carnival!”
    and disappeared into the mass of people.

    By Gaia Serene URL on 06.23.2013

  11. They are used in circuses or parades. I cannot walk on them. They make you taller, people dress in outfits over the top of them. They are made of wood or metal. They can be used in construction work not just for fun. They used to have them at my school.

    By Abigail on 06.23.2013

  12. A man on stilts asked me out today while I was walking in the park. I honestly was so stunned, that I could not say no, even though this guy was less than attractive. I tole him I would go out with him the next night. The whole time I was praying he would not wear his stilts to the restaurant.

    By Adacia on 06.23.2013

  13. I hadn’t walked so tall since I won the race for President. But ever since my disgraceful fall from the marble pedestal, I’ve gotten used to walking with my eyes on the ground. It was my time now. I was sure of it. Now it was up to everyone else to read it and weep.

    By Ruben URL on 06.23.2013

  14. She heard a clickitty clack sound coming down the hall and when she looked around the corner, a man on some tall stilts carrying a board with plaster on it was repairing the ceiling.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 06.23.2013

  15. Stilts are useful for painting. They are fun to walk on, given you don’t fall. Stilts are good for reaching high shelves if you happen to be a midget. Sometimes people dress up as clowns on them.

    By David on 06.23.2013

  16. He walked on stilts high above the masses. He thought it easy to see, but never could he be eye to eye.

    By Patrick URL on 06.23.2013

  17. there once was a clown with stilts, he was very sad because the circus left him behind. The clown’s name was Harrold and his mother never loved him. His father, also a clown, was killed before Harrod had a chance to really know him.

    By katie on 06.23.2013

  18. clowns on stillts reminds me of skill at the circus. parades down the street of Grafton and the crowds of onlookers with children at thier sides bored out of thier mind.

    By jordan the magnificent on 06.23.2013

  19. the circus performer started out gingerly, unsure of himself. one quick tapping step. his knees crumbled immediately and he found himself face down on the ground, dust in his nose and tear ducts. he blinked his eyes open to the feet of a young woman, who soon bent down her face to his.

    By thejordanriver on 06.23.2013

  20. My head is on stilts, lifted high into the heavens, floating among the clouds. Too many thoughts running around rampant. Too many things to contemplate and analyze in a thousand different ways.

    By Jess URL on 06.23.2013

  21. It was like walking on stilts, being around him. He had this way of making me feel so elated and high, if I could even use a word like that considering I’d never actually been high in my life, like everything was great and everything was funny because everything he said usually was. But that’s not what relationships are based off of, because as soon as we slip up we come crashing down hard, harder than we would if we were just on level ground, and I guess that’s why we didn’t work out after all. I’m still not sure if I’m sorry about it.

    By EJ URL on 06.23.2013

  22. To be at the highest of heights. Everyone deserves to reach the top, right? Wrong, in my opinion, that is thinking too highly of the masses. I suppose it doesn’t always make sense to think realistically though does it?

    By masked habit on 06.23.2013

  23. stilts laughing wallyworld giraffe partners. tantamount to severing the slice of walnut onion pizza. a paper plate spotted with oil and drafts of flour. birdsong aimed at the pizza steam. fellows of the Italian code.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 06.23.2013

  24. “I do declare, poor Mortimer’s eccentric upbringing stilts his view of the world,” asserted Millicent in her trademark stentorian voice of authoritative assurance, albeit mixed with a transparent air of false pity. Everyone present overheard every word, paused to take notice, and then, as if on cue, all broke into uncontrollable fits of laughter. Mortimer was mortified.

    By Think Hopefully, Act Vocally on 06.23.2013

  25. i walk so high and never really think about what i’m doing. i am above everyone. speed increases as i fall. everyone laughs, this is my life and this is what i do. why? why did i get on the stilts in the first place? i will never know.

    By Amanda on 06.23.2013

  26. being with her was stilts. she held me in the air and i felt the gravitational pull grow the higher she took me. it was that, how high would i let her take me, knowing that’s how far i would have to fall?

    By Amanda on 06.23.2013

  27. Stilts make you stand taller to get a view of the world. With stilts you can view the world in a different perspective. Stilts are heaven to short people. They make them less angry. They make you taller and brighter with the things you can see with them

    By Kaitlin on 06.23.2013

  28. worn by performers in cirucses and to amuse people worn by dwarfs in some movie to attack people. long, wooden , people dressed up with long legs, and high hats juggling things, bright blue and red and while jackets with lo

    By Tina on 06.23.2013

  29. I got my stilts at 15. I immediately abused them to try to spy on the neighbor girls changing. This adventure ended poorly, with reprimands all around. My lesson? Be less obvious. Personal growth is a beautiful thing.

    By John Fay URL on 06.23.2013

  30. I thought about watching the circus with you. We’d see the most amazing tricks and stunts, extraordinary people, freaks of nature as some may call them. There’ll be ringmasters and lions jumping through flaming hoops, jesters walking on stilts, maybe even a bearded lady. But then again, I wondered if the site would be able to captivate me as much. Because amidst all the magic and the fireworks, I’ll only be looking at you.

    By justpanky URL on 06.23.2013

  31. migit cirus tiny people up high tall falling hurt wood

    By shelby on 06.23.2013

  32. She was sitting on the stilts. High up in the sky. Her right hand was covering her eyes and she looked as far as she could. Her eyes rested near to the horizon. Thousand of people were running. Running towards the horizon. Leaving her on the stilt. High up in the sky.

    By Fredda URL on 06.23.2013

  33. People sometimes talk about how they feel like they’re walking on eggshells. I don’t. Sometimes, I feel like I’m walking on stilts. Tall stilts that make me look bigger than I am, stronger than I am, tougher than I am. That make me look like I’m above everything that could try to hurt me. Like I’m above a few careless words here, an unkind remark there. Constantly climbing onto higher and higher stilts as I try in vain to prove my worth to you. If I can only just be perfect, then maybe you’ll want me around.
    Trying to earn love is like walking on stilts. And it’s a very far way to fall.

    By aura.rayne URL on 06.23.2013

  34. i know wht those are – the giant wooden things that performers who wear breight colors and striped pants walk on. they’re tall and look scary – i always wonder how they get on top of them and how they get off. they must have to climb on to a tall building first in order to get on top of them right? i would assume thats it. i already wrote about stilts! stupid web page! gwaaaaarrrr!!! ima make a song called Gwaaarrrr!! ande its just going to be about me screaming in a tuned way.. kinda of like ahhhh.. ahh.. AHHH!!

    By Izzy on 06.23.2013

  35. tall, thin, lanky, still, tilting stillness full of lanky feelings. skinny love. skinny feelings. am i loving enough? suppose I had enough time to tell here everything i thought about how she’s elevated above everyone else.

    By Ari on 06.23.2013

  36. I saw a man wearing stilts in the parking lot at walmart once. I have no idea why he was wearing them. It wasn’t even like they were short ones. They were those wicked long Uncle Sam looking ones. I don’t know what that guy’s deal was man. I don’t know.

    By John on 06.23.2013

  37. I’ve grown tired of being her designated driver. It seems like all she wants to do on her nights off work is hit bar after bar, flirting and drinking until she drowns her sorrows. She’s too young to know her limit yet, too enthralled by the adventure and availability of alcohol. Most nights, she stumbles around in her high heels like they are stilts, leaning heavily upon her man of the hour and batting her eyelashes lopsidedly. Sometime later, she’s in the bathroom, vomiting. I hold back her hair. She’s never asked me to, but it’s become a part of the routine. Then I drive her home. It hurts that this is the only way I can be involved in her life, but better me than some other strange man.

    By WearyWater URL on 06.23.2013

  38. I thought about watching the circus with you. We’d see the most amazing tricks and stunts, extraordinary people, freaks of nature as some may call them. There’ll be ringmasters and lions jumping through flaming hoops, jesters walking on stilts, maybe even a bearded lady. But then again, I wondered if the show would be able to captivate me as much. Because amidst all the magic and the fireworks, I’ll only be looking at you.

    By justpanky URL on 06.23.2013

  39. staring down into vast openness
    adrenaline and fear pulse through the veins of a risktaker
    who is as scared as anyone else
    thinking that maybe he shall conquer the fear of others
    adding to his constant fear of not being good enough
    what to do…. what to do…
    crack, boom, trip, fall
    when push comes to shove we don’t know what to do
    living, dying
    what does it matter anyway
    we are all on stilts anyway
    varying heights and stabilities
    but all the same wretched thing…
    just stilts
    just humans

    By unidentifiable on 06.23.2013

  40. I have never met anyone
    So happy to be above me
    Who can make me feel worthless the way you do
    Yet I still cling to you
    For my safety
    For my sanity

    By unidentifiable on 06.23.2013