December 2nd, 2011 | 204 Entries

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204 Entries for “stable”

  1. Stable

    “For once,” she exclaimed, “I am in a stable relationship. Keep your nose out of my business. Every time you get around me and a boyfriend, you butt your stinkin’ nose in and mess things up. Not this time. Not this time!”

    By CameoRoze URL on 12.02.2011

  2. I wish I had a horse stable with lots of horsies, but my mother and father always fought, so I never had a horse. I never had a family, really. I’ve pretty much only had myself, my whole life. At 17 years old, I’ve learned some hard lessons. And all the hate I’ve seen, I don’t know how I love a single soul.

    By Slive on 12.02.2011

  3. When i see the word stable i think about horses horses mean rodeo rodeo means cowboys cowboys mean mexico mexico means food-lol and food makes me hungry si im leavin to go eat peace out lil homies lol bye bye :-)

    By Larry Sims URL on 12.02.2011

  4. It was the time of year when everybody deserved a gift, not just any gift, but one that was exquisitely perfect for them, as if the bearer had gazed into the shimmering soul of the receiver and been able to glimpse just what would bring that giggle of sheer joy. Every parent knew the experience of seeking, and hopefully finding that gift, and of course hoping that it wouldn’t come at too dear a price.
    There was one little boy, known as J, who found himself watching intently as the other children around the neighbourhood gathered round to whisper about the gifts they thought they might receive, showing off pairs of roller skates, jars of liquorice and other wonderful boxes wrapped in ribbon and sparkling tape. Every time he wandered hopefully into the kitchen where his mother baked, casting a glance towards his father’s perpetual sawing, and thought this time would be different. Today was the day.
    “Mother”, he mused hopefully, standing at the window, “It’s the season of giving again, I hear…”
    “Oh son”, she sighed with a satisfied smile, and he knew. He knew that old excuse was coming again. “You’re the gift to the world.”
    No. He wasn’t going to be talked out of gifts again with that. Not this year.

    By Sam URL on 12.02.2011

  5. there once was a horse living in a stable. the stable was painted red and the horse loved the stable. every day, a girl came to visit the stable. the stable was a magical place where you could feel what you really felt and be who you really were.

    By Sandra URL on 12.02.2011

  6. The rickety chair wobbled and fell over with a crash, so the lady sat on the ground. It was much more stable.

    By Si URL on 12.02.2011

  7. I wish I were stable. Don’t you? Cause you’re not. None of us are. Stability would be unique beyond recognition. No one is stable. I want to be stable because being different is now being the same. You suck.

    By Slive on 12.02.2011

  8. The stable was full of horses, brown ones, red roans, black ones- but the most striking horse in the place was a beautiful white stallion. He stood proudly inside his little stall, looking completely out of place against all of the other horses- the destrier was much too nicely bred for a little place like this stable.

    By Rogue on 12.02.2011

  9. After a rough ride (again) in the van, Jensen felt the vehicle come to a stop. In the instant after the doors were opened, he heard a horse snort and whiny. “Jesus, they’ve brought me to a stable.”

    By chole URL on 12.02.2011

  10. Stable. What a strange words. To me i was unstable. People would say I’m just saying to get attention, but no. i don’t think I’m stable at all.

    By vampirefreak911 URL on 12.02.2011

  11. I am not stable. I am constantly moving, parts of me and parts of everything swirling and twisting and never quite matching up. I am energy in motion, I am low and high and right and left and everything.

    By Amanda on 12.02.2011

  12. i wish i could be in a stable relationship are just in a relationship i wish i could keep my feet on the ground and stay stable i just want to be stable in life just for once

    By taylor p on 12.02.2011

  13. Joseph was irritated by the gaudiness of it all. His return to Bethelehem was not what he expected it would be. Four years earlier, he was a no-one. Well, he was still a no-one, but his son…his son. Not quite *his* son, was he? Bethelehem hadn’t been the same since. Aside from the loss of all the first-born males, which the more radical left-wing fraternity had cited as being useful in opening up private school places to the less-well off, whose first-borns had died of disease years earlier; aside from that, the town had moved up a notch in the tourism rankings, and with it, came the tat. He didn’t mind so much the figurines of himself and Mary and the Donkey, but the ‘Glowing Jesus’ which rotated with a candle inside it, and the ‘wobbling Joseph’ he found irritating and… just terrible. If it weren’t for the taxes, he wouldn’t come here at all. He’d found it difficult to get a hotel room the first time they tried it back then. Now, at Christmas time, it was quite impossible. And ‘Stable accommodation’ was even more sought after that plain old-fashioned digs. He was beginning to regret his part in this whole agreement to bring up the Messiah, since he didn’t even seem to get the recognition either. It was all Mary, or all Jesus…poor Joseph seemed to be a hanger-on in this particular story.
    It was time to change things. He would start by dealing with the Dancing Jesus. Utter trash. And there was one place for trash. Picking up the nearby ‘Joseph’s Holy Staff’, on sale for just three denarii, (and the one thing in the shop that did acknowledge his presence at all) lifted it up above his head, pausing briefly, as if unsure whether to complete his act.
    “You going to pay for that?”
    “Do you know who you are talking to?”
    “No. Should I?” the vendor sneered. That sealed the deal for Joseph. That Dancing Jesus would be dancing no longer.

    By Gordsthoughts URL on 12.02.2011

  14. Jesus was born in a stable. Or was it a manger? No, he was born in the stable and his mother laid him in the manger. Wrapped in swaddling clothes.

    By BrightStar URL on 12.02.2011

  15. Our life is a balancing act. You act, I react– often not equally or in opposition. Your love throws me off balance when all I long for is your strength to keep me stable.

    By emmystrange URL on 12.02.2011

  16. It’s warm, in every sense of the word. The sweet smell of hay, and the damp bodies of horses, who has just left the evergreen fields. Big, friendly creatures, munching, munching. The one place I can cease to be human for a little while.

    By Kirsty URL on 12.02.2011

  17. One day, I go to stable. i see a cat and he was running after another cat. I tried to rescue the second cat, but the first felt on a cow. So, I ate the cow! There still time left.. so.. good night HAPPY CHRISTMAS

    By simon bouchard on 12.02.2011

  18. IT was a bitter cold night, the winter spirits causing frostbite to any patch of exposed skin possible. A young couple froze together, only their wool robes a shield against the biting freeze. Whoever they asked for shelter would claim maximum occupancy, and shut the door into their pink noses. The couple finally found a stable, a smelly manger, filled with straw. It was a humble dwelling, but it would do.

    By Mary URL on 12.02.2011

  19. She’s anything but. And God, how it shows. She’s crying on the floor, she’s slashing at her thighs. She’s laughing, she’s smiling, maybe she’s better– nope, back to the floor.

    By Emily Claire URL on 12.02.2011

  20. Odd how we house horses in an object whose name is supposed to denote tranquility. Perhaps that’s an attempt to control their behavior and thus our own.

    By A mere cephalopod URL on 12.02.2011

  21. well horses live there. & i guess tables are pretty stable. hey that rhymed! oh well. but yeah. horses are cool. i like them. i have ridden one before. STABLE. right. uhm.. well.. it like no unstable (: haha i guess. that works right?


    By Emily URL on 12.02.2011

  22. Makes me think of horses. And now all I want to do is go to a stable and go horse back riding haha. Or just pet the horses and give them carrots and other food and tell them how pretty they are (:

    By Cassandra Harwood on 12.02.2011

  23. it is about time i find something of stability. i have been searching for far too long in order to find something conventional in my life. a sturdy relationship, a possible job and the grades i have been longing for.. in contempt of these achievements, it is still a shame what has been lost in order to get here.

    By t URL on 12.02.2011

  24. stable like a table
    like a fable
    without the meaningless
    filtering the choices i’ve made
    boxing them into small portions
    seperating the poor
    from the
    dreamy thoughts i indulge in daily.

    By Hailey on 12.02.2011

  25. I’m watching The Soloist. I can’t believe I’ve never seen this before. It’s kind of interesting to think that with such an unstable mind, music is the one thing that makes him feel stable.

    By Evelyn URL on 12.02.2011

  26. What makes someone stable? Having a stable job? Having a stable income? Having a stable family life? I don’t really know… It also makes me think of a horses stable. Which makes me want to go riding which I haven’t done in far too long.

    By Cassie Alysha Maria URL on 12.02.2011

  27. Stable, I’m not, but horses stay in them, and the table is stable since I put the matchbook under the leg. Stable, Gable and I’m able, not stable.

    By david URL on 12.02.2011

  28. a stable is a place for horses and pigs,chickens,dogs,goats,cows and cats.and even rabbits!

    By golden brumby URL on 12.02.2011

  29. An interesting convergence to consider: the word “stable” means both, ‘without change’ and ‘a place where horses are kept.’ How did the possession of horses come to represent the absence of change? Could it be related to the rise of steam power and the locomotive’s subsequent replacement of horsepower? Along that line of thought, mechanization and a shift in the methods of producing energy would leave many horses, once the combustion in the engine that turned the gears that pumped water from wells and carried men across country, in stasis in stables. A man with many unused horses in his stable was a man who had converted to other forms of locomotion. As well, he may be said to have converted to all other tendencies that come with industrialization: mechanization, a progressive view of time and, most importantly, standardization. The desuetude of the horse was, commensurately, the acceptance of the pasteurization of humanity; of the regular, standard stability that torments some hearts, wild stallions at the core.

    By mattlock URL on 12.02.2011

  30. I leaned on the table as I shoveled food into my mouth, and it inched farther back as the legs jiggled. The massive oak table creaked as it hit its interlocking joints, and I put my feet up onto the bar and leaned back against the chair as soon as my stomach had caught up with my huge eyes. From the other side of the table, Rose kicked me, and when I didn’t sit up quick enough to satisfy, I earned another kick. Shrike was next to me, and her hot breathe stuck itself to the inside of my earlobe. “Get your feet of this table, it is not a horses stable!” she hissed, quiet enough for only me to hear, but it was loud and clear to me, it rang in my ears like the clock that woke me up every dawn.

    By squeakable URL on 12.02.2011

  31. Things in life are always changing, always different, always terrifying. Nothing stays the same for very long. There is nothing you can do about that. You have to keep going, ignoring the changes that happen. You just have to find that one person that’s always stable.

    By Samantha B URL on 12.02.2011

  32. “Stable!” Hannah shouted.

    No one replied.

    She cast a glance over her shoulder, and then the lights overhead went out. Hannah took a deep breath, waited. The hospital had backup generators. The lights would come back on.

    Any moment now.

    The ER was suddenly, impossibly, silent.

    “Hello?” Hannah asked.

    The man on the gurney sat up.

    By Nagi URL on 12.02.2011

  33. If he would have been able to see himself at those times when he was unstable, he would have wished for nothing more than to attain the opposite. Now that he has, there’s nothing more that he wants than to never go back to the un side of life.

    By jakeG URL on 12.02.2011

  34. Fred liked to kick in doors. Not just any doors but particularly the doors of police stations and army barracks. When he wasn’t doing that and getting arrested, he liked to find the houses of the toughest guys in the neighbourhood and throw rocks through their windows. He knew that it wasn’t rational behaviour, but Fred still considered himself relatively stable for a vicar from a small parish.

    By Santa Monious URL on 12.02.2011

  35. I may not be the most emotionally-stable person; hell, I know I’m not. I’m unreasonable, over-reactive, and pissy. And yet you stay by my side unconditionally. You are my hero, my strength, my go-to, my stability. I love you.

    By Haley URL on 12.02.2011

  36. I, as a person, have chosen to pursue intelligence and good looks. I agree, that perhaps they may not be the two best choices, but I picked them. Subconsciously. And to my great regret, because those are the two I picked, I’ve lost my emotional stability. If you had a choice, what two would *you* pick? Intelligence, good looks, or emotional stability? Too bad that you don’t have a choice. You made it a long time ago. And it’s not exactly something you can change your mind about.

    By catyeah URL on 12.02.2011

  37. is where horses live. At least they have a home. Unlike many people in the world. I have it better than most, at least. I live in America.

    By Karen on 12.02.2011

  38. There is no stability. Everyone is unbalanced and no one is ever truly sure of their actions. Everything is a puzzle and the only way to feel like you solved it is to find your balance and stability and to finally be content with your work after knowing your comfort.

    By Diana Yakubova on 12.02.2011

  39. that reminds me of a horse thing where they keep horses and a person that is strong. i remember i was not ver ystable when my grandma died. and one day i saw dr. martin luther king give a speech and the word stable just popped into my head

    By ian m. URL on 12.02.2011

  40. Slide back then step forward, falling like a drunk cat in a crooked stable. This is the dance that keeps the creepies at the red line wondering why the cloudy sky is in their pants. Then look around to see the hunger of the horny people devour the serenity of those speechless lame ones.

    By Oz Nolem URL on 12.02.2011