June 1st, 2013 | 130 Entries

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130 Entries for “sisterhood”

  1. wow. well I dont really know, i think that sisterood is kind of bonding between women…or bonding between your sisters…it doesnt really matter. its just being close with your girlfriends and completely in their “hood”hehe..

    its kind of self explanitory

    By Hannah URL on 06.01.2013

  2. It’s all about companionship. The other person knowing all about you and not necessarily being related to you. It’s not easy to come by and when you do, you should hold on to it with all that you have. Sisterhood is rare and should be cherished.

    By Gina D URL on 06.01.2013

  3. Sisterhood is not pastel colours and spin the bottle.
    Sisterhood is fighting. It is drawing blood in your youth and tears ever after. It is screaming and yelling and blaming and later- when all is quiet- regret. It is such an endless misery. Competition, bitterness, hatred, grief. And yet-
    The thing about sisterhood; the pains of it prove the promise.

    By F on 06.01.2013

  4. I have always watched the movies of a group of girl friends going out for coffee or beer. Their special bond brings them together through the good times and the bad. They always have each other, that special bond that connects them even when life takes them in different directions. I have always longed for that, another Hollywood fantasy.

    By Cat URL on 06.01.2013

  5. I love having sisters, they have taught me so much seeing the world from their perspective and vicariously living their experiences has added to my life enriching loving

    By Yogama on 06.01.2013

  6. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? I’ve never read it, and I don’t think I ever will.

    By Jason URL on 06.01.2013

  7. sisterhood can mean a lot of things, friendship or actual sisters. i dont have any sisters by blood but i do have sisters that arent blood i have so many girls that serve as my sisters.

    By kelsey on 06.01.2013

  8. Hmm, this word sits at the opposite end of the spectrum in regards to my thoughts and intentions now. Things are happening that I want to stay very, very hidden from my sisterhood.

    By Aley URL on 06.01.2013

  9. I think that it is a sister that is thinking about her past of being a sister. That might help her out when she is an adoult or when se

    By alexandra musser on 06.01.2013

  10. That’s not the way it was supposed to be. My sister was supposed to live, not die this way.
    How would I make my way through this world without my twin sister?

    By Wylee URL on 06.01.2013

  11. AH, the vail of all womanly desires and needs. Sisterhood is not a reality. It is a false statement that is been poured over feminine mystique to make women feel like failures for not having a complete sisterhood circle

    By denise on 06.01.2013

  12. Sister
    She is the person
    that I say I hate
    and may have been too convincing about it
    for when she asked me to say
    “I love you.”
    She was genuinely shocked to find that I said it
    in a heartbeat

    There is no doubt, sister
    I love you
    even if at times my actions do not speak so
    I love you

    By YeSomebody URL on 06.01.2013

  13. The Bronte sisters, there’s three that’ll really exemplify a sibling rivalry. I find it funny how there seems to be this longing and longlasting rivalry between sisters, although it often goes unspoken. people like to focus on the deep bonds between sisters, which are honestly, quite present, however, there still seems to be a lot of frustration in sisterhood as well

    By Ellie on 06.01.2013

  14. I guess there was a moment when my sister realized she would be my sister forever. I mean, she couldn’t very well change the past. The idea dawned on her like the rays of the rising sun. She became a sister. O.O

    By Evan URL on 06.01.2013

  15. I read a book about the sisterhood of the traveling pants once. I never understood why us women always had to take things and make them sound dumb. Brotherhood, now that is really cool sounding, but sisterhood makes it sound like you’re about to get into the middle of something you really don’t want to.

    By Katherine URL on 06.01.2013

  16. Self promotion seems to be an individual addiction but we need to study it in situation. In the sisterhood it is recognised but how is it displayed and in what circumstances does it display, it is allowed to display? Where are the people who cannot do without their faces firmly in front of the pack?

    By Meredyth URL on 06.01.2013

  17. One day, my sister was born. She really freaking annoys me sometimes, but she’s pretty enjoyable when we’re alone. We like hanging out, going on the internet together, watching movies, and eating. I also really like baking together, cause we don’t actually bake what the dough or batter, we just eat it. I think that’s what sisterhood’s about.

    By Katie URL on 06.01.2013

  18. The sisterhood of the traveling pants was an odd movie. I’ve never had a sister, I only had a brother. And he’s a wicked douche. The word reminds me of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Epidode Sisterhooves Social where Rarity and Applejack Switch places for Sweety Belle, so her and rarity could reconcile and honor their sisterhood.

    By Paige on 06.01.2013

  19. Love and family, being in a hood with sisters, maybe two sisters in a pair of pants. My sister and I never got into one pair of pants together though. ITS THE MOVIE. Thats why I think of this!

    By Savannah on 06.01.2013

  20. I always craved to have a sister beside my side; from the moment one of us was born, through the years and the tears. Instead, I’ve come to live in a home with seven brothers. Sometimes I wonder if God did that just to spit a joke in my face. A sisterhood seems like something no one should miss out on; this is not a very funny joke.

    By N URL on 06.01.2013

  21. My friends, sisterhood of the traveling pants sandra bullock stupid shit, friends, drama when they like the same guy. im starting to sound bitter. this isn’t personal just observation.

    By carly on 06.01.2013

  22. You are Breathless
    You are Ecstatic
    You are Unprecedented
    You are Tenacious
    You are Idyllic
    You are Feral
    You are Unreal
    You are Luminous

    You are beautiful.
    And you are mine.

    You likez da poopooz

    By Natalie URL on 06.01.2013

  23. Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart. Since day one, the five goals were drilled into our minds: personal and active faith in G-d; deep respect for intellectual values; social awareness which impels to action; building of community as a Christian value; and personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom. In reality, though, the only one that really affected us was goal five. Every day, we had the freedom to interact with our fellow classmates: sisters of the Sacred Heart. The age-old traditions and unifying customs of the Network created a web of kinship between us and girls all over the world. Through this special bond, there existed a love, a love so deep and passionate, that it could only be defined by a single word: sisterhood.

    By Sara on 06.01.2013

  24. sisterhood is the bond two girls have. Not to be in a sexual intention, but just a strong friendship or closeness. A strong trust and bond is formed.

    By Kevin on 06.01.2013

  25. Sisterhood is something that I’ve really never got to enjoy, although I have three sisters of my own. The older we get, the more we’ve bonded but really I feel like I was robbed of this experience when I was a child due to my mothers selfishness.

    By M on 06.01.2013

  26. I love my sister. She is one of my best friends. It’s hard to think of being without her. We fight a lot, and sometimes it’s hard because she has Aspergers and she gets irritating. But I love her. And I wouldn’t trade her for anyone else. She is so smart and talented and beautiful and creative and I don’t think she always sees that, but I do.

    By Shay on 06.01.2013

  27. a spot of dirt on the crisp, white sheets. you can’t stop pulling at it, so i watch you play with the threads sister. why can’t you ever notice what’s really important?

    By genahtastic URL on 06.01.2013

  28. I like to think that my friends and i are in a sisterhood. they are there for me like nobody else is. We are all single, we are all strange in different sort of ways and I love them for that. I can’t even begin to cover how much I love them for that. They are the sisters my mother never blessed me with – yet, blessed me with entirely.

    By Murphy Coleman on 06.01.2013

  29. A time of wonder. A time of love. She was the best thing to ever happen to me. I loved her from the second I saw her little hands reach up to touch my face. Oh how I loved her. She was a precious joy. Now she is just a precious memory. For life was cruel and took my sister away. Too young, much much too young. So big a future, so short a life.

    By Abi on 06.01.2013

  30. my sister dont know what i would do without her i love her so much nothing is stronger than sisterhood right on and she is my twin known her all my life sisters by chance friends by choice huh well im glad i got her thank you god

    By dizzie0121 on 06.01.2013

  31. I have bled the crimes of eternity. The sisterhood club ransacked my ethical maps and now I am humbled by my wretched disposition. I have never felt so shamed by what I have done. Now the morbid day speaks in tongues.

    By Anna on 06.01.2013

  32. What can I say about sisterhood? I have it through family and friends. I have two sisters who I am extremely close with. They are my rocks. My other sisters are my closest friends at school. Sisterhood is the meaning of true friends, blood or not.

    By Kendall on 06.01.2013

  33. i don’t have a sister and i’m glad for that. but i do have ivette and she’s the closest thing i have to a sister. but then there’s cory who is actually my “sista” and if i were to choose between them, i would sacrifice myself in order for them to stay. because they are 2 of the most important people to me that aren’t blood.

    By Elisa on 06.01.2013

  34. The sisterhood of the travelling pants, or sweatshirt in our case. Whatever happened to that raggedy old thing? And what a stupid concept- the pants that fit them all. It’s cute though, and actually a poignant story of how we come to know ourselves when we our separated from the comfort of our loved ones and put in a foreign situation or place. Nothing wrong with that.

    By Laurel on 06.01.2013

  35. I have a sister & she is really mean to me. she called me a bitch on my birthday but my mom says I have to stop fighting with her, She is 24 and she still lives in my house, I have to share a room with the demon. she is super duper mean to me. I wish I could bond with her but she is cranky ALL THE TIME!!!

    By nicole on 06.01.2013

  36. The journey I share with my actual sister. We are best friends and we go on crazy adventures together. I love her with all my heart and i’d do anything for her. She is the person who I tell all my secrets to.

    By Nicole on 06.01.2013

  37. When we left for the airport my luggage clicked gently at my heels. Lindsey was at the other end of that flight and that’s all I could think of. It had been years since I last saw her face and I was determined to cherish the moment.

    By Samantha Proxmire URL on 06.01.2013

  38. I dont have any actual genetic sisters but to me family doesnt have to be about blood but about closeness. My stepsister Lizzie is the closest thing i will have to a sister and shes all that I need.

    By Samantha URL on 06.01.2013

  39. Sisterhood
    is a bond
    of the womb
    you are not
    my sister
    we share blood
    (blood that you spilled)
    but you never
    treated me like a sister
    to you i was:
    a nuisance
    a game
    you paid attention to me
    when it was convenient for you
    well, here’s what i say:
    you’re a nuisance
    i won’t be a part of your game
    and if you try
    to spill my blood again
    I’m going to finally
    fight back

    not even shared blood
    can save you now
    because the water of the womb
    cannot quench my hatred
    of you

    By cosmic URL on 06.01.2013

  40. sisterhood…a strong pack of women…not necessarily related at all. A bond overflowing with love, honor, loyalty, respect, admiration, understanding, friendship, companionship and enough support to last a lifetime. Though my sisterhood consists only of a very chosen few…I wouldn’t trade them in for all the money in the world!

    By RaShelle URL on 06.01.2013