August 22nd, 2011 | 904 Entries

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904 Entries for “sinking”

  1. They said ‘Don’t think. Just write’ So I did. I am…. the keys are sinking into the base of the laptop as I just write…. about me writing.

    By Katt on 08.22.2011

  2. My heart is constantly sinking, but held up by the hope of what is waiting for me after graduation. I should also be pushing myself up and maximizing my potential in order to further alleviate this sinking feeling. Gotta get on that school/internship/involvement grind!

    By Donnaly URL on 08.22.2011

  3. sinking like the sinking feeling in my gut when I know I have done something I shouldn’t have….I have that feeling now….Like my life is “sinking” down the drain and I have no way to reach up out of it….

    By Jillian on 08.22.2011

  4. My baot had a huge hole, J was really scared, I didnt know what to do. My crew paniced. People looked desperate.

    By Koll on 08.22.2011

  5. Water flows before me and see why i has for so long. So long i have let it come to me. Up my toes, around my ankles, soaking my thighs and inching toward my face. Sinking.

    By Erica Gallerani on 08.22.2011

  6. down she went, sinking and sinking, not quite drowning; but sinking all the same, down down down she went and she couldn’t stop that lost, losing feeling……

    By brain98 URL on 08.22.2011

  7. the ship slowly heavied, being engulfed by the salty coldness. it sunk until nothing could be seen but a small head peering from the top of the waves, inexplicably calmly. the head vanished. bye bye.

    By helen on 08.22.2011

  8. I’m sinking in my own misery. I just can’t handle this on my own.. Why do people always drop me when I need them the most? I drowning..

    By Rianne URL on 08.22.2011

  9. Ground sinking beneath my feet.
    I am floating.
    I am falling.
    Help me.

    A quicksand plot.
    Can’t surrender now.
    I need to fight
    I need to fight

    I have fought.

    By Sofia Martinez URL on 08.22.2011

  10. the ship was sinking from the middle of the ocean. one day there was a captain named arab who was looking for a whale and he couldn’t find it. the whales name was moby dick, but no one knows why. there was a book written after this amazing journey because its so confusing. i don’t understand how a ship could sink like moby dicks did. i don’t even know if moby dicks ship sank. but all i know is that sinking is not fun.

    By Hayles on 08.22.2011

  11. You ever get this sinking feeling in your gut, like your world is just beginning to come apart; that little tingling sensation in the bottom of your toes, like you’re walking on ice, and haven’t quite noticed yet; that nerve-wracking mind-wrenching experience, like riding a rollercoaster that’s broken on the highest loop, and you’ve forgotten your seatbelt, but just before the fall?

    Yeah…me neither.

    By Lancir URL on 08.22.2011

  12. She crept down the dark corridor: the sickening feeling in her stomach worsening with every step. What awaited behind the doors at the end was, without a doubt, horrible beyond her wildest dreams. With every step, she felt like she was sinking further and further into an inescapable nightmare.

    By Elizabeth on 08.22.2011

  13. Sinking down into the dark abyss where my soul lies in a dark heap. I have to pick it up out of said heap and bring it into the light that heals.

    By Angie on 08.22.2011

  14. The boat was sinking fast. The number life rafts were dwindling yet there was still an abundance of people waiting frantically in line to escape certain doom. Some desperately plunged into the icy waters, disregarding the threat of hypothermia

    By Katie on 08.22.2011

  15. seriously i already wrote about this its bad and reminds me of the titanic i never saw it but anyway sinking is bad thats what i say its a bad way to die

    By michelle URL on 08.22.2011

  16. We are sinking again like anchors for one another. When neither of us are afloat like ships or even better life rafts, how do we keep from drowning? You are pulling, pulling me down, even in my dreams I am lost and falling in the snow, unable to escape the gravitational force of you. I am the moon to your tides, causing you to rise and fall like waves of unbearable passion, bittersweet blindness caused by the reflection of our light on the water.
    How can we stay out of this? How do we get to the surface for air when all we can do is clasp each other like rusted metal underwater for centuries, growing old in the bliss of our ignorant oxidized iron arms?

    By MorganLovell URL on 08.22.2011

  17. sinking as I feel the emotions ebb away, lost in a sea of doubt; he said we need space, that is wasn’t the end, just time for us to get to appreciate each other more. I felt like the end. Doubt clouded my mind and that sinking feeling took over every single thought.

    By spinifex URL on 08.22.2011

  18. the boat is sinking in the sea, and it’s never coming back
    you need to look at the waves and only think about one thing : is it coming back one day ?
    the answer is no i already told you
    so what are you doing now?
    waiting all your freaking life?
    hoping it will show up again?
    well that means you don’t have a freaking idea of life’s value
    never wait
    always live
    just go and stop thinking about the boat… it’s gone !

    By JG on 08.22.2011

  19. deep water
    down in the dumps
    falling on a bed

    By Chyanne on 08.22.2011

  20. I can’t believe they’d sink that low, but, then again, why would you ever trust someone you cannot see? Why would you ever take a website at its word without reading the fine print? I guess that makes me gullible. And all it makes them is “business savvy”.

    By Hyperbole URL on 08.22.2011

  21. ive been thinking about the sinking of the city. the lights are still bright. do you think we will miss, or that she will miss us more? there is still a lot of spark to be had with just the simpliest brush of appreciation.

    By justin charboneau on 08.22.2011

  22. into the water in the green in the sea in the cool cool waters with nature and the fishes still breathing and enjoying and floating but in control in a place where the heaviness of jellifish and seaweed on the shore are made light. In a place where one has a new dimension to explore. the sinking starts the release.

    By JamesC on 08.22.2011

  23. Her heart was sinking. Her world was ending. The sun was still shining and the grass was still green, and nothing else that she noticed was turned upside down, except her. She sank to her knees. Her hands buried themselves in loose dirt. Today was just one of those days.

    By Aster URL on 08.22.2011

  24. the ship was sinking faster than the sailors could bail it out. They would die for sure, but they kept bailing, ever hopeful that they might be saved. But they weren’t. They all died and sank to their deep, watery graves.

    By Tabitha on 08.22.2011

  25. A ship. or a sink. or a ship in a sink. A tiny ship, in a big sink… Or a big ship in a tiny sink. either way the ship is sinking and everyone is freakin out. maybe we should have thought about it before we built the ship out of gum and toilet paper.

    By Elagabalus on 08.22.2011

  26. sinking into quicksand is probably the worst example of sinking that comes to mind here. They say the more you struggle the worse it gets but how else are you supposed to get out?

    By rory on 08.22.2011

  27. She looked at the clock and had a sinking feeling. She was supposed to have left an hour ago for her sister’s recital. How could this meeting still be going she thought. She had been stuck listening to a client who had no idea what he wanted and insisted on rambling on about nonsense in hopes of stumbling across a workable idea.

    By Brianna on 08.22.2011

  28. When we arrived at the top the sun was setting – the heather was living andl ow – and the hen birds were calling across the hill – not far now grinned the bearded man – not far remained over the hills yet- and did we want to return – and what would we find?

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 08.22.2011

  29. I fell into the water, my life flashing before my eyes.

    The coins in my pocket were making me sink deeper, deeper, deeper.

    By WannabeWriter URL on 08.22.2011

  30. Sinking under the waves that encompass all that i am…all that I was. Sinking under all the reasons I had for talking again for saying anything to you again.Drowning under the heavy water that takes me below the surface…giving up again…i surrender.

    By Amanda URL on 08.22.2011

  31. sinking boat under the sea. take me with you once and for all. i feel like sinking into something amazing, warm, wholesome and sincere. why cant i sink with you.

    By tissart on 08.22.2011

  32. i hate that sinking feeling you get in your stomach when you KNOW that something is bound to go wrong. its inevitable…and for some reasons, its almost always right. its one of the worst feelings in the world, followed by disappointment and sadness

    By Alyssa on 08.22.2011

  33. I think back to yesterday.
    You told me what happened that night. What really happened.
    My heart sank in my chest.
    I couldn’t breathe.
    You wouldn’t do that. You wouldn’t hurt my baby.
    But you did.
    I couldn’t stand the sight of you.
    So i ran. I ran as far as I could, into the deep unforgiving ocean…

    By Ashley May on 08.22.2011

  34. I was sinking into the river, at a pace faster then life. I desired not to leave, but to live. There was only the dark. The breath i needed, had escaped. I cared little, for i was sinking. Then light, the light of what was and what is. It sank into me, and now i am sinking.

    By colby on 08.22.2011

  35. i was driving on the road one day heading back home after work when i had the sinking feeling that something was wrong. i looked in my rear view mirror and saw that the back of the car was on fire! so i decided to get out of the car and run for help. as soon as i was a few feet away the car blew up into an explosion of fire.

    By minelle on 08.22.2011

  36. going down into something just fqlling deeper into a nothing of below or falling deeply into something never felt before, it can feel good or bad or either in between to which you cannot explain it it is a feeling of what you can only feel.

    By brad on 08.22.2011

  37. i am sinking. the current is pulling me under. i cant stop i cant breathe. the water is chocking me now. i feel it pulling me under. nobody hears my cries, nobody saves me. its just me and the vast expanse of the ocean. the great blue.

    By Sarah on 08.22.2011

  38. sinking…when you sink :/ i love cheese ich ben kesha was ist das vere ist das salad

    By Sophie on 08.22.2011

  39. drowning
    tied down

    By anaaa URL on 08.22.2011

  40. that feeling you get when you’re in trouble. the titanic and leonardo dicaprio. Casey antyhony killing her son. Ships and large curise ships. Deep dark and cold waters. buried treasure at the bottom of the ocean. lead and metals. crashes, crashing

    By Trice on 08.22.2011