April 1st, 2013 | 168 Entries

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168 Entries for “fabricated”

  1. “I didn’t do it!”said the suspect.
    “Well your not going to get off that easy.”Replied the judge.Then they herd a crshing sound coming from the streets. They didn’t bother to care, but when it got closer everybody started to worry. Then it crashed threw the door. A gang of Theifs came in from all ways and screamed,
    “Give us the guy………Or else.
    ” OK OK. you can have the guy, but I’m warning you if we don’t get him back soon you will be the most wanted people in the country.

    By manuel URL on 04.02.2013

  2. A lie which will allow you to sing to the gods your love for life is a lie worth making. It would be lovely to fabricate a lie with you.

    By darseyrsm URL on 04.02.2013

  3. one day in mid summer the sky was gleming the birds were chruping and all was calm but then a lound skreach

    By Alyssa URL on 04.02.2013

  4. I bought a fabricated clock and it is beautiful

    By Destiny on 04.02.2013

  5. It was fabricated I tell you! The whole thing a lie! Do you honestly believe they could throw a scarf over a monkey’s eyes without him noticing? No! I’ve ripped off the scarf, torn it to shreds; and yes, I just called myself a monkey!

    Now give it to me straight.

    By Laura J on 04.02.2013

  6. Lies, twisting around me, spinning off my tongue. Perfect at the time, but unraveled by just the right question, just the thing that trips me up, reveals my fabrication, humiliates yet frees me. Why, why do I lie?

    By MarisaInSanFrancisca on 04.02.2013

  7. fake

    By Christopher on 04.02.2013

  8. On Loving A Robot

    I. Her name is a series
    of numbers, and you will not remember it
    on your first go. Meanwhile, your face writ itself
    on her wires within a millionth
    of a second, and she cannot forget you
    even if she wanted to.

    II. She cannot taste food, so you skip
    dinner and take her to the park. She cannot
    feel the sun, so you wait until it sets.
    You fall when she makes stories
    out of stars.

    III. She sees the world in calculations,
    then announces them in a clinical voice.
    It drives you mad, embarrasses you
    when it happens in public. She only whispers
    them, after that.
    You are selfish.
    You wish you never noticed.

    IV. People stare sometimes.
    When they take her picture, she points to them
    and offers to take one
    with them. They are sheepish when they smile,
    teeth grinding when they feel her cold hand
    on their shoulders.
    You step off to the side, out of frame.

    V. You cry when you kiss her. You don’t
    really know why.
    She doesn’t wipe the tears you leave
    on her cheeks. They dry into the faintest line of rust.
    She doesn’t tell you, but she likes to think
    they are her own.

    VI. She pretends it feels good.
    You pretend she is warm.

    VII. I love you is every traffic light letting you
    through. May your popcorn never burn,
    may your radios sing you
    to a dreamless sleep.

    VIII. You make history when you marry.
    She wanted a priest, and he
    told her of heaven.
    Told her she had a soul, and her fiberglass eyes
    quiver when he says
    it now belongs to you.
    She welds the ring to her finger so she
    would never lose it.
    You cannot do the same.
    It might hurt,
    and you heart isn’t made of steel.

    IX. Upgrades come, as they always do.
    Sensors to mimic human skin,
    taste buds,
    bodily fluids.
    She gets them to please you.
    You only hear the creaking gears, the viruses
    that scarred her insides. She no longer reflects
    the light.
    And you, you’re as faulty as they come.
    You’re already searching for more.

    X. She will outlive you, without question.
    And your cruel, imperfect self will have made her
    the happiest she will ever be.

    By isa on 04.02.2013