June 1st, 2013 | 130 Entries

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130 Entries for “sisterhood”

  1. it’s a very powerful word and it means alot because it describes the relationship between sisters and it’s really amazing and beautiful because its part of the family and she can be your best friend and best mate and you can talk about everything with her and its just beautiful okay

    By dia on 06.01.2013

  2. .

    By Emma on 06.01.2013

  3. fighting, love, laughs and insults
    knowing almost exactly what your pain is, and experiencing so many things together
    sometimes completely opposite
    sometimes similar
    im a twin

    By Kirsty on 06.01.2013

  4. I don’t have any sisters.

    By mckalice on 06.01.2013

  5. Sisterhood. I think the words best friends and sisterhood are almost exactly the same thing. Somebody there for you always, family. Somebody having your back, knowing you’re loved, needed, accepted. Sister hood

    By hattie sager URL on 06.01.2013

  6. oh sisterhood is a good thing like brotherhood, it strengthen the bonds between humans and it makes you a good person, i am just typing, i know it’s dumb so, is it over yet? certainly not, motherhooooood, hello hello yyyaaaaaah

    By Zaid on 06.01.2013

  7. sisterhood. i’ve learned about this over time. i was born with an older sister but we shared no sister hood. i share sisterhood with very few people. 2 to be precise. and i couldn’t be more grateful for them. my sisters. my friends. my lifelines.

    By whitney on 06.01.2013

  8. The sisterhood was stronger than anyone could have ever imagined. They kept secrets like Pandora’s Box, they were attached at the hips and were often inseparable. But that changed one day when Pandora’s Box was opened, and the secrets came flooding, one after another, until the sisterhood was broken.

    By Leighton on 06.01.2013

  9. She slips her small hand into mine. I didn’t used to like the feel of hers. They were no longer pudgy and pale like they used to be. they were more alike mine. work and strong; tanner. In fact, she was

    By Zander on 06.01.2013

  10. she slips her hand into mine. it’s not as small as it once was; no longer as pale and pudgy. It’s much like my own. In fact, she’s now a lot like me.

    By AngelFace on 06.01.2013

  11. Nuns in black and white habits is what I picture. Picture poem about nuns and lilies
    in a garden.Hear nun chatter. Beads and rustling sweeping garments. Polished tables and rustling corridors, Gothic convent buildings.sisterhood and then brotherhood. Nuns with plump smiling faces. Audrey Hepburn.

    By jack blake URL on 06.01.2013

  12. Minds together as one, secrets floating in a shared pool. Friends, accomplices, trusted brethren. Forever tied to the tightly bound vow of the sisterhood.

    By Megan on 06.01.2013

  13. sisters love

    By Nia on 06.01.2013

  14. Friends of old. Both in good times and bad. We comfort each other in our losses , and celebrate our joys together. Quiet times are not questioned, and we enjoy each others space. Sisterhood.

    By Bobbi URL on 06.01.2013

  15. Søskende, lillesøster. Hm.. Sådan en har jeg sgu, lidt ligesom så mange andre er hun helt sin egen og alligevel ret meget som mig? Jeg ser på hende og ser hende selv, ser lidt af mig, af far og mor og alle de andre der har gjort hende til den søster hun er.

    By El Aksel on 06.01.2013

  16. Can we define what it is to love?
    is it time to defer from precious sanctuaries?
    We are just victims of our own
    self inflicted catastrophes.


    By Jason Ohono on 06.01.2013

  17. She told me that I wasn’t thin enough, and I wondered what this word meant. Funny how I still have to love her even though she makes all the pain. Love is such a timid thing in that way. Forced.

    By Brigid URL on 06.01.2013

  18. Wow. True that. Aj ty. ET is calling sister. Hood.

    By Do I have to have a name? on 06.01.2013

  19. Is not about a pair of pants, or being the best you can be with each other. My sister, bound to me by familial ties and by blood, she is not a choice, rather a person I can grow to love. Love you like a sister implies the cruelty of learning to love. That is all.

    By MissCatLady URL on 06.01.2013

  20. Imagine Ku-Klux-Klan Housewives forming a sisterhood. To have their clothes whiter and cleaner than ever before.

    By Cydoniac on 06.01.2013

  21. Her initiation into the blue flame sisterhood was a joyous celebration surrounded by century
    old growth in the deep of the Boreal forest.

    By skylarkin on 06.01.2013

  22. A sisterhood is a group of women. They don’t have to be related by blood. They can be friends with a common factor. A sisterhood will protect each other. They fight for one another and act as a sounding board. They watch movies, sleep over, and talk about the men in their lives that do crazy things. They are friends in the beginning but turn into sisters the more they interact with each other.

    By Cassie on 06.01.2013

  23. “Love you soo much little sis.”
    “Yeah well don’t tell anyone i still have a rep to protect.”
    “You’re such a douche ya know”
    “That’s not what he said last night bud.”

    By Jada Chandler on 06.01.2013

  24. i know it’s been a long time since we got a chance to talk, she said as she glanced off in the direction of the kitchen. I think that tea’s almost done I replied, and started to get up and pour us a cup.

    By Shawn McSomethingorother on 06.01.2013

  25. Sisterhood is much harder than brother hood. Brothers follow a kind of code of honour. There is no honour

    By jore on 06.01.2013

  26. girls

    By Larry on 06.01.2013

  27. The two leaned against each other’s shoulders, smiling somewhat wistfully as they looked in front of them at the children playing together.

    “Did you veer think,” said Susan, “that we’d be so lucky?”

    “Sometimes.” said Lydia, “Before Francis Whitting.”

    Susan’s lip curled, and she looked at her eldest, Henry, as he played in the sand, “Well, thank goodness for Francis Whitting, at any rate.”

    By Maria URL on 06.01.2013

  28. “’cause we are sisters.
    We stick together.
    We are all one family,
    ’cause we all look the same.”
    -the Cheetah Girls

    Take that as an inspiration for life, the universe and everything as we know it because, Yes. It is a great thing. Yes. Yes. Yes.

    By Blaze on 06.01.2013

  29. i learnt what sisterhood was at the age of 17. I met my stepsister lilly back then. She is more of a sister to me than my actual half sister which i have never met. I miss lilly so much now. I cant wait to be back with her and enjoy her. She is growing up so quickly without me.

    By elena on 06.01.2013

  30. Crazy. This reminds me of my older sister and all the stupid stuff we do like trying to shove cake pops in the fridge when its already full to the brim. This is listening to Ed Sheeran and Lana Del Ray and random Pandora songs loudly in the middle of the night. This is love. We are invincible. We are stupid. We are dreamers and lovers and determined to have the last word. We are sisters.

    By Simmone on 06.01.2013

  31. This is the meaning of love and friendship. You find it in you sister and your girlfriends. Belonging in a sisterhood means so much, it means you are never alone and always cared for. Sisterhood carries you through the darkest parts of your life and leads you happier days.

    By Laura on 06.01.2013

  32. Thankfully sisterhood is not reserved for our biological sisters. It extends to those with whom we feel a spiritual bonding or those who are joined by likeness of mind. When those bonds are torn and ripped apart it is no less painfully than loosing a blood relative.

    By Tracey on 06.01.2013

  33. It is probably better than brotherhood, given the fuck ups of men.

    By zee on 06.01.2013

  34. “We share a bond. One sacred and upheld above all others. A bond of magic, a bond of blood. A bond of sisterhood. This is what separates us, what sets us apart. What makes us who we are. For we are the Sith’hasrah, sisters of the blackened sun.”
    “May we always walk the darkened path.” came the echo.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 06.01.2013

  35. A group of sisters can be related or not related but the common factor is BOND. They have a strong bond where they are like sisters. . . .till the end.

    By C on 06.01.2013

  36. Their sisterhood was unrivaled, their compassion for one another unparalleled. Ergo, it came as an enormous shock to the town of Little Feather when one sister was put in the county jail for the murder of the other.

    Sheriff Rachel Flagstaff had received much scrutiny for her decision to incarcerate Cindy Harper, but to her, the evidence was clear: Not everything, including the love of two sister, was as it seemed.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.01.2013

  37. She means the world to me. My little sister. My older sister. There is a connection, a power between us that I’ll never feel for anyone else. I would do anything for them and they would do anything for me. There’s nothing that can stand between us.

    By Ellie on 06.01.2013

  38. Sisterhood is about being loyal and backing each other up. It’s also hard to put a sisterhood together but harder to break it apart.

    By leah on 06.01.2013

  39. I used to be a member of the Sisterhood of Microwaved Peeps, but as they say, those were simpler times. We would play on the swingset, the wind rushing through our long, long hair. They all have short hair now, except for me. Those were simpler times. I would gasp when a singer said the word “hell”. I would go out on the trampoline and stare at the stars for what seemed like hours.

    By Isis on 06.01.2013

  40. The term “sisterhood” means so many different things to girls across the world. For me, it is the bond that is formed when those all-too-rare friendships with girls spring up and tighten due to living with each other for periods of time, or in spending too much time together. I would say that Anna, Emiley, and even Shelby and I all experience this close bond of sisterhood. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

    By Abster on 06.01.2013