August 22nd, 2011 | 904 Entries

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904 Entries for “sinking”

  1. “I don’t like you.”
    Those the only words I heard leave his mouth after I asked him about his feelings for me. My heart sunk down into my legs.

    By Addie URL on 08.22.2011

  2. I have a weird sinking feeling in my stomach. Something tells me I’m about to murder a small child. I’m usually right about these sort of things.

    By Shaban on 08.22.2011

  3. That sinking feeling when you’re digging that hole. The feeling when you lay that poor twisted garbage bag into the earth. You’re crying.
    “It’s hard to dig a hole with tears in your eyes.”
    Ruth’s sardonic smile hurts you, almost as much as her dry eyes.

    By Sam on 08.22.2011

  4. as soon as you hit the pool, you can begin to sink if you don’t know how to swim. heavy objects will sink down to the end of the pool if you don’t get them out of there. anything can sink really. but light objects can’t sink. they just float.

    By Melissa on 08.22.2011

  5. sinking is such a sad feeling, because floating is such a great one. sinking wouldn’t be that bad if floating wasn’t that good. floating is the best, it’s like you’re untouchable and nothing can bother you, whereas sinking you’re infinitely vulnerable and there’s no way to escape. you’re just always going farther down.

    By Leah on 08.22.2011

  6. bubbles drifting upward as you are sinking.
    you look up and forget.
    you are mesmerized by the size and shapes of the bubbles;
    spraying light from above.

    By JorgeRuiz URL on 08.22.2011

  7. the boat was steady on a river, but sudenly everything changed. An Alligator was bitting a hole in the boat and the boat sank. Now there is no hope for our passengers.

    By Martin on 08.22.2011

  8. Sometimes I feel like I’m sinking. Like there is lead in my feet and my heart and my bones and I’m quickly being pulled under, gasping for breath. It’s at times like these that I reconsider everything. My life, my goals, my work. Things I’ll never accomplish and things I desperately want to do.

    By Liz on 08.22.2011

  9. sinking and drowing in sorrows asking for pity to borrow , but as my pockets my heart as well is hollow. empty. asking for an emotion love sent me you as my potion but it corrodes in my insecurity.

    By Raul Salas on 08.22.2011

  10. Tiefer geht eigentlich nicht mehr. Ok. Du lebst noch nicht unter der Brücke. Du hast jeden Tag genug zu essen. Du stinkst nicht und deine Kleidung ist zwar nicht der letzte Schrei, aber es geht gerade noch so. Aber hej – so geht es nicht weiter! Du kannst dich doch nicht den ganzen Tag zu Hause verkriechen! Du musst doch auch mal auf irgendwas hinarbeiten! Gib dir mal einen Ruck, eh!

    By Eli URL on 08.22.2011

  11. That sinking feeling.
    When you believed and hoped for that one thing to go your way, it fails. You sink into sadness.
    Sinking into deep music that penetrates your mind and locks you in, not letting you go. It holds you in until your forced to let loose.
    Sinking into a warm hug. Happiness engulfs you.

    By Hannah URL on 08.22.2011

  12. Do you ever get the sinking feeling, like no one can help you. You just keep falling, slowly, into a deep abyss, watching everyone else rise above you.

    By Clair URL on 08.22.2011

  13. when i sink to the bottom of the ocean i regret the breathing in… I regret the taking of air when there was no air to consume beneath the water. I lay at the bottom. I crush into a million pieces of coral and rock and fish scales. I am nothing without my air. Just pieces. I tell the sinking to stop. I am sinking.

    By Katie Hemmen on 08.22.2011

  14. And in came that sinking feeling again. When I took a second to look back on all I said I would do and all I failed to follow through on. It’s all a matter of time, really- before each our dream and aspiration goes up in smoke.

    By Morgan URL on 08.22.2011

  15. Sinking, sinking down farther into that hole. Can you dig yourself out? Do you want to? Do you like that hole? Maybe you do, maybe it’s comfort. Maybe it’s killing you at the same time. Like a feel good drug.

    By Svallbok Svenson URL on 08.22.2011

  16. Sinking, falling, choking.
    Your arms, the icy water, red locks of hair.
    Love, terror, the end.

    By Heather Elise on 08.22.2011

  17. He did it. I was sinking, sinking fast. it hurt, and i couldn’t do crap about it. Save me, help me, I beg of you. Why does it hurt that he didn’t say three little words! I can’t stop this now. Let me go into the depths of heartbreak and misery.

    By Elizabeth Ann URL on 08.22.2011

  18. I have a sinking feeling inside when I see you. Because I know that I can’t be with you. I try and say a few words to comfort me. I know you are happy and that’s what counts.

    By Arru on 08.22.2011

  19. I’m sinking. Faster than a belt of weights. Funny thing is, those serve the purpose to that which I am trying to avoid. Add weight to yourself and feel your limbs relax as the water consumes you and all you ever were. All you ever could be. Sink with closed eyes and let it all go.

    By A.J. O'Riley URL on 08.22.2011

  20. help! ships. heartache heartbroken sands sinking in dawning on sinking feeling

    By lcbrasher on 08.22.2011

  21. There’s this room painted black in the Art Center. It shows movies. One is a man jumping into water in slow-motion. It’s one of their permanent pieces, I think. He sinks slowly and eerily into a cloud of bubbles and dark water.

    By Cianna on 08.22.2011

  22. Did you ever have that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach? An ominous feeling when something bad is about to happen. I don’t like that sinking feeling. Do you?

    By lcbrasher on 08.22.2011

  23. It reminds me of depression, sinking into the sadness that keeps you and holds you there for months, years. Feeling the sadness sinking into you, every part of you. Sinking into your dreams so you don’t even want to sleep. Which was once your only escape.

    By Chloe on 08.22.2011

  24. This is just like an improv game. You start out with an idea and eventually you envelope this idea, and it does you. You sink into a character, become someone new, if only for a few seconds. Or you become someone else for months at a time, if you managed to land a part in the play. It’s really a beautiful feeling, sinking is.

    By Cianna on 08.22.2011

  25. The titanic sank, even though it was said to be unsinkable. This just proves that you can’t take things for granted and that nothing is impossible. Sinking feelings are actually good because it reminds you of your boundaries.

    By Xanthe URL on 08.22.2011

  26. drown me in a pool of memories
    ill sink right to the bottom
    cause dreams cease to matter
    the second there forgotten

    By Lily on 08.22.2011

  27. I get this feeling that my life sometimes sinks. Like, in such a way that I can’t get control of it. But then something happens and I do. Whether it be that my friends care about me and show me that they do care, or my boyfriend just showing up, I know that life isn’t all that bad and that sinking feeling doesn’t come around that often. I like that. A lot.

    By Megan Jardine URL on 08.22.2011

  28. I am having this sinking feeling that these things that I so want resolved will never ever be and that this sinking feeling will sink deeper and deeper until it hits bottom, a bottom that is not so much sharp and rocky as spongy and gluey and that will smother me entire.

    By Bonnie Schwartz on 08.22.2011

  29. Im sinking like a ship in water so deep. Im sinking like a helpless balloon loosing air. Looking up at the world and tje people around me wondering if they can see me if they can tell how quickly im sinking. But to me i sink slowly and everything around me seems to be floating contently while im sinking. I doubt they can caise to them im just anpther girl they see on the street as they walk by me. Some smile at me but none cam really tell how far im sinking. I dream of one day when someone will save me and i will no longer be sinking.

    By Kimberly Cowell URL on 08.22.2011

  30. I was sinking towards the sanity line, but someone saved me. Thank glob, I’m still unsane.

    By Ambrosius URL on 08.22.2011

  31. there was once this pit and i fell into it. it felt a little like flying, falling. i couldn’t really tell which way i was going, just knew i was suspended. i sank so deep that day.

    By Briana URL on 08.22.2011

  32. as the boat was sinking we panicked and dived to the lifeboats pushing small children out of the way to save ourselves. children suck. children be damned we screamed!!! as we plunged ionto the icy waters next to the life boats we knew we were going to die, we should have used a child as a floatation device. time was of the essence cos if we were in for any moment longer we would surely die. stephen said, i dont want to die a virgin :L loooooool and dead…. as graces life flashed before her eyes, she realised she had done nothing… except get drunk… a lot… she regretted nothing!! as stephens life flashed before his eyes he realised he want a vrigin cos he slept with several people at once. he is a whore.

    By Graphen on 08.22.2011

  33. I sink deeper into this cycle
    of slowly losing desire.
    deeper and deeper i go, waiting
    for it to shallow out
    as i wait to keep myself from being shallow.

    By Rehsad URL on 08.22.2011

  34. As he sank to the ground, he could feel it closing in. Closing close. What.. am I doing

    Why is this so warm

    Why am I doing this?


    By bn on 08.22.2011

  35. There was a point in time where I thought you must keep your head above water. A time that sinking felt like the worse thing possible. Like you must fight it however you can, but I learned after a while. You just have the embrace it. Totally. Fully.

    By Patrick on 08.22.2011

  36. I am sinking, slowly downward.
    I am falling, into the depths.
    Slowly the darkness begins to envelope me.
    Suddenly, I am at peace.

    By Daniel Coville on 08.22.2011

  37. as in a sinking feeling? thats very ominous. great foreshadowing if you will. or maybe youre actually physically sinking. as in water. again ominous. or maybe something better, like honey. odd, but not bad. or sinking into sleep, into a bed. theres some happier connotation. personally i like the intellectual kind of sinking.

    By Christine on 08.22.2011

  38. I like to think that at the bottom of quicksand pits is a place made of gold and silver. Nothing is sad or depressing, the air is soaked with pure optimism. I wish I were there, not here.

    By Caitlin on 08.22.2011

  39. heavy weight pressing down, shoving you into the earth below. gravity falling from the sky. your feet are already buried and they keep pushing down. sinking in the sea, the waves tossing you about. brood and bask in the sun as you sink deep.

    By jenna on 08.22.2011

  40. again?
    shesh,, titanic was sinking and Noah’s ark didn’t….. not much more i can say here… professionals against a 60 year old man and God.

    By Alline URL on 08.22.2011