January 15th, 2013 | 256 Entries

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256 Entries for “size”

  1. The room I shared with my roommate the first the year of college was oppressively small, a problem made even more severe by the fact that we didn’t get along, so I made sure to never cross over onto her side. It’s not as though we taped a line across the center of the room, but the divide was definitely there and we both knew it.

    By Julia on 01.15.2013

  2. The dog stood there, between Jake and his escape. After everything… evading guards, hacking security, performing acrobatic acts to avoid sensors, man’s best friend was about to betray him. Even though the terrier was the size of a toaster, he would prove the old adage. His bark was most definitely worse than his bite.

    By Casual Fridays URL on 01.15.2013

  3. It’s hard to get an objective perspective on my size. I know it sounds strange or vague or mildly provocative, but there’s remained in me an inability to judge my stature. Average height be damned–I’ve felt the same in my body since the third grade. What does that say about me?

    By asavas URL on 01.15.2013

  4. When we live in a time that ‘size’ is our dignity’s own four-lettered word, something we turn away from in shame and embarrassment, we forget that the our bodies do not bulge in shame but in possibility. We are weighed down not by our bodies but by our lack of attention to the capacities of those bodies to be seen, loved, and reinvigorated.

    By Will B. Somethin URL on 01.15.2013

  5. The dorm room I shared with my roommate the first year of college was oppressively small, a problem made even more severe by the fact that we didn’t get along, and never ventured across the invisible divide in the center of the room. It was an unspoken rule that we each kept to ourselves.

    By Julia URL on 01.15.2013

  6. i feel small, insignificant, and ignored,
    but i know to those i love, i am more.
    whatever you say to knock me down,
    to make yourself bigger,
    who is the bigger one of us?
    the one who stands up when gets knocked down,
    or the one who pushes people to the ground.

    By Floyd URL on 01.15.2013

  7. The physical size of an object shouldn’t always state whether it has power or not. Looks can be deceiving. So always remember “size might not matter.”

    By Lehcar Enrobso URL on 01.15.2013

  8. there’s nothing on this planet that fits and the lighting in this dressing room is cheap and dreadful.

    By seafoam beast URL on 01.15.2013

  9. Big. my size is rather small considering how enormous the universe is. It really makes me wonder about space and where everything is and what’s on the planets. But things can get so ridiculously small with atoms and what makes up atoms like neutrons, protons, and quarks which make up those subatomic particles.

    By Daniel on 01.15.2013

  10. It was a big thing, and it loomed above her like a giant cyclops, like the big curlicue at the top was its eye. It was perfect for a hiding place, given it was a bit obvious, but she was sure that she could burrow in the coats. They were thick and warm, and made of thick fur. Its size was too big for her, but she liked how she could wrap herself from the cold in the wardrobe. It seemed like there was a gust behind her, and she turned around and saw the light.

    By Claire URL on 01.15.2013

  11. The size of the cake didn’t surprise Megan. She knew how big and fancy Rachel liked everything. Rachel had a huge house, and a huge wedding, and what better to go with it than a huge cake?

    By Laurel B URL on 01.15.2013

  12. Size in America is overrated. Every single woman on the planet at some point feels fat, whether it’s because they can’t find clothes that fit, or because they happened to eat too many cookies, and their dickbag guy friend made a comment.
    I feel that way ALL THE TIME.
    My shoulders are too broad, my belly is too full, and yet I look kind of skinny, so I’m not allowed to complain.

    By Lauren on 01.15.2013

  13. It mattered. Why is it her brain always went to that? She was short, so when she sat in those plush chairs in the hotel lobby, she sank down in and her eye level was right… there. She felt like a wolf in search of a sheep.

    By Les URL on 01.15.2013

  14. Size is relative. Does it really matter? Of course it does. The size of our bodies, the size of our love, the size of men’s penises. What the most important type of size, the one that really matters, that’s the question. Well, I guess that depends on you.

    By Anna on 01.15.2013

  15. I was I was taller. Life is easier when not everyone towers over and looks down on you. But I guess my size has made me who I am. But still. I would like to be tall.

    By Jason URL on 01.15.2013

  16. The size of his heart had shrunk since his relationship with Amanda. He used to be open to so many new things, but ever since she left he hasn’t been willing to do much of anything. He stays to himself mostly. Too afraid of what little of his heart that was left was going to be snatched up by someone else.

    By Kim M URL on 01.15.2013

  17. she’s a peanut but full of love and passion, emotion and energy. she’s a bee and a ball of fire.

    By Lj URL on 01.15.2013

  18. The size of your deeds is what defines you. How you treat those around you,how much love you give,how much you serve. Those are what counts. Not the size of your waist,your income,or anything else.

    By H URL on 01.15.2013

  19. the size is medium. the loss is great.
    my life my things my stuff
    is gone.
    like people things have memories
    treasures lost.

    By sigo URL on 01.15.2013

  20. Size? Size is relative, dependent on perceptions. Anything can become big or small with an effort of the will. Things that seem insurmountable just need to be divided.

    By Denis A. URL on 01.15.2013

  21. With a sleepy smile, she rolled over, ignoring the size of the bed. Two of them laying side by side on a single was almost impossible. But in the musty motel with the sound of the traffic outside, and the constant drip-drip of a leaky tap somewhere, she drifted into the white noise, into oblivion.

    By sonneillon URL on 01.15.2013

  22. I stare at you from across the table
    [But] there’s more than a table between us
    There’s a whole building
    a city
    an ocean
    a universe

    But the size of it doesn’t matter
    Only that there is something between us

    [I still want you]

    By Saudade URL on 01.15.2013

  23. The size of the rat was ridiculous. She screamed and ran in the opposite direction. The rat looked up from his mouthful of cheese and squeaked quizzically.

    By just URL on 01.15.2013

  24. I’m small. Short.

    And I’m really tired of hearing about it. I hate when people exclaim, “Wow! You’re really short!”

    Good observation, Dorothy Ann.

    So please don’t play Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer.”

    By GloriousClio URL on 01.15.2013

  25. Size is how big or small a certain thing is. Size is one way to compare 2 things. Like an elephant and a mouse. I don’t know what else to type.

    By Connor Boudreaux on 01.15.2013

  26. Size maters? Not at all. From the largest star to the smallest microorganism, we are all made out of the same stuff. The smallest of building blocks can creating the greatest of things.

    By Veritas URL on 01.15.2013

  27. You shouldn’t get hung up on size.
    You should just feel good about yourself,
    Eat healthy, exercise and entertain your mind.

    By Robin on 01.15.2013

  28. I am small. People look at me and see a stick. They think I starve myself, dismiss me as someone who tries to look like the models in the magazines. But that is not true. I do not starve myself. Instead, I am cursed with a body that refuses to be substantial enough.

    By Sydney Kehn URL on 01.15.2013

  29. The size of my nails is about average… I’d say. I lid like to think so at least. They are orange. I might want to get that checked… but it may or may not be nail polish. I like bananas but I’m slightly allergic to them.

    By Meaghann on 01.15.2013

  30. They say size doesn’t matter, but when sized-up, I might not, and instead of thinking of the size of the matter, I’m thinking “these shoes, size up, or size down.” What matters is matter, not matters of small size and less matter.

    By Sam Fomon URL on 01.15.2013

  31. I told him he was beautiful, but he thought it was a joke.
    “That word is meant for girls,” he said, laughing as I spoke.
    But honestly, I cannot find a word of proper size
    To describe him when he smiles at me and crinkles up his eyes.

    By Carly URL on 01.15.2013

  32. he sized her up in one glance
    from the top of the shirt to the heels of her pants

    he sized her up in just a glance
    looking down at the palms of his hands
    the lines and cracks he couldn’t understand

    the facts and the myths he’d discovered by chance

    By Aidan URL on 01.15.2013

  33. Does size matter? I think not. A package can be small and hold all the treasures in the world. A package can be large and be so full of everything that you are overwhelmed. Or it can be the other way. They can be full of nothing. Nothing because it has been taken. Taken from them forcefully or given away willingly. An empty heart is what makes me sad for what point is the heart if it does not beat its rhythm. The heart proves our life, our love. Without it we would not be. The size is not what counts. It’s what is there that counts. You.

    By Gen on 01.15.2013


    By JIM BORNE on 01.15.2013

  35. The helmet whispered in my ear, “Hey, fathead, hey dummy, hey dolt. Hey stinkball, hey pincer, hey stoop.” And then it put a scrub brush on its head, and we went off to be a part of a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 01.15.2013

  36. Right size, or more correctly, right-sizing. That’s what they said they
    were doing. But call it anything you want, they were firing people, and
    putting a pretty spin on it didn’t lessen the misery of the thousand or
    more people who were now out of work and thrown out into a mercilessly
    tough job market.

    By chipschap URL on 01.15.2013

  37. fat,clothes,love,measure,big,tall,thin,fits you good,right size,back to my size

    By marilita on 01.15.2013

  38. what everyone have but not always find, its not for everyone, just stereotypes

    By no on 01.15.2013

  39. Size matters not, except if it were pertaining to the size of ones heart. In all that you do, pour out your heart and your soul, for you never may know who will watch, who may be affected, or what type or size of impact you will make.
    I signed another video last night at the request of a friend. I did as well as I could, but didn’t really think I poured out my heart and soul, just did it. He was moved. It was a great and rewarding feeling, but made me feel as though I almost could have (and should have) done a little more…

    By SareyZ URL on 01.15.2013

  40. Clara had lost three inches on her waist and the breast augmentation was done in just the right way; not too big, not too perfect, just enough to show Freddy Nauches what he missed out on in high school.

    By Brad Grusnick URL on 01.15.2013