March 29th, 2012 | 152 Entries

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152 Entries for “splash”

  1. Summer rain falling gently onto cool pavement. Children leaping into puddles, droplets of water sprinkling everywhere. Friends and pool parties and childhood and summer nights.

    By Nancy on 03.29.2012

  2. splash
    they play
    so simply
    so calm
    so free
    the beauty
    the innocence
    the glory
    the freedom
    the time of truly happy
    happy again
    splash after splash
    memory after memory
    childhood and freedom
    true bliss

    By Zoe Adams on 03.29.2012

  3. Splash. One instant alters the course of your destiny. . . sending ripples out in all directions. Everyone feels- friends, family, acquaintances. It could be on a whim, you know. You may find yourself waking up, viewing the world through glasses with slightly different tint. You used to seek meaning- a cause worth dying for. You prayed that years of pent up hate boiling underneath the surface will one day fizzle into oblivion. It is painful to remember; only time will tell if the infant, double edged memories will fade. But these new glasses. . .they refract the light in a new manner. So grab your gun soldier, because nobody can stand in your path.

    By Kel URL on 03.29.2012

  4. It made a big splash as the heavy stone hit the clear blue water. I had never seen anything like it in my life. The way the water surrounded the stone the second it hit and began to sink hopelessly to the bottom.

    By karli on 03.29.2012

  5. Alex leaps into the puddle, splashing muddy water all over his coat and my shoes. He looked up at me, tongue hanging out, tail wagging.

    “You just hate being clean don’t you?” I ask him, then laugh because, why am I talking to a dog?

    He shakes all the moisture off his coat and on to my pants, then runs off to sniff a pole for gifts left from previous passersby.

    “You better be glad I love you dog!”

    He runs over, tries to lick my hand, his whole body bending and twisting from side to side he’s wagging so much.

    By Tanya B. URL on 03.29.2012

  6. the water rushed into my nose and i couldn’t breathe; i was at the beach with my peers the peers i was too shy to interact with. i was merely in the water so i wouldn’t have to be awkward with the counselors. “go play with the others” they kept telling me, so i did. or i tried to. it was more like me standing meters away and pretending to be friends with them.

    By sade on 03.29.2012

  7. Light in the darkness
    A match snuffed out
    With fingers shaking with rage
    Of horrors not meant for one
    So young, heart half filled with optimism

    The fingers strike out
    Grabbing the shoulder of
    The intruder of the heart
    Blood splashing in pools
    Of Dark Pavements

    Hands gripping
    Heart tearing
    Love unveiled in its rawest form
    Hate for the unloved
    For the broken
    Who have found no one love
    But suck all warmth from others

    Taste the wrath of My sting
    May it burn like a cut
    Fester like a spoiled animal
    Rotting the garbage of your innards
    Taste My Sting

    By Ella Blue URL on 03.29.2012

  8. the puddle of my accident was a biff. a hoax. a wry job done gone shit. I resort to humility and give my day it’s daily bread. rye. skimmed my hope off the top for some easy way to swallow the embarassment. how does one consol ?

    By SoulMammoth URL on 03.29.2012

  9. Hot
    C-c-cushion my heat
    In a vat of ice
    Steaming my freedom
    Freeing me of your toxin
    Poison curable by decision
    Not by retaliation
    Sh-sharing what I know
    F-f-f-unction the way I am
    Steam my worries away

    By Ella Blue URL on 03.29.2012

  10. splish splash, and i’m taking a bath. i wish i was a kid again sometimes. but i’ll live as one, with childlike faith, and hope to get away with more than that. being an adult isn’t as fun as they make it out to be. a child is what this kid will always be.

    By Martina on 03.29.2012

  11. You are something new, something exotic. Entirely different from all the other identical fish in this tiny backwater pond. A creature unknown, most are afraid to approach you, to recognize how refreshing you are, and instead of turn tail and flee in fear. With each shallow breath, flick of an eye, or deliberate movement, you make a spash.

    You can’t help it; wherever you go, you will always make ripples.

    By WearyWater URL on 03.29.2012

  12. I felt the cool wetness wash over my face,
    The salt lingering on my lips,

    A good day in the sun,
    the sandy beach, the green water

    It was all not so long ago,
    That we splashed so happily in the water.

    By drodi URL on 03.29.2012

  13. My poop goes splash in the toilet.
    After every plop, there is a nice splash to follow.
    Pooping twice a day is good for you.
    I’m glad I poop twice a day.
    Plop-plop, splash~

    By Jessie on 03.29.2012

  14. You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this, do you? I ripped off my shirt and jumped in the water, arms flying in the air, heart flying in the sky. I hit the water with full force and grabbed her. We were two inches apart and

    By Amanda on 03.29.2012

  15. Splish-splash goes my emotions, like water on fire. They’re just one big pool of conjoined atoms, materializing into something unknown. I really don’t understand what I feel anymore. I’ve become a stranger to myself.

    By Desiree J URL on 03.29.2012

  16. I could feel it wanted me just as much as I wanted it. I kept my eyes on the ceiling so I could keep my mind away from everything but what I was truly thinking about. A few seconds past. I can’t do this. I’m not that strong. I bolted out of bed and with and ripped open the drawer. I cupped it in both my hands. Its blades felt worn out after years of use. I had to ask myself, was this two minutes worth what I had been trying to keep myself from doing for two years? It didn’t matter now. I didn’t even realize it but I had already began. It was so deep. I guess keeping everything in for two years is let out in an aggressive manner. Blood trickled down my arm and splashed onto the bathroom floor. Then another. Then my eyes began to trickle and they splashed on the floor also. As if they were lonely and needed the company of another liquid. I was lonely. When would I be getting company?

    By Amanda on 03.29.2012

  17. splash
    in the pool

    in the puddle

    in the heart

    a drop of hope
    breaks the surface
    of despair

    By jena on 03.29.2012

  18. Going on the log ride is one experience I’ll never forget. Its like a roller coaster that when you pee yourself from being scared the water hides it. The last time I went on one was when I was about 7 or 8 and I was freaking out!

    By Maria on 03.29.2012

  19. Crystal clear surface shattered by a clean splash as body sinks below into the cooling depths

    By WDB URL on 03.29.2012

  20. dont think, just write. Splash, boom. blood everywhere. more than you can imagine. more than he imagined. And then its done. No more. He made his masterpiece, painted the town red, or at least this corner of it.

    By Maggie on 03.29.2012

  21. “Well, he made quite a splash…”

    “What was he thinking!? Everything hangs in the balance on this one. He could have just lost everything. More importantly, WE could have just lost everything.”

    “Calm down; he’s just a kid. He didn’t know what he was doing. We’ll be fine.”

    “Yeah… fine. Just fine,”; the gentleman in the white coat muttered the last few words. And with that, he stormed off down the hall and screamed at the unfortunate secretary that offered him coffee at precisely the wrong moment.

    Still, the other gentleman, standing quietly beside the surveillance screens, couldn’t help worrying that the white-coated gentleman was very much correct. That kid better move. Fast.

    By Caddie URL on 03.29.2012

  22. red everywhere. Buttons are red. Waiting to be pressed. Antagonize. No apologies. The carnage. Woes me. And so on.
    What qualifies a panic attack anyways?

    By Elio Hawkins URL on 03.29.2012

  23. Splash. She stared at the water at the ripples the stone she had thrown made. She threw another stone into the water. Interesting she thought how a something as tiny as this stone could disrupt the tranquil surface of the water and then shortly after the water would go back to its undisturbed form.

    By Danni URL on 03.29.2012

  24. I sat there tossing pebbles into the water, listening to the scattered splashes, I looked over at her and she was just staring off into space, like always, she always looks angry when she’s thinking.

    “Why’d you bring me here?” I asked once I finally got up the courage.
    “…I needed to tell you something.”

    By Jordan URL on 03.29.2012

  25. swimming pool kids playing and making noise in the water

    By Mike Hawk on 03.29.2012

  26. Dawn would really make a splash when she finally broke through all the dialogue. “I really don’t give a shot what you say about any of it; you’re going to die.”

    By Ashley on 03.29.2012

  27. The rage in my heart burns like a waiting geyser. It waits until it can burst and have its anger splash onto those who dare surround it.

    By Sir Hammington URL on 03.29.2012

  28. long, smooth legs emerged from the water and she ran her wet fingers down her hairless, honey-like skin. She glared at him through the peaks of bubbles and even from across the bathroom he could tell that she was thinking about him in that way. her feet lowered beneath the surface, and with a flick of her ankle she splashed him with the first of her intensions…

    By Julienne URL on 03.29.2012

  29. I want to splash around in the water and feel alive. let the waves take over me and and wash away all my troubles, worries, and fears. i want to splash around and feel clean of body, spirit, and mind.

    By lupita URL on 03.29.2012

  30. He splashed her blood all over her perfect white walls. A perfect death, he smirked to himself. That would show her how pathetically plastic all her desires and dreams were.

    By Ashley on 03.29.2012

  31. When it happens you know it’s getting good. The two tiny puddles of sweat meet, right at the perfect and rise and fall of each other’s skin. If someone could detect that, see some slow-motion, close-up, high-definition replay of that sun dipped liquid, they’d know it was really damn good.

    By Holly URL on 03.29.2012

  32. There was a splash of blood onto the floor as the heart popped out of his chest and slapped him in the face. He asked, “What was that for?”. The heart replied, “Stop being a dick.”. And then he realized what he wanted to do.

    By josephwinlove URL on 03.29.2012

  33. I finally hit the bottom of the pit with a splash. I thought I would never land as I fell into the endless pit of love. I thought landing would be much better, but I found that I landed into an ocean of sorrow and trouble. I was drowning in what could have been.

    By charlene URL on 03.29.2012

  34. was the sound i never wanted to hear from the bathroom…when i wasn’t in there…and Jax was–my 6 week old german shepherd puppy.

    By jessie elledge on 03.29.2012

  35. I hate swimming, honestly. At least if my feet can’t reach the floor. :)

    By Alexis Lim URL on 03.30.2012

  36. In the riptide of all that’s coming in time
    the sounds of thunder come in so very fast
    with waves that hit the shores and make more than a splash
    get up and take a breathe of the fresh sea air
    after the storms have passed.

    By Greg "Defender of Light" Thompson URL on 03.30.2012

  37. Such a deafening silence, I’m surprised that my powers can even make a splash in the pond of the large ocean that is her ear; ripple towards her brain, making resonance with the sweet sound of her ear and her lips, vibrating and pretending as pretendings hastened their pace, whilst making it all beautiful in the end

    By Maryannerose URL on 03.30.2012

  38. The mountain water runs down your thighs
    And into our eyes
    As we scrape our knees
    On the water trees
    And flick the weeds
    Into the water, we run , we fly,
    We splash.

    By Midge URL on 03.30.2012

  39. It was everything seemed so surreal; the splash of reality on her fragile face. delicate, soft, and broken.

    By Ophelia URL on 03.30.2012

  40. The noise when the water is disturbed. The word ‘splash’ is created by disturbances.

    By Hannah Dodds on 03.30.2012