January 15th, 2013 | 256 Entries

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256 Entries for “size”

  1. The size of the human brain is so small compared to the incredible functions. It is almost incomprehensible the amazing things it can do. The brain is the most beautiful organ in the body.

    By Liana on 01.15.2013

  2. An indiscriminate sensual determination of the spacial mass and height, and width and weight of one or something, or someone.

    By George on 01.15.2013

  3. An indiscriminate sensual determination of the spacial mass and height, and width and weight and consequence of one, or something, or someone.

    By George on 01.15.2013

  4. the size of the man was just incredible, he could’ve been the most immense individual i had ever encountered in my life and all i could was “why doesn’t he just die?” i mean don’t taller people die faster.

    By miguel on 01.15.2013

  5. Large or small. Size doesn’t matter to me. i’m too big so, i’m made fun of. I’m so skinny it’s gross. No happy medium for me only too big or too small. Why is this reality for me?

    By Glitz URL on 01.15.2013

  6. When they say size what do you think? about how someone is too large maybe? What about those guys and girls that are skinny and still have problems. Just skin and bone they have just as much of an issue maybe more with their size, society just seems to ignore them though.

    By Glitz URL on 01.15.2013

  7. The size of my hair changes with the moisture in the air. I have no say in the matter. It is it’s own entity, more stubborn than I

    By Hannah URL on 01.15.2013

  8. size doesn’t matter at all. no matter if you’re big or tall or fat or small. There’s nothing you can’t do, no dead you can’t accomplish. Your mind is your weapon, your heart is your bullet, Don’t give up, never back down and you’ll be okay.

    By Allison on 01.15.2013

  9. One size fits all. Size 7, or size 0. Does it matter? Should we be judged on our outside. Do we deserve that. We are all beautiful and amazing in our own ways. No need to be judge, there’s just more of you to go around.

    By AlanaScharth URL on 01.15.2013

  10. She watched herself in the mirror, grabbing at the skin around her hips and sucking in her stomach. As much as she wanted to believe her size didn’t matter, it did. Too much so. It was always there, nagging at the bag of her mind and making her feel just as worthless as she probably was.

    By Maddy on 01.15.2013

  11. Size is… It can be either extremely important or extremely irrelevant. Size can dominate one’s life if you let it, but it’s easier to be happy if you don’t worry about size.

    By Natalie on 01.15.2013

  12. I’m a size 4, but I think I’m too fat. I can’t be anorexic because I like food too much, and I can’t be bulimic because I’m not a good at throwing up. I don’t want to exercise because I’m a hardcore procrastinator, and I can’t eat less because I lack self-control.

    By Jeongsil Lee URL on 01.15.2013

  13. the size of the dream was impossible. Or rather…improbable. She supposed it could exist, somehow. In someone’s head. But, surely, not her own! Right?

    WRONG! The world whipped itself into a courageous vortex of imagination, and she fell into the limitless pit of romance.

    By A.C.Girling on 01.15.2013

  14. size doesn’t even matter. It really only feels good with how you move it honestly. And size? WHO cares. Its not a big deal. I dont know why people think it is because it really isnt. That shouldnt be what matters in life honestly.

    By Izzy on 01.15.2013

  15. Undigestible. It was…in a word, disgusting. Of encroaching size. She didn’t know how to take it all in. But she had to. To make her father proud. She would eat that peculiar brussel-sprout shovelled so forthrightly onto the middle of her plate.

    By A.C.Girling on 01.15.2013

  16. Size doesn’t matter is a phrase repeated throughout modern society. Whether referring to male sexual prowess or insecure body image, it is often difficult to believe. For example, would an elephant be an elephant if it were small? Or a fairy?

    By Maxine Yao on 01.15.2013

  17. My heart was caught in my throat.
    A girl dangled your hand
    as a trophy
    with steel grey eyes
    she haunted the words
    forming at her coral lips
    without telling me
    “he’s mine”
    and dragged you
    as a chain would,
    not a love.

    The girl was a past friend I couldn’t quite remember.
    You were a love I couldn’t have.

    By Katelin Woods URL on 01.15.2013

  18. Goldilocks was taking a stroll down the park when she found herself being chased by a troll. She ran into the closest building which happened to be the 3 bears’ home. She went inside to find three bowls of porridge of various sizes.

    By Annee URL on 01.15.2013

  19. You size me up,
    with your dreary eyes and
    that flat smoke smell.
    The chapped lips and dry hands
    remind me of the old man,
    who used to sit at the bench and
    look up at those stars
    like they were his dream.
    The stars are long dead and
    that cigarette is at it’s last drag.
    A cold gray stare your eyes can give,
    all you think about is what was and
    what could have been.

    By Zhenya URL on 01.15.2013

  20. Every day people talk about size. I always hear it. The size of their muscles, what the size of how big their cars are, and all the time, people in the world, not knowing, judge by size. If you have a bigger size of something than the other person arguing, then the world is just being taken over.

    By Evan URL on 01.15.2013

  21. It wasn’t that big. Not really. Though it did contain everything. And go on forever. Adequate maybe. Or roomy. But certainly not large. Certainly not.

    By Chris Glynn URL on 01.15.2013

  22. She looked in the mirror and frowned. Hand reaching down to pinch her right side. Too big, too much. Her mind screamed at her. She sighed heavily and dropped her hand back to her side, sweeping her gaze over her body. Why couldn’t she be like all those tiny little models they show in the magazines?

    By Kensington URL on 01.15.2013

  23. doesn’t matter. but try telling me that when I was six and I wanted the biggest ice cream you could get in a store, but grandma only had enough coins for the small one. size doesn’t matter, oh but it does. big or small, how am I going to fit in my family and my kids in a cereal box?

    By Lulu on 01.15.2013

  24. The size of the joint was getting smaller and smaller as I continued to hit it. Though I felt as though the world was getting larger, maybe I was just getting smaller. I didn’t feel the usual sensation of being at an extremely high location.

    By Hagop URL on 01.15.2013

  25. Size doesn’t matter, I say. After all, our solar system is one of millions, the Milky Way is a spec of dust, and the universe is ever expanding. Yet, here we are, leaving marks and making differences, even if only in our own little spec of dust.

    By MaxwellSmaart URL on 01.15.2013

  26. It isn’t the size of your heart that matters.
    It’s about what you do with it.
    It aren’t the intentions you have that matter.
    It’s about how you act them.

    It’s not even about the words you literally say.
    Because we all know how easy it is with words to play.

    By Liesbeth on 01.15.2013

  27. Every person has there own size whether it be big or small tall or short. Side does not matter because that doesn’t define us. It’s our personality that does. Size can mean many other things to, not just humans. Like the size of pizza or the soda you order with your pizza.

    By Hillary on 01.15.2013

  28. too big, too small, round, thin, tall, short. where do i fit in? where is the instruction guide to tell me where my puzzle piece goes? the size of my heart shouldn’t be measured by the number in my jeans.

    By zoe on 01.15.2013

  29. Okay. Size means Taille en français. Alors j’écris en français.
    La taille, c’est pas qu’une question de physique. C’est beaucoup plus. Surtout pour moi qui ait des tout petits bras et qui suis bloqué dans mon lit. Alors c’est pas facile

    By oui on 01.15.2013

  30. Her body is so narrow I think I could wrap my fingers around her ribs if I tried
    Pick her up and place her in an elephant’s mouth
    Like a Polly pocket, or one of those wind-up toys
    And if I squeeze too hard, she will break.
    I get this feeling every time I look at her. That she will break.

    By Ali URL on 01.15.2013

  31. size = taille.
    La différence entre une petite et une grande personne ne devrait pas s’arrêter à la taille. J’ai connu des adultes trois fois plus con que leurs gosses. Et Dieu seul sait ô combien ils étaient con. Mais plus grand.

    By oui on 01.15.2013

  32. the size of the shirt was too big for sally, i thought it was too big when i saw the size didnt fit. the size was not the right size. size doesnt matter because beauty is on the inside. but fat people are a bigger size than skinny people

    By liam on 01.15.2013

  33. My father and I used to fish in a murky sound. We caught only ugly things—muddily-scaled bloated bullheads, scraggly algae, and twisted tiny crabs. We let them all go. Gently. Not one of our catches ever died or gasped in air for very long.

    The most beautiful fish I caught fit in my palm. It was slick and spirited—every spasm caused it to spill silver and salt.

    I held an entire sea in a hand.

    By MONO URL on 01.15.2013

  34. fat

    By jules on 01.15.2013

  35. large

    By jules on 01.15.2013

  36. Size matters. Everyone says it doesn’t but it does. The size of your heart, the size of your imagination, the size of particular body parts. Why are we kidding ourselves?

    By PetitePommes on 01.15.2013

  37. Elephants are an animal of massive size, and they still get respect. Why does size matter? Why should size matter? Yes, I admit it; I am fat. It always ruins my life because people are so focused on size. It means nothing. It’s just a number. I want to be majestic like an elephant.

    By Casey on 01.15.2013

  38. i’m small. i never thought to become taller. when i see people i know in a place that is unfamiliar to us, they often comment on my small size, as though they had never before noticed i was short. i am never quite sure how to respond to their comments.

    By lynne on 01.15.2013

  39. The sheer size of this monster was inescapable. The instinct should have been to run, but for the first few seconds I was deer in the headlights. Something snapped and suddenly I was running full speed towards the nearest deserted car. I’ve always wanted a chance to drive fast.

    By DampBone URL on 01.15.2013

  40. Does size really matter? Sure does! The size of your heart does indeed matter. The bigger the heart the better the experience. The bigger the heart the more you can feel. The bigger the heart the more pleasure one will notice.

    By Jackie URL on 01.15.2013