January 14th, 2013 | 265 Entries

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265 Entries for “speech”

  1. Standing there in a dress so molten silver it looks like it’s sewn with raindrops, she speaks. There is only a pale tunnel of silence that greets her, but in the thousand watching eyes there are more words than will ever be said.

    By F on 01.14.2013

  2. You make this every time you think you’re just talking. We always are making a speech, and we are the main character in the drama. So think before the tongue moves and the lips part. Think before the breath comes.

    By Sally Cutler on 01.14.2013

  3. A speech is a horrible thing to have to do. Your palms get sweaty, your face flushes, you suddenly have the insatiable need to go to the bathroom. However, it is life. The world is all about making speeches. One after another after another. College applications, job interviews, and just plain talking.

    By Danielle Redinbaugh on 01.14.2013

  4. speech, discurso. Todos tenemos un discurso armado, no? para hablar de nosotros mismos especialmente. Sirve como coraza. Coraza de lo que pensamos en realidad, de lo que saldría de nosotros realmente si no tuviéramos un filtro.

    By t on 01.14.2013

  5. My fingers pasted over my hands, unable to move.
    “Uh,” was all I could manage. The whole congregation stared at me, their eyes full of bloody memories and their souls full of the exhaustion of a thousand battles.
    They stared at me, waiting for something to happen. I stared at them, waiting for something to happen.
    I waited.

    By Julie on 01.14.2013

  6. my speech is slurred and meaningless. I speak, I’ve spoken, and I will speak again, but there is no one here to listen and there is never anyone here to listen.

    at least not for long.

    they come. they don’t stay. my words are boring.
    they’ve lost their meaning.

    speech has lost its meaning.

    By seafoam beast URL on 01.14.2013

  7. Speak up! Make your words heard! Let people know your defiance and stand tall. Let them know that you don’t give a shit about what they think is proper and correct and your better than them! You have you OWN opinion and meanings so you BETTER make use of them instead of falling into the same old patterns and becoming NOTHING!
    If you have an opinion tell the truth shamelessly, in fact state your opinion with pride because you even HAVE your own opinions.

    By Mya URL on 01.14.2013

  8. Speak now to me
    oh my Clementine
    your hair is soft and golden
    sharper, brighter than mine

    what now is a language I can hear?
    ears collapsed and soaking in brine
    give me back all of my golden years
    speak to me in the language of time

    By Cordes on 01.14.2013

  9. I give the same speech to myself over and over again as the third existential crisis of the day hits me. What’s done is done, and what is happening is real and it is now. At the end of the day, I don’t think I’m a sad story. I never have. I merely break down under the weight of my own nihilistic lack of confidence, but even that is finally disappearing. In the end, I’ll still speak only when spoken to.

    By agloe on 01.14.2013

  10. a conglomeration of ones’ thoughts, beliefs and opions on a specific matter; an attempt to spread your opinion to others- a persuasive way to get

    By sarah on 01.14.2013

  11. is something that makes you talk about something, like you were talking to someone with your own words.

    By gabyr on 01.14.2013

  12. Everyone’s eyes communicated the bewilderment they were experiencing. Roger continued to beg for his life. They held the antidote in their hands. If they would just give him one drink. The poison had already immobilized him, so Roger could not reach for the serum. Seconds later, he died – never understanding why they wouldn’t help him, never understanding the poison had turned his speech into jabberwocky. So it was THEY who could not understand HIM.

    By Casual Fridays URL on 01.14.2013

  13. Speech. I wonder how many people wrote their oneword on jodie foster’s speech from last nights golden globes. All I know is that she subliminally came out or something, kudos for her, I guess.

    By Zeina on 01.14.2013

  14. There were many people standing around the field. The lawn looked more like a beautiful mosiac than a lawn. Upon the dias stood a lone figure getting ready to give the speech of his lifetime.

    By Michele on 01.14.2013

  15. She trembled, not wanting to open her mouth and say the words that were buzzing around in her head. She wanted to show the world that she had something to say, and in all fairness, she really did. It was the glares and the smiles that intimidated her, the slight plasticity of those all around her. She stuttered, and felt her lips forming the first word.

    By AllTheOtherNamesWereTaken URL on 01.14.2013

  16. The young man’s fingers trembled and fiddled behind his back as he stepped up to the pedestal. His mouth faced the microphone and he saw the waiting audience in front of him. He tried to transform his face confident, hoping his feelings would follow. He cleared his throat and began, “I,” he started.

    By Annee Burton on 01.14.2013

  17. She forced her eyes into his and opened her mouth. The days of silence were done. She had to speak to him. He looked at her questionably, curiosity aligning his face as she spoke her first word. It was quick and unsure, but she spoke her second with more confidence. She told him what she had to say, each tumbling word gaining more purpose and flight. He listened as she spoke her thoughts, and he was thankful.

    By flutefrog URL on 01.14.2013

  18. He would have forced me to make a speech if I hadn’t appealed to his logical side. Did this CEO really expect me to speak in his honor? Logic told him that he is a douchebag.

    By Theresa URL on 01.14.2013

  19. She stood transfixed. Staring out at her peers. She could feel the beads of sweat on her upper lip. Yet, the words were trapped in her mouth. he speech she had prepared was gone. This surely was her worst nightmare realised. She wanted to run, but found herself rooted to the spot. Just staring out.

    By Amimee URL on 01.14.2013

  20. I gave a speech last year about why Christians need to know all about both Christianity AND other religions in order to be effective in arguing about it. I used a comical example. When comparing Superman to Batman, you would say that Superman is the better superhero because he IS this that and the other thing, but you would also need to draw on the fact that Batman IS NOT this that and the other thing.

    By Krista URL on 01.14.2013

  21. screaming, shouting, yelling, crying, not out loud but if i weren’t so terrible at it i would express myself to other people
    hard to figure out how they think, lost train of thought

    By blau URL on 01.14.2013

  22. “I HATE you!” he shouted to the empty walls of the art room. Her room. She wasn’t here now, but that didn’t matter.

    “I hate your stupid brown eyes and how you’re so violent and everything about you!”

    By Amber URL on 01.14.2013

  23. A wealth of talent and rich vocabulary were absolutely guaranteed~ fizzing champagne and awed silences were a taken, though the audiences celebrations would be equally mute~ for all the wonder of words, it is those that are written which have the most lasting impact, profound though they may be, uttered words idly fritter away, without record to testify to their speech.

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 01.14.2013

  24. I was supposed to give a speech right after the main speaker. What a
    position to be in. No one would want to listen, much less care about
    what I had to say. The main event would be over, I wouldn’t even be as
    good as an introductory act. Probably everyone would be on their way
    home, and I’d be talking to an empty hall.

    By chipschap URL on 01.14.2013

  25. my speech is dull and unextraordinary. Even if I have an eloquent thought I can rarely put it into words. Good luck getting a job,they tell me. My lack of communication skills is supposedly dreadful.

    By H URL on 01.14.2013

  26. Preach master Preach! I gotta hear that speech! I need your ideas inside my head, I need your thoughts bubbling under my muscles. Give me a speech sir, and I will give you my complete attention. I’ve been programmed to give business suits my undivided attention. All Ears!

    By koolaiddx URL on 01.14.2013

  27. Speech class was the one that terrified me. I hyperventilated every time I stood up there with my carefully crafted words on oversized index cards. I just could not do it. Until one desperate speech group came up with a plan. They sat all the way across the back of the room, behind the teacher, miming me breathing slowly “in” and “out.” The “out” being the part I had been missing. Of course, if I didn’t pass, neither did they, so they had to do something.

    By LailaLCR URL on 01.14.2013

  28. There seems to be a …oh hell . You know what? I don’t give a damn! You can try and make me say something I don’t want to , but I won’t! My speech will be my own.

    By Victor on 01.14.2013

  29. It was dark and silent, i stepped out onto the crowd, sweating and nervous, I opened my eyes and stared out into the crowd. I cleared my throat, looked out to the silent crowd, moved my mouth to the mic, and spoke

    By nikhil on 01.14.2013

  30. the way to communicate how you feel to one another,
    whether you use those words to inflict pain, care or any other.
    the words that are spoken are not easily taken back,
    so remember how it feels, the love it is you lack.
    and think about those whom you have inflicted pain,
    and try your best to apologize and forgiveness you will gain

    By Floyd URL on 01.14.2013

  31. I didn’t think much of the King’s Speech. I mean really, it’s a movie set in England on the eve of the Blitz, and they’re worried about the difficulties of not stuttering? How about the difficulties of having your home bombed into oblivion by the Luftwaffe?

    By Chris Clow URL on 01.14.2013

  32. I sat nervously in my chair, I couldn’t stop moving. I took a deep breath, everyone’s words passing by too quickly. I heard my name being called and my friend nudge me. I nodded and stepped up to the podium. I was scared but soon everyone’s faces faded away and I got lost in my words. Everyone loved it, Loved me.

    By AlanaScharth URL on 01.14.2013

  33. The speech of the giant allagoose was something that the children never thought they would hear in there life. It was a mystic and powerful language, each word wrapped with a certain feeling that seemed as if you could paint the words on an empty canvas.

    By anonymouse on 01.14.2013

  34. to talk so much about such boring subjects can be defined as speech. it is also a gift that we have been blessed with and should use it wisely! rhymes with screech and peach, the word speech also reminds me of speed, spinach and peachy!

    By paddy URL on 01.14.2013

  35. I wrung my hands as I stepped up to the podium, trying to wipe the sweat from my palms. The auditorium was filled to the doors with people. They were all looking at me. The spotlight blinding, hot, disorientating. My tongue wouldn’t work, it was stuck to the roof of my mouth. “Some speech.”

    By Jordan on 01.14.2013

  36. in the words, like blood flows, so does light
    into a room of strange creatures
    too soon has the burn set in
    they cant even distinguish
    right or wrong, turn.
    turn to the light….

    By Victoria Antoinette URL on 01.14.2013

  37. It hurts, and the words won’t come out of my mouth. All i want is too call your name and tell you how you hurt me, but that I still love you.
    Without my speech I am a vegetable, and the tears only confuse you.
    I want to tell you, but I can’t.

    By Zoe Wagner on 01.14.2013

  38. Speech is an incredibly important component of communication. There are many components of speech that are not prevalent in other forms of communication, such as tone and intonation. Other factors such as voice pitch can contribute to the effectiveness of speech communication.

    By Jamey on 01.14.2013

  39. My speech is clumsy. Words tumble over one another, scramble to get out and fall, stepped on and pushed down by each other until they make no sense at all. They think they can make it out of my mouth same as my words make it out through my fingers, at the speed of messy handwriting in blue ink, the speed of fingers typing frantically across a keyboard. But they’re wrong. Speech and writing are not the same. Because no matter how clumsily the words fill the page, no matter how many times I make typos and have to press the backspace key, the words themselves are what matter. The words themselves are graceful, and it doesn’t matter how clumsily they appear.

    By LILYhibiku URL on 01.14.2013

  40. a freedom given to all man, woman, and child. A way to express one’s self to the world. A tool to use and to cherish, not to abuse and throw away. People forget that they have a voice. Don’t forget, never forget, use it. Speak.

    By Kathren on 01.14.2013