November 1st, 2010 | 245 Entries

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245 Entries for “stage”

  1. I tried to assess my situation. If the world was indeed a stage, it appeared that I was now a one-man play. A quote from Oscar Wilde flitted through my mind: “The world is but a stage… but the play is badly cast.” My laughter sounded thin and high-pitched as it echoed back to me.

    By mimimanderly URL on 11.02.2010

  2. She entered the stage and saw nothing but white. The bright lights dazzled her as she tried to make out the darkened figures in front of her. Her mother would be sitting front row and center. Her dad’s empty seat in the back of her mind brought tears to her eyes. It had been 5 years but it didn’t seem to get any easier.

    By Polly on 11.02.2010

  3. When I hear the word stage I think of plays. I think of our school plays. Our school has done several different plays. All of them have been great. Plays are very interesting to me and when I hear stage, I hear plays.

    By g on 11.02.2010

  4. A place to perform and express your ideas and your self. The audience will give you there attention while you share your beliefs and your ideas. This is facts or fictions.

    By Toni Thompson URL on 11.02.2010

  5. The stage was too bright. She couldn’t move. She saw everyone just staring with blank, horrid faces as she sputtered through her lines. This was the nightmare. This was her biggest fear. She fell to her knees and wept. They clapped. She was brilliant.

    By Em on 11.02.2010

  6. I set the stage for the rest of my life that day when I hit the baseball foul. Who would have everthought Mrs. Standish would have been standing right there in the path of the ball. I didn’t actually see the ball hit her but my brother told me it sounded like someone threw a banana into a frying pan full of Mazola.

    By Andy on 11.02.2010

  7. I always wished I had just sucked it up and been able to get on stage. I am really out going and fun and think I would have actually made a decent actress but I was always too scared which is funny because I am never afraid of entertaining..

    By Emily on 11.02.2010

  8. drama. theatre. acting. actors. red velvet curtains. smoke. audience. applause. nervous. excitement. costumes. make up. backstage. lines.

    By ishani Shukla on 11.02.2010

  9. The stage is a place for actors. But some people say life is a stage. I don’t know how true that is. Some people stay to themselves, they definitely aren’t on a stage.

    By Robin on 11.02.2010

  10. The actors lined up on the stage. It was what they planned for. It was intense, the play about the nuke hitting a rabbit, it made history. Since the hare turned into their supreme overlord and made everyone pay taxes really high and made them be carrot farmers! it was not fun for them

    By Jake on 11.02.2010

  11. perform, live, on a stage. on a bright summer’s day, a music festival, lying in high green grass. listen to the music, sing, shout, and dance along, in front of a stage.

    By tinne URL on 11.02.2010

  12. a spotlight shines on the stage. you step out and realize that you are now the star. your legs begin to tremble and your head feels light. but then you see the smiling faces of your family and suddenly your vision becomes clear again. you can do this.

    By katiescarlett URL on 11.02.2010

  13. The stage has meant everything to me. It is my home, my life, my spirit, and my passion. Without the stage, I would not be who I am. Without the stage, I would be lost. Luckily, I have the stage to cradle me between reality and fantasy.

    By Ris on 11.02.2010

  14. I skidded on the blood that covered the stage.
    The murder was behiind me, i knew it. Slipping, i reached the edge of the stage and jumped into the stands of empty chairs as i heard the killer scuffling behind me.

    By Kitty URL on 11.02.2010

  15. I saw people standing on the stage singing last night. They sang really good.

    By Kayla URL on 11.02.2010

  16. As I walked on stage, the crowd was deafening, my hands were shaking, and my steps were rapid, but as a started to sing, the world eased off my shoulders and all was calm.

    By Kolton URL on 11.02.2010

  17. stage is a place were u can perform or give a speech to a person or another person

    By chewbaca URL on 11.02.2010

  18. the reason i was on stage was becous it was a ply. the play was about a old man and i was that old man i ws sopoe to be mean and cranky

    By Mr.Smile URL on 11.02.2010

  19. Stage, where people stand to sing dance act and other stuff. Stage is also a thing like i’m on stage one.

    By cmoney URL on 11.02.2010

  20. the word stage is something you would do a play or sing in. also stage is all around the world not just in one place there can be stages in schools to. thats all i have to say.

    By bodoque URL on 11.02.2010

  21. a stage is where someone acts when they are in a play

    By random kid URL on 11.02.2010

  22. one day a little girl had to wight a song and she was to sing it on a stage. then affter that she went to see if she won the talent show.

    By yoda URL on 11.02.2010

  23. stage means when you are in the stage in you are acting with a lot of

    By ardilla URL on 11.02.2010

  24. stage means when you are in the stage in you are acting with a lot o people

    By ardilla URL on 11.02.2010

  25. I saw people standing on the stage singing last night. They sang really good songs, i wish that i could sing that good. They sang like stars.

    By Kayla URL on 11.02.2010

  26. The place that taught me how to sing, without fear, and therefore be.

    By Radhika Saxena on 11.02.2010

  27. a stage is a place where you peform acts. I think of stages when I think of broadway. It makes me think of broadway because Sharpay

    By vaeh URL on 11.02.2010

  28. A stage, I’ve already had this word before. I am tired of getting the same words over and over again. I think it’s tiring. I don’t know why they give everybody their same words. When I think of this word like last time,I think of Sharpay Evans b/c in High School Musical she wants to be on broadway some day. Her brother Ryan Evans wants to be on broadway to but Sharpay’s to afraid that he will steal her shine, so she just won’t give him one simple,nice and caring CHANCE,which to my opinion is just ONE WORD S-E-L-F-I-S-H.

    By vaeh URL on 11.02.2010

  29. it is very important to stage a getaway so that you look the most dazzling. you’ve got to have your

    getaway horse ready with all his frills and shiny things

    and hop on him and ride in to the the sunset

    By nate on 11.02.2010

  30. He smiled from the stage at the adoring crowd. They think they are so smart, he thought to himself with an small chuckle…they dont’ know the half of it. His mind drifted back to earlier that evening, to the delightful deed he had done, which none of these people would ever realize was him. The Stalker

    By Cricket527 on 11.02.2010

  31. Aw. I just read a couple peoples’ on this word. The newest trend is staging houses to sell!! My roommate would be great at this!! She has great style, is in real estate and stays clean and fresh in her ideas!!

    By Suzanne URL on 11.02.2010

  32. I dance on stage. I saw a play on stage. I think of performing when I think about the word stage.

    By carmen on 11.02.2010

  33. i usually have stage fright, when i have to give a presentation. i try my hardest to stay calm but it can be very scary because i try not to sutter or sweat when giving the speech.

    By rodolfo ortiz on 11.02.2010

  34. One more drink, one more smoke, and I’ll be ready.

    By Alli. URL on 11.02.2010

  35. Dance across the stage; show the world your moves. Smiling, always smiling, hiding behind graceful twirls.Keep on moving, though. You have everything to prove.

    By Solo Rae URL on 11.02.2010

  36. Makes me think of when I was in orchestra during high school. I absolutely loved it and miss it like I never thought I would. I still own the instrument I played: my viola. I want to hear its tones again, but I just can’t.

    By Hannah on 11.02.2010

  37. I took the stage, sliding, seeping into the black wood. I scattered into four thousand pieces disintegrating into the silence above me. You watched me from the other side in the red chairs. I stood big.

    By jenna on 11.02.2010

  38. the world is one. I’m on a stage with many actors and no happy ending. life is made up of stages.

    By nick on 11.02.2010

  39. “I’m sorry,” said the doctor, “but it is end-stage”. A tear trickled slowly down Mary’s face and she gripped her husband’s rough hand in her own. She had always loved his large hands. Working hands. Though old and wrinkled now, to Mary they still felt strong and safe.

    By Isobel East on 11.02.2010

  40. A terrifying place. My fear. But i must face it. faced the emotion of collapse, the hard breathing, the rush of blood into my face. but it is th

    By gfdg on 11.02.2010