January 11th, 2012 | 263 Entries

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263 Entries for “sparkling”

  1. sparkling is when a object reflects the sun.

    By Trystan URL on 01.12.2012

  2. sparkling water, sparkling diamonds.. add both, all i could think about is the sea, it’s sparkling waters, just shimmering under the sun. on a board you can be one with the water, move as the wave rocks you back and forth. to bask in it’s glow, and become one with the sun, water, and sky. nothing compares to being on these sparkling waters..

    By stephtcreyes URL on 01.12.2012

  3. the stars are sparkling every night…

    By kaylee URL on 01.12.2012

  4. I am a sparkling kind of person. I love sparkling water, IT IS GOOD!:)

    By Steven URL on 01.12.2012

  5. when we were looking at the sky it seemed it was sparkling

    By Jeremy URL on 01.12.2012

  6. i am a sparkling star and i will crash into your world if you dont stop looking at me with your telescopes

    By rogelio URL on 01.12.2012

  7. sparkling reminds me of sparkling water, i hear that a lot, it also makes me think of shiny things its kinda weird because they both pop up at the same time.

    By AhmadRishad URL on 01.12.2012

  8. Sparkling foals in a diamond field: the children of Thomas, all ready for play. He watched from afar, hands in pockets, until sunset came. His children turned as one, long arms reaching, teeth shining with the last golden rays of the setting sun.

    By RS Bohn URL on 01.12.2012

  9. The moon was sparkling in the wide deep lake. You can see the whole moon in the sky and in the lake.

    By umberto URL on 01.12.2012

  10. I like the word sparkling its a very nice word it seems shiny.Like running water.Or like the sun on a window or a frozen lake.Sparkling is just a really shiny word.

    By Landon URL on 01.12.2012

  11. when i think of the word sparkling i think of the 4th of July. it reminds me of all the fireworks

    By frankie URL on 01.12.2012

  12. water sparkles in the moon light like glitter.

    By chris URL on 01.12.2012

  13. twinkle and shines with brightness usually from a dress or article of clothing.

    By talon on 01.12.2012

  14. I looked up, surprised, as the sound of the radio swiftly degenerated into a rushing hum, like an electronic riverbank on a crystal shore. Sure enough, he hovered there before me, eyes wondering but unaware, the firefly-bright motes around his head clear as ever. I sighed and flicked the radio off, feeling static jump to my fingers as the sound finally died.
    “You really have to stop showing up when I’m trying to hear the news,” I told him, meeting his questioning gaze with dry amusement. It wasn’t his fault. How was he supposed to know that radio waves didn’t take well to sparkling specters?

    By Jewel Lightraye URL on 01.12.2012

  15. I am holding a glass of sparkling champagne and raising a toast to my own success. It is sweet and fizzy, I am smiling and the tears in my eyes are sparkling in the snap of camera the flashes.

    By Cheri URL on 01.12.2012

  16. I woke up abruptly, gasping for air.
    I was completely confused at my surroundings.
    I was under water..
    But breathing…

    “What the fuck..” I utter, completely able to hear myself clearly.
    I look down at my shimmering tail.
    “What the FUCK?!” I shout.
    The fish around me stop and look.

    By Karsen Meredith URL on 01.12.2012

  17. The sparkler was bright in the darkness. The darkness was the norm in this terrible depressing country. The sparklers cut through the darkness like a hot knife in butter, revealing a tall ma dressed in white. “I believe this country shall be forever freed from darkness,” the tall mysterious man shouted, he had everyone’s attention now. The city hadn’t seen light in 300 years.

    By Nick F. on 01.12.2012

  18. she shines with all the luster
    of home,
    she smiles,
    a twinkle in her eye
    and my heart flutters.
    her laugh calms
    she is my one and

    By NuSol URL on 01.12.2012

  19. Stars. glittering sun was shining .

    By zyaira on 01.12.2012

  20. Something that is sparkling has brilliant light. It might be silver or it could look like bubbly champagne. Sparkling things look happy creative pretty white gorgeous and fun

    By Teresa on 01.12.2012

  21. Sparkling vampires are unheard of. Not only are they unheard of, but it’s also an insult to the vampire race. I should know. I know a vampire personally. And she’s anything but sparkly.

    By Ellie Alchemy URL on 01.12.2012

  22. I thing of me when I hear the word sparkling or sparkly cuz im a bubbly person.

    By sparklychick URL on 01.12.2012

  23. sparkling speckles in the water on a shiny rock. or the reflection of the sun on the black street.

    By minecraftplayer101 URL on 01.12.2012

  24. when i think of sparkling, i think of my attitude it can be sassy at times but i think im always sparkling in some way!yay.

    By llamachick URL on 01.12.2012

  25. i see the sun sparkling early in the morning the snow sparkling of of the sun i se the little kids eyes sparkling when they play in the snow on a sunny day:)

    By tperkins URL on 01.12.2012

  26. the sky in the night was sparkling very cool and warm in the morning it is very cold .

    By drl URL on 01.12.2012

  27. sparkling are the eyes when you look into them with a smile. sparkling is the glitter when your about to preform on stage. Sparkling is you when you shine in the light.

    By Bri URL on 01.12.2012

  28. I think of sparkling apple cider and sparkles

    By snowboard addict URL on 01.12.2012

  29. jacob mills face is sparkling. he loves to sit by the lake and read stories. he likes to watch romantic comedies.

    By lustgraaf112 URL on 01.12.2012

  30. I think of sparkling water when someone mentions sparkling.

    By diamondsss URL on 01.12.2012

  31. some thing shiny called sparkling. some thing sparkling like a diamond

    By Ewa147 URL on 01.12.2012

  32. i see stars sparkling in the sky at night
    what does sparkling mean and it is weird

    By gorge URL on 01.12.2012

  33. stars sparkle a lot in the sky my mind is very blank to day this is boring i see stars sparkilng in the sky this is weird

    By phill URL on 01.12.2012

  34. Something youlike to put in your hair and makes it sparkle… I love to put it in my hair.. I like to put green in my hair for cougar games and different occasion.

    By vb4life URL on 01.12.2012

  35. The gem stone was sparkling brightly. He had finally done it. There was dirt for miles and miles around but this one gem…it was beautiful. It was a large diamond, of course it was uncut and didn’t look that impressive at the moment. But it was a shining sun compared to the mud and dirt that had surrounded him for days. SHH

    By Melissa URL on 01.12.2012

  36. sparkling
    above my head
    like a light bulb from a brilliant idea
    his eyes shone like the stars
    his smile wide and bright
    from that moment
    i knew
    life would be different

    By dana URL on 01.12.2012

  37. The gem stone was sparkling brightly. He had finally done it. There was dirt for miles and miles around but this one gem…it was beautiful. It was a large diamond, of course it was uncut and didn’t look that impressive at the moment. But it was a shining sun compared to the mud and dirt that had surrounded him for days.

    By Melissa URL on 01.12.2012

  38. water streaming down the waterfall, so cool and refreshing. I just want to dive in and feel it all around me. I want to drink it into my soul and wash away my sins and the sins of the world

    By Hannah on 01.12.2012

  39. sparkling is a star sparkling in the sky.

    By twiz URL on 01.12.2012

  40. There was a time when this really meant something to me. I think it was when I was a child, and the glimmer of something – the sparkle – made me happy beyond end. Euphoric, I would say now. But, something happens, I suppose, something which takes that from us.

    By A. Vudo on 01.12.2012