February 12th, 2013 | 188 Entries

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188 Entries for “society”

  1. iself appoint enforcers of the status quo
    we know the price of everything and the value of nothing
    two ways to conquer and enslave a nation, one is the sword the other is debt
    the more laws the more corrupt the government
    stop believing you cant change anything
    my country is the world and to do good my religion
    stop telling yourself thats just the way it is and its going to be
    in iceland they arrested all their bankers and politicians and they been great since
    lets go back to the greenbacks and get rid of the centeral banks
    protest citibank, bank of america, and jp morgan chase
    the cures to cancer, our enviroment and ecomony exist its called hemp
    William Randolf Hearst and the elitetist who saw the power of hemp and how it would destroy their empires of profict made it illegal. SAVE THE WORLD

    By Ulises X on 02.12.2013

  2. Society has their opinions about everything. Society sets all kinda bullshit laws and judgements against people. Some societies eat people. Smoke weed everyday society.

    By fairy on 02.12.2013

  3. I don’t know why they always thought it was the rulers or those who were given the “divine providence” it has obviously always belonged to those of the people. The society’s desires and wishes. That is all that there is. And we are the ones who rule this joint.

    By Gabrielle URL on 02.12.2013

  4. Society is one fucked up thing. We are taught what to think, who to follow, what things to believe in. They dont give us a chance to create are own thoughts.

    By Santiago on 02.12.2013

  5. I hate society. It’s full of people who believe that normal is normal. Hell, if anything should be considered normal its the abnormal people. Normal people sit on there butts and just enjoy what comes, but abnormal people are the inventors, creators, and the people who just plain make life interesting.

    By Christapher URL on 02.12.2013

  6. it’s a sick place to stay in. controlling my mind and letting my heart stay in a box. i just want to be free. i just want to breathe into the sky and place my thoughts on paper without worrying about your perceptions and containers. throw them away. society is a disease that kills.

    By vr on 02.12.2013

  7. Society is crumbling ll around us. We don’t know the names of our neighbors, our colleagues an sometimes not even our friends. The world is full of distance, usernames, selective friendships and fear. What is it inside us that allows us to push people away? Is it really evolution, or something else at play?

    By Alexandra Grace URL on 02.12.2013

  8. Contempt
    Alone in their masterless chaos
    A clattering din to make the sky crack
    The plastic implodes on itself
    A gelatinous muck rotting the teeth
    from the souls mouth
    This troglodyte creature
    A place where the old gods died
    bloody and hideous



    Let the ceiling burn

    By Austin Visser on 02.12.2013

  9. The weekly meeting of the University Punctuality Society will begin at 8:15pm, not 8:00pm as previously advertised, due to unforeseen circumstances.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 02.12.2013

  10. Society is a crazy thing not only today but in the past as well. It is so gender specific and I don’t understand. I think we have come a long ways in breaking those roles, but not nearly as far as we should.

    By Stefany on 02.12.2013

  11. Society is not a group or a place but a feeling one gets from the surrounding environs. One must fight to set the tone of society.

    By Judith Bufflestein on 02.12.2013

  12. Society is a group of people, city, town, province, or Country

    By Tiana on 02.12.2013

  13. ugh do not get mestarted. its pointless expectations and values that everyone has to be perfect, its riducolous, i mean no one is 6 foot tall, and 110 pounds, like its insane

    By soph URL on 02.12.2013

  14. Is a disease that cannot be cured. You are born into it and will die with it, because of it. There is no escape, and you know it. I know it.

    By sara on 02.12.2013

  15. in searching for my place in society i realize that i find myself somewhere near the nucleus. with all energies and happenings surrounding me. much like i’m the control center. i embrace this space is society. it likes me here.

    By Safon URL on 02.12.2013

  16. Society is currently messed up, with the amount of stress and the lack of honor that each person shows, it’s terrible. Society is leading us all into the abyss.

    By Porter on 02.12.2013

  17. The word society spawns a lot of exaggeratedly pretentious pedants, all too eager to spew their verbose guts out regarding situations that heavily overuse the terms “downfall.” Or something similar. I don’t have a dictionary on me, so instead society is just a fun word to write, over and over. Society. Society. Society. Beautiful word. Beautiful thing.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.12.2013

  18. Society is made up of lots of different kinds of people but we tend to portray it in diametrically opposed opposite sides. This perception forces most members of society to identify or along themselves with one of those sides rather than being more moderate and considering thier individual experiences as well as why they have some of the beliefs they do.

    By Merri on 02.12.2013

  19. It sucks.
    But it’s also good.
    It shapes us, but sometimes too much. Leaves no room for growth…because it tears us down when it gets the chance. It quits while it’s ahead.
    Society means well, but it has no idea what it does, what damage it creates, and what it has failed to repair.

    By myu URL on 02.12.2013

  20. The dog was very content with society. Sure, the occasional human child would cause it harm, but look at all the love it received! And the dog park… so wonderful. So many friends.

    By Archori URL on 02.12.2013

  21. society rules, rules of society, time to make a change, the change in your pocket can save a live, subliminal messaging on tv tells you to be what they want you to be, spend spend spend your life away and develop a shopping addiction

    By Lisa on 02.12.2013

  22. Society is fucked up, I mean it’s seriously fucked up. Their’s people trying to be someone their not and their’s other people you wish weren’t there at all. They judge for who you are than hate you when you conform to what they want.

    By Sara URL on 02.12.2013

  23. I thought this was a website for poetry.

    When I read all the paragraph, chock-full-of-sentences, prose-ridden language, I blinked.

    This is the community of words.

    A community



    By Lindsey URL on 02.12.2013

  24. a place where people come together. society has an ebb and flow. highs and lows. the good bad and the ugly. in the end society is good but not great and great but not total.

    By B Meyer on 02.12.2013

  25. The people making you pretend you’re someone else. The governing scrutiny. The enemy and the friend. The corruption. The purity.

    By Casey on 02.12.2013

  26. She’s not really sure why she came to the city in the end. Despite her new friends’ claims of the advantages of so-called “high society,” there was really nothing more there than she could find anywhere else.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.12.2013

  27. this is a place where people gather, interact and form opinion based upon one other; this can lead to hierarchies in society and ofter form barriers and divisions between people.

    By David on 02.12.2013

  28. society teaches its men to pillage, plunder, and take even when it comes to its women. especially its women.

    By Pip URL on 02.12.2013

  29. Society is a cultural basis in which people exists, interact and form opinion based upon one other; this can lead to hierarchies in society and ofter form barriers and divisions between people. Though not always a tangible thing, Society influences the way people behave and associate themselves.

    By David on 02.12.2013

  30. We entered this society of voices, a courtroom of judgement as each and every eye hanged upon us as we shuffled slowly into the room, our eyes widened upon the jewels and gold abound, as well as the feasts that sets upon us on the table.

    By shaokai URL on 02.12.2013

  31. Society will judge us if I do it. I can’t sleep with him I can’t. I want to, you don’t seem to care, but I still do. I don’t want to be known as one of his conquests, and I don’t want people to look at you poorly because I decided that I wanted to have sex with someone else besides you. I love you I love you I do, but society won’t let me.

    By laura on 02.12.2013

  32. “Welcome to the Fraternal Order of the Aquilla,” The man in the ostentatious robe said as he pinned an insignia onto my lapel. “This eagle’s wing will mark you to your brothers as a fellow Aquilla. Wear it always.”
    “With pleasure,” I replied.
    “You never did tell me how you found out about us,” He said. It was a statement, but it was really a question. He was too dignified to interogate me.
    “Right, I saw an ad in the classified section. It was listed under: Secret Societies. I thought it sounded like fun.”
    The man simply stared at me.

    By Chris Clow URL on 02.12.2013

  33. society has done nothing but inspire me in the most terrible ways it possibly can. The beautiful women I can have if wear this cologne, or the fantastic looks I can have with shampoo. Now I know exactly who I have the potential to be

    By james denzer on 02.12.2013

  34. The place where we know things are done and not done. We belong here and don’t even follow the rules. It’s a paradox, May be a hell or heaven. society

    By siljith on 02.12.2013

  35. Society is a seven letter word that is misspelled in society quite a bit because of the “ie” rule. “I” before “E” except after “C” does not apply to this word. Why would they make this rule if it does not apply to all words. There is an exception to this rule that is an exception in itself. Oh the irony. That is what is wrong with society today….we make all of these rules that have exceptions but not for everyone. This definition of the word exception is the same as hypocrisy. This is okay in this situation for me but not okay in this situation for you.

    By Emily on 02.12.2013

  36. sheets wrinkled,
    pale porcelain against a shabby grey
    that would be beautiful if you weren’t lying in comparison.
    there’s a shine in your eyes that no one else can see
    and i almost feel guilty
    for keeping something like that to myself. almost.

    By Sara c: URL on 02.12.2013

  37. always together
    birds of a feather
    who decides what is wrong and wronger?
    so what if those who conform stay with it longer
    cut me loose, let me be
    out of society
    id rather be free

    By Katie Cascia URL on 02.12.2013

  38. high society comes immediately to mind – a collocation which is common , not an entity I know

    By Anna Grogan URL on 02.12.2013

  39. the society of this town just doenst blend easily with the color of her eyes she just sits there and blames the sound of her breath as it whispers slight vibrations under the wind and follows her home making that squeaky sound that her boots like to do on the wet cement.

    By JunkyardJace URL on 02.12.2013

  40. the sociological aspects of whats appropriate to be or what others think we should become is of no importance to anyone but our own persons. If i was to come to you and ask you about what you thought the modern day acceptable things to do were what would you answer? Life is not the gossamer illusion that it seems.

    By Joshua Barbieri URL on 02.12.2013