January 17th, 2013 | 246 Entries

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246 Entries for “choose”

  1. To accept or know and to pick something. It starts with the letter “s”. And if I got to choose where I sat it would not be here! I wish that a girl were at my table right now. Here is a sentence about the word choose. She chose in her mind that she did not want too, but her mother had already chosen for her. Her life was officially over. Good bye now my time is up so Good-bye and all of that other good stuff.P.S everybody………… JACK/JOHN BEACH IS NO BODY KNOWS just in case ou are wondering, I will not tell you who I am, but Jack is going to kill me when he finds out that I am a boy!

    I do not know

    By I do not know on 01.18.2013

  2. The time had come, I had to make my decision now. Either me, or her. What other choice was there?
    With trembling hands, I lifted it in the air, and let go.

    By saachosaurus URL on 01.18.2013

  3. I choose to be free. The power of having a choice is huge and the power that you have you can choose is even bigger. So make your choices wisely. Don’t let what you choose turn against you!

    By Sofia on 01.18.2013

  4. Choose. To Choose means you made a choice. Choices are tricky things. You could go one way or the other. A plateau really choose a side and jump off. The funny thing about choices is the more think about them the more imminent and ominous they loom, whether its what to eat for dinner or what kind of movie you want to watch or what you are going to do with the rest of your life…

    By k on 01.18.2013

  5. Choose is a very simple word. It can mean multiple things. I feel that choose is a word that we are chosen to do something in our life’s here on earth. God put us here for a reason and He has chosen us to do a purpose here. Whether it is teaching or doing missions. You never know what God is going to throw your way because you don’t choose what you want to do but God does, and it is mind blowing every time to see what is going to happen. To be chosen is a gift that we all have. We are blessed.

    By Ashley on 01.18.2013

  6. The moment had come. He had to choose. He had to make a decision between the pain or alcohol. He wiped the sweat off his brow and slipped a tear out of the corner of his eye caressing his cheek until crashing onto the cold, hard floor. He looked at the bottle of vodka. He wanted it so bad. He reached out and touched the bottle, and fringed.

    By LaLa on 01.18.2013