February 25th, 2013 | 219 Entries

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219 Entries for “startled”

  1. never startled, never surprised
    but always shocked
    in the sense that I feel a
    hot, white
    when I hear, once again,
    what I’ve always heard

    By smnthbll on 02.25.2013

  2. i saw her standing in the middle of the street, shaking, naked. should i help, i thought. no, no, if i go out onto that street i will surely be killed. but she is just a small child. but why is she there? i took a step out onto the street, the pavement exploded 2 feet from me and asphault shot towards my body. jesus christ they shot at me, where the hell am i? is she alive? she was, standing in the same spot with the same look on her face. the look, what was that look? as if she had just seen both of her parents walk away from her and she knew they would never turn around. i came back to reality. how long had i been here? who was shooting at me?

    By Dcoop on 02.25.2013

  3. you’ve never looked more startled
    than when i turned away
    after i denied your kiss.
    oh so startled,
    it offset the scenery;
    the water froze over and the trees burst into flames.
    and i’ve never been more grounded.

    By Courtney on 02.25.2013

  4. one evening when i was sitting at home alone, i was startled at this sound emanating from my back door. it was an open screen, letting the summer breeze lazily flow into my kitchen, and there i was at the table reading a book. a woman was screaming, her high pitched voice easy to remember. She was screaming “Help! Help! Someone help me!” Over and over again, until the sound was permanently embedded in my brain.

    By Carrie on 02.25.2013

  5. I don’t remember much from that night, but I remember looking down at my thigh in horror. The blood terrified me; I was completely startled at the fact that I could do something like that to myself.

    By Stephani on 02.25.2013

  6. I was startled. Startled at the fact that you would have treated me so badly. I tried my hardest to make you happy and I feel like I’ve failed. So here I am, in flesh and blood, telling you that it is over. Telling you that it doesnt matter what you say or do. Go fuck yourself.

    By Christian on 02.25.2013

  7. It startled me, the icon in the bookmarks toolbar. Almost forgot to come here and write something. Isn’t this nice. I’m writing right now and what a surprise it would be if I had woken up tomorrow and found out I forgot about this. Nah.Wouldn’t be surprised. Just curious.

    By Jan2510 URL on 02.25.2013

  8. I was actually startled when I saw you walking my way. I was startled that you wanted to sit with me in class. And you definitely startled me when you actually asked me the date for the day.
    You startled my Day!

    By Lerina Nena URL on 02.25.2013

  9. i saw her standing in the middle of the street, shaking, naked. should i help, i thought. no, no, if i go out onto that street i will surely be killed. but she is just a small child. but why is she there? i took a step out onto the street, the pavement exploded 2 feet from me and asphault shot towards my body. jesus christ they shot at me, where the hell am i? is she alive? she was, standing in the same spot with the same look on her face. the look, what was that look? as if she had just seen both of her parents walk away from her and she knew they would never turn around. i came back to reality. how long had i been here? who was shooting at me?

    By dcoop URL on 02.25.2013

  10. Receiving the note in my door jamb, I was startled. I haven’t seen him in five years and here was his note. Stuck under the door like a forgotten promise and stained with autumn mud.

    By Violet Essence URL on 02.25.2013

  11. and then i saw it, i realized just what i ment to her i read the text and my heart sank right to the floor. i was blind sided i never saw it comming, i thought everythig was going so well how was i suposed to know !!? and now what ? m suposed to just sit hear and wait, for what? another chance for her to shoot me down/? its not fair, she blindsided me and now the only thing i can do is lye down and rollover and wait for something that will probably never be.

    By tyson on 02.25.2013

  12. The fox was startled by the sound of the window opening, and froze for a moment on the top of the wall, before jumping down into the garden and racing away into the woods. It was the first one Sandy had ever seen, and she stood open mouthed for several minutes before the cold air brought her back to reality.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 02.25.2013

  13. I was startled by the thought of it. Going up and talking to her that was as uncharacteristic of thing i could do. But here i was, walking right up to her.

    By vince URL on 02.25.2013

  14. It startled him, but not in a jump out from the bushes ha ha startle. He was terrified.

    By Patrick URL on 02.25.2013

  15. I am always startled to wake up. Sleep is more than just a rest every night or a part of the cycle. I die every night. I am never ceased to be amazed that I am alive in the morning.

    By Nicole on 02.25.2013

  16. Eep! she would say when she walked in the bathroom door as someone else was just on her way out. When John closed the window in calculus class by releasing the latch and letting it free-fall, her hands flew towards her ear before the bang, shielding it from imagined shrapnel. Sam, who threw snowballs at everyone, didn’t throw snowballs at her.

    She revealed during get-to-know-each-other bingo: she’d never broken a bone. Alice, she writes, and now you have four-in-a-row. A fragile name, like an icicle at the top of your window: beautiful, translucent, unpreservable: once fallen, will shatter.

    She had a twenty-pound backpack (deep blue), it would topple her chair when hung incorrectly. It was big on her small frame, and seemed to pull back as she bounded upstairs recklessly (after every class, it seems she has another one). You worried, but you never said anything.

    By Holden URL on 02.25.2013

  17. startled that the word startled could have me so startled. should be expecting more. this actually has gotten me disappointed. disappointed in the word i got. and my lack of creativity. there is a cheat to this though. if you forgot to put in your name and happened to click back. then you have 60 more seconds with which to write more. tis startling how i can wast my time writing about this one word startled.

    By Faadela on 02.25.2013

  18. You startled me! I didn’t expect you to be here so soon. Listen, I’ve still got a lot of work to get through. I’m sorry, but I might have to cancel on dinner. I know it’s our three-week anniversary, but think of it this way. There will be many more to come. So it’s ok if I miss this one.

    By Norah on 02.25.2013

  19. “Boo!” Tera looked up and said. “Boo.” Back. Hannah looked at her startled.”You scared me.” She said breathing hard. Tera looked up in disbeliefe. “I scared you?” She shook her head. “You are an odd child Hannah.”

    By Saren-Dipety URL on 02.25.2013

  20. Startled, he looked up from his writing. He’d started this with half a brain – the other half was too tired to comprehend the difficulties of the task at hand. It was hard to pay attention with the phone ringing like that. He picked up the phone, and mumbled an incoherent “Hello, this is Mr. John Parker” as he realized the hopelessness of the situation. It was her.

    By Archori URL on 02.25.2013

  21. I couldn’t understand why I said it. The worst things is when I don’t even want to say something and it pops out and I’m just as surprised as you are. It’s like when you bite into something that you expect to be chocolate but turns out to be spinach and you don’t know why you were expecting chocolate or why not to expect spinach but you’re startled by the taste. That’s how it is with most of what I say.

    By Ann on 02.25.2013

  22. bam!
    there is a heart in my through
    my stomach flipped upsidedown
    tiny hairs standing on end all over me
    And You
    I can’t believe You

    By Aley URL on 02.25.2013

  23. scared , in the night a monster made you pee in your pants . Unspeakable scared fritened

    By one direction girl! on 02.25.2013

  24. The brush moves, and he tenses. His eyes dart around, search for the source, but nothing comes forth. Panic. His heart is racing in his chest, and he readies his weapon as he makes a slow circle. It could be anything. It could be any nightmare, ready to tear him open, to pull at his flesh, to rip him into rib

    By Paige URL on 02.25.2013

  25. Her face showed a combination between shock and amusement. This was a split second after her friends jumped out and hollered, “SUUR-PRIIIISE!” The poorly decorated walls were just hilarious.

    By Katherine on 02.25.2013

  26. startled i was when that pro woman handed out the gun to me. her eyes and hands were shaking

    By Andrés on 02.25.2013

  27. I was startled by seeing a man who flew and fell on my car hit by another vehicle.

    By vjay URL on 02.25.2013

  28. I woke up and was startled to see you next to me, still. You were sleeping. I wanted to reach across and touch you, and i did. My fingers came across the empty air instead, and i realised that you were never really there.

    By Janice on 02.25.2013

  29. He kissed me. Out of nowhere. It was magic. I went from hating his guts to being completely, irrevocably in love and from that day on there was no turning back.

    By Seven URL on 02.25.2013

  30. the sound
    all encompassing
    all surrounding
    all penetrating

    By Harriet URL on 02.25.2013

  31. I was startled when my body began to transform. There was a tickling sensation like a thousand mice feet scritching at my sides. My sides had become that of an obese woman and god did it feel good. The expectations on me would be lowered and I could coast through my life at a slow speed of a donut being dunked in icing, or a shopping cart line at WalMart. I can sink into the milk filled bathtub of mediocrity and no longer would my poor artsmanship nag at me, dig its talons in my heart with guilt and purpose. I didnt need a purpose anymore. I was now becoming a beast.Ttwo more days and I would be a human invertebrate. Free of this noble form. The fast track to idiocy and a silent useful death.

    By Ricardo on 02.25.2013

  32. With unabashed delight, she raised her glass to toast to her friend, Anna, who’s about to leave for the States. She couldn’t be more happier for her. All those years of hard work is finally paying off; she’s been recruited by a well-known and established company in America! Happy days, indeed. Meanwhile, just outside their offices through the huge glass windows, she sees the man again. Staring at her wearing a dark coat just by the crosswalk. What is he doing there? She’s sure; he’s definitely looking at her. He was at the subway, too, right after boarding the train, she saw him. “He’s starting to creep me out,” she thinks to herself. The popping of the bottle of champagne (first of many, she’s sure) startled her and brought her back to reality, as she stepped back and fell into an office chair. Drink spilt all over her blouse, her coworkers just looked at her and laughed casually. The man outside, however, is gone.

    By Tricia URL on 02.25.2013

  33. Startled. Scary movies, and pop outs startle me. I guess I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to that kind of stuff. But i would rather watch a comedy with Adam Sandler, than a scary movie any day.

    By alex URL on 02.25.2013

  34. i was startled at the image that stared back at me in the mirror. when did i become this? how did i let this happen? had the moment gotten that far away from me? is this the point of no return? can you offer a roadmap? might i find my way back? is this what it all amounts to?

    By Safon URL on 02.25.2013

  35. He was startled. It had all happened so fast, he couldn’t even recall the events that had transpired in the last few minutes. Now, she laid there, motionless, pale, and cold. It was the most horrid thing he had ever seen.

    By Conor URL on 02.25.2013

  36. I wasn’t looking for the magic in your eyes, or the warmth behind your smile. You aren’t the type of person that makes the ground beneath me disappear, you aren’t the type of person to make me fall – and yet I’ve never fallen quite so hard.

    By Elinol URL on 02.25.2013

  37. It is in the way the eyes widen.
    First, there was nothing.
    Loud noise.
    To catch your breath in such a way as this.

    By Jason URL on 02.25.2013

  38. I wasn’t startled by the noise. I was more startled by where the noise was coming from. It was her closet again. She’s restless tonight. She has to stay quiet or i’ll never sleep.

    By Alyssa on 02.25.2013

  39. Is your position in life right now worth talking about? Are the startled gasps from people you knew worth caring about? I feel like I should know. You hear the pity or sympathy when you tell them what is going on. It makes your blood turn warmer and conversations end quicker. Fuck them. Who needs that “poor you. Good luck ” Bullshit? Who needs the wide eyed solemn nods and hardened smiles. Not this chick. That’s for damn sure.

    By Sophie M Alvarado URL on 02.25.2013

  40. She didn’t startle me, but damn, she tried. Sometimes bunny masks and butcher knives don’t mix well.

    By Ladyakp on 02.25.2013