June 23rd, 2013 | 211 Entries

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211 Entries for “stilts”

  1. It was the carnival. the happiest memory of all. we watched the man on stilts and i wished i was that tall. but afterall he made me feel that high all on our own. now i need a chemicals to be that tall again. i loved you

    By whitney on 06.23.2013

  2. Stilts are a girl’s best friend. Or at least that what some say. But what about the rest of us? Those non-stereotypical girls who grow up with dreams of airplanes and racecars, superheros and arrows.

    By Sharon on 06.23.2013

  3. i miss you yes you i missing you that always be there when I need you but now you not there anymore when I miss you now only I can do is I miss you so much

    By delynemiftah on 06.23.2013

  4. long-legged, painted white faces and cracked red lips. teeter, totter and stalk precarious yet confident…festivals and costumes and

    By ilona hart on 06.23.2013

  5. A tall, rundown beach house
    a cream color that once was whitened
    deteriorating, old and rotten
    the house stood on stilts
    raised high above choppy waters
    it seemed to sway
    the earth was gray and gloomy
    the air felt static
    there was a storm rolling in
    inside the house on stilts was different
    the interior was cozy
    dark paneled wood on the walls
    it was cluttered, old, and dusty
    but I felt safe.



    By Joey Vanzetti on 06.23.2013

  6. Some people said she walked on stilts behind her back, because she was so tall. I liked being a bit shorter than her, though, because from my angle I could see the way her dark red hair fell down either side of her face and when she cried, I could tell before it left her hazel eyes. She walked like she was higher than everyone else, like she knew of her stilts and she would wear them like her crown. She was the main attraction in a circus full of clowns, but unlike the rest of us, she looked around the halls of the big top and wondered if there was something more. They said she wore stilts and that’s why her head was always in the clouds, but although I agree, I think when her head is gone and looking, she’s looking far above the clouds and to a place where girls on stilts and boys wearing makeup to look like clowns aren’t always the freaks of the circus. Some days I wonder what it would be like to walk on stilts.

    By D0wnth3r4bb1th0l3 URL on 06.23.2013

  7. There are people across the world who depend on stilts to hold up their houses, and yet many think of them as just a toy. For you see, young children like to stand on them to make themselves feel taller and see it as a challenge to walk with them on. But stilts are not for me.

    By Lily Bracken on 06.23.2013

  8. i dont know what this word means but it looks like still and i like the word still because it means that there is a stop in time, like i still do this and that. Maybe stilts mean something like stitches or i really dont know but i would like to figure out whats stilts mean. I figured out what stilts mean. It is those large poles like the ones on the beaches that hold the bridges or piers up. They are cool, weird.

    By daniela on 06.23.2013

  9. help carnival people to be taller and preform stunts they look really cool. They are often used by clowns. They are very easy to fall off of so you need to take some time and learn before you can properly use them. I believe that there is also a cultural reason for them in some Asian countries if I am not mistaken.

    By Erica on 06.23.2013

  10. I slowly climbed on top of them. I strapped my right leg in and then my left. I slowly stood up adjusting my balance. I was able to slowly make steps. It was as if I was an infant all over again, albeit a huge infant. My shins were killing me but that was because I was weak. I could never make it in the parade. At least I tried.

    By Eric Munoz on 06.23.2013

  11. Makes you taller. Makes you feel like everyone is below you. It’s amazing how strong you can feel when you’re six feet up in the air. And then you feel the breeze brushing by you. You feel the wind threatening to blow you over and the fear grips you again, brings you back to earth, just as the wind attempts to.

    By Cadence on 06.23.2013

  12. Erica was all for liberty and liked to express herself with some fairly ‘artistic’ methods. She had practiced with stilts over the course of the last month for the protest today~ she had worn underwear whilst practicing though…

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 06.23.2013

  13. Stilts. Short can become high, and high can become low. Everyone can stand tall if they learnt he skill. Yet, everyone can fall, fade and lose.

    Stilts are a gateway. Like the mirror, it reflects something, a skill or a trait. It reflects you. It reflects me.

    By Lou on 06.23.2013

  14. The first time I saw you- I mean really saw you, were walking around on those ridiculous stilts. I smiled because you were happy in that moment. Then you fell off them. You were never very good at walking around on them but you were very good at making me smile. People rushed to help you up because you make them happy too. In that moment, I was thinking of how much joy you bring into other people’s lives and yet you have very little in yours.

    By Regan on 06.23.2013

  15. Walking down the fairway I was surprised to see the clown on stilts. I started to giggle. He was at least 13 feet tall and his hair was big and purple. There were children surrounding him and he was instructing them to take the balloons that were tied to various pegs on the long wooden stilted legs.

    By bex URL on 06.23.2013

  16. What are stilts? The word sounds with double t’s, a fascinating arrangement of dynamic music. The t which emphasizes a moment between moments, trapped and unable to meet between their loveless similarities. With obstacles laced between, the word exists just beautifully between the boundary of two s’s. Is there love in this word? Most definitely, it exists between the “il”, two letters that have somehow decided to be different, but

    By Miranda on 06.23.2013

  17. That man is walking on stilts. This is quite a shocking revelation to come to as you are sitting in your car at a light and the man in question is crossing the street in front of you. Wow. That man is walking on stilts…

    By Joe Carey URL on 06.23.2013

  18. harry blinked, hhis eyes going to swlitls over the dead body at his feet. “alright what the hells is this?” his voice sounded gruff and angry as he looked at the boys.

    “we were experimenting, i isn’t a big deal, dad.” Jerry answered.

    “the hell it isn’t”

    By cassidy on 06.23.2013

  19. He stood in awe at the sight before him. A statuesque beauty of toned ivory skin balanced atop a pair of stilts performing a juggling act using bowling pins. He admired her for her balance and wanton care in the face of danger.

    By Ijexis on 06.23.2013

  20. Stilts are something that you stand on when you wanna be MEGA tall. They are often used in circuses. For clowns and stilt walkers. Stilt walking is an awful ot like skateboarding. You have to balance. And once you learn how to do it it is REALLY fun!

    By Madison on 06.23.2013

  21. A house raised on stilts, and a river of fools. The waters flash green, and we see that this humble abode belongs not to thee.

    By Maddie on 06.23.2013

  22. I got style, but I don’t want to show it, it just goes and goes. This doesn’t make any sence, but this sentence does, hence the expression, as greedy as a pig.

    By Zed URL on 06.23.2013

  23. stilts is a fascinating guy really. His real name is Styles Lakespur, but he’s always been exceptionally tall, so he garnered the nickname stilts in elementary school. He has long shaggy brown hair and a stubby nose.

    By Simba Darling on 06.23.2013

  24. Wobbling. I’m higher here. My ears hurt. I can see for miles. My wooden legs, my saviours. Let this last forever.

    By Martin Casement URL on 06.23.2013

  25. Stilts make you taller. People in the circus have them. In an episode of Friends Phoebe goes to see her dad and her brother tells her that her dad liked stilts. I don’t know what stilts are made of. They remind me of chopsticks with stirrups.

    By Sasha on 06.23.2013

  26. Person standing high, Raising you from the ground. Circus. Carnival. UP in life. Taller then everyone. Long pants. Clown. Wooden pieces to stand on to get

    By tina on 06.23.2013

  27. People at the circus wear stilts, it makes them taller than other people. Even taller than elephants, sometimes. I wish I had a pair of stilts myself. Then I would make friends with the elephants and all the other people at the circus. Maybe they could teach me things. Like how to be a circus people and stuff. I could run away with them. My life would never be boring. I would be the queen of STILTS.

    By Samantha on 06.23.2013

  28. The children walking on the stilts provided great entertainment for the visitors to the home show. What a great surprise to also learn that my Son was part of the display.

    By victor URL on 06.23.2013

  29. Tall, gangling, awkward and falling. A gazelle, a little bambi. Just born.

    By aysha on 06.23.2013

  30. The small man pulled himself onto the stilts. Strapped them across his feet, and wobbled out of the tiny door, hunched over. The crowd roared as he made his appearence. The Great Wizard.

    By Mary URL on 06.23.2013

  31. The house rose above the crashing waves, teetering in the gale force winds. The category five stormed knocked the old house off the once sturdy stilts.

    By dbwolfe URL on 06.23.2013

  32. I looked around at the houses in awe. They all towered above me, and were decorated with bright splashes of color.

    The boat gently glided down the river between the houses, and I was just in awe at the peoples’ ability to adapt. I knew I would never be able to simply build stilts on my house if it started to flood.

    By Ellen on 06.23.2013

  33. the stilts wobbled as Jane balanced, her five year old feet were barely big enough to make them work, but that wasn’t going to stop her.

    she wanted so bad to be able to perform like her mom and dad in the fair. she was just going to need a lot of practice and then she would be ready. it would take determination and planning for her to be able to get the time and not be caught by her parents.

    By Cassidy URL on 06.23.2013

  34. “Is that girl walking on stilts?”

    “No, dude. She’s just really tall.”

    “…That tall?”


    “Like, how tall is that, anyway?”

    “I don’t know. Six feet? Six foot one?”


    “Easy, man. It’s no biggie.”

    “Dude, she’s taller than me!”

    “And is that a problem?” the girl asked as she sidled past us in the line, the smell of fast food cheeseburgers lingering on her employee uniform.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.23.2013

  35. I am walking on stilts trying to get this work done. Every step hesitant. Every step uncertain, waiting to throw me off balance. I can see the slightest shift in ideas as propelling me forward toward walking across the finish line or bringing me down with a resounding thud of broken wood and dashed spirits.

    By Criss on 06.23.2013

  36. the stilts were red and shining with the polished wood underneath, there was a body and a hat laying on the ground. the man appeared to be asleep and the hat was covering his face as he waited for the next performance.

    Jared yawned, moving the hat away and blinking rapidly at the sun, even though it was fading, it hurt his eyes to look up at it so he looked over at the big tent instead, knowing everyone else was stetting up for the next act.

    By Cassidy URL on 06.23.2013

  37. Standing above people in a crowd as big as this one makes you feel godly. For the short while, you feel power. You feel like an immortal being. A watcher of civilization. A king above the common rabble of people. Walking seems trivial at first, if you aren’t used to the sensation the height gives you when you look down.

    By Brionna Martin on 06.23.2013

  38. I am on stilts, fashionable, onerous like japanese pizza. Above all, transcendant and in great request – hipsterism

    By Tom on 06.23.2013

  39. Standing over the people in this crowd was incredibly peaceful. It’s hard not to feel like a omnipresence. A God overlooking the masses. Walking was an odd feat. I had never felt so afraid of falling in my life, but I was willing to try out something new for the sake of the thrill.

    By Brionna URL on 06.23.2013

  40. Slits
    Are what you left on my heart
    As I watched us drift apart.
    I know you said it want be long
    But deep down inside we both know
    This is so “long”

    By Raven on 06.23.2013