January 19th, 2013 | 229 Entries

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229 Entries for “destroy”

  1. wondering when it will end itself, this feeling within me that doesn’t belong. this passion that shouldn’t exist. this fake desire to need and be with someone that doesn’t want to be with me. destroy from the inside and take care of the outside.

    By Lj on 01.20.2013

  2. To destroy something is to ruin it, break something, even if you don’t know how. To destroy is not only to kill something, but it is to render it without power. People talk of destroying others, and it is often not only in the physical sense, but the mental connotations are also broken too.

    By Ellis Cuttress on 01.20.2013

  3. You couldn’t have made a bigger mistake when you decided to destroy what we had. Of course they’d tell you to leave. You never spoke of anything but the bad times. But now, there are no more times. The city we felt was ours is a shambles. You destroyed it.

    By Serryphae URL on 01.20.2013

  4. My pride was destroyed in that final moment; that moment when everything I once had was now lost.

    By Someone on 01.20.2013

  5. Why are we destroying what we have been given? Why are we detroying other poeple’s work? to build something new? is it worth it? Really? Probably not. We have to think about all the consequences.

    By Laura on 01.20.2013

  6. avoid this at all costs, this is a military term and not a social term, sometimes necessary to move past significant issues. Physical concept that is extrapolated to social and life issues

    By Steve Beerman on 01.20.2013

  7. Dualism. Opposites attract. With life, comes death. But, if you’re not paying attention, the potential to destroy can slip by unbalanced and unanswered. Though, it seems to be the answer to everything.

    By spades up on 01.20.2013

  8. I wish I could destroy the pain and sadness inside my heart. I’d love to watch it melt in twisted heat. I’ve destroyed much, but not this. I’ve melted friendships, love, brain cells, spirit, creativity. I’m hoping that something will always remain. Something pure and indestructible.

    By T. on 01.20.2013

  9. He destroyed my whole world in less than a half hour. How was I supposed to know that asking for just one more round of a game would devastate me for a minimum of a year? I’ll never be the same… and yet, I’d do it all again in a heart beat.

    By K URL on 01.20.2013

  10. to wreck fall apart ruin the shredding of paper and jeans slashes insamity crazinness ranting hammers breaking through glass in decrepid old houses

    By Livvy on 01.20.2013

  11. to wreck fall apart ruin the shredding of paper and jeans slashes insamity crazinness ranting hammers breaking through glass in decrepid old houses raging smashing battlefield

    By Livvy on 01.20.2013

  12. destroy. eliminate. abolish. I don’t really know what to say. I’m watching greys anatomy and this disease is destroying Denny 2.0s body. I really hope he doesn’t die.

    By Sarah on 01.20.2013

  13. I destroyed the world. People screaming back and forth and knowing it was my fault. There’s no better destroying the human race. After all I’m a mouse.

    By Liza on 01.20.2013

  14. the old man stared across the room while making tea.
    he could tell that there was an unknown force in the room with him.
    it wanted him. it wanted to kill him. destroy him.
    the old man stared at the ceiling.
    w h y .

    By Sarah on 01.20.2013

  15. What’s wrong with a little destruction. Why can’t we indulge at times. Its clear the human species needs to destroy because despite all those pesky anti war protests and the general consensus that war is bad, we still go to war over the prettiest things. I think if everyone had a small private war with something, like how cat goes to war with a ball of yarn or your couch, people would be much better off.

    By Eochaid URL on 01.20.2013

  16. I destroyed my fears with a single breath
    All that time holding in in
    I blew it down, and right and left
    Tumbled down the wall of sin

    By zoe on 01.20.2013

  17. they destroyed humans all together the belief system the way we live the way we think he destroyers are no one else but us we destroyed everything!! everything they tried to teach us has been experiments on there own kind nothing has really worked out

    By ayan yunus on 01.20.2013

  18. the childhood memories
    the silver lining
    fragile cloud
    i have here your heart to crush
    you’re prey
    dastardly symphony
    fall fall fall
    chaos sweeps down divine from above
    behold your magic line

    By MangoChan on 01.20.2013

  19. he destroyed my entire life in three words.

    and my mind went to mush
    and my soul flew right out of my mouth
    and my stomach caved in
    and my fingers went numb
    and my heart froze
    and my eyebrows arched
    and I said, “oh.”

    he destroyed my life in three words.

    “I love you.”
    and I knew it was time to say goodbye.

    By zredo on 01.20.2013

  20. she tears me to shreds
    and i call her a monster

    she grins; her teeth
    an imprint of disaster

    “if i call you tokyo,
    would they make a movie

    of me?”

    By isa on 01.20.2013

  21. A necessary part of nature. Unfortunate, at times, yet necessary. Often the first step in creating.

    By Tim S on 01.20.2013

  22. Destroy every thing around. The trees are gone. The birds are gone. Everything is no more. The world has been destroyed!!! Humans…… Really invincible??

    By vrolo on 01.20.2013

  23. Destroy, destruction, distraught. So much meaning in one word, to devastate. re-create. Again. Fix. Manipulate. Gone. Done.

    By Amy URL on 01.20.2013

  24. I’m not sure what to do about anxiety. I just know that it has a tendency to destroy the good parts of my life with fears of the bad parts. Maybe that means I should just let it happen. Maybe it means I should fight the destruction. I don’t know. That’s the whole problem.

    By Caity on 01.20.2013

  25. when i destroy mr weever, i will be thanked by the whole school. i have to destroy the zombies that come my way and if i don;t they will all eat me, and destroy me. i have to de

    By maria on 01.20.2013

  26. to destroy is the only way to make room for new life. destruction has such a bad reputation with such negative connotations but only through destruction can new life be born. new ideas; progress.

    By Torie Rufolo on 01.20.2013

  27. Hurricanes, and general weather disasters come to mind. Also human traffickers and people who sell their children. They destroy children’s and women’s lives. But God can fix what we think has been destroyed. God can do what we think is impossible.

    By Denise on 01.20.2013

  28. I wanted to destroy that whole past life of misery. That would be the rigth thing to do if I relly desired to star brand new. I wouldn’t have to JUST hide it – oh no! – I had to destroy every memory every moment fom my mind…. So I could be far gone.

    By Pandora on 01.20.2013

  29. hatered
    bad life style
    bad feelings
    have fun

    By Ahmed Geweily URL on 01.20.2013