January 18th, 2013 | 242 Entries

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242 Entries for “sound”

  1. Batteria flauto, ma è anche cuore rene polmoni pianto e immaginazione. Cestini rovesciati per terra, ossa rotte sangue che schizza sul pavimento da una stupida ferita col coltello del pane. POESIA troisi e neruda e il suono del mare delle grotte e l’ olio che sfrigola in padella.

    By weppe on 01.19.2013

  2. what is a sound? Reverberations? Explosions of minimalist thoughts in a series of waves? Waves? Curling, bending outwards? Or is it merely a brain impulse, engendered by our perceptions, however wrong they may be? Sound feasible is invisible, yet touches our very depths.

    By Sam URL on 01.19.2013

  3. It’s always made sense to her that the loudness of a sound is referred to as its volume. She knows how sound can fill a room and fill a mind. A gunshot, a whisper, and a lullaby.

    By mimosa eyes URL on 01.19.2013

  4. The sound was like nothing I had ever heard. Who would believe that a discarded oil drum that once hold oil, could make such sweet music. Only in the West indies can you hear such sweet music, flowing through the air at the stroke of a stick on top of a oil can.

    By victor URL on 01.19.2013

  5. I was setting on my chair, when suddenly I heard her angelic voice calling me. I listened more carefully hoping that she’s real and that my imagination is not fooling me as usual. And she was real.

    By Nada on 01.19.2013

  6. Sounds like but isnt’. If a tree falls and no is there to hear it, is there sound. Sounds of silence can’t be a sound. I love the sound of music! Now, that is

    By Tony Pfeiffer URL on 01.19.2013

  7. I heard that.. it was real. I was real, too.

    By Maw on 01.19.2013

  8. That sound is quite noisy and i guess the roommates will be annoyed soon. But what do to? It is not special and it has no eager to be. Awesome, little sound!

    By Fredda URL on 01.19.2013

  9. the miracle of feeling through inside your body
    when you hear , you feel and probably think sometimes.

    By Vex lady on 01.19.2013

  10. It reverberates in my ear, sending tremors through my head. I know it’s too loud, but the beat has me in a trance. I’m hypnotized by the constant boom. Liquid words coat the bass like chocolate, and hit my soul like a sharp punch to the gut. I love hip-hop.

    By Soft URL on 01.19.2013

  11. This sound will be stuck in my head forever.
    The sound of your voice saying to me ‘it’s over between us.’
    And the silence of my tears…

    By Jeane URL on 01.19.2013

  12. bilmem

    By feyza on 01.19.2013

  13. I hear the sounds of birds chirping when I pull into the driveway. More like I see the birds and I know the noises they are making. The hum of my car is so simple. So constant and so calming. Can I sit here a little longer listening to it while my headlights light the back window in the early light? Yes,

    By Pul Garwik on 01.19.2013

  14. Screeching tires and busting glass still taint my nights, fulling my night with tretorous nightmares. But still I wake up, fighting the new day to regain the happiness that you brought me.

    By Morgan on 01.19.2013

  15. All around him, there was no escaping it. His head pounded incessantly, refusing to stop. There was a ringing in his ears, growing louder and louder.
    “PLEASE! STOP IT!” he screamed, hysterical. There was no end, and nothing he could do.

    By saachosaurus URL on 01.19.2013

  16. drip drip drip drip
    grumble grumble
    squeak squeak
    shuffle shuffle

    By che on 01.19.2013

  17. I will hear from God on all my issues of life. I will sound music to myself to hear what God wants from me, of me, and the direction in which he wants me to go. I will listen to the sounds of slient to hear the beats of the heart. I am sound when I give back to God His Words of promises regarding those I pray for and those who request pray from me. Sound is wonderful when I can hear, feel, and intergrate into my life.

    By Ma'Lynda on 01.19.2013

  18. I heard the sound of the gong that told me I was not good enough. But even greater was the sound of my heart’s dissapointment, and the sound of my friends’ dissaproval. I would rather hear the symphony if their laughter, the sweetest sound in the world, but instead I heard their boos as I exited the stage.

    By Tiffany on 01.19.2013

  19. The sound of the rain on the roof of my summer getaway will forever be ingrained in my mind, the relaxation of knowing that there is no reason to wake up early, and to enjoy a morning of board games with my family.

    By Trevor on 01.19.2013

  20. The sound of beautiful music, or a baby’s laugh, or a lover’s whispers are what makes life colorful and worthwhile; but other sounds, like a jack hammer, can fray the nerves.

    By Sarah Gilmore on 01.19.2013

  21. There was nothing to be heard except for the faint dripping of water down the dank walls of the cell she had called home for too long now. The cat twisted her ears about as she lay in the damp straw, nose wrinkling distastefully. It didn’t stand to reason that she was left in the dungeons. Cats should be given the run on the halls.

    By Serryphae URL on 01.19.2013

  22. the gun in the hands of his wife
    on a night the newspapers will never forget
    and a morning the neighbors will try to.
    the sound of touch triggers
    holes in true emotion.
    nothing shocking has happened here.

    By Kim Martel on 01.19.2013

  23. When I think about the word sound, all I can think about is silence! But ‘a sound’ brings something different to mind. So many individual sounds, a baby’s breathing, birds, the wind. The oven when something a baking

    By DeeHeg URL on 01.19.2013

  24. Pound the sound of the hound in the rounds of bounds.

    By Marianne URL on 01.19.2013

  25. That sound still rings in my head. The sound of a friendship, done. The sound of the last straw. The last word. The last care. Time doesn’t matter to you and I now realize it shouldn’t matter to me… That’s the sound of “I’m done.”

    By laurenlauren28 URL on 01.19.2013

  26. Around it’s the sound, the sound
    The breeze, the trees
    The hum of electricity
    The click, click signals
    The shuffling papers
    The crunch of gravel
    Murmurs from a dead yet restless city

    By Intuition URL on 01.19.2013

  27. sound of music is something that everybody knows. but me. someone says that sound of music is about a nun who fell in love with a

    By treswaluya on 01.19.2013

  28. the sound of the crunch under her feet was strangely satisfying, crunch crunch crunch. It had to be done with care though; a slip would result in a painful and cold bum!

    By Claire Boyles URL on 01.19.2013

  29. i still hear the sound of you echoing through the hallway, when you’d tiptoe through at night. i still have the songs you downloaded to my laptop and i still listen to them. i still have your clothes in my wardrobe. they still smell of you. i still hear your placid voice whenever i sit in front of the cafe, where you’d turn the cup of coffee we’d share so your lips would touch the same place that mine were. it sounds of ivory, coffee-stained and milky, and reminds me of the hum of black and white movies and the clicking of typewriters under blue moonlit evenings. the same evenings we’d spend tangled – arms between necks between legs between wrists and fingers – telling of our forgotten hopes and fervent desires. your song sounds of poetry intertwining itself with the bitter tunes stuck in my humming mind.

    By Simra on 01.19.2013

  30. sound is a tool of God. undistorted sound is beauty.

    By valyerpal on 01.19.2013

  31. Your skin touching my skin, the sheets that are rolling in between us, the movement of our bodies, your lips touching my lips, the muscles contracting, my breath goes faster, but not as fast as yours, my hair gets caught underneath the pillow, your sudden laughter, more kisses, you bite me, ouch Sometimes I forget, I always felt safe and sound in your arms,

    By Hagumpi URL on 01.19.2013

  32. i can hear sound. its a gift..its a blessing. some people cant hear sound, and you cant explain it either. we take advantage of sound, we treat it like that girl next door who you know will sleep with you if you ask her nicely. taking no account in to her feelings. Sound is a beautiful thing. it ranges from whistling wind to roaring fires. sound is everywhere. it is within us, it is around us it is us.

    By Alexa Alfonsi on 01.19.2013

  33. What is this sound? This forever insistent hum that never seems to fade. It’s never the same. Sometimes it drips sluggishly from the unwatched television set. Others it blares out of an unattended laptop. But it is always there. Comforting its uncaring owners with the hum that proves you are not alone in the world.

    By Kerry URL on 01.19.2013

  34. Is this todays word? I already wrote about this word. I feel that I be presented with a new word every time. There are many words in the dictionary. How about pulchritudinous, or didactic, or embroiled? Do we only get three words that rotate around and around and around and around and around and around?

    By dTe URL on 01.19.2013

  35. your heart beats
    like an apocalypse

    pumping blood
    breaking in two

    your bones fall
    like proud mountains

    your chest thaws
    an ocean overflowing

    every kiss ripens
    thuds to the ground

    every inch of skin pulsing
    the heart of a hurricane

    you protest your end
    a fighter to the centre

    though no one
    in the next universe

    or two
    will ever hear you.

    By h. b. URL on 01.19.2013

  36. sunetele, ca şi muzica, există doar în mintea omului. în realitatea fizică există doar vibraţiile aerului.

    By Valentin Eni URL on 01.19.2013

  37. I have just written about sound but submitted it wrong!! However I think it’s an interesting topic and don’t mind saying a lot about it. I don’t think my hearing’s very good since I had problems as a child and as a result I find it hard to hear things. I can’t distinguish one sound over another very easily.

    By Caroline on 01.19.2013

  38. the sound of your breath is my favourite. as i hear the rise and fall in the morning, the gentle rhythm as your heart beats through your chest. I rest my head upon your chest and listen. my favourite sound is listening to your existence, knowing that you choose to spend it with me.

    By Serena on 01.19.2013

  39. the sound of the guy next to me in this Starbucks is annoying, the sound of his voice in particular. i feel bad, though, because he’s calling places to make himself available for work. i was there. you don’t want anyone to know or make it obvious that yo’re unemployed, but you really need somebody to cut you some fucking slack. damn.

    By Jennifer URL on 01.19.2013

  40. Sound. Sounds are cool. For, they help you and I hear. Unless that isn’t a possibility. For, some people cannot hear, which is very quite tragic. I’m glad I can hear, for if I couldn’t… I could not enjoy my favorite bands, and all that stuff. This little writing of which I created sucked, quite horribly. 3:

    By Brittany URL on 01.19.2013