January 18th, 2013 | 242 Entries

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242 Entries for “sound”

  1. The sound of his voice just reassures me that everything is going to be okay. I am in love with him. The way he says “I love you”. The way he says everything is going to be okay and the sound of him near me. I just know he loves me as I love him. He is my everything.

    By Morgan on 01.18.2013

  2. Different sounds take different precedence in your mind. It’s amazing how loud the sound of a rifle being cocked can become, especially when compared to how quiet the rifle firing sounds, even though you know, empirically speaking, that the shot is far louder.

    By Chris Clow URL on 01.18.2013

  3. I hear a clock ticking. The sound is coming from my swatch. I also hear myself typing on my laptop. I inhale and exhale and inhale again creating noise.

    By alexis on 01.18.2013

  4. Sound is the world, its everything you hear from the beach waves to the music of everyday life. Its hearing that birth of a baby cry and you realize you’ve made life to listening to that song as you run a mile and feel accomplished. Its literally everything, because today we’ve grown so used to hearing each other that we don’t realize how important it is.

    By Bianca on 01.18.2013

  5. i love the sound of music, when it fills my ears and my head. it fills my heart. i could listen to the sound of music all day. The way it corresponds with the movements i make, the way it flows with the sound of the wind. Sounds create an atmosphere that allows my thoughts to journey off into every genre of sound i can think of.

    By Lauren URL on 01.18.2013

  6. The silence is deafening. My ever turning mind can’t take the break. It echos between my ears, as loud as a train passing by outside. The hum of negative sound keeps me awake night after night until its dawn. It whirs in my ears till my brain takes off once more.

    By Mai URL on 01.18.2013

  7. I tried not to make a sound; instead, I made a noise. The cries strangled my throat, and embarrassment drowned my body. “Why would you even make such wrong assumptions, Theo? You’ve known me for so long.” He watched me in silence, never saying a word. In that moment, I realized he never cared. And before I slammed the car door, I told myself one more thing.

    “You’ve known me for too long.”

    By Marissa URL on 01.18.2013

  8. The sound of your breathing, keeping me awake. Even and at peace you move. Slow and gentle your mind speaks to mine. But if we both were to sleep, then there would be no look out for the monsters that always lurk near.

    By Sam URL on 01.18.2013

  9. The sound of silence. The sound of music. Uplifting. Calming melody. We are all surrounded by the sound of nature everywhere.

    By Ms. Yang URL on 01.18.2013

  10. Decibles. Sonic Screwdrivers don’t work on wood.

    By BMK on 01.18.2013

  11. Sound is hearing stuff, sorta. Not really, it’s the stuff that we here. Is it freudian that I thought of sex noises? Probably. Humans (and all animals i think) recieve sound through their ears.

    By Nick on 01.18.2013

  12. Beautiful, loud sound. Fills the room from words of love, hate. Sound changes your mood, good and bad. Sound can help you to be happy, mad or sad, depending on which sounds you allow to fill your head. Sound can travel quicker than you can think.

    By Jessie on 01.18.2013

  13. So many words that permeate the very fabric of this existence. I hear them through the ringing and the pulsing of the waves. They flow effortlessly through the space around me, settling on a dust covered rotting flesh constantly shedding it’s decay. The words don’t move me, but sound, such a wonder.

    By Joel on 01.18.2013

  14. “When they make that sound,” he explained patiently while still looking me dead in the eye, “You run. Do you understand? That sound means that they are about to attack.”
    I didn’t believe him, since I was only a silly sixteen year-old girl who didn’t scare easily enough and overestimated her own ability of self-preservation. But I know better now.

    By WearyWater URL on 01.18.2013

  15. Hear that? That’s the sound of a hollow drum in my chest. That’s the sound of the tiny little rat skeletons playing marimba on my ribcage. The rat skeletons symbolize something significant. I don’t know what. Either way, the things chew at my lungs, tying my arteries into red ribboned knots as I attempt to sleep.

    I am not happy with my breathing. I am not well. I cannot wait for yestermorrow.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.18.2013

  16. electrifying vibrations reverberate into the core. solice is forsaken in place of clash and bang

    By nicholas h. on 01.18.2013

  17. The sound of your voice could put me to sleep. Its not even yours, but a mixture of every voice you’ve ever heard. Its like your ears.are receptors and your.voice spits out’ve heard. The way you ramble about nothing at all puts weight on my eyelids. Makes me drift away.from.the world. I love it and I the sound of your voice is like a jukebox stuck on song, because.I swear I’ve heard everything you say once before.

    By taylor on 01.18.2013

  18. I love sound. It is what makes up music and gives great amounts of the tools with which we can create as musicians. I love to see how many ways I can imagine sound as a conductor. Sound is what allows you to transfer dots on a page into great works of art.

    By Mark on 01.18.2013

  19. The sound that came through was a blend of careful sorrow and simple noise, both hidden in his dark-driven nature. He was awkardly funny.

    By Paul Forsyth on 01.18.2013

  20. Sound travels slower than the speed of light. Sound is music. Sound is the voices you hear from the person talking to you on skype right now. Sound is my favourite sense, and I would hate to not be able to hear sound. Sound is beautiful

    By Jocelyn on 01.18.2013

  21. birds chirp in the trees outside my window. they wake me up, but i don’t mind. at least not today. they’re a pleasant reminder that i made it through another night of hell. that i have another day to live. and i am grateful for that. i wish that i could feel that way everyday.

    By Joyce URL on 01.18.2013


    By Amy on 01.19.2013

  23. Sounds to me like the sound
    of trying not to make a sound
    this is what i found
    when i went deep within my soul
    and sought out my deepest thoughts
    one word. sound. sounds like nonsense..

    but it’s all in my mind..

    the sound of trying not to make a sound.

    By Leroy Mthulisi Ndlovu on 01.19.2013

  24. is vibration, vibration is sound, when the ound hits the body you feel no pain, white folk sex control your brain i know better than that, that plain. and i got soldiers ready to pact, matter of fact whos got the gat. like where my army at?

    By andrew glenn on 01.19.2013

  25. Sleep, sleep tonight. Don’t you toss and turn,
    Sleep, Sleep tonight. Everything will pass in the night.
    I know you’re afraid of what will become, but that’s no reason to be alarmed.
    You’ve got the rest of your life so sleep, sleep sound tonight.

    By Stephen Clarke on 01.19.2013

  26. the sound of peace, hate, nature was completely destroyed for we have turned everything pure and added our own piece to it. sound is the one thing we must not change for it is reality

    By jennifer on 01.19.2013

  27. the sound of music or the sound of my own voice when I am angry and I shout at people that did not really do anything to upset me. the sound of my own thoughts in my head, this is what does not let me sleep at night. How is it possible that I can hear my thoughts, aren’t they supposed to be just there, without sound or image, just standing there, like light?

    By aprilss on 01.19.2013

  28. Not knowing the sound of her footsteps was the hardest part of it for me. For eleven years I could’ve told you it was her just by the sound of her walking down the stairs – if anyone else walked down those stairs, I knew it wasn’t her. And for four years after it ended, I could still tell. But one day a stranger came down, and I turned, and it was her, and I knew that I had forgotten the sound of her footsteps.

    By Custoo Fintel URL on 01.19.2013

  29. She said she didn’t hear a sound. Not when I was there at least. I told her I walked out quietly and felt bad about not being able to lock the door behind me. She said it was fine. That no one robbed places in her part of town any way. I ended up snagging three TV guides and a necklace.

    By DavidRyanM URL on 01.19.2013

  30. reverberating,
    travelling through
    thick dry pile of bones
    never settling for the ghost
    of a touch, the voice of lips parting
    of unmerciful clocks

    By Lunas on 01.19.2013

  31. Could we have ever lived without it. It bangs and plays and sings into our ears. We listen to all the voices every day.
    Have you ever been without it. What would you do if you we’re born deaf.would we appreciate the sounds we hear more so?

    By ezther on 01.19.2013

  32. Music to my ears. Concerts. Shared love of an artist or a band. Vibrations. The sound of a loved one’s voice. Click click click of the computer keys. Sound hound. Identity. Deafness. Communication. Essential. Children’s voices. Laughter.

    By Cait on 01.19.2013

  33. The upcomings;
    The bird chirping;
    The wolf howling;
    The newborn crying;
    The explosion of the universe;
    The silence of the end.

    By Armando on 01.19.2013

  34. The sound of you’re breaking down peirces my heart with waves of unimaginable burn. what makes it worse is to know it was all my fault. A snake of agony constricts my soul as I see you with him, but had I never hurt you, I would not need to feel this way

    By That guy that's high on suicide on 01.19.2013

  35. the sound of your voice in this summer air
    makes all the bad boys go out and stare
    for once in my life we all gave a care
    for finally the fox beat the hare.

    By Aisha on 01.19.2013

  36. music, beautiful sweet music. like birds and trees and nature, but bands and favourites and life. every thing has a song, every thing has a soundtrack. sounds are beautiful. they can portray emotions, portray messages and even influence a whole community. i love sounds, music is my life.

    By Kiera on 01.19.2013

  37. sound.
    what is carried on the wind.
    heard every where.
    all through sound. music
    my heart beats to the beat of music
    the eb and flow of the sound.

    By Kiera on 01.19.2013

  38. did you hear that. what is that sound? it is the sound of revolution. of people saying enough is enough. i can hear the rumble, the time to rise up, the wave is coming. soon, soon it will break. make noise, join the fight. rise up.

    By helena URL on 01.19.2013

  39. I hate hearing no sound. It makes me feel alone. It is peaceful, but lonely. I like the sound of a city. It is the best noise there is, because it makes you feel alive.

    By howdy on 01.19.2013

  40. hear music melody wind gurgling streams mom shouting sister babbling mind adrian von ziegler tin cans bess of the jungle havershian tubules money

    By pixie trumps on 01.19.2013