November 17th, 2011 | 254 Entries

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254 Entries for “solitaire”

  1. i play alone. i walk alone. i sleep alone. even when surrounded by people, when youre not there, i am alone. i think i can breathe, speak, walk, play, but always im alone.

    By Ashley URL on 11.17.2011

  2. Hmmmmmm… This is a verrry intence game that only you can play if you have legit skills.. Or you could be a beach hobo with nothing else to do. Solitaire.

    By *B-Fabb* 12 URL on 11.17.2011

  3. Solitaire is my go-to avoidance technique. And I suppose it is me in a nutshell. I am so happy – no, not happy but content – on my own, and I feel like no one can see that… And everyone worries. Everyone worries that I am so lonely. Of course I am lonely but it is better than the alternative, it is better than pain.

    By Finn URL on 11.17.2011

  4. Wenn Carolina Solitaire spielte, musste alles seine Ordnung haben. In dem Glas rechts über den Karten war ein 1990er Chardonnay. Das war immer so. Die Karten mussten nicht nur am richtigen Platz liegen, sondern auf den Millimeter genau ausgerichtet sein. Und es musste still sein. Keine tickenden Uhren, kein Lärm vorbeifahrender Autos, kein Vogelzwitschern. Die perfekte Uhrzeit für den Spielbeginn war morgens um 3:33 Uhr.

    By Eli URL on 11.17.2011

  5. 52 1234


    By wwsliterarymagazine on 11.17.2011

  6. she flipped the cards, totally absorbed, frowning, at one with the patterns and the signs, she seemed the least lonely person on the whole boat.

    By georgie on 11.17.2011

  7. Solitaire the game i never knew how to play. i watched my great-grandmother play it throughout my life. i never knew the point to the game though i didn’t mind watching her play it.

    By vampirefreak911 URL on 11.17.2011

  8. Solitario caminé por la vereda. Con las manos dentro de mis bolsillos con una respiración tranquila y una mente caótica. Llena de problemas, llena de odio. Sentí que podía hacer algo, pero no lo hice y eso fue lo que me mató y torturó durante todo el tiempo.
    Lo siento

    By Tohe URL on 11.17.2011

  9. Solitaire is a game where you make patterns, matches, lining up two conflicting colors to make a list of bright black, red, black, red. I can never personally win, but I love the conflict coming together to make something nice.

    By Taylor URL on 11.17.2011

  10. “You must know the origins of the words we use, au contrare, solitaire, debonair…”
    “No, I guess I don’t”, Caitlin shrugged, sketching a small farm-yard scene with her pencil onto the desk she sat at.
    “Clearly! Yet you must! Where does such a lax approach to language come from? Why do you not care for the words that come from your mouth?”
    Caitlin paused in her drawing for a moment, rolled her eyes up at Mrs Beech, and let out a short, curt burp.

    He crouched at the side of the wall and turned his torch on for the fourth time, trying to take in as much as he could with each flash. All there was to see beside him was brick. He looked at the torch in the darkness, and pondered his indecision. Which side to go on, he’d pondered over and over, wondering where his family would be, which side the factory would end up being on. And laughed about it with a soldier with a twitching laugh as he paced back and forth, that they’d never stop people making their way across.
    He flashed the torch on again, and still, only wall. He peered up and sensed in the blackened quiet that now was his chance to see whether he could clamber over. But still he knew not which side they were all on.

    By Sam URL on 11.17.2011

  11. solitaire a very boring game i don’t understand.

    By vampirefreak911 URL on 11.17.2011

  12. The first floor restaurant of the Eiffel Tower was an unusual place to play solitaire. Too crowded for such a game where even the name implied loneliness. And yet has was alone. In amongst the crowd pushing and heaving to buy the last edible-looking sandwich, he felt like the only foreigner there. He wasn’t of course. In fact, you’d be hard-pushed to find any true Parisien, or even Frenchman, in that restaurant. Not in August.
    But he was the only one who spoke English, as far as he could tell. And he liked that. He moved another piece on the board. No one else probably even knew what he was doing. Maybe they didn’t play solitaire in Kazahkstan or Russia, or from wherever this noisy, incomprehensible group had recently come. No manners. They seemed to have come with the sole purpose of knocking his satchel over and kicking his chair while they perused the menu. Still, at least they weren’t English. He moved another piece. A long quiet moment seemed to pass, amongst the hubub. This was rudely broken by a new voice.
    “Ah, solitaire I see…” It came from behind several shoulders in the queue. No face, but distinctly English. Plans would have to change. He looked round for a discrete exit, to somewhere more crowded where he could play in peace, or at least escape his own kind. A throng of camera-happy Japanese had just arrived on the floor. They would do nicely.

    By Gordsthoughts URL on 11.17.2011

  13. Solitaire.

    By vampirefreak911 URL on 11.17.2011

  14. I use to play solitaire to sooth my boredom but even that got boring. Even this, the sentence that I speak in my head is boring and the more I played into the ease of boredom, the more I sank, as a whole, into that nature that has so consumed me.

    By Eric Harrell on 11.17.2011

  15. a lonley blackishsilvery rock, faceted, in a white room. minimalism. the playing cards are a tripe and conventional thing, a throw to popular culture, a throw to the game. a white room. it’s mostly empty. “Again with the sense of, all the representations we can ask for, can muster for tragedy, ecstasy, doom…”

    By Q URL on 11.17.2011

  16. I have been playing solitaire for most of my life, meaning I have been alone with myself, without a partner, and know myself better than most. That’s a good thing;)

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 11.17.2011

  17. A card game my grandmother plays every morning like clockwork. Sitting at the kitchen table, the window is open, a breeze floats in matching pace with the tea kettle whistle. I stumble in, drowsy from long nights in foreign countries, in need of coffee and a smile.

    By hellomynameis... URL on 11.17.2011

  18. a lonesome game that one plays when they have no friends to turn to.

    By finn on 11.17.2011

  19. i’m playing solitaire.
    it’s cool game
    i’ve played it since i was a little boy.

    By asd on 11.17.2011

  20. Playing solitaire was just something she did. It wasn’t planned, it wasn’t even a hobby – it just happened, without fail, every time she was upset. Solitary solitaire, she called it in the back of her mind- stupid, but true. Because only widows played solitaire on Friday nights.

    By Addy Burfield on 11.17.2011

  21. Stop and stare; look around and feel the glare of loneliness in this time of ruling a kingdom of complete emotional freedom. We are bound by none but shut up inside of ourselves. Held up, keeping feelings pinned to the floor and looking at a door we can open and close but it stays locked in this year we’ve clocked of silence. The violence of inward distress that hides behind flowery curtains and certain that someone will one day want to come in, but it’s such a mess and best to not let the visits begin because if they start they may never end and the door stays propped open whether or not we’ve agreed it always starts high and slopes into the holes in the carpet we tried to cover and believe me I’d do anything to let a brother in but this nest has the space for just one head case.

    By Kiera URL on 11.17.2011

  22. in my room, under the window i see it all: the hustle and bustle. but for the moment i am not apart of it and i feel as if all others are, as if alone i see the world passing me by; forgetting i sit here.

    By care URL on 11.17.2011

  23. All alone a game for myself. No one around me or to play with. Me myself and I, that is all I need. Not. I enjoy people, me myself and I.

    By teeda URL on 11.17.2011

  24. Solitary confinement
    Like a deck of cards
    This hand of life you have been dealt
    Hit the wall
    No bright lights just cameras
    No faces just trays shoved through the flap in the door
    What did you do to deserve this
    In the casino of life?

    By ellie griffith on 11.17.2011

  25. Je suis un homme. Un seul. Je cours et je marche et je cherche ce que je cherche à ma charge. J’aime. Mais, je ne sais pas ce que je fais des fois. Je pense à toi, hors, tu dis que je devrais penser à moi. Je t’aime. Je m’aime. Où es-tu? Que suis-je? Pourquoi suis-je ici? meuh, j’ai réussi à faire bugger le site. C’est cool, je peux écrire encore pour une deuxième minute. Je ne sais pas si je peux me rendre jusqu’au bas de la page, ça semble loin mais je peux y arriver si je tape vite, très vite, il ne me reste qu’une vingtaines de secondes pour m’y rendre et encore 3 ou 4 lignes à écrire oh je ne pense plus je cours je cours je m’en vias à ma perte et j’espère me rendre

    By Sebastien Corriveau URL on 11.17.2011

  26. Solitaire.

    My grandmother at her computer at work.
    Spider for my mother.
    I personally prefer to play with real cards.
    It’s sad how few people know how to properly deal, though.

    By prettykickass URL on 11.17.2011

  27. it’s a lonely game we play… but so very addicting. Kind of like “bubble gum for the brain.” Really, a true time waster. I’ve got way too many time wasters in my life. Need to re-evaluate my priorities.

    By lil_nail URL on 11.17.2011

  28. She sat at her desk, day after day, staring at the computer screen. Her boss walked by slowly, menacingly–or so was his intention–making sure that his employees all worked hard.She knew his schedule, though. Knew that he took a coffee break at ten o’clock and then strolled around the sterile, whitewashed walled room for a few minutes, slowly sipping his sissy frappaccino. It was only then that she minimized the solitaire window and pretended to be studiously checking reports and crunching numbers.

    By Maddie URL on 11.17.2011

  29. They sat down at the table, one man shuffled a pack of cards while the others watched nonchalantly/inconspicuously for any signs of cheating. They were not wagering with money, rather it was a tradition at the pub to play solitaire on Friday afternoons.

    By Anon on 11.17.2011

  30. Solitaire’s a one-person game. For loners. But I don’t wanna be alone any longer. Save me from my solitude, won’t you? Please be mine.

    By Haley URL on 11.17.2011

  31. solitaire is a game i could never complete without help. it always made me feel hopeless because no matter what i did, i couldn’t win. others would finish it so quickly and i’d feel like i was stupid. i hate solitaire.

    By Brittany Rice on 11.17.2011

  32. A card game. One of strategy, one of control. But one you play alone. Not a social game like poker, but a solitary game. A lonely game.

    By Brittany Rice on 11.17.2011

  33. A game where people play with a full deck of cards. Many people like to play it to pass their time. In order to win you must use the full deck, excluding the two jokers.

    By Maya on 11.17.2011

  34. A lonely game where someone uses a full deck of cards except the jokers. In order to win you must use the whole deck. Cards must be in a certain order.

    By Maya on 11.17.2011

  35. A game by yourself.

    By Maya Hill URL on 11.17.2011

  36. How dull it is to play by myself…
    If it’s a matter of self reflection, surely this isn’t the way to go.
    I’ve often wondered why one would want to be so engaged in nothing,
    doing the same pyramid over and over…
    Even the faces are as fake as the rules in place
    If you want order, why constrict me to what it takes to place you in orderly row?
    It’s the same thing over and over…
    It’s a notion I don’t care much for anymore.

    By artfulataraxia URL on 11.17.2011

  37. involving strategy? treat things as if they are a game with potentially wealthy benefits. have a plan, a method, find your way of how it works. i dont know much about cards but, as far as i know, you choose what you deal. choose wisely and know that a certain amount of it is at the mercy of luck.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 11.17.2011

  38. A hand of cards.
    Fair fortune, she warned
    You hold worlds in your palm.

    A game of cards.
    Luck, said she
    You’ll most desperately need.

    By Julia M URL on 11.17.2011

  39. Here at work I have two responsibilities: 1. Playing lots of solitaire. 2. Verifying the internet is still available and in working order. Boring days are lame.

    By gabe URL on 11.17.2011

  40. game of cards
    maximun 4 players can play this game
    its very interesting
    in every chance the lowest count card wins.

    By Suchin Tambulkar on 11.17.2011