January 26th, 2013 | 275 Entries

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275 Entries for “speak”

  1. Speak. Talk. Tell him! It was natural, there was nothing wrong with it. He could love him and tell him so. There was nothing wrong about it after all.
    But no matter how ‘right’ it was there would still be a lump in my throat as I told him. My lips would still be parched and my voice would still be wobbly and my hands would still be wringing and my forehead would continue sweating.
    But I still spoke. I still told him.

    By Mya URL on 01.27.2013

  2. My knees were trembling, my palms were clammy. I looked like a fish with my mouth in a tiny “o”. I stared at the audience. They looked like an intimidating dark ocean. I couldn’t speak. I felt my throat closing up. My mouth was dry and I wanted to run away and hide. I couldn’t say a word, I couldn’t speak.

    By Kryssel. URL on 01.27.2013

  3. The sky. The country we go to, to hide. I hate to speak, telling the words inside. It bears a lot of soul, exposes a lot of mind, and I want to hide it, keep it special and safe. Staring at the stars, I wonder how they can bare to shine. I want to hide in the dark, I want to the world’s only secret.

    By genahtastic URL on 01.27.2013

  4. As everybody say speaking is not as easy as it sounds. To express the thoughts in you psyche you need to s

    By govind on 01.27.2013

  5. As everybody say speaking is not as easy as it sounds. To express the thoughts in you psyche you need to speak up. now shut up!

    By govind on 01.27.2013

  6. When his father asks him to speak his mind, he feels a surge of anger rise in him. He hates the feeling, and he wouldn’t even deny it if someone asks him.

    By Loren URL on 01.27.2013

  7. i love to speak. speak is a word. ow..amazing speaking should be my habit. they speak a lot. I should too. Speaking is one of my interests but i lack guts. I lack guts because I dont have experience. public speaking is very necessary in todays world. Speaking quality helps win the heart of many people around. That quality is essential.

    By anuja URL on 01.27.2013

  8. hello! I am public speaker. I love to speak throughout. Speaking is essence of human kind. Public speaking is so necessary in human lives. If one cannot speak well, that can lead the life to hell. So speaking can make difference between heaven and hell in living. Speaking decently and politely is crucial. That’s what i am trying to do.

    By anuja URL on 01.27.2013

  9. She spoke queitly, not wanting to wake her brother who slept beside her. She spoke to herself of the horrors that had occurred later that night; trying to put into pieces, to make sense out of it.

    By Megan-Mae on 01.27.2013

  10. I speak all the time, chattering away happlily. I give away mysef easily and free. No amount of chattering can make up for emtying myself forever.

    By Reka URL on 01.27.2013

  11. ”Speak.”
    That one word terrified me to the bone.
    It isn’t as easy as one might think. To open one’s mouth and to form words.
    To form words that make sense is another obstacle altogether.
    I swallowed and looked up.
    A dozen faces looked back.
    ”Speak” I whispered to myself

    By Saffron on 01.27.2013

  12. I speak therefore I am. My baby speaks but doesn’t really fully get his point accross as yet. Da, da, da, da – could describe a range of things at present. Brb brb brb is popular s is sp sp sp and aaaaah ahhhh. Soon I’m hoping to hear a well pronounced mom or mum!

    By Jo URL on 01.27.2013

  13. I’m tired of speaking of what I feel or what I think or what I fear. This time, I’ll let silence will be my essay.

    By Jac URL on 01.27.2013

  14. So what? So what can speech create that we haven’t already heard, can you be remembered for the speech? Does being remembered even matter? Doubt it. Speech over writing.

    By Jan2510 on 01.27.2013

  15. Soft of tongue, but with harsh words, like everything was alright, he kept telling her the truth. With every sentence, her world began to change its colours. Welcome to reality. Take a deep breath and dive in.

    By Mirela V. URL on 01.27.2013

  16. Sound as liquid, liquid as gin. A deaf man singing that sets you thinking, hard days living forgets you drinking, words and lonely laughter, the home time chime and the morning after.

    By Chris Glynn URL on 01.27.2013

  17. You say something and people don’t hear. Or is it that they don’t listen? But why should that keep you silent? Why should that daunt you? If you don’t say anything at all then people really won’t know what you have to say. At least when you are saying something you are not silent and you are not succumbing to them.

    By Gabrielle URL on 01.27.2013

  18. is producing infinite sounds with your tongue, teech, lips, and mouth, all together. Is taking a breath for someone else, to do the same action

    By Walker URL on 01.27.2013

  19. talk
    what should i write?

    By kamer on 01.27.2013

  20. I sometimes want to talk, just keep talking without anyone fucking interrupting me, I think a lot, I do voice my opinions but sometimes I just really want to speak you know? Don’t interrupt me, don’t say you understand, just listen to me as I speak, as I speak about my thoughts, my dreams, the things I want to achieve, I have so many ideas, just let me speak

    By Huda on 01.27.2013

  21. The idea of “speak when you are spoken to” is dead. As a teacher I am amazed at how kids today (that sounds like a commercial!) speak to adults. They think nothing of speaking up, speaking out, speaking against.

    By tbaum URL on 01.27.2013

  22. It should be simple. It should be so easy to open my mouth and say those simple words. But sometimes to speak is the biggest struggle. Sometimes the words don’t come easily.

    By Chelsea URL on 01.27.2013

  23. Hello. To myself, perhaps in the future I say to you, well done. Give yourself a pat on the back, you’ve deserved it. I like your new haircut, I like you shoes. Your how old, you bloody bastard. Congratulations on living, be happy and one day we might speak again.

    By Matt on 01.27.2013

  24. I love speaking so much. Speaking is so awesome yay! speech recognition software is sooo cool! In fact, I’m linking everything to speaking because I am speaking as I am typing this information about speech. Maybe I can use Windows Speech Recognition software to dictate this information about speech which relates to speech

    By sfa on 01.27.2013

  25. this morning I saw a strange thing running around my room! I didn’t know what to do but be scared. After I made up my mind, I found myself waking up, It was all just a dream.

    By medina URL on 01.27.2013

  26. About how you feel, about what you think and what you want. About how he makes you feel, about what he means to you. About the things that was, that is and that you wish had taken place. About your love for him.

    By timmyproperty on 01.27.2013

  27. To speak is human and only then it is the way we can truly accomplish communication. this is by speaking! if you are not to speak, you are not human because all humans are social creatuers which require communication and social interaction to flourish like a flower or else they will wilt and die like a poor old lily. :(

    By joe URL on 01.27.2013

  28. To speak is to say a set of words and sentences via the thoughts in your head. Out load. ‘Speak’ is the greatets tool a man has. It helps raise your voice against wrong doing and wrong doers.

    By Sami Faizullah URL on 01.27.2013

  29. the word speak to me represents an internal power. It doesn’t not represent a power over others but a power from within to better understand yourself. Usually when a persons speaks they have a little bit of truth behind what they say, be it scary or comforting, it is the truth. To speak is to be powerful because it unleashes the truth. And truth provides a way to progress.

    By Elise Stewart on 01.27.2013

  30. the last tune she hummed was about the words she couldn’t speak, it was one of those sad old melancholy tunes she learned from her grandmother, the kind no one had bad enough to write any more. words with souls. They told of unspeakable pain, of abuse and anger that was indistinguishable

    By Kira URL on 01.27.2013

  31. Speak up.
    Speak again.
    Speak love.
    Speak your mind.
    Speak love.
    Speak again.
    Speak up.

    And we will hear you.

    By diana on 01.27.2013

  32. false speak
    truth does talk
    through other voices
    speaking over and under
    round and round
    say what you want
    speak for real

    By Aley URL on 01.27.2013

  33. Sometimes I forget how to. I really should carry a notebook on me at all times, just in case of a situation just like this where my tongue decides it doesn’t know how to work anymore.

    By Elise URL on 01.27.2013

  34. the way we communicate our thoughts to one another. tell me things you’ll never be able to show me. i trust you more than i trust myself to speak. speak to me darling

    By Tasha on 01.27.2013

  35. I can’t see shit. It’s dark. I’ve spoken already about the tidbits of everyday life, but this site keeps luring me, I enjoy it. A great idea it was to visit it, but I’ve not spoken about it to anyone yet. Interesting. I usually talk about things like this.

    By Jan2510 URL on 01.27.2013

  36. Speak is a five letter word that has two vowels and three consonants. The first consonant is a voiceless alveolar fricative. the second is a voiceless bi-labial plosive and the third at the end of the word is a voiceless plosive sounded at the back of throat.

    By Tamar Keane on 01.27.2013

  37. Im not usually fond of starting a conversation, normally I just tend to follow up on whatever my peer starts to talk about. Though I mostly enjoy it, I am a rather quiet person and it is a bit ironic that I am interested in photojournalism which will require me to speak to people. Well speaking is truly fun at times.

    By Sebastian on 01.27.2013

  38. i just talk to my friends everytime i feel happy and sad, i like speaking languages, the brain is so powerful, i think the best gift from my parents is language, my native language is spanish, and i feel real love for it, i think it is really beautiful, i like the way the world communicates.

    By Sheyla URL on 01.27.2013

  39. Speak. ::silence:: She asks again, “Speak.” No answer. “SPEAK! I SWEAR TO GOD!” Still no answer, suddenly at her own demand her brain is backed up in word traffic because she couldn’t decide which one to drive through. Isn’t it crazy that our brains can work so smoothly in daily conversation but the second the stakes are raised hundreds of words rush to the front of your brain because you thought of all of them at once? How to unclog the traffic. How to let the words just flooow. That’s the challenge with words.

    By Park URL on 01.27.2013

  40. speaking is what people normaly do, they always speak. I love speaking. I’m really talkative person. Sometimes i speak too much, but it’s okay. I think speaking can improve many things, and people should speak more.

    By pamimiy on 01.27.2013