June 1st, 2013 | 130 Entries

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130 Entries for “sisterhood”

  1. It was a lucky thing that something like sisterhood wasn’t a mantel that could just be donned easily. It wasn’t as if the girls in the house with whom I shared any blood links were any more ‘sisterly’ towards me than a bum under a bridge. And I could join a dozen sororities, and still not find one ounce of sisterhood in its hallowed halls. But here, in the forgotten corner of the writing center… I found my sister…and I would cheerfully shank anyone in the face for saying otherwise.

    By MsMoon URL on 06.01.2013

  2. I just got reminded of my sister you know. I miss her. This is the first time I am gonna be away from her in 21 years. That’s sad.

    By Isha on 06.01.2013

  3. The sisterhood is something that is developed over time. You don’t just ‘get in’. But man o man, when you’re in. These girls are your life, they know you inside and out almost better than you know yourself. They’re the law, the lighthouse, the brick wall in your life that you hit telling you “Nu-uh, do NOT hit that!”

    By MissStrawbunny URL on 06.01.2013

  4. The little girl that I had endured over the years of riding the morning bus was going to be the one that would be the other sister in the small group that my blood sister and I had called a ‘sisterhood’.

    By Juliet on 06.01.2013

  5. Togetherness, a fight for what is ours, what is a basic right. Femininity, learning what that means, what it doesn’t mean. Feminism, one for all and all for one. Family, the ones we love and hold close, those from whom we draw our strength.

    By KT URL on 06.01.2013

  6. Sisterhood. i have known you since I was born, May 30th was your birthday. I forgot to get you a present, but today I bout you three balloons: elmo, spongebob, and flamingo. Then i got you a lemon cake… I hope you liked it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!:) <3

    By Roooonnniie URL on 06.01.2013

  7. sisterhood. a very inclusive concept. reminds me of my close friends and of course my sister.
    my place to teke refuge when the world gets a bit too much to handle, also reminds me of laughter, a lot of it.

    By Sreetama on 06.01.2013

  8. There was the sister hood throughout the family.
    Every one of them were jolly and enjoyable. sisterhood of the Robin Hood.
    Sisterhood. Yes.

    By Mustacheese URL on 06.01.2013

  9. Sisterhood is something I’ve never experienced.
    However, sometimes I’m jealous of those who have.
    They say, “No, trust me, you’re lucky to be an only child.”
    I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.

    By Frannie on 06.01.2013

  10. Their eyes glimmered in the firelight as they regarded each other, all members of a strange sisterhood of women bound by misfortune.

    By WearyWater URL on 06.01.2013

  11. sisterhood traincars bolting down the rails, snail cones beaded with purple pondwater, tips of turtleshells fingering the face, a smell of deep, deep algea, a smell of wet clothes left wet, a stump in the middle of the pond, with a turtle sunbathing.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 06.01.2013

  12. Once lost, never to be found. Look to that life, where there is the shining girl with her Siren hair and then the small, thin one who just wants to be loved. She is jealous and sad and there is no middle ground. There is no love here. It’s all desperation and insecurity and wishing that you were here and she was you and that you were all so much prettier before. You never realise until it’s too late just what you’ve lost.

    By Rosalia Vanderbilt URL on 06.01.2013

  13. Its something that we all expect from our girl friends, and which we value with our siblings.
    Sisterhood implies loyalty, it makes us think that we’d go through hardships for and with that person. It means love.

    By marcela on 06.01.2013

  14. I miss my sister. I wish I got to spend more time with her. It was irritating growing up. Having her around. Constantly copying me. It drove me insane. Now she is her own person, and I am mine. We have grown into wise young women and cherish every moment we get to spend together.

    By Alouette on 06.01.2013

  15. The life of a sibling is rough.
    Yeah, you heard me, rough. Especially when you’re stuck with a sister… and you’re older. Sisterhood isn’t always easy, but it’s fun too. Having a sibling means your childhood isn’t boring. You have someone to play with, someone to laugh and cry and fight with.

    By Sage URL on 06.02.2013

  16. Bonds that transcend time, an ultimate connection that extends beyond the realm of blood and lineage. Sisterhood signifies security, reliance, dependency. Your minds are in tune and words count for not , as one look reveals all.
    It is eternal

    By Ambs URL on 06.02.2013

  17. sisterhood is a word most used in america. a sisterhood often defines different houses in universities or colleges, as they are all supposedly “sisters”. Sisters that will help each other out through anything.

    By Doug on 06.02.2013

  18. in a bathtub i grew up, with her conjuring up beards and hats and rings and necklaces from the parkling foam, steam rising above our heads like the dreams of last night we shared with each other. i grew up in a house of foamplates that she built for me when i while i was gone.

    By berenique URL on 06.02.2013

  19. Well,I haven’t heard much of this word,actually I don’t even surely know what it means I hope it’s like the same as in brotherhood(which I got from Assasin’s creed),Well Assasin’s creed sisterhood would be kind of interesting

    By Pavan on 06.02.2013

  20. something that I think I didn’t really have. and it’s sad to think that.

    By gina ramsey on 06.02.2013

  21. we’ve been together for a lot f years. we’ve gone through many things. we had our falling outs, but here we are together, this is the sisterhood of us. never leave me, never fade.

    By cookie URL on 06.02.2013

  22. sisterhood. I’m experiencing a part of it during my school life I think. I go to a girls high school, which means that I’m surrounded and flooded with sisterhoodness. I don’t know what sisterhood does. What is it? Is it a feeling? Is it something that you achieve? And, what does it do?

    By thedarkestsheep on 06.02.2013

  23. i can’t imagine what it would be like to be under the name ‘sisterhood’. Why, because i am of the brotherhood of brothers. Brothers three to be exact, and it is under my brotherhood of find brothers, me being the youngest, that has aloud me to be the brother of brothers that i am today. So to you sisters, and the hood, i bid you good luck, but nothing more.

    By Petr Esposito on 06.02.2013

  24. i have already written about sisterhood today so not too sure why i am writing about it again. never mind, i suppose i could go into the deep dark depths of the sisterhood conundrum, but i know nothing of the subject as i am of the brotherhood fraternity. Alas, that is all i have on that.

    By petr esposito URL on 06.02.2013

  25. The sisterhood had discovered a spy during the ceremony. However, they decided to leave her in place. If the brotherhood wanted information about them, they would certainly have it. It would be information of the sisters’ own choosing.

    By MauriceWilliams URL on 06.02.2013

  26. It was a common thing in their community, their sisterhood I might say, whenever someone like her appeared wearing such a nice skirt, absolutely everybody went mad. She slowly escaped all the attention by hiding behind the black curtain. She needed that.

    By Stef URL on 06.02.2013

  27. It was impossible, she was dead. As blood dripped calmly through the hallway. The dagger pierced the aorta. Their sisterhood wasn’t forever after all.

    By feeeermendoza URL on 06.02.2013

  28. we laced our fingers together
    and exchanged secrets like dresses
    and comforts and gossip

    maybe in another life
    we had the same blood
    i know that just like how i know
    what you feel, how you’d react.
    and you know i can tell

    so do you forgive me
    for not stopping you when i knew?
    ( when you knew that i knew;
    that might be the worst )

    they said we had the same blood
    in another life
    but in this, mine runs warm
    and yours is cold,
    a stain on the pavement.

    ( i’m sorry that i couldn’t hold you
    like i promised )

    By F URL on 06.02.2013

  29. There was an unspoken promise among the sisterhood; none of them would ever reveal which of them was not a woman.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.02.2013

  30. The sisterhood of the traveling underwear. I think my sixty second are up. Nope. Okay then, I’ll just keep on going. Never mind. Bye.

    By Husnaa on 06.02.2013

  31. When I was six I had a friend. We we’re actually more than one friend. We were a sisterhood of friends. What we did – no one knew. But we were happy. Happy in the forest. Running, laughing and filled with joy.

    By Lille on 06.02.2013

  32. wow, that was a start! I balked at that one. The others I got started on fast. Two sisters of my own, but I am not in the sisterhood. Realize that I am an outsider on that one.

    By Lee URL on 06.02.2013

  33. They had formed an uneasy alliance, the three of them, a sisterhood of sorts. Living in a less than desirable neighborhood, single or single mothers mostly. They were thrown into a situation where watching others backs, caring for each others children, being tuned into the hum and buzz of normal day to day life made them acutely aware of the unusual, the out of sync, the warning bells that something was just not right.

    By kk143 URL on 06.02.2013

  34. sisterhood is a bond that happens outside of a blood relationship. Like mine iwth Tee. She is one of my best friends, I have never felt like it before. We share secrets and stuff. Subhashini and I share a very close bond. We have been friends since childhood

    By Po on 06.02.2013

  35. we are not bound by blood
    but we were created

    from the same strand of light.

    when a third was banished,
    those of us who were left dimmed

    as we grieved.

    celestial bodies do not have cells
    to repair what has been taken;

    only jagged pieces of light

    and an aching darkness, the promise
    of a stagnant astronomy

    and of falling.

    By h. b. URL on 06.02.2013

  36. The bonds of fellowship that unite us, bind us together into a single seamless entity. Living, loving, helping each other through life’s trials, we working together to make a better future for girls and women around the world.

    By Reshmina William on 06.02.2013

  37. I have never understood sisterhood – having no sisters. I’m sure it’s not the same as what I share with friends. It must be reassuring to have someone in your life who knows you that well. Someone to share so many things over time.

    By Heidi URL on 06.02.2013

  38. אמת אחווה משענת אמון התמיכה באה מתוך מקום ברור. לא לשכוח את האח הגדול ולא להגיד בקול אף פעם ולאף אחד משהו שעלול להשמעה לא נכון. ואם כן להזהיר לשתף לספר. לא לתת לאחרת להיפגע.
    ואם היתה פגיעה, דברו על זה, תנו לצד השני להתנצל והמשיכו הלאה. כולנו פועלים ללא מחשבה כשאנחנו באיזור הנוחות שלנו.. אם פגענו ביקר לנו אנחנו מחזיקים בראש ולא מבינים איך יכול להיות שהגשנו לשולחן כד שתייה. כולנו שתינו את אותו תה קר ורק אחד קיבל כאבי בטן.. איך יכול להיות שמשהו נפגע כשאנחנו סך הכל רצינו להרוות ביום חמסין.

    אחוות אחים: מה לא? הכאה על חטא
    זה לא הענשה עצמית על מה עשיתי
    עינוי עצמי יכאיב אל לא יעזור
    נבירה בעבר בצורה מוגזמת תעצור את זרימת החיים שלכם התעלמות והתאלמות ישאירו תאים פגועים בגוף
    גם אצלכם וגם אצל זה עם הכאה בטן

    אחוות אחים- מה כן- ? לנסות לזהות לפי תגובות מה מרגיש השני.
    לנסות ליצור קשר, רצוי בכתב , ולשתף בהבחנה: אם יש להתנצל או אם לא.
    לתת לשני הזדמנות לנקז החוצה במילים את תולדת כאב הבטן.
    לשמוע/לקרוא להכיל,
    הכי חשוב לקבל. לא תמיד מוכרחים להבין. לא תמיד אפשר שנבין .
    לכל אחד מאיתנו מילון מושגים משלו. אותם מושגים עם פירושים שונים.
    הפירוש המילולי/ המשמעותי/ הרציונלי/ ואפילו המקובל ע״י רבים,
    הינו פירוש שכלי אקדמי ואולי אף מקובל ביותר,
    אלא שהמונחים השווים מייצגים משמעויות שונות
    שייצרו אגרון אישי מתוך ההסטוריה של האינדיבידואל
    לא עלינו מוטלת לא חובותינו ולא ביכולתי נו לשנות משמעויות נרדפות אצל השני. .
    מה שכן- אם נסביר בכנות מה זה אומר לנו אפשר לצפות שהשני יבין או לא, את מה שברור לנו. , יקבל או לא, אבל יסלח, עכשיו או אחרכך.

    By Ganu on 06.02.2013

  39. It’s obvious to the boys that sisterhood is beyond their grasp.

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 06.02.2013

  40. My sister is the most precious thing to me in the entire world. To me, sisterhood can’t begin to define what we have, who we are as a unit. She is mine, I am hers- we together create a bond that I, cheesily enough, am completely sure cannot be broken. I lover her into the eternity, she will always be my sister- i’m eternally grateful for our sisterhood.

    By maud on 06.02.2013