August 22nd, 2011 | 904 Entries

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904 Entries for “sinking”

  1. Aren’t we always sinking, or atleast fighting that sinking feeling that sneaks up on us even when everthing seems perfect, planned out, categorically accurate. Still, sinking on the edge of everything. After a meal. before a class-the sinking feeling creeping in.

    By Sydney Mckenney on 08.22.2011

  2. sinking in…nowhere?..deepness?
    i think
    or in water..
    a sink..sinking?

    By Rocsy on 08.22.2011

  3. My life feels like it’s a boat—sinking. I’m not sure where these huge waves will take me….or if I will even make it.

    By Write_Off URL on 08.22.2011

  4. i am sinking to the bottom on a hill and my grandma is dragging me down there. she never wants to stop asking me to do everything considering the fact that i am the only one out of my siblings that does anything around the house. i wish that they would help so i would have a little bit more free time.

    By cannon on 08.22.2011

  5. You shouldn’t keep doing this.
    Why do you hold that camera at my face
    expecting me to look good in front of it?
    My smile will never be good enough
    My eyes never at the perfect position
    My eyelids always dropping or too high.
    It never works.
    But you keep doing it.
    I keep sinking
    lower and lower
    and lower.

    By Mary URL on 08.22.2011

  6. deep into the soft velvet of a warm kiss, daring not to stop it because when you stop sinking, you are at the bottom .. hopeless … forever waiting to be pulled back up by that same velvet kiss that caused you to sink in the first place –

    wrapped around entirely with bliss

    By kat on 08.22.2011

  7. the ship is going down! that’s all i heard as water filled the bed. i started to panic, tried to get out of bed, but I was frozen. everybody out! i heard screams, the stomping of feet above me. again i tried to move, yell, but nothing. i looked down at my body and realized that it was no longer there. my arms and legs were in a bucket next to me.

    By Amilia on 08.22.2011

  8. a ship is sinking down a hole and no one can escape and its very wet because they are in the ocean and it is a big ship but there are not a lot of people on it just the crew like on a submarine but its not a submarine.

    By Eleanor on 08.22.2011

  9. sinking is a strange feeling. you are just sinking sinking sinking. Where are you going? to the bottom. but what if there is no bottom? what if you will be lost forever? If you know which way is up, you’re fine…if not, you might be gone

    By breanne on 08.22.2011

  10. sometimes i get a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach right before something bad happens and then if feel twice as bad which makes me sink down further therefore sinking my mood until if feel like i’m in the deep end literally sinking!

    By Angelique on 08.22.2011

  11. to escape pain, return to the sea.

    she repeated these words like a mantra, wondering why her cold-pressed
    silk nightgowns could feel so rough in her hands.

    the years had not been kind. she feared that one day
    all her internalized fears would

    By invinculis URL on 08.22.2011

  12. I don’t want to sink into the ground like other people do. They do nothing; they don’t fight, they just allow themselves to be swallowed hole. I don’t want to be like them. I want to have the willpower to pull myself out.

    By Caroline URL on 08.22.2011

  13. i can dance around this space with you. i can play the jester for your pleasure. i can speak the voices you love to hear or mime if you want silence. i can wear all the faces in this chest of mine but you will rarely see my own. i am sinking under all of who you think i am and you don’t even like the show that much.

    By bethanyruth URL on 08.22.2011

  14. This is the perfect word for me today because I was with her today and it just didn’t go well sometimes I wish that weren’t together maybe things will be easier maybe I can finally do the things I really want to do but instead every day I just sink further and further into love and into the life we’re going to have together and I don’t know if I’m sinking into hell or heaven.

    By Alex on 08.22.2011

  15. I’m meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelting! What a world! What a world! Who could have thought a little girl like you could destroy all of my beautiful wickedness?!

    By Bob on 08.22.2011

  16. water…a lot of water…Black Sea…friends… Disco, Let’s smell the water, let’s see the sunrise. That’s so hot in here ..’cause it’s summer!

    By Iulia URL on 08.22.2011

  17. I began feeling the water get colder as I sunk deeper and deeper. The blood swirled around me as the light got dimmer and dimmer. I could see the dark figure turn and begin to walk away. My eyes began to close. It didn’t matter anymore.

    By Braeden Sawyer on 08.22.2011

  18. My heart was sinking the longer i sat there. The longer i stared at that ring on her finger, the deeper into depths of despair i fell. The longer i stared into your eyes, looking for unhappiness, the less i saw a trace of it.

    By Maddie on 08.22.2011

  19. The sinking ship left thousands stranded in the middle of the ocean.
    “Jan!” the girl cried as she bobbed helplessly up and down on the barrel she had managed to secure.
    “I’m here, Kat!” came the cry above all other cries.

    By Kat on 08.22.2011

  20. I often felt like I was sinking, like the world around me was was a huge inescapable darkness. Things choked me, my own inhibitions or the way it felt to be alone. Whenever left to confront myself, I faced that terrible threat of sinking.

    By Lana C. Marilyn URL on 08.22.2011

  21. Being free from everything. Yet it doesnt last forever. And then when its over it never starts again. Its over…forever. There is no fear.

    By Julie-Eve Cloix URL on 08.22.2011

  22. The bottom is far farther down than you can see. The bottom is something so very unforgiving. But there is one thing I can promise you. If you slip, you’re not coming back. Hold my hand if you need, but I won’t see you sinking.

    By rae bird on 08.22.2011

  23. I feel like my proverbial ship is sinking as I get closer to land. Sometimes, I just feel like I could leap into the blue, and swim the rest of the way. It’s just so hard to take that first step.

    By Raymond Masters URL on 08.22.2011

  24. I was sinking to the bottom of the ocean, and there was nothing I could do about it.
    My breath began to get tight, my lungs felt as if a great rock was crushing them. I sank deeper into the black abyss, so deep that I couldn’t see the light.
    Had I turned? Which way was up now?

    By Jessica Flory URL on 08.22.2011

  25. I suppose when I think about the word sinking I just think about one person. It doesn’t matter what his name is, but whenever I think about this person, I immediately start sinking. I sink back into the feelings that I’m not good enough and I never will be. I hate that feeling.

    By Sarah URL on 08.22.2011

  26. she’s breaking through the ice, falling, sinking, faster and faster, right through space and time itself. she has no oxygen but she can still breathe. there is no light but she can still see. she can’t tell if she’s living or dying.

    By Courtknee on 08.22.2011

  27. I watched the look in his face while we was sinking into the deep blue ocean. I can’t believe I actually did it, I threw him in. I just couldn’t stand his chattering anymore and there was no one, nothing to stop me. We have been stranded in the ocean for 3 days and I couldn’t take it anymore.

    By HonestAde URL on 08.22.2011

  28. Sinking is a good word because the idea of something physically sinking goes well with the idea of sinking as an idea of sadness. The feeling of sinking in your stomach is comparable to the image of a ship sinking, as well as something like a business sinking which is easily comparable to the feeling all the people who worked there get in their stomachs.

    By Josh Roberts URL on 08.22.2011

  29. Sometimes I feel like I’m just sinking deeper into the cesspool. No matter how much I struggle to stay afloat, more sludge is dumped onto me to drive me down, but I refuse to stop swimming.

    By B. Green URL on 08.22.2011

  30. I am sinking, drifting beneath the water lungs filling with salt and sweat and tears and i can’t breath, must breath, must get back to the surface. arms flailing, legs pumping, higher, higher, closer, lighter. eyes spotting, vision blurring. dying, drifting, falling, sinking.

    By havingsaidthat URL on 08.22.2011

  31. The sinking feeling in his gut was worsened when the man in the brown shirt revealed what was behind is back. Two-and-a-half feet long from tip to handle, the blade seemed to catch all of the light from the single, incandescent bulb. A machete was not generally used as a torture device. In most cases, you want to ensure precision. But this guy didn’t look like much of a surgeon. He wouldn’t care whether he chopped off a fingertip, or his victim’s entire arm.

    By S.C. Nolan URL on 08.22.2011

  32. The feeling of falling down, literally and figuratively; emotionally and physically. The lowering of ones self.

    By Jalen Knight on 08.22.2011

  33. sometimes i feel like i’m sinking into a couch made of marshmallow. nothing to support me, nothing to sustain me, nothing to help me. just fluff. just expanded air with no purpose. and then, i realize that i am sinking. sinking into my own thoughts. thoughts that have no purpose, no support, no sustenance, no help. thoughts that were meant to leave me sinking. thoughts that i will never think again.

    By BrownSugarBritches URL on 08.22.2011

  34. A story starts with so much promise: A word, a sentence, a paragraph. And then, It stops, a hole blasted in its very core by some unforseen force: a grumpy editor, a missing twist, a writers block. Suddenly your story is sunk: shot, strangled, drown.

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 08.22.2011

  35. I have a sinking feeling that I won’t be able to write anything about this word. Other than ships sinking, or hopes sinking. Could too many dishes to wash be in my sink-ing? OK, that was a stretch. My sinking feeling is that my 60 seconds are about to run out!

    By kpfromdc URL on 08.22.2011

  36. The exact oxymoron to the song playing on GrooveShark now. Sinking is NOT Jackie Wilson’s Higher and Higher. Sinking is the descent into despair, not taking charge and jumping to one’s feet in determination.

    By Jazz on 08.22.2011

  37. Why is it so easy to sink in the ocean?
    Or to drown in your own feelings and troubles?
    Why must it be made so easy for everyone to be sinking to their own failures and death? I don’t know but i do know that i don’t want to start sinking at all.

    By David on 08.22.2011

  38. drowning, falling deep into the abyss of an ocean so vast the expanse envelopes me entirely. sinking down deeply into a place that is unknown, unexplored. so frightful it is beyond words but i am helpless there is nothing i can do. sinking back i float on into something that is unavoidable and unforgivable…

    By Michael Weber on 08.22.2011

  39. Sinking and fading and weakening, it’s getting dark and quiet and still. The voices mumble but are going away. Sinking, fading, weakening.

    By david URL on 08.22.2011

  40. He fell into the water because of all the rocks she had collected on the beach and stuffed into her bathing suit. Gasping for breath, she could see the light from the sun dimming, as she plummeted into the dark depths below.

    By Josh on 08.22.2011