March 2nd, 2011 | 600 Entries

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600 Entries for “specific”

  1. how particular. specific, clearly defined and intended, isolated. the halting of chance or choice, by the enactment of choice. to narrow down and make singular or to remove ambiguity… or is that possible?

    By Nick URL on 03.02.2011

  2. I specifically requested the specification which specified the specific gravity of the new liquid species. Spectacular!

    By fats URL on 03.02.2011

  3. You couldn’t really say that it was either one thing or another. It was sort of round/square/oblong. it was very hard to describe in any kind of way to be specific.

    By Molly Golver URL on 03.02.2011

  4. I like to be specific and share lots of detail in my writing. If I am not specific then my writing i can be drab and boring. Look carefully

    By sandy on 03.02.2011

  5. “Be specific for once in your life Rachel!” He yelled at her. “You can’t get out of this one. You have to pick. Are you in this relationship or not?”
    Rachel sat on the edge of the tub crying, as her husband yelled at her from the bedroom. she didn’t want to lose him, but she had cheated on him. They had been married for 3 years, and she had thrown the relationship away for one night with an old friend. As she thought about everything, her husband walked into the bathroom and kneeled by her.
    “Listen, Rach. I love you, and I’m willing to forgive you, but you have to promise me you’re in this for the long haul.” He said as he took her hand in his. With his other hand he wiped a tear from her cheek. She stared into his green eyes and said
    “I promise.”

    By Vikki URL on 03.02.2011

  6. Be specific. What is it that I am supposed to be writing about specifically. The bears from the honey pots dream or the monsters with whom I’ve grown to know well. Please be more specific.

    By Curtis Andersen URL on 03.02.2011

  7. “More specific, Mr Potter. What exact spell would you use to counter [insert spell here]?”
    Harry blinked for a moment, unsure of what he should say. On the one hand, Moody was the best DADA professor they’d had since Lupin. On the other…he had no idea how to counter [spell] other than a general shield. Shields were shields. At least, that’s what the book said.

    By Kolya URL on 03.02.2011

  8. Selected

    By Amy URL on 03.02.2011

  9. this is a slightly odd word…it doesn’t seem to sound like the actual meaning of it which is to be very detailed about something…it seems more like a word related to some sort of water body.

    By nano on 03.02.2011

  10. She bows her head in prayer, with eyes closed and a pure heart. She wanted to put some people in her prayers, but she wasn’t very specific. After all, God knows, right? Or did He want her to confess the one she cared for the most?

    By A Bananie URL on 03.02.2011

  11. be specific when you talk man
    i hate it when you talk about nonsensical things
    and truisms
    why cant you just be specific
    be real with me
    and speak from the heart
    there was never meaning in a meaningless conversation

    By tim on 03.02.2011

  12. “Be specific, damnit!” The warlock exclaimed, making Alec laugh out loud at his own antics.
    “It’s somewhere, in a place, and I put it there at a time. I swear on my own life.” He replied, bursting into giggles again.

    By A Kitten in the Stars URL on 03.02.2011

  13. things that are specific exact correct detailed important i dont know what else to say really pressure omg okay so its specific it means thats what you want most people arent very specifc when they ask for something from me

    By mel on 03.02.2011

  14. To the point and precise. Not just any horse. A black Arabian. Not just any pickle. A crinkle cut dill. Not just any little sister. A perfect little angel of one. ^_^

    By Leigha URL on 03.02.2011

  15. it wasnt the usual thing it was what she wanted, the only thing she wanted and it wasn’t there. She looked and looked, turning over furniture and ripping up carpets, she needed it like it was blood, thickly and with desperation.

    By Lolly on 03.02.2011

  16. I never know the specifics of the crap that drama causes. I never know the specifics on if a boy likes me or not. Why does everything have to be specific? I can’t understand why life can’t just be simpler. If you like someone you tell them and if you don’t you tell them that too. We should stop focusing on the details and specifics and look at the bigger picture.

    By Natalie T on 03.02.2011

  17. Wow, specific is about as general a word as you can get. Specifics can be given about just about anything. There can be specific emotions or specifics that relate to math and science. Words like dirt are not specific, but if you say silicon that is a specific word. If you say that building is a block it’s not specific, but if you say it’s a cube, 15ft on each side then it’s specific.

    By Casi URL on 03.02.2011

  18. I think there a lot of subjects where it is very easy to talk about your “personal opinions” in broad language. To the casual listener it may seem as if you’re being personal, when really you hide your truth behind the hugeness of these large opinions, but when you force specificity, that’s often when you see people where they are, or hear well crafted lies.

    By Rob URL on 03.02.2011

  19. too much, who can be so specific? why not be broad and allow others to think creatively and speak creatively to one another? Why can’t we allow ourselves the freedom to think freely, and allow others to do the same? Things don’t need to be tied down, or set in one place. We should allow each other room for growth and discover the word as we please. There are no need for specifics, just go!

    By Samantha URL on 03.02.2011

  20. “Be specific!” she said. “I need more information than that!” She slammed her fists on the table and started to pace around the room. “If I want to solve this case I need more information!” I stood in astonishment by her sudden outburst.

    By Madeline R on 03.02.2011

  21. Knowing. Going into detail. you have to describe a word but in so much detail to the point where you go beyond the definition. you tell a story, but go into detail of that story. you see a word, but go into detail of the word. you keep goign until you realize that you have reached the end of your detail and you cannot go further.

    By Ellie P on 03.02.2011

  22. Wow, I have no idea what to write….specific, specific.

    Don’t be vague, be specific.

    It rhymes with Pacific, and prolific.

    By AG Stewart URL on 03.02.2011

  23. The instructions were clear and constricting. We had to use five pens for one essay in two hours. Now, that’s not so bad. There had to be 1205 words and a prime number of syllables.

    By Andy King URL on 03.02.2011

  24. something specific about your lips i am trying to sound poetic, it may or may not be working. where is suzie ritolo when you need her? where is the dylan like muse, waiting in the corners trying not to peep? where did the colors go that

    By Anna on 03.02.2011

  25. when you mean something exactly how it is, or one certin even with out any other information on the side. you want the main part of something. i guess.

    By gray on 03.02.2011

  26. specifically what exactly? specifically who should i trust and how shall i know?? specifially what is the problem and who caused it?? i can think of no specific time or place when things stopped making sense. but its also intriguingly difficult to place a time if they ever began to make such sense..

    By Caitlin URL on 03.02.2011

  27. Exactly one thing. To the point. Not rambling. Detailed. Absolute.

    By Elizabeth on 03.02.2011

  28. Every little thing in each place. Completely conformed to the standards she set for the object. I would spill my juice as a kid, she would explode.
    She would scream for at least eleven minutes and tear at her hair a bit. She did not scare me though. I was glad, that I could appreciate books and pudding cups and sweaters scattered on a carpet floor. I didn’t sigh in frustration when abstract art wasn’t symmetrical.
    I wasn’t like mom.

    By Yaline on 03.02.2011

  29. i have specific reasons to not want to write about anything. I can’t think because I have a brand new baby. I can’t write because I am a new house wife and have to keep the house clean before my boyfriend gets home from a twelve hour day. I can’t write because I have no idea what I want to write about anymore; i used to write all the time, i used to have ideas, now i am old and out of time.

    By Jami on 03.02.2011

  30. Specific is a very specific word, not to be punny or obnoxious. Well I guess that specific just means to be particular. Like I don’t want to talk to the whole group of boys sitting on that couch, I just want to talk to one specific one. It is a word that means one special thing, idea, person or place; not a whole group and not a couple or several, just one.

    By Emery on 03.02.2011

  31. Having trouble being specific on my stupid essay. Maybe it would help if I specifically made some food. Mac & cheese. MAC & CHEEEEEEESE!!! Om nom nom. Nope, still can’t write it. Oh well.

    By Kitten on 03.02.2011

  32. I felt the growl rumble in my throat as I thrust him against the wall. His brown eyes widened in fear, maybe because my dark eyes had turned ice blue… maybe because this is the first time I let him see my fangs. “So you want to get specific on what you want from me? Specific on what you were going to do to me?” I hissed as I tightened my grasp around his throat. He started to squirm, he didn’t like not being the one in control. I smiled, a dimple playing at my cheek.

    By Cat URL on 03.02.2011

  33. Specific
    I cannot think of anything Specifically.
    right now i cannot think of anything but the situation that i put myself in
    why did i chose to do this.
    since when have i been a person to need something.
    since when have i wanted someting this badly apparently

    By Facadeoftruth URL on 03.02.2011

  34. College is the extremely “specific” study of one field. One could study several specific fields from art to science. This may cost a lot of money but in some circumstances government aid is given

    By Michael on 03.02.2011

  35. I specifically know everything in this world. From education to religion; people think I am a “know-it-all” I say I’m confident.

    By Imajay URL on 03.02.2011

  36. We could be like a couple in an indie film–I’ll wear the cute sundress with a pair of nuetral colored oxfords and you can wear a tweed jacket with dark skinny jeans and horn-rimmed glasses as we walk through a pretty park singing along to the Smiths . A little too specific, but that’s all I want.

    By audrey URL on 03.02.2011

  37. Specific is good. It pays attention to detail. Specific detail. Just don’t be too specific all the time.

    By Owen URL on 03.02.2011

  38. How can I specific? They never know the answer. They always look at me like they don’t care. I’m tired of this specific shit. I don’t care. Figure it out yourself. Specific my ass for all I fucking care. I don’t make enough money for specific.

    By Andrew URL on 03.02.2011

  39. i dont know what to write about that word so im just gonna type about how i dont know what to type (: haha see im typing and about the topic but im not actually typing about it cuz i dont know what it is or what to say about it

    By jessica andrews URL on 03.02.2011

  40. Specific. Exactly how I am, and exactly how I want it. Everything tidy; everything in order. But it’s not. I look around and I see it all falling apart. I see the things that used to be so perfect, so clear, losing their specificity. And I lose it.

    By Maria on 03.02.2011