April 2nd, 2013 | 193 Entries

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193 Entries for “smudge”

  1. ink on the page of a postcard i write back to you, but i am not cautious because i am so frantic to fill you in. smear of blood on the wrist of a girl who tries to release her fear. with tears watering down her face.

    By Sydney on 04.02.2013

  2. I had wondered why she dragged me into the bathroom. Leo and I really had hit it off.
    “you have a smudge of lipstick on your front tooth!”, Janie had said.
    I was mortified.
    So that was why he kept staring at my mouth.

    By Mariah Mickens on 04.02.2013

  3. I lay in my bed for the fourth time that day. I don’t know why I was isolated in my room so often. All I knew was that my notebook made me feel better. I had no need for any interaction besides that with my pencil and the smudges on my paper. In every mark and every smear laid a memory. Memories of tears, inspiration, and determination. I knew that one day my writing would reach the world. All I had to do was stay confident in the only skill I had.

    By Allison Renee URL on 04.02.2013

  4. I looked down at the ink on the page. It was smudged again. The tears wouldn’t stop running down my face though. It hurt so bad to think about, much less write about. There is no way he would be able to read this letter now. I guess there was no point to continue writing it really, but I needed to say it and it needed to be said.

    By Emilee D on 04.02.2013

  5. you look like the
    birthmark i wanted
    to have removed
    as a child, the
    smudge on my
    left arm.
    mother always
    said “you look
    beautiful, it makes
    you unique” but
    all i saw was
    another reason
    to curse the sun
    for baring me
    on a cross.

    By calico on 04.02.2013

  6. After smudging nude women all night long, I leave very satisfied; my hands all covered in wine charcoal.

    By drew URL on 04.02.2013

  7. Naked woman after naked woman — I smudge each one, doing all night long. I leave exhausted but leave very satisfied; my hands all covered in wine charcoal.

    By drew URL on 04.02.2013

  8. Naked woman after naked woman — things get real dirty. I smudge each one. I do it all night long. I leave exhausted but I leave very satisfied; my hands all covered in wine charcoal.

    By drew URL on 04.02.2013

  9. smudge where did you go i been trying to fing you the whole time ! mmmmmm I will give you bone here he comes

    By Shark on 04.02.2013

  10. Naked woman after naked woman — I put them in the positions I like. Then things get real dirty. I smudge each one of them all over. I do it all night long. I leave exhausted but I leave very satisfied; my hands all covered in wine charcoal.

    By drew URL on 04.02.2013

  11. left handedness is a curse
    they say
    a smudge mars a whole essay
    and apparently you die earlier.

    they swear with the right hand
    the band goes on the left.

    marriage is short lived as well.

    By Kairn on 04.02.2013

  12. Smudge. Thats like when you mistakenly have something on your hand and you mistakenly get it on something else. Normally happens in a single move or in many moves once you realize you’ve actually smudged something. Hmm.. smudge. It’s a very unlikely word.. meaning it’s rarely used in everyday talk.

    By April URL on 04.02.2013

  13. oil paint, over a blank canvas. dark blue colour softly smudged over the cream canvas. A smudge of lead pencil on a drawing. graphite all over your hand so whenever you move around the page you take the smudge with you.

    By lucy on 04.02.2013

  14. There was a smudge on the windshield, the last trace of a fly that was unlucky. But John had no time for that, his own life was about to be smudged out. He checked the rear view mirror, but could not tell if anyone was following him.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.02.2013

  15. She wiped the smudge from his face. He smiled back at her. Why should they care what others thought about this moment? Right now, everything, everything, was perfect. They would keep it all. The smudges that were visible. Those that weren’t.

    By Andria on 04.02.2013

  16. All gather ’round, What is there to see?
    Beautiful jets crowded under veils.
    Cong. Cong.
    A sadistic bell rings.
    Something morbid and watery smears across her face
    – a smudge.
    Just a smudge.

    By Mr. Sunflower on 04.02.2013

  17. Oh no! My new white dress! I got a smudge on it. I knew I shouldn’t have drank the juice…but I was so thirsty. I hadn’t drank anything all day. It wasn’t worth it though. I was supposed to look nice for Trenton…but how can I do that now? I’m so disappointed, and I’m sure he will be too. Or am I overreacting? It’s just cranberry juice.

    By Rachel on 04.02.2013

  18. That time when you were feeling low.
    Like a smudge mark on hospital linoleum.
    You sat there waiting for the diagnosis.
    Because you knew your character was being tested, your hands drummed against your thigh. And also because no one was there to hold them.
    It wasn’t that you wanted to face these troubles alone.
    It’s just that you didn’t want anyone to see you cry.
    Hold your breath, quiet your mind.
    Exhale as if each atom is ode to life.
    You are alive, you can be strong.

    By Intuition on 04.02.2013

  19. I hate smudges. They ruin nice artwork or writing. Or an outfit. But smudge rhymes with fudge. I like fudge. Smudge the fudge on this writing. Or just eat it. And make it artwork. Yippee smudge fudge.

    By Marissa Bee on 04.02.2013

  20. She had ink on her fingers. She’d been sketching all day. The smudges began appearing immediately. Small black spots of ink. Proof of her hard work.

    By Tammy URL on 04.02.2013

  21. Like chocolate all over my face, ugly and sticky, I smear it with my fingertips as deftly as I dare. You laugh because you always laugh, and because I look like a fool. Because I am probably a fool, too. You can laugh, it’s alright. I don’t mind at all.

    By Bronwyn on 04.02.2013

  22. There was a smudge on her face from the mascara she wiped away when the tears made it run. Sometimes, she realized, it’s better just to cry than to say anything at all.

    By Amanda URL on 04.02.2013

  23. There was a large smudge on her face. He wasn’t quite sure what it was from. It was black, and looked somewhat like charcoal. She had a suspicious look on her face, as if she were hiding something. He started to ask, and hesitated.
    “What?” she questioned, daring him to respond.

    By Autumn on 04.02.2013

  24. He cupped her face with his hands. Sighed. Tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Her eyes never left his until he placed a kiss upon her forehead and another on her throat, which was right before they smudged her rouge with a gentle moan.

    By Marked For Archival URL on 04.02.2013

  25. the smudge was annoying. it was stupid. and i wish i could have gotten off my ass to clean that shit off.. oh but no id rather be lazy and sit here.. sit here and stare at you. at your beautiful face. let me hold it?

    By sequoia URL on 04.02.2013

  26. She drew her hand across her face, smudging the ash that had landed on her cheek. She watched as her world burned. Nothing would survive the fire except herself. She had lost everything including her sister and all the home of their parents’ memories. Alaina was alone.

    By Sarah on 04.02.2013

  27. Smudges, inky black
    on a envelope just for me.

    finger prints splayed
    in the most curious of ways

    By koolaiddx on 04.02.2013

  28. Suck it up and stop crying. Here, take this towel and shove it in your mouth. Now swallow the rest, I don’t care how nauseous it makes you feel. Red eyes and shaky hands are unacceptable. And don’t you dare smudge your mascara!

    By aura.rayne on 04.02.2013

  29. My permanent record, smudged ink settling into a thick black ‘X’. It would serve to remind me of my crime, and I would not escape the guilt for a long time to come. Plus, detention for the rest of the year… seriously cramping my style.

    By darseyrsm URL on 04.02.2013

  30. She can’t see any of his smudges.
    I’m really trying hard not to see them.
    I want to think hes a good person like she does.
    But mostly i hope that she doesn’t have smudges.
    I want to like them and not be offended by them.
    I want to respect their opinion.
    I want to think better of them.
    I don’t want this burning feeling inside of me everytime they show their smudges.

    By Harlow URL on 04.02.2013

  31. He saw a smudge of dirt on her pale face and he reached out to wipe it off, but she quickly disappeared into thin air. Suddenly, the whole world was crashing down on him and it terrified him. And then, a light blew in and he bolted up, waking in a cold sweat. It was all a dream. Nothing but a dream. But she was gone; his lover, his life, his one and only.

    By zoe on 04.02.2013

  32. He had a smudge of grease just above his left eye. I was tempted to lean foreward, whipping it off with my small white fingers, but I didn’t. I just stayed where I was with his dark brown eyes staring at me, like I was the last piece in a puzzle.
    “Stop it,” he whispers. I look up, surprised.
    “Stop what?” I ask.
    “Stop tempting me.” He says, his voice low and husky. I lean closer, making him tense up.
    “I can’t.” I choke out, small tears welling up, perching on my eyelids, a bird taking its last look at the ground before flight. “Fix me. Please.”
    His hands shake as he reaches behind my head, pulling me close to him. He stops, his muscles trembling as he tries to make the choice.
    I step foreward and make it for him.
    His lips are warm and soft, like I imagined. At first he is frozen, unable to move, but finally he lets go and his hand finds its way to mine, clenching them like I am the last thing on earth that can save him. And that’s where we stay, hand in hand, breaking laws you can only imagine.

    By Brooke on 04.02.2013

  33. There was a smudge across the painting. A pissed off FBI agent stood in the brightly lit gallery, gazing at the giant painting hanging on the blank wall. It was a perfect copy, hanging in the original’s place. Perfect, that is, except for the giant, multicolored smudge dragged across the canvas. Peter could almost hear Neil laughing.

    By annie on 04.02.2013

  34. She tries to clear the mud on her window so she can see but it just leaves a smudge. Mud splattered everywhere covering her pickup, where were you last night? What did you do?

    By sturmzie on 04.02.2013

  35. It was the ever-present smudge of paint on her cheek that he fell in love with. It said so much about her, from her determination in finishing a job once started, to her spacy attitude towards life. It was her light-hearted smile and her absent-minded actions. It was the way she would unthinkingly brush her hair from her face and laugh at herself in the mirror later. It was the way she would hold paint-loaded brushes in her mouth, heedless of the flecks of color that would coat her lips. It was everything about her soul, everything about her that he grew to love.

    By Salaa'ut URL on 04.02.2013

  36. It was barely noticeable, little more than a smudge of dark red lipstick on the collar of his shirt.
    She only liked to wear the pink variety.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.02.2013

  37. I saw a little smudge today. it was on the corner of my glasses. I walked around viewing the world with a slight softening around the edges of everything in the lower left quadrant of my vision, all because of a little smudge. it took me hours to notice it but only moments to wipe it away, yet it affected all that I saw. a smudge is a curious little thing.

    By Rachel on 04.02.2013

  38. My hands smudge the ink of the words that they write
    Trace your smile on photos until they fade from sight
    They slowly destroy what they try to embrace
    A Midas touch of destruction; what I love, I erase.

    By Carly URL on 04.02.2013

  39. there was a smudge ont eh window. the grease print left after the deed had been done. how much death was left int he world. he stared out through the grime, trying to piece it together. the body was cold, the blood dried and cracking. and the smudge remained. taunting, lingering, proof of the inferiority of the detective. i’ll be back, it said, i’m not done.

    By Laramy Thomas on 04.02.2013

  40. I have a make-up brush thats called a smudge brush. Recently though i’ve been thinking about getting a new brush. Also if your a lefty you must smudge your papers a lot.

    By Awesomeness on 04.02.2013