July 26th, 2012 | 285 Entries

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285 Entries for “statement”

  1. This to shall pass. Our lives are glimpses in the heart of a molecule. We are nothing but a spec of dust suspended in a beam of light. Life is short and if you don’t stop to think about it then you will wake up dead. I hope one day I can dream dreams that no one is daring enough to.

    By Madie Raile on 07.26.2012

  2. Statements, I am currently using statements to write about the single word statement. I mean, I am a linguist, at least I believe that to be true. I write poetry and rap. My words are the most important things I have. Yet, I agonize trying to create something so simple.

    By Joey Keys on 07.26.2012

  3. They came all the way down here just to tell us what they had to say, even when we knew the truth. The statement was short and clear, “He is not coming back”, they said looking down to their small briefcases they got full of paperwork. Papa knew before leaving. Papa would have know what to say, but we didn’t…

    By Cezar Croupier URL on 07.26.2012

  4. They want my statement. A yellow pad and pen mock me from the table. Statement seems so tangible, firm, permanent. But the accident is so fleeting in my mind. Accident. Another word. Could I have really killed that girl?

    By jenfitz URL on 07.26.2012

  5. true
    what you think
    what you feel
    rich opinion
    what is to be done

    By fer on 07.26.2012

  6. Make a statement. Don’t follow the crowd. Your statement can be as simple as dressing your own, unique way… Or as out-there as protesting, going to rallies, and standing up for what you believe in. Fight for what you stand for and let people know that you lead your own life. Let people know that you have morals and values that matter. Make a statement.

    By Jamie URL on 07.26.2012

  7. Removing a tissue from her purse, she wiped the bright red lipstick from her mouth and replaced it with a pastel pink. She smiled at the reflection in the mirror. Nicely done, she thought.

    By penny dreadful URL on 07.26.2012

  8. I’m trying to make a statement. One that everybody should hear. It would change their lives. They don’t want to listen, though. They want to keep living their perfect lives that have nothing wrong with them. At least that’s what they think.

    By Creativity is my middle name! URL on 07.26.2012

  9. I was hoping that as she made her statement she would stumble over her words, falter over the lies she had told and reveal herself for the petty, destructive coward that she was. Helen Luscombe I hate you.

    By sharon london on 07.26.2012

  10. a statement is something you make when you are sure of something there is no way that this statement is not questionable. it has to be said with conviction.

    By julianna on 07.26.2012

  11. to make a statement is to something that can be either true of false that is up for discussion :)) well at least that’s all i thought of!!

    By cooko URL on 07.26.2012

  12. Donna made her final statement as governor long before happy hour at the local pub, her hair that same mousy brown and her eyes those same glazed, lazy pools of pensiveness. She waved to the cameras, to the reports, to everyone willing to watch her go on TV. And in the end, she walked home.

    She found Simone sitting in front of the TV, eating popcorn and watching the latest chick flick. They shared a kiss.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.26.2012

  13. this is a statement. this is another statement. this is very easy as if i put a full stop at the end of a sentence it will immediately look like a statement. oh look i did it again. and again.

    By Jake on 07.26.2012

  14. I make statements all day long. They are not necessarily true or false, but i say them with intense veracity. Somewhere along the way I got opinion confused with truth. I make statements because I want to be heard. I think we all desire an audience. The statement isn’t important, it is the emotion be behind the statement.

    By Joy on 07.26.2012

  15. Statements are very rough things. They are either right or not. I hate writing about something that i’ve got no time to think about, but it’s okay. This is statemen too. If somebody says a statement, they are usually very sure about it. They stand behind it all the time. :) I know this is poor, but its my 1st time.

    By tacy on 07.26.2012

  16. Statement. A fashion statement can be bold or stunning. That’s how I like to make my statements–through my clothes. That’s why I like graphic tees that are cute and have a cute slogan. Or flashy clothes with really bright studs on them. They give a bold and cute first statement.

    By Angela Lin on 07.26.2012

  17. when you talk about something or simply say something outright like a blunt voicing of your thoughts it generally is profound and professional sounding. it can also be a piece of paper saying hat you purchased.

    By Mary on 07.26.2012

  18. we all have statements to me. Whether they be encouraging or to bring someone down everyone has something that they would like to say. Statements can be spoken or even done in silence, body language can be one of the biggest statements of all.

    By Madonna Howard on 07.26.2012

  19. I wrote a statement a couple of months ago. I don’t know why and I didn’t really care why. I just felt like writing down something that sounded “important” so for once in my life, someone would just take me seriously. Is that so much to ask for?

    By Cecilia on 07.26.2012

  20. a statement. what is a statement? Is it something that we honestly give a fuck about…is it something that i should even bother to make. It seems like everytime i put myself out there everytime i bother to make a statement…no one listens no one cares. No one has anything reasonable to say anything productive to show nothing. If you ask me statements are a waste of time, statements are only there to make us think we have something important to say.

    By Addie on 07.26.2012

  21. A statement is one line, usually. Sometimes it can be valid, sometimes it’s invalid. My statements vary. I associate statements with business things, or Biology, and I don’t know why. Statement is a weird word if you say it too many times. A statement is a piece of information, I guess? I don’t know.

    By ju li URL on 07.26.2012

  22. A statement. yeah right. Like I could even bother to say anything of importance. You wanna statement? How about “fuck it.” that just about sums up my life. If you’re asking for a statement, don’t. It’s not worth it. Why does the word statement sound so fucking fake to me why ? why oh lordy ? why?

    By bob on 07.26.2012

  23. the way i act and my friends and my clothes are my statement to the world about who i am! it says that i am an individual and no one else out there is like me and if you dont like it then you will just have to deal with it!

    By Emily on 07.26.2012

  24. i have a statement to be made. i love him so, i want him always, i want him especially today. i’m here to tell it all, make the fall. i’m on a path that forces me to be away, but all i really want to do is stay. he’s my rock, something that can’t be shot.

    By Taylor on 07.26.2012

  25. The statement I made to the governor angered him greatly. He tried to behead me, much like the Queen of Hearts. It was quite rude, but no worries. I castrated him. Hehe.

    By Pazi! on 07.26.2012

  26. a statement can be many different things. it can be something you say, or something you wear, even something that you do. words, actions, objects. what kind of statement do you want to make? i just want to live my life knowing that i touched someones life with either something i said, did, or gave them. thats why i want to teach. i want to mean something to someone. even though i know most kids hate their teachers, i feel like ill be that teacher they like. the one they remember. the one theyll tell their kids about

    By kasey on 07.26.2012

  27. This is my statement to the world: I like cheese. I like to make statements sometimes and then do productive things. Lisa would rather I do something productive right now and that’s her statement. My statement is that I like Yugioh and Spiderman and drinking root beer. I think that’s a nice statement. The thing is, I only have thirty seconds left or something, so I better make my final statement pretty soon. Okay, here it is: I like cats. I want to hug every cat. The end.!!!

    By Melissa on 07.26.2012

  28. What is made to say a full idea of something is a statement.

    By Apostle Jack URL on 07.26.2012

  29. Sitting on the floor with his back against the wall, he clutched two envelopes in his hands… One was his bank statement, the other was a letter… His one room apartment was nearly empty because he resorted to selling everything after losing his job so that he could keep his wife and son in a home… He had so little hope moments ago after reading the bank statement, but upon reading the letter in the other envelope, he was moved to tears… Inside was a check and a letter from a man that he stopped to help on the side of the road, needing water and a ride to the next town… He kept his promise in a way he could have never imagined, he was now holding a check for a million dollars…

    By Shugga URL on 07.26.2012

  30. I left them epigrams, tiny statements that divulged a bit of truth, a desired message I could not send any other way. They were lost.

    By Bran on 07.26.2012

  31. How is it that in a statement you can think about everything you wanted to say, but yet the statement that you made is what always sticks? It’s simple everything you didn’t say may sound good to you, but it isn’t always what was best, if it would have been the best thing to say you would’ve thought of it then.

    By Tiffany on 07.26.2012

  32. “Hey, whatcha lookin at?”

    “Bank statement.”

    “That’s super interesting. Let’s go to Six Flags.”


    “Well let’s at least not sit around here and look at bank statements like a couple of old men that sucks.”

    “We ARE a couple of old men.”


    By Julia A. URL on 07.26.2012

  33. Many people make statements that are utterly false and misinformed. I find the funniest statements are made by people who read the news. Not because their opinions are a misinterpretation of poorly delivered, bias and sometimes trivial information, but because of their complete lack awareness of media propaganda.

    By Dorothy on 07.26.2012

  34. They did it to them selves. I will win this case just by that statement they just made. They took my guilty and made him innocent. By that simple statement.

    By Nikki URL on 07.26.2012

  35. I make statements whenever I know the answer. I just, say it. A statement. Something I know to be true. Something I believe in. Whether others agree with it, or disagree – it doesn’t matter. It is something I have said and believe in. For if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have said it in the first place. That, is a statement.

    By Grahm Kwasnick URL on 07.26.2012

  36. I’m not really one to make bold statements. I hate offending people. I wish people could just listen and not jump to conclusions sometimes. But if I had to make any statement today, it is this. Jesus loves you, and He will love you no matter what you do.

    By Marie URL on 07.26.2012

  37. a statement is more than just a word. it evolves into something that becomes, that carries you, that creates not only you, but the world around you. it is you, your life life what you believe and it represents what you can achieve.

    By damorye on 07.26.2012

  38. It is a beautiful thing when simple words become a statement, and even more when that statement becomes something greater, a statement can give peace or cause war, make joy or make pride. It is a beautiful thing, but the most beautiful is a person who uses it for good instead of greed and doesn’t take advantage of this power but nurtures it for the good. A statement is all it takes, and a statement is all we need. It is a statement to peace and a statement to discover our meaning, because life is a statement and so are we.

    By Izzy on 07.26.2012

  39. if it comes out of your mouth
    it rings around the world
    if it comes from within your mind
    the echo vanishes
    and if a thought somehow
    relentlessly bangs against the cranium of your skull
    and finally escapes into the realms of the physical,
    then congratulations,
    you’re psychic
    and if you could read into someone’s soul
    and prostituted your extraordinary talent,
    then you’ve got a nice load of money on your hands

    By Christoferus URL on 07.26.2012

  40. what does one do to make a statement? just that. say it. own it. live it. what does your life say about you? say for you? does it match your beliefs? state your truth and be your reality.

    By spacialle on 07.26.2012