February 13th, 2013 | 212 Entries

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212 Entries for “flat”

  1. Oh it’s that thing we live in.Or maybe it’s something flat not round or anything.God this is hard.WAHHHHHHHHHHHH timeis running out.And also flat when you say a person is flat

    By M on 02.14.2013

  2. The paper was very flat and felt weird when the truck came over and squished it so the next day,

    By Liguori on 02.14.2013

  3. iowa is not flat. many people think that it is so they sign up for Ragbrai – a ride across Iowa and they learn the meaning of hilly. flat is often thought to be a negative quality but it’s not.

    By ann on 02.14.2013

  4. I fell flat on my butt in the winter because it was snowing on my way to school somebody helped me up I was laughing at myself because I thought it was funny.

    And for valentines day today were using flat bags of paper to hold our candy.


    By Destiny on 02.14.2013

  5. You can describe so many things
    A chest
    A board
    A sound
    A picture.
    But what do you mean?
    Something only 2 dimensional?
    Or something boring?
    You confuse me, flat.
    But how wondrous you are.

    By Jordan Barker on 02.14.2013

  6. the flat color dulled the painting. it was impossible to notice anything but the stark static surface. Why was this work of art so popular? why did it sell for such a high price?

    By yesMAM URL on 02.14.2013

  7. When something becomes flat like a pancake for example if you throw it will become FLAT

    By Marvin on 02.14.2013

  8. Something’s flat is like a flat surface flat is like the ground or like the grass like the floor is flat and like the desk and more

    By Diana on 02.14.2013

  9. Stuff is flat like paper and book and stuff some stuff are smooth and flat like a pillow and stuff coul be hard rough and flat like a desk.

    By Diego on 02.14.2013

  10. i have just paid the first installment of the flat i bought. so happy about it but i have to work my ass off for the next 3 years to pay off the loan. it’s funny tho its the first time i use this site and i have this word. life proves itself to be interesting dont you think?

    By aydan on 02.14.2013

  11. as a board. stiff and lifeless. nothing with much to offer. too plain. too much monotony. it tastes bad. a soda that’s sat too long.

    By Brooke on 02.14.2013

  12. I hope that I don’t turn out to be a flat character in this life. I want to be a round character. I want to go somewhere, do something, change. I want there to be more to me than what you see on the surface level. I want to see something great. Even if I can’t to anything great, to see something truly great would make it all worth while.

    By Clare on 02.14.2013