January 15th, 2013 | 256 Entries

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256 Entries for “size”

  1. Relates to something’s mass, shape and weight. Size defines an outward apperance but not an inward appearance. It is simply just more to see or less to see.

    By Bryce on 01.15.2013

  2. Ego.

    By kdgreene URL on 01.15.2013

  3. size is WOOPS


    By meep? on 01.15.2013

  4. It is how big or small something is. It describe the height of someone, if you are america though, because they can’t speak English very well. Shoe size, for instance.

    By Jamie Naylor URL on 01.15.2013

  5. it can be anything
    there is no limit
    size is infinite

    By nonya on 01.15.2013

  6. size. size DOES matter. How big is your heart? How big is your ego? How big are your dreams? Could you love me? Do you have the capacity? Could you fill a big enough space in me….could you grow MY dreams? Do you see…that size DOES matter?
    Size time dreams of mine. baby you look fine….speaking of…if you’re big let’s grind.
    I find…that in time….you will grow…isn’t that how it usually goes? Jack and the beanstalk or just you and me….everything grows…including inner beauty…
    size…look up at the sky…try and determine….wonder why…mine is a fragment of a fragment of a fragment of a fragment of all of this….hard not to find bliss…where is the stress when I am only a speck in all that is? give up times up never

    By jesswooderful URL on 01.15.2013

  7. it is infinite, it doesnt matter, it is relative, dont measure it, it will only bring you down.

    By nonya on 01.15.2013

  8. His size had always bothered him, he had always been the fat kid in Gym class trying to make a name for himself, trying to be athletic, but being out of breath in the matter of seconds, he was tired of the nicknames his weight had earned him, Fatso, and buttercup..whatever they were none of them were good, none were nice.

    By Jeff E. URL on 01.15.2013

  9. The waves crashed and ebbed back to sea, the size did not seem to bother him. It looks fun!

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 01.15.2013

  10. Aaaaargh I know I can fit into it, just pull a little bit harder on the zipper! Come on, work with me here stupid dress, you’re perfect! I simply have to wear you tonight! Okaaaay come on, just a little bit more.. oh crap.. well there it goes. I swear it must have shrunk in the washer. It definitely is my size.

    By Joan on 01.15.2013

  11. “That is *huge*.” Xavier said, staring blanking at the rather large cardboard box I’d just lugged into the room. I grinned,
    “I know, right?”

    By Anna on 01.15.2013

  12. size something in which you people ae judjed by everything has size even this writing but who cares about size all i care about is quality. if my pants were levis but gave me wedgies id still wear them cuz its about qualitty not size

    By Jonathan Sanchez on 01.15.2013

  13. It doesn’t matter. I am tiny and some people are big. So you can be a tall person or a small person and you can be happy :) Either way. God made different sizes.

    By Jessica on 01.15.2013

  14. i love size

    By John James URL on 01.15.2013

  15. People always say that size doesn’t matter. But when he looked in the mirror, he knew they were wrong. Size was all that mattered. He made such a big deal about something that made him so small, physically and mentally.

    By Grace URL on 01.15.2013

  16. SIZE AGAIN? What is wrong with you people! I am tired of writting about size. I already wrote about it for a minute! Because you know, 60 seconds is a minute. This is a creative writing activity. I’m not checking my spelling. HAHA! I’m an awful speller. You know! Hé you! yes you! why are you reading this?

    By Ekoala on 01.15.2013

  17. size, i think is a repulsive word. it describes things that are too big or too small – both of which are negative in the eyes of society. its not a negative word in and of itself but the context is indeed.

    By cassie on 01.15.2013

  18. Somebody asked me….does size really count?
    I replied well yes, the capacity of ones heart should Definitly be bigger than anything else!

    By ldydai22 URL on 01.15.2013

  19. He lumbered over the crowd, his shadow encompassing the long and narrow street. Thanedarf tongue crawled out of his gaping mouth as the giant version of his friend waved hello and accidentally ripped off the balcony of an adjacent building.

    By Eric Harrell URL on 01.15.2013

  20. Size… It seems like everyone these days is concerned with size. I think everyone wants a large house, except me. I’m terribly afraid of large houses. All those doors and locks, windows and rooms, spaces where I can’t see what’s happening and who’s there. It’s awful to be in a big house alone, especially at night, in times like these. You never know who’ll decide to come in and kill you. Why couldn’t I have lived in the 1950s, or something like that?

    By Keaton on 01.15.2013

  21. what is size? why is a carrot larger than a raisin. why. are you ok.? could we calculate the size of my concern. is it larger than 4inches.. a yard maybe?

    By Shannon on 01.15.2013

  22. everything’s always too big.
    your heart,
    so full up with love and blood that it could burst.
    dangerously so.

    By grace URL on 01.15.2013

  23. the heart may beat
    in fevered heat
    causing red to rise
    but my love for you
    can not be true
    it’s too shrunk down to size

    By Octowhat URL on 01.15.2013

  24. Jackson is sometimes concerned about Doc’s size. Yes, he’ll admit it, he’s a worry wort. He’s also a perfectionist who scrutinizes everything and tries to find flaws in anything and everything. He tries not to let it bother him, seeing how skinny the man is. He tries to push the thoughts to the back of his mind and counter them. “He doesn’t eat meat, that’s why he’s so slender.” “He drinks a lot of coffee so he doesn’t feel hungry as often as you do, he’s fine.”, etc. But it doesn’t work and inevitably at the end of the day Jackson once again finds himself mentioning it to his friend.

    By Crizzy URL on 01.15.2013

  25. Some days I wake up and feel puckered, shrunk in the wash of sleep. Some days I feel ‘normal’. Some days I feel as if I am overflowing like water, gelatinous flesh all around. But most days I feel like it doesn’t really matter, because I am great.

    By F on 01.15.2013

  26. We nestled then wrestled then snuggled and slept and snored and surrendered under the dark and the cold in a sleeping bag meant for one.

    By penny dreadful URL on 01.15.2013

  27. It used to be the thing that kept the lid on my expression. The Size of who I was how I could remember what I was before and the gaping distance between who I felt I was and that that looked back at me in the mirror.

    By vicx on 01.15.2013

  28. it meant nothing! first the egg, then the train, whichever won the contest had absolutely nothing to do with who was bigger who, nor did it matter to the audience that cheered and partied alongside both candidates.

    By Paul MacCrimmon URL on 01.15.2013

  29. it meant nothing! first the egg, then the train, whichever won the contest had absolutely nothing to do with who was bigger than who, nor did it matter to the audience that cheered and partied alongside both candidates.

    By Paul MacCrimmon URL on 01.15.2013

  30. “That’s not the right size!” I was complaining and I knew it, but I continued, “I told you to get dog collars in SMALL not EXTRA LARGE! What if Snoopy never fits into the large one? He’s just a tiny puppy right now!”
    Monica rolled her eyes, “He’s a bulldog, he’ll grow.”

    By Kristina URL on 01.15.2013

  31. A size is a matter of space. It holds a certain place of this air. Size doesn’t always matter. Although some people find it important, some don’t. There are several sizes that ceased to exist. Some big, some small. Some medium and some neutral.

    By Loulwa on 01.15.2013

  32. So, how are you doing?

    Ready for what lies ahead?

    I can see you’ve been putting some training in for this… good work; your cheeks are totally ripped. Like seriously, with that kind of size, you’re bound to get on the podium. You must’ve been shoving walnuts in there.

    Anyhow, good luck, looks like the show is about to begin.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to present, the 6th annual balloon blowing competition, sponsored by trojan.

    Ladies and Gentlemen

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 01.15.2013

  33. size doesn’t matter
    a mind is a terrible thing to waste
    and a waist is a terrible thing to mind
    all my friends feel too big
    always trying to get smaller
    they look perfect
    they look fine
    they’re absolutely beautiful in my eyes
    and they don’t see it

    By celeste cervantes URL on 01.15.2013

  34. How many sizes do you have? I have 3 sizes? what size do you wear in dress size and shoe? why is size so important anyway big fat skinny People do not realize what size you does not matter, but what inside that matters the most

    By dhuha abdulhadi on 01.15.2013

  35. She stared at the boxes, all lined up like soldiers in front of her.
    Small. Medium. Large.
    All sizes.

    She rubbed her chin, discerning, deciding.

    This could be a life-altering decision.
    “Michelle!” someone yelled through the damp brick of the basement, “quit your lollygaggin’!”

    By Julie on 01.15.2013

  36. Size is how big or small something is. We have different sizes for all types of things. There are different sizes for shoes and clothes. Different sizes for the drinks we have. It can also be inappropriate like Jesse says because someone can’t help himself.

    By Mel on 01.15.2013

  37. Size is an abstract concept. What may be big to a ladybug is small to us, so there really is no big or small. It’s a concept that depends mostly on the individual.

    By Brooke on 01.15.2013

  38. Size me up, go ahead. I know you will anyways with or without my permission. Go ahead, size me up. And when you are done let me tell you the things you have missed. You see blue eyes, when I look in the mirror I see the eyes my son inherited from me, the eyes I will never get to see.

    By Mallory Dean on 01.15.2013

  39. Wow the size of that spider is enormous she screamed as she jumped up on the chair and told her friend to kill she would never go back to this exhibit again lol

    By Alishea URL on 01.15.2013

  40. there’s so much to do with size in our world. Society wants more and more. The more, the better. The bigger the portions and cheaper, the better value. What happened to economising our resources? What happened to saving the scarce world and the recourses in it?

    By mia on 01.15.2013