April 2nd, 2013 | 193 Entries

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193 Entries for “smudge”

  1. smudging your make up, smudge on your face and your mom licks her finger and wipes it off. a smudge on the wall that erica at work made me scrub off even tho it wasnt my job.

    By lauren on 04.02.2013

  2. Her eyeliner was smudged just a little bit. It was nothing noticeable to most people….. but I have a habit of studying her every detail. Everything about her is just so stunning to me.

    By Scarlett URL on 04.02.2013

  3. mudge

    By natali on 04.02.2013

  4. The lipstick smudged onto her cheek as she dragged her hand sloppily across her face. “Sorry if I’m not what you expected,” she remarked monotonously. “You’re perfect,” he said.

    By Calico URL on 04.02.2013

  5. I don’t exactly know what this means, but I think it’s related to something that is dirty, and maybe very idon’tknowthewordbecauseenglishisn’tmyfirstlanguage.
    But I can say it’s something dirty, I guess.
    I’m not so sure, but my time is going out, and smudge is not a bad word at all.

    By Matheus URL on 04.02.2013

  6. there’s a smudge of my mother’s
    homemade strawberry jam,
    its deep red
    clashing against the pale hollow of
    your cheekbone
    like blood on a blank canvas

    By vc on 04.02.2013

  7. There is a smudge on my book, the one that I write all those stories in, all my fantasies. It’s just there, invading the space of my wildest dreams, distracting and disparaging them.

    By carolin on 04.03.2013

  8. Warmer than the breeze, like a sticky ice pop on my fingertips. Watch and wait and wondering softly, like the mountain air, so soft and light it feels like rays of the sun. You watch me and wait for my signal on your porch, smoking bad cigarettes and counting the hours until the hot night sleeps on my shoulder and you can come to me again.

    By Bronwyn on 04.03.2013

  9. there was a very faint smudge of blood on the sink still. a rather odd sight for you see i was normally rather maticulous when it came to cleaning up after work.

    By Analisa on 04.03.2013

  10. there was a very faint smudge of blood on the sink still. a rather odd sight for you see i was normally rather meticulous when it came to cleaning up after work.

    By Analisa URL on 04.03.2013

  11. smudging is like making something that you like into something that you dont want to ever like. mainly because its too complicated to see what it once was. smudging is making something clear, unclear. fuck that. id rather smudge chocolate all over my breasts and then get some ck model to lick it all off. thats my kind of smudge. shit kindof smudging is like talking to someone you used to be friends with but they became really fucked up because of something like drugs and you can’t make out what the fuck they’re trying to say. who are they? is it the same person? im out. fuck this shit. smudge smudge smudge my boobs into oblivion. wow 60 seconds still not over. well i guess we could discuss gay marriage. smudge that shit. smudge bigots. as a matter of fact. smudge? hmm good word. i’m liking this ‘smudge’ word. to smudge or not to smudge? that is the question. last time i remember literally smudging something was the led pencil lines of a sketch of a nazi lingerie model. i was smudging the led on the paper to create some kind of realisitic looking shadow on her body. didnt word she just looked like a weird-probably sick mullatto. im also very aware the word mulatto is not politically correct. but hey also meaning smudge. someone of mixed race is definetly a smudge of a couple/few dozen races and its up to a stranger to decipher the smudge.

    By bernadetteKaram URL on 04.03.2013

  12. Smudge, What the hell is smudge, What do i think about when i say “smudge”. I see, that now i will need a dictionary to use this website coz im a Pole and i have never heard this word.

    By Michał on 04.03.2013

  13. An unwanted design on top of another. which is used to create an effect of a distortion. Actualy spoils the original design, or whatever was placed below it. Very easy to create. Very difficult to master and do perfectly so that it actually looks good.

    By Vishal on 04.03.2013

  14. a mark made on a previous design that usually believed to spoil the design. Actually it is a correction (or can be thought of that way) and in some cases may actually enhance the original image, giving it a distinctive streak and adding a new dimension to it and focusing on a part of it.

    By Vishal on 04.03.2013

  15. I was washing my face the other day, and I noticed that my bindhi and kajal had already been smudged. SO I used extra soap, since the dark colours of the two would then have slowly spread all over my face. I looked into the mirror, and peered at myself to see if there are any further smudges of dark kohl and eyeliner (that I used to make my bindhi) anywhere on my face.

    By Akshaya on 04.03.2013

  16. There was a smudge of something on her upper lip as Orion drove the car. He kept glancing to the side, distracted by her presence.

    By Ashley URL on 04.03.2013

  17. The was a smudge of lipstick on his collar. He saw it in thre rear view mirror as he pulled into the garage. No time to change shirts. No time to clean it. The quickest thing was to take the shirt off and try to get in without being noticed.

    By thegrandincrediblet URL on 04.03.2013

  18. smudge my heart
    with your black
    charcoal. I dont
    want you marking
    me with your

    tainted love.

    Give me what we need
    not what you
    want. I want you to


    By Kim URL on 04.03.2013

  19. smudge means something dirty……he smudged any work he do.

    By Ashutosh on 04.03.2013

  20. to make something dirty

    By Ashutosh on 04.03.2013

  21. I couldn’t read what he had written because the paper was soggy from the rain. I could make out a nine, and maybe a three. Or was it an eight? I wasn’t sure. A cruel twist to our story. He had wanted me to call him, and yet fate had it that I wouldn’t be able to.

    By Stephanie Jennifer on 04.03.2013

  22. I loved my grandmother’s old type writer. The click, click of the keys and the way the ink would smudge just so. I had to have it.. It took some convincing but she finally gave in. It was all mine.

    By Sam on 04.03.2013

  23. It had to be perfect. He needed top marks and he always did, but today, he wasn’t in the mood.
    Just as Elliot had almost finished his fifth artwork, he grasped it to examine it and noticed his biggest mistake. In sudden realisation, he dropped the canvas. It was clear on the frame. A smudge. A perfect, immaculate smudge. Elliot burst out in frustration.

    By OneJen URL on 04.03.2013

  24. I hate when you’re drawing in pencil and then the backside of your pinky starts smudging the writing and then that area goes all grey. It even happens with pen. Like, those bad quality ones…or even good quality ones that are just really inky. It’s really bad in exams ‘cos you have to write really fast and ‘cos of the pressure you put a lot of the pressure on your hand.

    By Vanessa on 04.03.2013

  25. There are smudges of all kind. some are physical while some are emotanal.While some are which can be erased, easily or forcibily.Some just dont seem to budge. They just remain

    By shivani on 04.03.2013

  26. A smudge of ice cream on someone’s shirt is literally the cutest thing for me. I mean, it is a representation of a mistake that cannot be undone and the people who had it should wear it proudly.

    By Andrea URL on 04.03.2013

  27. I thought she would be a novel, but no she was a smudge on my life. I can still see the ink but it’s fading.

    By Jessica Winstone on 04.03.2013

  28. Someone unknowing to us had attempted to destroy my prized painting by making a smudge at the end of the canvas, thereby reducing the quality of the work, and its value as well.

    By victor URL on 04.03.2013

  29. It was just a smudge! In fact, it started out as less than even a speck, but things just started spiraling, and the more I tried to fix it the worse it became.

    By Amber Marolyn URL on 04.03.2013

  30. Over a broad surface, with a great and powerful hammer. The paint spreads, the voice dies out, all that is left is the masterpiece. Once cruel and vicious, now a harmony of disaster.

    By Jan2510 URL on 04.03.2013

  31. The smudge on her face was subtle, dark; lipstick that was where it shouldn’t be, at the side of her mouth. “what’s that?” he asked, nonchalantly, trying not to let the anxiety swell up, the fears and doubts. Just a smudge, he thought. But her eyes darted away nervously and she touched her hand to her chest and that’s when he knew for sure. It was over.

    By Ara URL on 04.03.2013

  32. there was a black smudge upon her cheek. He stared at it and then gently rubbed it away. Their eyes connect. they fall in love.

    By Stace URL on 04.03.2013

  33. Did he smudged the white paper just to see how it feels after? Or was it because everyone else kept pushing him to do it? Leaving a trace, filling an empty space, maybe that’s what he was after

    By Stef URL on 04.03.2013

  34. the smudge of his lips on the window reminded me of those days when i loved him so much. why i had kept it for all these weeks. when my heart had hardened so long ago. i didn’t know. but there they were. standing the test of time and cleanliness. reminding me that i once loved.

    By s on 04.03.2013

  35. The windows are streaked with dirt from the dirt road that is now mud because of all the rain. I wipe my hand across the gritty surface.

    By Rebecca R URL on 04.03.2013

  36. She stared down at the paper, down at the blot of ink that was left. Carefully, she dabbed at it with a piece of onion skin thin paper, soaking it up like a napkin. The ink spread through the fibers of the paper like water seeping through the ground. But there was still a smudge left, to her displeasure. Her letter was perfect, except for that.

    By Serryphae URL on 04.03.2013

  37. The children leave smudges everwhere they go; they do not know that their prints are there
    Ketchup, markers, dirt and love; the smudges are the signs of the kids I love.

    By Donna Lee Burke on 04.03.2013

  38. Everywhere. All he wanted to do was write nice and neatly in his diary and log the recent adventure he went on. But apparently that’s an impossible task to forgo when you’re left handed.

    By Lukas URL on 04.03.2013

  39. The ide of a smudge is to rub or drag an idea along a piece of paper, it can be colourful textured. Is a smudge an imperfection or a mark in a world of it’s own where imperfection is vital for survival?

    A smudge is a free mark, a free expression and it exists as one.

    By Ellen Stewart on 04.03.2013

  40. She smudged herself with the white sage, hoping that it would heal her spirit and her mind. All it left was an empty hole in her heart that would not heal. If only she knew that it was not the creation, but the creator that could do that for her.

    By Laura on 04.03.2013