August 22nd, 2011 | 904 Entries

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904 Entries for “sinking”

  1. i am sinking in this well of love
    he was the bucket that i sat in.
    and now i am drowning
    someone has pulled him up for water.
    but i am still at the bottom.
    hoping when the well goes dry
    for the water of love.

    By Nitya Deshmukh URL on 08.23.2011

  2. the content within the subject as well as the context of the content thereof is in constant motion known as “forward” along the hyperplane. Intelligence builds upon intelligence in the telescopic nature of time and relativity. Life does not work in any way we know. Experience may teach us something, but not always efficient in perpetuating consciousness. Dont sink in pride old man.

    By Declan Mudie Fitzgerald on 08.23.2011

  3. what
    i had this word already
    i am from jonestown
    drinking a potion
    wondering if it really is what i think it is
    babies go first
    i see them sleep with their mothers
    all my money goes to someone else.
    he is gone too

    By Nitya Deshmukh URL on 08.23.2011

  4. in a river drowning in the sea like a heavy hammer and a dead body with no life in it and all of the water is engulfing the body until it slowly but surely reaches the bottom of the sea bed to become a playhouse for fish and to one day disappear into the nothingness that is everything

    By aine on 08.23.2011

  5. There is a boat. It floods with water quickly, and then sinks. Slowly. I feel myself slipping under. The water is engulfing me, and I sink too. But I don’t mind. I feel like I’m one with the water.

    By Kendall on 08.23.2011

  6. The sinking of the Titanic came has a huge surprise for those who built it. It was supposed to be the most robust machine ever. It sank like a hapless little boat, becoming one of the biggest tragedies

    By Shipra on 08.23.2011

  7. The sea. I reach above me for the rippling but plain view of being saved. But my hand is too short. I’m only four. My lungs fill with burning water, but finally I just float. There is nothing below me or above. No pain… just sinking. Suddenly a hand plunges down, I grab it.

    By Annie Wilthew URL on 08.23.2011

  8. i am sinking. losing all hope.

    balance no longer exist in this place of aquatic confusion and swirling loss.

    I have sunk. sunken eyes gaze outward from my shipwrecked skull.


    how long must we continue this?

    By Benjamin Lynn on 08.23.2011

  9. My heart – every time I thought of you, every time I remembered the words you said to me – it sank. I remember that day like it was yesterday, I couldn’t not remember that day.

    By Gabrielle URL on 08.23.2011

  10. falling, tumbling, sand, swift, boat hole tired, giving up not sure what to do. Hard to keep afloat, waves splashing in my face. Holding breath. Failing. Stones

    By Alayna Christiansen on 08.23.2011

  11. I hat when my boat sinks or runs a groung. it is hard to get out of the mud. i dont really know what im doing right now. this is weird. im juat typing cause it says too.

    By Christine on 08.23.2011

  12. I gasped, breaking the surface, struggling. My weak arms flailed above the surface, while my feet felt heavy breaking slowly through the water. My head went under again, and the silence of the sea filled my ears. What a peaceful way to die.

    By Olivia URL on 08.23.2011

  13. into the depths of existence followed with pure emotion, yearning for a balance of feeling

    By B W. Ambrose on 08.23.2011

  14. im sinking in the depths of despair. Like quick sand sucking out my soul. I can turn no where but to my self. When I look I see nothing but my life in water. Dead, nor alive.

    By Chloe on 08.23.2011

  15. i have a feeling that i am falling deeper and deeper into the couch that i am lying on. the foam is old and is compressed under my body. if i were lighter i could imagine not sinking but being on top floating.

    By Amy Smiles URL on 08.23.2011

  16. Sinking, stinking odors creeping, slinking through my chamber.
    Gravity weighing upon me, each breath like lifting a chest beneath a thousand pounds of bricks.



    is PRESSURE.

    By wrinkle-bearer, Uptown loss-master, KILLthePOLICE URL on 08.23.2011

  17. You’re sinking quickly, and I’m the only person in sight, you ask me to pull you out. I do. you say thank you and ask me “I owe you big time” and I reply with “You owe me a lot. but what you owe me the most is the time I’ve wastest with you, and the love I wasted on you. What you will owe me especially is just to leave me alone.” I walk away from you, and you realize you need me in order to be. You try and run after me but your effort isn’t worth it. Then you realize, you’re still sinking. you’ve finally sunk

    By YoulimNatalieJun URL on 08.23.2011

  18. I had a sinking feeling today was going to be the mother of all Mondays. I woke up later than I like to, that rising panic in my heart as I realized I was already behind for the day. The day didn’t get any better as I drug myself out of bed and tried to drown my angst in coffee. But the cherry on top of my Monday morning was when I stepped down hard on my hot, live curling iron. I spent the rest of the day limping across my classroom and wondering what people would think when they saw that. Happy Monday.

    By Miss T on 08.23.2011

  19. sinking is the weirdest feeling. its like you know that your going somewhere but even at first it takes a little to realize that your going down. going down is hard to stop. you realize very quickly that its a lot easier to just let your self keep slowly sinking then to put in effort and start rising again. thats why sinking is so weird.

    By Michael Allen on 08.23.2011

  20. could be sinking in quick sand i does not matter if i am a qucik man i am already in it wait i can get out my guardian angels is coming for my reccue and she is all the way in love with me even when i am not her love is just plain ly unconditional the bubble sinks to the bottom to the water and it goes f farther than we can see.

    By ajloopy URL on 08.23.2011

  21. I feel a sinking in my chest. As if someone removed my heart and replaced it with a rock. I just can’t believe something like this would happen to me. I’m not a bad person.I try not to be at least.

    By Anna on 08.23.2011

  22. He wasn’t here anymore, at least not mentally. He found he could no longer exist with other humans around him. Not with their mindless chatter or their neurotic obsessions, he could not dissolve into their crowd because they all saw how different he was. He was awful, and quiet, and sad and awful.
    This was what it was like most days, as if a constant tiredness hung over him clutching his arms behind his head, he was just so tired. At least more tired than he normally was. His folded eyes were distant, his crooked teeth were yellow and his breath stunk of cigarettes. If he wasn’t nothing yet, if he wasn’t truly awful yet he soon would be. He just kept on sinking further into the void that scares us all. He had no intention of finding the light.

    By Saskia on 08.23.2011

  23. Hello this is the german coast guard!
    “we are american soldiers, our ship, we are sinking! Maeday Maday! We are sinking!”
    What are you Sinking about?!

    By Pedro on 08.23.2011

  24. i am sinking the boat is going down HELP ME. datten down the hatches OMG OMG OMG HELP ME i am sinking.

    By makenzie on 08.23.2011

  25. honestly i dont know what to write. but the word is sinking and after watching my friend kelsie leslie freak about the sinking because of a previous freshman vedeo we watched, it very much did make my day.Now whenever i shall hear the word sinking this exact story will come to my head.

    By Anna.Marie on 08.23.2011

  26. the boat, falling, water, mouth, cant breath, help, fish, tickle, laugh, cant no air, seaweed

    By JBird on 08.23.2011

  27. You’ve dug yourself a hole. You keep thinking you are going to be able to turn around and save yourself, pull yourself out of the pit you are in. Its almost laughable, the way you struggle to turn back to me, eyes questioning whether or not I’ll ever care again, pleading with me to take your hand. I’ll entertain this for a passing moment but even as I watch you, you keep sinking and I’m not about to tighten my already loose grip. You slide deeper and deeper into the grave you’ve dug out for yourself, your only hope? To keep going and pray you find something at the bottom. You can’t have it all; both up and down, she and I, here and there. You can only choose one and that choice should not be me. I will only pity you if you turn back to me, you’ll never make it. You’ve sunk too low and I’m not pulling you out this time. This bridge has burned. You’ll just keep sinking.

    By Lili on 08.23.2011

  28. a feeling of down. i don’t want to. many people get the feeling in their stomach, and so do i. mostly when i’m nervouse, i can’t stop sinking in my chair or feeling that way. so, down down down everything sinks at some point. like a house on bricks. the bricks break, and the house goes down. kinda like the earth on slabs. the slabs break and an earthquake of sinking occurs. like i said, i don’t want to.

    By Mikhaila Olmstead URL on 08.23.2011

  29. the feeling you get when you know your screwed

    By Vinay Narayan on 08.23.2011

  30. Sinking slowly int the abyss of what I once knew as reality; a fabrication of what was once thought real, touchable by the senses. Abstract and distant, you fall from grace with a smudge upon your face. Your fallacy is my disheartening fall, I love and adore while sinking with you.

    By Laura on 08.23.2011

  31. Sinking into oblivion
    as I raise flags and drop ships
    to infinity.

    The waves compile themselves into poetry
    and the shoreline never held notes for me,
    wrapped in pretty bottles
    and corked with fear of the future.

    By David on 08.23.2011

  32. drowning, panic, no escape, slowly falling to the bottom, no help, no air, motionless, no light, falling, death,

    By Annie on 08.23.2011

  33. Sinking in water. i could drown. i use to want to drown. not anytime soon buti just wanted to do it i thought i was crazy but i like water so if i wanted to die i think i would die happy in water cause i love it soo much.

    By Francesca on 08.23.2011

  34. Accross the ocean I see the tip of a sail, it’s submerged in water. The people climb to the top rapidly awaiting someone to see them before they sink to the bottom of the ocean with their boat but no one is near so they take a leap of faith into the ocean, facing their greatest fear agaisnt the current.

    By Mayra URL on 08.23.2011

  35. sinking sinking sinking like quicksand that turns into mud that turns into water
    sinking into a silly, run-on sentence
    sinking into fucking oblivion
    sinking into new things happening
    sinking into the floor
    skinking slinking blinking thinking
    i am a horrible, horrible poet
    sinking into being overly apologetic again
    sinking into feeling ok with how things are going

    By kel on 08.23.2011

  36. I was sinking. Sinking into black oblivion. This was my fate, my destiny. Then a thought crossed my mind. Maybe I wasn’t sinking at all. No, not sinking, not drowning. I was laying down. Laying down in my own bed, readying myself for a night’s sleep.

    By Sarah on 08.23.2011

  37. sinking? i don’t know what this is because I don’t speak english so there’s a few words that I don’t know what they mean. It sounds familiar, but, still, I can’t tell what it is.

    By cecilia on 08.23.2011

  38. I was sinking slowly into the river. I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t breath. All I could do was think. Think about my life…where I had been, where I wanted to go. My family. My friends. God. I needed more time to do what I needed to do, say the things I needed to say. Be the person I needed to be. But where do I go?

    By Kellie on 08.23.2011

  39. The young woman tried her best to swim up on the shore but she couldn’t. She was stuck somehow. No matter how hard she tried, her leg wouldn’t let her. Her brown eyes looked down at her ankle and found that there was a rope tied to a block.

    By Abigail URL on 08.23.2011

  40. Sinking slowly and slyly into a thought of concious makes me aware of the one thing I am for certain; Which is that I am certainly certain that I am not certain of anything at all.

    By heartsdesire URL on 08.23.2011