September 9th, 2012 | 250 Entries

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250 Entries for “spa”

  1. If spas were democratic everyone would be a people’s person. Since spa’s are more republican than democratic they are the enclaves of the 99% who like to feel good. Does that make spas more democratic than republican in intent?

    By Dingus URL on 09.10.2012

  2. Its such a serene word the moment i see it the imagery that comes to my head puts me in peace. reminds me of my boyfriend who likes to massage me smell of oils and flowers and comfort.

    By mahak gupta on 09.10.2012

  3. I never been to a SPA, I know it’s relaxing and all, but it’s just not my thing. So I don’t really know what to expect from going to a SPA. My girlfriend goes to one of those, when she’s all stressed and irritated by something. She usually goes with her mom or her sister. What do you exactly do in a SPA? There a are a lot of treatments I hear of, like massages on every part of your body.

    By Matthan Luceno on 09.10.2012

  4. Ahhh…..soft and quiet and removed from the world….massages and facials and pampering and such an indulgence, to spend so much money on something so intangible as well being. But so, so worth it.

    By Ara on 09.10.2012

  5. in the middle of nowhere
    and i wanted to get away from everything
    and look what i got
    i ended up with the trees and everything
    the lake in the distance
    thank god for the weekend that i planned
    weeks ago
    for the best
    just what i needed
    the spa
    just what i wanted
    grow a little older
    in peace

    By pensandcrayons URL on 09.10.2012

  6. We have a 2 person spa in our backyard at our new house. It was a bonus feature I didn’t expect when we looked at it. My wife doesn’t enjoy it as much as I do, but on a cool morning or evening, nothing’s better than setting your sore muscles down in a pool of bubbly hot water!

    By Eric Nentrup URL on 09.10.2012

  7. i have never been to a spa, people like to go their and relax at the spa. I have never been in a spa or have a spa.

    By adrian on 09.10.2012

  8. A spa is something that is in your backyard or you go to a spa store and go to that place

    By Paul URL on 09.10.2012

  9. I’m thinking about treating myself and a couple friends to a spa day for my birthday. Have a relaxing time without my brothers.

    By Daj on 09.10.2012

  10. to relax. to feel smooth. relaxing your muscles. i wish i could go to a spa every day !

    By pashe' on 09.10.2012

  11. I know a little about the word spa. Spa can be like a hot tub or it can be a place where you go to relax.

    By O'Nesha Johnson on 09.10.2012

  12. spa é um lugar onde pessoas escolhem para descansar, aliviando estresse e mantendo a forma.

    By Ussene Jamal on 09.10.2012

  13. I like spa but I never been there because w don’t have enough spa places to visit so If w e have a near one I would like to visit sure :)

    By TeMooo0 URL on 09.10.2012

  14. spa’s are for people with a lot of extra cash. I would like to go on occasion. I’m a new mommy and it would be relaxing and soothing. a massage and smell are attracting my senses right now.

    By Angy Mama on 09.10.2012


    By Angela on 09.10.2012

  16. SPA. oh beeegeeezleeesss. i want a new word. pweeze. gosh darnit i am so long for a spa treatment. too bad it’s not my birthday.

    By Angela on 09.10.2012

  17. I want to go the spa. Haha! I feel so stressed these days… Mentally stressed. And maybe a day in the spa would take all the stress away. Yeah, that’s all. Haha!

    By Almira Miranda on 09.10.2012

  18. Water rushes from the tap making a sound that travels through the house. As wisps of steam rise from the surface of the water I close the bathroom door. I remove my clothes and prepare to step into the spa.

    By strangertothesun URL on 09.10.2012

  19. I’ve never been to a spa, and am intimidated by the idea of paying to relax. The pressure alone would be unrelaxing to me, and I’m sure the $$ spent would be on my mind. Relax, relax, relax. Wow, I could have paid a bill with this. My rent is overdue by three days. Spaghetti for supper, again? Maybe one day I could enjoy a spa, if someone gives me the experience as a gift. But then again–

    By Laura on 09.10.2012

  20. There was a wrapper on the ground amidst green grass. In its shadow: an ant. In the shadow of the ant: a hair. In the shadow of the hair: a mote. Under the mote: a hope. Within the hope: the tiniest plate of noodles you ever saw.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 09.10.2012

  21. The steam filled my nostrils. I took a deep breath all the moisture and herbal fumes wove their way through my nose, dizzying my and make me think I had to drop to the floor and fall asleep.

    By Rose Silver URL on 09.10.2012

  22. To be honest, I have no idea why I never tried getting a spa, not even once. My parents just dislike it. Maybe they are just too lazy or too busy to spend so much time for a such a so called enjoyment. But I do know they were busy because of me, That is pretty much enough for me to know though. One more thing I also is that I will be, and must be, busy for them in the future.

    By ifyouknowwhatimean on 09.10.2012

  23. relaxing
    the body
    of which
    that yearns
    for your loving
    control me
    affect me
    touch me
    tell me
    treat me
    then kiss me
    and tell me you love me
    Your worm hands
    against the small of my back
    your warm breath against my neck
    I want to have your spa like love

    By Melissa URL on 09.10.2012

  24. Spa, serenity, bliss. An escape from the stress of everyday life. Beautiful rejuvenation.

    By Alicia URL on 09.10.2012

  25. Daisy’s Spa. Site of rumored debauchery in St. Roberts, Missouri for decades. Despite being placed ‘off-limits’ to the Soldiers of Fort Leonard Wood, the business somehow perseveres.

    By jasontx URL on 09.10.2012

  26. Spa – a place for relaxation. I have personally never been to one but when the word “spa” comes to mind, I think of a place with wooden Ikea-like furniture, steamed rooms, big round bathtubs and jacuzzis filled with floating flower petals, the smell of lavender pungent in my nose, people getting massages from women in buns, all in all, a peaceful surrounding for anyone who has had a long day.

    By Marissa Jamie on 09.10.2012

  27. Spas are for rich people who also pay you to mow their lawns. They are for the people who think that their skin is like porcelain and needs to be treated daily. Spas are for people who never get dirty and never see anything worth seeing. Spas are the greatest monument to the sheltered and wealthy.

    By Ryan on 09.10.2012

  28. Egads! The tiresome activities of the sporting life, while refreshing and revitalizing the life’s blood, must be supplemented with the relaxation of a evening at the spa.

    By John Komarek on 09.10.2012

  29. spas are really tranquil and offer much relaxation. They include massages, hair removing, and painting of the toes. Nails, usually, unless you get someone with a shaky hand. That would suck.

    By alamb on 09.10.2012

  30. she let her fingers soak in the bowl, the milk and honey smelling sweeter than any kind of scented candle. after this she’ll paint her nails in alternating pastels, soft sun, newbloom rose and mint chocolate green, maybe, to match her heels.

    if any trace of dried blood refused to melt away, she’ll just scrape it off later.

    By h. b. URL on 09.10.2012

  31. the spa reminds me of a relaxing place where you can sit and just think about your day. Where you go and get a massage and listen to the relaxing music playing from the speakers up from the roof.

    By Junior on 09.10.2012

  32. this is a place you go to have a relaxing day and enjoy life while you get a massage and other wonderful stuff and you can have a hot tub and you wonderful day alone and by yourself and and have a relaxing day at a relaxing spa day with all your friends and such other wonderful things.

    By Christopher Piner on 09.10.2012

  33. she let her fingers soak in the bowl, the milk and honey smelling sweeter than any kind of scented candle. after this she’ll paint her nails in alternating pastels, soft sun, virgin rose, and mint chocolate green, maybe, to match her heels.

    if any trace of dried scarlet refused to melt away, she’ll just scrape it off later.

    By h. b. URL on 09.10.2012

  34. What to expect? I never liked these kind of things. I imagine a place where everyone is in towels in a place with no windows, low lighting, and smells of fragrent lotions. I don’t think I like it here. Is there a mud bath? If so, I would like to go find one outside. Out in the tropics where it is warm and natural. The mudbath is heated by a volcano miles under the surface and the sounds of birds surround me. Not in a concrete building where everyone there doesnt knwo what the weather is outside. Maybe I would slip on the concrete floors. I would just make jokes of the place. Almost went with the women in my family. Not something I would choose. I really dont think it would owrk for me.

    By GCB URL on 09.10.2012

  35. she let her fingers soak in the bowl, the milk and honey smelling sweeter than any kind of scented candle. after this she’ll paint her nails in alternating pastels, soft sun, newbloom rose, and mint chocolate green, maybe, to match her heels.

    if any trace of dried scarlet refused to melt away, she’ll just scrape it off later.

    By h. b. URL on 09.10.2012

  36. s h e l e t h e r f i n g e r s s o a k i n t h e b o w l , t h e m i l k a n d h o n e y s m e l l i n g s w e e t e r t h a n a n y k i n d o f s c e n t e d c a n d l e . a f t e r t h i s s h e ‘ l l p a i n t h e r n a i l s i n a l t e r n a t i n g p a s t e l s . s o f t s u n , n e w b l o o m r o s e , a n d m i n t c h o c o l a t e g r e e n , m a y b e , t o m a t c h h e r h e e l s .

    i f a n y t r a c e o f d r i e d s c a r l e t r e f u s e d t o m e l t a w a y , s h e ‘ l l j u s t s c r a p e i t o f f l a t e r .

    By h. b. URL on 09.10.2012

  37. so cool to dip into the spa. pampered and relaxed. yes!
    treat times, lift up your feet times!
    thinking of life things, things that matter .

    By tlforster on 09.10.2012

  38. It was a cold winter’s day and all I could think about was sitting in a spa in the Cayman islands and smoking a fat doobie on the beach. I think that if I had some coffee right now it might make up for the fact that I could never get out of the country because I am a fugitive and my passport would allow the law to catch up with me.

    By Jack Preston on 09.10.2012

  39. A spa is a place where you go to relax – Although it seems a little strange that one would find being par-boiled in sulphuric water relaxing. That and having mud slapped on your face…Mud’s dirty! I don’t see how it can be considered a treat, or “cleansing”….
    Bloody silly if you ask me.

    By Conor Lynam on 09.10.2012

  40. Ah the comfortable warm waters swirling around me as I laze in the hot tube at the local spa here in heaven, otherwise known as my backyard

    By MacKay URL on 09.10.2012