January 11th, 2012 | 263 Entries

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263 Entries for “sparkling”

  1. he’s twenty one today.
    no more sparkling grape juice at nice events.
    this is what makes you an adult.

    By sarah marie URL on 01.11.2012

  2. Sparkling moon sleeping on the lake
    Not to wake till the sun steals her spot
    Liquid silver mixing with the chill of its navy bed

    By Sam URL on 01.11.2012

  3. The druid’s eyes shone brightly, sparkling pools in the moonlight as she turned her face to the purplish twilight sky. She cried out; a single, pure voice calling to the heavens.

    By Domiknitrix URL on 01.11.2012

  4. “Why would you?” she asked. “It is not as if the rust would vanish or when you waved your hand it would disappear and I would have a sparkling and shining new car in its place. You stand there imagining the smiles on their tiny faces as you magicked up something new. New is not always good.”
    “All I asked was if you wanted a hand,” he said.
    “Some things are past helping. If there was anything to do I would have done it already,” she said, turning away and motioning to the children to follow her. The car stayed where it was, the engine steaming and clicking quietly as it cooled.

    By Meredyth URL on 01.11.2012

  5. Oh, it seems that I already did this word today. I can’t think of any more sparkling and witty things to think of about it off the top of my head. The stuff about the sparkling wine was pretty good. Well, marginally good. Not as good as the smartass stuff I said about lillies a couple of days ago, though. That word really was misspelled.

    By Kathleen Gabriel URL on 01.11.2012

  6. It was sparkling. This thing. This thing- thing-thing-thing. What was it. It’s trickling down the stairway now. Now I’ll never know. Was it love or was it the snow.

    By Lauren on 01.11.2012

  7. sparkling….. the first thing i think of is vampires… hahah… oh what this society has done to us

    And then i think of my favorite glittery nail polish….

    And then the world

    By Louisa Crane URL on 01.11.2012

  8. He handed me a glass of sparkling cider.

    “Haha, this isn’t spiked is it?” I said. Jesus, what’s wrong with me? He laughed as he sat down. It was less of a deep laugh and more of a breathy one. Shallow. He’s so not interested. What was I thinking? I’m so insane! Yet, he’s so funny and cute and–God!–his hair! He would look so good in a tux. Standing at an altar. With a white corsage and the bridesmaids could wear multiple colors and the pews could be lined with, oh, I don’t know, hibiscus and tropical bouquets, and–Jesus, what’s WRONG with me?

    “Altoid?” I asked, opening the box toward him, pushing away the Hollywood-esque images of him doing something very similar toward me with a very dissimilar box. I didn’t even bother looking at him; what was the point?

    “Roofies? Don’t mind if I do,” he said. I looked at him, searching desperately for a face that wasn’t gaping and stupid, and ended up just mimicking the smile he had on his own face.

    Maybe his corsage shouldn’t be white after all. Oh well, we’ll have time to decide.

    By Elise Portale URL on 01.11.2012

  9. i saw the sparkling cider.
    it was orange, hint of yellow.
    Bubbles and foam inside the clear glass,
    with an elegant holding its handle and looking out into the starry night sky.
    it was beautiful.
    the sparkling liquid began to light
    and the fizzles went everywhere!
    2012. the world has ended.
    a second time!!!!
    i have gone back in time
    and did stuff
    and now
    i have 2 minutes
    i should be taken to jail…………
    be jealous everyone.
    if you want to do this
    then just press submit without any information,
    and press back space after youve been taken to the

    By Kaitlyn on 01.11.2012

  10. You swore that my eyes were sparkling that night but I can promise you, on my life, they weren’t.

    By lilldeh URL on 01.11.2012

  11. Josh flashed his sparkling smile as Jennifer threw the pewter engagement at him.
    It hit his front left incisor and cracked it. He continued to smile and said, “well, if that’s the case, how about a blowy and we’ll go our separate ways?”

    Jennifer said, “If that’s what it will take for you to leave me alone, I guess it’ll be worth it.”

    Josh smiled and pushed his half-eaten Grand Slam breakfast across the table. He leaned back and blissfully unzipped as she stepped seductively around the table, wrapping her fingers around the pepper spray in her purse…

    By richpee URL on 01.11.2012

  12. snow
    in the folds of her hair
    she hasn’t noticed yet
    she is looking up
    with happy eyes
    perusing the menu
    as I wait for her order
    and I idly wonder if it’s time for my smoke break yet

    By Valkyrie URL on 01.12.2012

  13. And as we continued up the seemingly endless hill, a spark lit up inside us as we heard sounds we had not heard in years. They were the sound of laughter and thrills. Our desperation gave way for excitement and we climbed this hurdle faster than we had any other. For on the other side awaited life.

    By Ruben URL on 01.12.2012

  14. What went wrong? The characters seemed interesting. The plot was thick enough. The muse lovely and enticing. The setting, haunting yet familiar. The story, though not the finest, is good enough for some. What went wrong? A vampire that sparkles.

    By Joel URL on 01.12.2012

  15. wine

    By Charlotte on 01.12.2012

  16. Fluttering and glistening. Sun beams shone through the dew and into those brown eyes, her eyes. Brown bangs hung down on her face. Her dark hair shone in the morning light. She was all that embodied beauty. She was a free spirit. She was mine. I smiled huge at her. Her tail wagged in joy and she pranced over to me. With a loving rub of her ears I said “You are the sweetest dog ever!”

    By Chessles Claire URL on 01.12.2012

  17. The first time I tried sparkling wine I fell in love with it. It was so delicious and bubbly in my mouth, I felt I could preserve it in the cavity of my mouth forever. The taste was that of apple, sweet. I love cider!

    By Ciel URL on 01.12.2012

  18. It was the first light in the sky and it illuminated everything. The sparkling ignited a wave of hope among the civilians, who were scared of the new era sprawled at their feet. They were quite at loss as to how to feel and react. There wasn’t any certainty of anything.

    By Ciel URL on 01.12.2012

  19. a sparkling aura. sometimes i spot a person with such an aura, but it’s hard to find such a person. perhaps it’s best to have one myself. it’s hard to come by, but i hope to have one, as i grow old.

    By kaorita on 01.12.2012

  20. sparkling in the windows of my earnest and modest room was a tinkle little hair pin.. that had fallen from the dames head, when we were making love last night.

    By bijit on 01.12.2012

  21. shimmering shining, adolescents rival each other in first come first serve basis, appropriate for time like this when the stars are out and the moon is hiding beneath the clouds.

    By Cornelius on 01.12.2012

  22. “Oh, that ring is positively sparkling, Sandra!”

    the venom was thinly disguised in Fiona’s voice. she couldn’t believe that Sandra had a larger, sparklier and more magnificent ring than she did. Frederick would pay for this. He assured her that her’s would be the largest, well that certainly was not the case. And it just wouldn’t do.

    By Amimee URL on 01.12.2012

  23. Buff up the old clam
    Sharpen the tired oyster
    The crab’s blunt pincers
    can flint against the stones

    If only the sea could stop sparkling
    and match the knife edge of life

    By gsk URL on 01.12.2012

  24. The house was sparkling clean. Not a speck of dust could be found. My task was over and what a relief it was. Until I took a look at the side of do the door and saw a crayon mark that my grand daughter had made after I had left the bedroom.

    By victor walkes URL on 01.12.2012

  25. Champagne bubbles, summer days in the sun – revitalised with a glass of your favourite Methode Cap Classique… Gliiter, glam!

    By Victoria on 01.12.2012

  26. Her eyes sparkle in the stars, counting the constellations. She mumbles them under her breath. “the big dipper, little dipper, o’ ryans belt..”

    By Isabelle on 01.12.2012

  27. his eyes were sparkling, he was so happy to see her and excited for what he had planned for them that night. after talking for a while he brought her into his arms and held her close up bringing her eyes to his chest. She listened to his heart beat. he kissed her tenderly, nervously almost. kissed her neck and kissed her cheek, then looking at her shut his eyes and placed his lips on hers. he felt light, like he was floating. he loved that he was the first one to kiss her. the first one to show her what it felt like to be kissed. it was beautiful. if only it could last. the spark died a little then.

    By Dharani K on 01.12.2012

  28. Sparkling makes me think of champagne…actual champagne that is, as opposed to sparkling wine which you’d think would be more apt. Also sunny days, smiles, happy times and for some reason spring meadows…former life? Maybe.

    By zebra URL on 01.12.2012

  29. I should not have finished a bottle of sparkling water. I felt the gas rise, anxious to escape its confines. It crawled like a snake up my throat, choking me, just as I was called to the podium. I took my time adjusting the mike, until I stopped feeling the pressure in my diaphragm. Then I smiled, opened my mouth and inadvertently welcomed my audience with a “Buuurp!”

    By Mighty Magulang URL on 01.12.2012

  30. Princess cut. Yellow gold. It sent rainbows sparkling across the door of the car. It was more then she ever could have imagined. Shame he wasn’t. Was it wrong to take the ring if the boy couldn’t live up to it?

    By EmilyJ URL on 01.12.2012

  31. The lights in Asia don’t really sparkle…they are more of a glow. a constant glow, a hum. distant but compact, near to your face, but just our of reach. The world squeezes the sparkle, compactifies it with a dense hug with such a force that it changes its pure beauty into a commercial sign. HOT now! HOT now! HOT now!

    By Susannah URL on 01.12.2012

  32. I really hate the word sparkling sometimes I want to make all the sparkles in the world and just making them all blow up. That way I will not be able to see sparkles again.

    By Bubbinator99 on 01.12.2012

  33. The stars are sparkling brightly.i

    By matt on 01.12.2012

  34. Irridescent, shimmering sight,
    A burst of light,
    A dance across the field of ice,
    My eye is yours, not once, but thrice.

    By kickyfeats URL on 01.12.2012

  35. Spakleing is very shiny. It can be fast! faries are very sparkly. magical things are sparkly!

    By Elaine on 01.12.2012

  36. when your eyes meet mine
    like tracing the path of a constellation
    from one star to another

    By Dee URL on 01.12.2012

  37. He held the crystal up in the sunlight. The sparkling facets danced with a rainbow of color. The colors reflected on the window and his skin giving him a child like delight. With a soft grin he marveled at the simple wonder.

    By EliseV URL on 01.12.2012

  38. Reminds me of fireworks… which reminds me of the fourth of July. Every year, for a long time, our family would go to my Uncle and Aunt’s house for a barbeque on the fourth of July to spend time with family and light fireworks in the street. It was always a good time.

    By Emilia URL on 01.12.2012

  39. glowing, vampires, shiny, extra sparkle, champagen

    By Jamie Norton on 01.12.2012

  40. With her glimmer of hope gone she turned away and walked through the crowds. He’d never seen her look so good and now he was already regretting his decision. Her face had shone with optimism, so sure that he would have changed his mind after all this time.

    By Matt Lakey on 01.12.2012