January 14th, 2013 | 265 Entries

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265 Entries for “speech”

  1. I have this class at the school called speech and debate and that class deals with us improving our sj=kills and knowing certain skills that can help in our future career, and i dont have that class simply because that doest not interest me.

    By Steven Munoz on 01.14.2013

  2. speach is an incredable thing, its full of love, and life and averything inbetween it can be anything and everything it can be a hello and sometimes a go

    By robin on 01.14.2013

  3. “that is your final” my teacher said as you could hear every student in the class growl with annoyance. No everyone hates speeches dont you understand Mrs. Holder I thought to myself as I was packing up my things. Of course my topic would be bad too….who could write about school uniforms ughhhh..

    By Alishea URL on 01.14.2013

  4. I was terrified I have always gotten so nervous about speaking in front of people. I couldn’t so much as have people stare at me in a large group without blushing and stuttering. I mean I’m beyond shy.

    By Glitz URL on 01.14.2013

  5. adorned is the way to teach one of a certain way,
    to beckon or to scold,
    or to just simply speak firmly what is being told.
    directed to a stubborn child, or an unruly teen.
    a way to get things across.whether, caring cheerful, or mean.

    By Floyd URL on 01.14.2013

  6. Her fingers scittered nervously over the notecards she held. Her stomach was in knots and she shook violently with fear. As she looked over h

    By Sydney URL on 01.14.2013

  7. My legs were shaking. I could feel my heart beat up in my throat. Every particle of saliva I swallowed further dried my mouth, and the words would just not come.

    By Jasmin URL on 01.14.2013

  8. When I think of speech, I think of this class I took in college. There was this freakin’ weird teacher who was all new age and shit. She pet the walls like they were her dogs. She talked in this high-pitched voice that made you want to go jump off a high place.

    By David Fray on 01.14.2013

  9. I stood there my knees quivering. My throat dry and Butterflies going cray in my stomach. I got up in front of the class and cleared my throat.
    “There is something that I need to let you all know. Something like a confession but a bit different. It’s something that I am not proud of and I just needed to get it off my chest. I hate you all.”

    By Tai on 01.14.2013

  10. Speak out. Not in. You’ll be heard, probably listened. Maybe not. Everybody wants to shout, talk, say. But they don’t know that silence speaks louder than words. You can hear it, being so still and fragile it could break with a breath. Speak out. Not in.

    By Maria Andre on 01.14.2013

  11. Speech is what makes us humans above others. We communicate. This way, our knowledge comes together, and the collective knowledge makes us advance. Without speech, we would not be here. But now, we are separating. We need to come together.

    By Payge on 01.14.2013

  12. Speech is a form of expression. Speech delivers our souls to the people around us through meaningless letters assembled into sounds. The tone of our voice can let someone know how delighted we are to see them, or just how much we wish they would go away. A single word or phrase can start a relationship, or end one.

    By Brittany Nowlin on 01.14.2013

  13. Puedo escribir lo que sin miedo a que me critiquen, aqui solo decía que escribiera lo que sea así que eso es lo que estoy haciendo. La verdad no se que más puedo escribir, simplemente empiezo a escribir y las cosas salen de mi mentre, es un poco extraño por qué ni siquiera pienso en lo que tengo o no que escribir, solo lo hgao y ya, es algo muy poco normal o quiza extraño, no se cual sea la palabra correcta,

    By diego on 01.14.2013

  14. The speech was supposed to be simple. It was just an acceptance speech after all. He had four more days to finish it. After that it was due to be read in front of four hundred people as he accepted his award for saving that little girl’s life. It was not like he had planned on being a hero, it had just, well it had just happened. He smiled to himself as he thought about it, because to him it still seemed strange that he was now considered a hero.

    By wendy on 01.14.2013

  15. She’s stricken. There’s something skittery in the bottom of her stomach. She wheels, tongue too heavy to facilitate any kind of speech. Before she knows what’s happening, she has turned tail and started to run. It’s faster than any of us have seen her go before, and it isn’t long before we know we are outmatched.

    By WearyWater URL on 01.14.2013

  16. It was there. On the tip of her tounge. But why couldn’t she say it. It had been eating away at her for two years. Why couldn’t she say those three words! Her insides were screaming! JUST SAY IT!

    By KRISTY KRINGLES on 01.14.2013

  17. Speech, communication. Something so many of us these days lack. A push of a button and we’re done. No more talking. Touch screens, bright lights. No human interaction. No more.

    By Maddie URL on 01.14.2013

  18. And what would he say when he reached the podium? Surely there’d be consequences for not speaking what he turned in, but it was worth it. To say what he had wanted to all year, to just let it all flow.

    By Maddie URL on 01.14.2013

  19. I want to commend all the folks in the audience who stand up for what’s right and stand behind friends and family, when it would be easier to just walk away or pretend it’s okay not to commit, edify or appreciate the circumstances that matter.

    By Steve Schumann on 01.14.2013

  20. Poetic speech fills the room, pours from her lips like punch. She tells me, “Don’t think the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon.”

    By MaxwellSmaart URL on 01.14.2013

  21. My speech was well prepared but would it be enough. The worry tore through me as I began to speak. Would this take us to the top or put us on the bottom. States was on the line. Am I good enough?

    By Little One URL on 01.14.2013

  22. He waits his turn. He’s so beyond ready for this. It’s finally his turn. He makes his way to where he’s headed. He stands in front of the vast crowd. As he clears his throat they applaud his presence. They’re so happy to see him. All except one. One person who decided their life was worthless and decided to play God.
    They took their sniper rifle, their one bullet, and their last breath as a free man and shot the one so ready to deliver his speech, but never got the chance to.

    By Lelia URL on 01.14.2013

  23. People think it’s easy to speak, but I’m not so sure. I mean, words are fickle things. That’s what people say, don’t they? Fickle things. Fickle.
    And what do you do once the words are out of your mouth, huh? They just disappear. They don’t mean anything anymore. Speech is fleeting. Fleeting.

    By Gwyn_Paige on 01.14.2013

  24. The speech was boring me to tears but still I sat there listening. I don’t know why I am here. Mostly to kill time I suppose. Oh well it shall end soon enough but then what will I do? Where will I go? I have learned nothing from this speech.

    By Little One URL on 01.14.2013

  25. I’ve given many. Fewer have been given about me. I can’t do impromptu. I don’t think I can give another one.

    By ahamoments URL on 01.14.2013

  26. What doesn’t have to do with speech? Without it, we would not have any technological, health, or relationship advances. We would still be in the stone age. I talk constantly, and so does everyone else. Not only is information conveyed, but also emotion through this powerful way of communication we call speech.

    By Michael S. on 01.14.2013

  27. Over thousands of years this has affected society in ways only some can understand. One word can change millions. One Word can affect the masses. Speech has become apart of society and whether it is good or evil it will always exist in affecting the world forever.

    By brent URL on 01.14.2013

  28. His speech was slurred and slow, the effect of too many drinks that night. Kiran dragged him by his arms, muttering about the incompetency of the future prince. Well, hopefully the future prince. He wasn’t looking to get married anytime soon.

    By Kristina URL on 01.14.2013

  29. Today was the day Greg Hinkel was supposed to give the commencement speech. And today of all days was the day he woke up with quite possibly the biggest zit he had ever seen in his life. And it was right on the tip of his nose. The disgusting white head seemed to be pulsing with every heartbeat, taunting him to squeeze it and gush pus all over his bathroom mirror.

    By Brad Grusnick URL on 01.14.2013

  30. I love one word. I love the concept of it its very creative. I thought it was going to be a “that is not the word you see” because it was only ha

    By nuelle on 01.14.2013

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    By dfgd URL on 01.14.2013

  32. Words trip and fall from my tongue like rocks, like my speech is a landslide, and we are both caught beneath it, trapped in an avalanche of broken promises and hapless romances torn by time and erosion.

    By Hope on 01.14.2013


    By EDGAR CHAMPAGNE on 01.14.2013

  34. scary, important, informational, audience, award, communication, way for others to learn, lecture, advancement, technical, large, graded

    By Shelly Lovett on 01.14.2013

  35. I bite my tongue for fear of my words getting away from me. I tend to have a big mouth that says what it wants to say. That is: it says EXACTLY what my mind is thinking. That’s never a good thing.

    By Outsider URL on 01.14.2013

  36. I wrote a speech for the president the other day. it wasnt exactly very enthralling, all stats and pomp, but at least im getting paid for once. i wish i was writing about the far off lands in my mind and hearing actors bring my world to life. but im getting paid…im getting money, but im not happy.

    By Lorenza on 01.14.2013

  37. She looked at herself in the mirror, for years she had said nothing. She was stripped from her innocence, her speech, her life. Now it was time for her to say her first words. But what would she say when there was nothing that could be said. She took a deep breath and uttered…

    By Aria on 01.14.2013

  38. The only speeches that I can remember right now are the ones that made me cry. The one that Mr. Enz made at Ocean Grove about the power of music, the TED talk with Chopin’s Nocturne in E minor, the commencement speech at last year’s graduation, and the embarrassment of my middle school student council thing lol.
    I didn’t do that well on the Lang speech thing.

    By Jason URL on 01.14.2013

  39. Wow. This is a powerful word. I first saw it and I wasn’t even sure what to write. I’m not good with writing without brainstorming. This sucks.
    I have writers’ block.

    By Sascha Dee URL on 01.14.2013

  40. it is hard to speak, it’s not that easy to come out of your comfort zone and just give a public speech, only if it is public of course. Sometimes we feel the need to just talk and give a “speech” about what we feel and what we want. We just wanna be heard, we might not have a speech ready, but what we do know is what we wanna say.

    By mary on 01.14.2013