February 12th, 2013 | 188 Entries

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188 Entries for “society”

  1. Don’t think just write they say, and I know society won’t be like that forever. 1984, Big Brother? Yeah, I see it happening every day.

    So you’ve got society here playing show and tell with you emotions and

    Humanity’s just a part of it.

    Yeah, we need a better way to live, but I’ve got no suggestions, so I just bow my head and smoke that pipe and hope for a rescue.

    By HoldenLyric URL on 02.12.2013

  2. Proper society, at some point in time, evolved to represent not a collection of like-minded people, but a collection of people in relative range of one another who all strive to meet the same goal: earn enough money to live, while working too often to ever enjoy living for long.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 02.12.2013

  3. High society was not a thing to be messed around with. The wrong word from the right mouth could tear you down in a heartbeat. Sarah knew what she was doing and dressed with care. Placing the feathers in her hair just so and the pearls on her neck at just the right length, she was ready for the throng.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 02.12.2013

  4. they said you can never please society. now I know it’s right.

    By Qisty on 02.12.2013

  5. Delusion, life sadly leading us into a freakshow of expectation and promises. My mom likes it.

    By hollybaby on 02.12.2013

  6. high society comes immediately to mind – a collocation which is common , not an entity I know . what are they like these beautifully dressed people whose clothes say so much to others who can interpret them ?whose communication at meals is secret ? It is not ‘table manners’ it is a way of talking with food . shaking salt means – I don’t believe you -‘ take it with a pinch of salt ‘. I am not Barbarosa , I heard of him , I never studied him . But people with red hair and these small beautiful noses , people love them on sight , these privileged people have wreaked damage on me . I once heard a man say his Dad worked in Guinness and once’ en route ‘to work he saw a red haired woman , he turned back home and his Boss took it as a valid excuse for not going to work as it was then thought these fortunate people brought bad luck if they crossed your path . I hope a few black cats cross near me today . I will whisper to these beauties to help me . I love them and someday I hope to call one my own , it will be my lap top and purr happily and in a contented trance sit heavily on my lap . I hope to be happy someday. Socius – does that mean a friend or an ally , so – is a coming together . there are so many different types of society – I enjoyed a lot of writing groups , I could suggest changes to others’ work and they helped me . I used to be a good writer , before I became ill in 1975 I could write very quickly and well . But since then I have been blocked , sometimes I could not even write a letter , I simply could not put words together when I attempted the RSA Diploma again and when I did it before I nearly filled two answer books . then people blamed me that I wrote the poor letter on purpose to wreak the plans of the righteous . I was blocked . it follows me still , that I am the coarse Hyacinth Bouquet when I think of my sister and her family I am forced to be that person – really I am not – but I have been forced into this to be mocked by others , like in the court of was it the sun King where a courtier hanged himself because of ridicule . Society – people who are in certain groups – together they can deststroy people like me . I like the classical society but it has changed and now I feel bad and nervous there , in 1969 I did Pass Leaving cert Latin , in 1970 I did Hons. Latin , 1971 – first Arts Latin , 1972 – second Arts Latin , 1973 – third Arts Latin . I attended the Classical Association Meetings – some in TCD and I enjoyed them now due to – well what – a certain group – society – I am in a very negative situation .socity – so society is linked with city in lots of ways . A forceful person in a group can sway others to do wrong , in fact they can justify many actions which are wrong , which harm the individual . I know that certain ways of behaving were told to certain favoured people – the chosen ones so they could delight in the destruction of others , as one of the favoured with relish mocked – ‘there’s one for you now ‘ and who do I think I am ? she knows- not alone has she a wonderful job where she is paid to learn so much , she has been shown how to maltreat people she could not understand as her own life and psche is not examined enough and she has accused me of being jealous of somebody of whom I was not , she showed- I won’t go on , but it is the hatred of others because I became ill in 1975 due to many things and society without knowing me judged me . Different society groups – maybe they are like different ships , I would have loved to learn how to fly , I love looking down at the , is it topography? I love the take off , the landing . ‘Earth , sea and sand ‘- a long time ago I read it and it seemed a wonderful job of adventure for St. Exupery . There are so many society groups and they often act duplicitously towards disadvantaged people , then it is so terrible to learn that for 39 years I have been deceived when I have been hugely disadvantaged , when it was so difficult to learn how to manage with medication , it was like trudging through waist high sticky sand often , like pushing through brambles and these fortunate people who never told me anything – they know nothing of the despair I felt , the depression , the deep sadness that I could not help my family , to endure the lies which were spread , to see evil promulgated , to be the object of judgement by those who do not see their own faults because they do not accept the Socratic idea of the examined life, they send you books like ‘ The unequalled self’ and echo the remark of the powerful who said I was patronising in Oct. 1970 – all I knew then was that the Medicis were Patrons , maybe I was pretending I was a Medici . Always I have wished I could stand up for myself but maybe it is useless because there are plots and people in society learn things and know how to trick me . I knew a long time ago when I went into Kafka in Rathmines what was happening , I wrote a poem about it but now I can’t write poems and when I was a teenager my speeches were written fast and they were amusing and I won . I am totally blocked , why did they do it to me ? Their vengeance lives on , it breathes , it advances and they can destroy me every day so easily. Is that society ? I don’t know .

    By Anna Grogan URL on 02.12.2013

  7. Society smiciety. You call this a society. Bah, humbug! We don’t care about one another, just get me my new car, big arse house and 2.5 children and I can die happy. Starving children, homeless, jails, deforestation. Not my problem, I don’t live in a society, I live for me.

    By charlie on 02.12.2013

  8. She liked antiques purely because they are old and they reminded her of a time when she wasn’t alive, which as far as she wass concerned, were the best times.

    By Perri on 02.13.2013

  9. we’re not ants although we are ants although we milk cows

    and if i was a girl ant
    and you were a girl ant
    and we were at ant school
    and i loved you with all my tiny ant blood
    it’d probably be the same scenario

    but isn’t the only girl the queen?
    and isn’t the only queen a bee?
    and don’t we lose our blood once per. month?

    By steve on 02.13.2013

  10. Society has many faults. It uplifts those who are cynical but will allow those who are positive to fall, to crumble in the midst of society. The cynical find the great jobs and are praised when work is done well while it is expected of those who are positive and constantly working at such a level.

    By Bridgette URL on 02.13.2013

  11. The world we live in is a dark place. A lot has changed since they rose to power. The trees are less green, because colours cost money now. The ground is soft, squishy, because they have dug underneath most of the remaining land, looking for more…

    By Jim on 02.13.2013

  12. This society is broke, I say. But no one hears me. Who’s going to listen to me? I’m the product of society’s many fuck-ups. I know how broken it is. The only way these people will listen is to show them a person from their ranks. Someone who’s fallen to the bottom.

    By Rose on 02.13.2013

  13. This again?
    Hurry again. Rush again.
    Same pattern everyday
    –why is there never enough time?–
    hours are too tiny
    why couldn’t there be 72 hours in one day?
    and I thought
    I wasn’t becoming like everybody else
    I need to take a step back to just breathe
    and watch,
    and appreciate
    before I can live again.

    By nikka on 02.13.2013

  14. It bubbled up, from all crevices we attempted to disguise it in. Constantly bringing it down toward the lowest common denominator. Millions of species, rising up to be eventually placed back down into there animal bonds. It was a difficult job working for the Specified Intelligent Agency, or the SIA. Constantly, I pondered what granted us such serenity to maintain pursuits for these creatures which they themselves would never endeavor upon. The creation of free will as a tool of control, our newest attempted species was getting dangerously close to climaxing, the human. Perhaps my aggression is merely a manifestation of the weeks I have spent finding a way to decimate there progress. Democracy, I believe to be the answer.

    By Derek Dahlk on 02.13.2013

  15. You live and die. You can’t decide how it happened, but somehow society has you for life. You are born into it. Never able to let it go. Life goes on and yet there is one thing you’ll never know. Society has your forever.

    By Yasaman on 02.13.2013

  16. We are part of it and it is a part of who we are. Whether it’s going out and participating in an open discussion about politics, culture or media. Or on the internet, over social networking sites.

    By Regina on 02.13.2013

  17. a collection of people

    By ollie on 02.13.2013

  18. Society is full of hurry. People rushing from home to work, work to home and never stopping to take the time to appreciate. From office to office or from home to school, people never take the time to stop and think or look and enjoy what’s around them or the people they are surrounded by.

    By Becky on 02.13.2013

  19. We are all part of a society, in a society, in a society. The world is made up many different societies; they are all different, all unique. Yours is unique because it has you in it. No other society has you in it. Well done, you. Well done.

    By Owain Evans on 02.13.2013

  20. Society is societal and society and people all the people so many people and how they interact and how they combine and react and intrude on each others space and ACHOOO and its all society’s fault, isnt it, its all the fault of the way we interact and the way we talk to each other and the fact that noone stands up for pregnant ladies on the tube anymore and its supposed to be BIG and SHARING and MULTICULTURAL but in fact its just as boring and disfunctional as every other facet and aspect of British life. Society is corrupt, and the corruptness is what makes it unique. Society, by plebiscite, keeps the corruption running. High society, is propped up by the fawning and celebration of it by the lower orders of society. It is flawed.

    By JamieW on 02.13.2013

  21. We are sat in this room, hot, stifling; we are arrayed in a diverse compilation of gary garbs, whispering indoctrinations of how to write this, how to do that. Shut up, please, society.

    By Rob on 02.13.2013

  22. Society is big. Really big. Like, countries big. Like continents big. But it’s small. Like, village small. House small. Homes I mean. A man in a pub told me that every person is a society of cells cooperating for mutual benefit. Freaks me out a little. All that cooperation. Barely seems natural. Even thinking that blood isn’t blood, not that red liquid, but tiny crimson shapes flowing around, never stopping, unless they die, because each one will die and a new one will be made, deep inside you. But it looks like red liquid. I guess that’s society.

    By PhilJones on 02.13.2013

  23. I can’t possibly write about a topic that is that big. Where do I start? The subject feels so big it’s crushing my brain, numbing my thought. Society. High society. Parties and fancy ladies and feathers in hair and fruit tea and tophats and foxskin fur scarves. Seriously stumped. Thinking too much. What I wanted was a concrete noun – something I could picture in the palm of my hand and squeeze it with my words. But no. Too abstract. This is making me anxious. I should have more abstract thoughts. Then I’d feel like a clever person.

    By Sophie Dutton on 02.13.2013

  24. A mass of crazy people who all pretend to be different while truely being boring and predictably alike.

    By Solanaceae URL on 02.13.2013

  25. Society always acts high and mighty, you know. I remember when I used to try so hard to be me, But the wouldn’t have it, really. I was expected to be that amazing lady you place on a pedastal, but I just was not.

    By Toria on 02.13.2013

  26. the society in which we lived in some sixty years ago have taught us so much, and was responsible for the mature and sustained life that we now can boast of. I am proud to be part of that society that instilled the virtues of a good life, giving an honest day’s work for a honest day’s pay.

    By victor URL on 02.13.2013

  27. sOCIETY is a very complicated phenomenon. It consists of lots of different people with different ideas, absolutely different backgrounds and thoughts. It’s impossible to

    By Maria on 02.13.2013

  28. Society is a cruel thing. It’s something that’s trying to predict your way of behaving, trying to take the decicion wether you can be happy or not, what you can and can’t do. It’s a thing that’s trying to take your life a way.

    By SZ on 02.13.2013

  29. Political scariness. Conspiracies, fear, hope, life, living, confusing, stereotypes, social, conflict.

    By mary on 02.13.2013

  30. The society was corrupt. Everyone knew it. Everyone knew why too. It was their leader. Their cabinet members. Their messiah’s and hopes and truth bringers. They were all to blame. Causing problems and never giving solid solutions. Everyone knew it but no one knew how to stop them. No one wanted to try.

    By Rhiannon URL on 02.13.2013

  31. Society is full of people who thing that they are doing the right thing and are actually hurting others. It is also full of people who intentionally harm others. How do we make society a space that is good and right for others. How do we do good in society? How do we guard ourselves from being that person in society that cannot do good but does harm? What is it that we can do that will allow us to love others and not harm them?

    By Hannah on 02.13.2013

  32. A great, but tragic thing. A long forgotten, yet every day uttered, word. I live in a society which is a mess. It is destroyed from within. I tell you nothing, but words have been uttered. I use what politicians use. Cheap rhetoric. I will not lose. My society will change, so will I. Why? I am a member of it. Its offspring.

    By Jan2510 on 02.13.2013

  33. Society makes all these rules that for some reason now don’t seem to suit me very well. But we could just leave. You and I could pack our bags and leave tomorrow and I would be satisfied. You and I could do anything, and I would always be satisfied.

    By meghan on 02.13.2013

  34. what a drag, war poverty, ice cream, music girls, the descendents

    By Roman Estrada on 02.13.2013

  35. society fell apart around me. men with battered briefcases and even more battered smiles dragged their weary feet along the floor, their lives greyer than their 7 year old selves could have ever imagined. when I look at these people I am torn. Torn between pushing for more and more in my life or accepting the fact I am perhaps, just as naive as their seven year old self.

    By Kerry on 02.13.2013

  36. Being in the world of society changes people. It changes in a way that we have a different perspective of life now. Society can be cruel at times but it will only help you to be stronger than ever. Society is a world where people judge. It could be just anything. Anything you wear, how you behave, how you viewed the world differently and comparisons. Society could be about more than just changes. It could be having a low self-esteem and being inferior to anyone else.

    By Ainul URL on 02.13.2013

  37. in our society it can be rough to walk off the beaten path. sure, people want to think of themselves as cool and open to new experiences. but, when it comes down to it, most people find their comfort zone in the mainstream. and, they feel uncomfortable when hearing about another person’s choice to march to the beat of a different drummer.

    By l on 02.13.2013

  38. Society is what is all around us. It can be good or bad and is often changed by elected government. Society can go wrong in places and certain communities and in others it can create a safe environment in which to live. Social inclusion and experiences can contribute to the meaning of society. It is all around us.

    By Sarah on 02.13.2013

  39. Society is where anybody lives in, the one which influences him and he can influence in return. It’s either he shapes society or society shapes him. Or both. No one is outside society of some sort.

    By Mish on 02.13.2013

  40. “Well aren’t you all high society!”

    “I’m wearing a suit…?”

    “You think you’re better than me cuz’ you can tie a tie?”

    “No… I think I’m better than you because I say ‘Because’ instead of ‘cuz’… They make clip on ties so you’d be fine in that department.”

    By laurenlauren28 on 02.13.2013