August 23rd, 2011 | 699 Entries

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699 Entries for “silk”

  1. silk is part of a cloth. Many people use silk instead of fabric. Silk is hard to sew on clothes.

    By shontavia on 08.24.2011

  2. Silk is a natural protein fiber. The best-known type of silk is obtained from the cocoon of the larvae. Silks are produced by several other insects, but only the silk of moth caterpillars has been used for textile manufacturing. Silk production is especially common in the hymenoptera.

    By cliff on 08.24.2011

  3. Reminds me of china. And spiders… Wait, worms can spin silk too right?
    I don’t know. But its pretty soft. When i was a little, I had a silk night gown that i had to hold to fall asleep every night. I called it Silky. Those were the good days.

    By Vonny on 08.24.2011

  4. Silk feels amazing and is very sexy. I love cuddling in silk but when you get hot things can become sticky. Silk makes me think of sex and romantic happenings. When I think of silk I think of beds and dresses.

    By Sarah on 08.24.2011

  5. It is a word about clothing. Also i know its a group name silk . They was an R&B group. The was fye . Silk is like different from cotton.

    By Jabarri on 08.24.2011

  6. it’s like cotton, but smooth. and it reminds me of milk,
    I dont have silk. I think its expensive. but you dont have to iron silk.
    I dont think that silk would be comfortable underwear

    By yohanna on 08.24.2011

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    By greycilen on 08.24.2011

  8. You wore a silk scarf. It wrapped around your neck comfortably. I always remembered the scarf. It looked so soft and suitable on your skin. I feared the day I’d forget it, for this day was inevitable. I know silk. I know your silk.

    By Sherlock Holmes URL on 08.24.2011

  9. smooth as milk
    soft as air
    wrapped around me on my
    big comfy chair.
    draped over my knee
    makes me full of glee.

    By Malinda Linger on 08.24.2011

  10. The silk in the hands of the mistress seemed quite rudimentary. Nonetheless, a vision of that kind could only provide just more hints to the real feelings of the beholder: an evil woman, jeolous of the woman in front of her.

    By Victor Castellanos on 08.24.2011

  11. The touch of skin. Beautiful skin. Summer. Sun. Love in bloom. Just like the flowers. It’s amazing, its simplicity. The way real silk floats around your body. We are one. The only thing that keeps up apart is silk.

    By Marloes URL on 08.24.2011

  12. soft nice comfy light red i like silk silk is nice and fun silk is soft and comfortable i have silk boxers and sheets.

    By dom on 08.24.2011

  13. soft to touch
    nice to hold
    draped all about me
    the feeli of it
    never gets old.

    By Passion8 URL on 08.24.2011

  14. Like the brand? Silk milk? That’s the brand that makes almond milk and soy milk. It’s also a fabric used to make clothing, am I right? If you get a stain on it, isn’t it near impossible to clean it? Well, of course I wouldn’t know. I’m not the one who does the laundry in this household! Also, silky, the adjective!

    By Monika on 08.24.2011

  15. As the soft fabric caresses your skin, you realize what a wonder this Chinese secret is. Could you imagine if the little worms found in China were not discovered and this ancient secret was never formed? The adjective, “silky”, would be gone from our dictionaries.

    By marynn URL on 08.24.2011

  16. There was once a girl who always wore silk nightgowns. She owned them in hundreds of different colors. Collecting these nightgowns was her passion. The silk was always so smooth and comforted her when she was not feeling well. She was quite lonely, considering she lived in a rural area with nothing other than a few cats.

    By lila on 08.24.2011

  17. Silk silk silk, what does a cow eat? GRASS! That’s the usual trick people talk about trying to fool others! Silk is a tricky thing I suppose, smooth and so soft but yet so expensive and out of reach. Barely anyone has this or even uses the word itself.

    By Jeremy on 08.24.2011

  18. so beautiful and luxurious; i want to rub and caress it against my skin. Banarasi silk is soft and the spiders that weave this fabric are ingenious

    By sunnydai URL on 08.24.2011

  19. silk is a very soft fabric. its made into many pillow and is a wonderful thing to have line coats or jackets. silk is very smooth and soft.

    By Natalie on 08.24.2011