May 29th, 2011 | 663 Entries

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663 Entries for “sideburns”

  1. sideburns aren’t attractive. they may not actually burn the side of your face, but they burn the eyes of anyone who has to look at them. avoid growing and/or seeing sideburns at all costs.
    because who do you think you are? some old British writer?

    By Rooper on 05.29.2011

  2. side burns are sometimes ugly yet cool. depending on what the occasion is i guess. Side burns can sometimes be over whelming too much hair on the face is just simply disgusting.

    By nour on 05.29.2011

  3. negative aspects of the day turned into a glimpse of my future…

    his facial hair reassured me of his faithfulness.
    of how he’s true.

    but then he mentioned how the cash will help him out tremendously.

    a pessimist finally meeting “prince charming” after doubting the title all along, but he’s exactly what she worries about, and exactly what she needs to expect.

    By Ashley K URL on 05.29.2011

  4. You have them down the side of your cheeks. I see them. I wonder, why are they there? Have you recently been living on the streets and have not had the time to shave them ? Or is it your “style” ..? I cannot see why you like them.

    By Melinda on 05.29.2011

  5. Are like meatchops – and when they come with the sweat and bike grease of certain men I think I could roll with male sexuality – that maybe I am, after all, missing out. The sweatdrops like raindrops caught in the wire. How many girls that cheek must have brushed. I might be one of them, if you could fuck me like a girl can – if you can hold me with your womanly side.

    By JAY URL on 05.29.2011

  6. Ok so I’ve always found sideburns kinda sexy, i have no clue why they just are in the scruffy artistic rock and roll way. Too bad not many guys my age have them. Did the beatles have sideburns? i’m pretty sure they did, in fact maybe that’s wat made me fall in love with them <3

    By Jeana on 05.29.2011

  7. Only old people and Amish people have sideburns…a lot of Amish people live in my town. They make me laugh. I saw an Amish man in a buggy yesterday & he was cute. my mom said he was….oh and ricky has sideburns. travia used to scratch them. they’re mad ugly on puerto ricans. only amish people can have them and not look ugly. it’s pretty simple concept

    By therese on 05.29.2011

  8. muton chops, which reminds me (as gross as it is) of pork chops which reminds me of exactly a week after i had my wisdom teeth removed. sideburns are nice on greasers.

    By Kelsey on 05.29.2011

  9. i just don’t get it. elvis pulled it off, sure. and he was the only one who pulled it off. so no one else should. unless, that is, you happen to be an elvis impersonator in vegas with a burning desire to play the part just right. then go for it. otherwise, just walk away.

    By erin on 05.29.2011

  10. I see him. The man over there with the sideburns. I wonder whether he hasn’t shaved in a while or whether its just his “style”.. Maybe I should ask him? No. That would be awkward.. Or is it a good conversation starter? Hmm.. maybe we could be friends..

    By Melinda URL on 05.29.2011

  11. the man stood with his cigarette in hand, his thick side burns seemed like tufts of the devils own forethought. he held the sun over his face, and banished his life of crime forever.

    By Sasha on 05.29.2011

  12. At first, sideburns make me think that someone lit some guy’s face on fire, and it singed the skin there, making it look like hair. Ugly hair. Sideburns are weird, the word sideburn tastes like ash in my mouth… now sideburn doesn’t even sound like a real word 0_0

    By Nagini URL on 05.29.2011

  13. Keith’s sideburns were way too long, and his aviator sunglasses made Krista think he was trying to look like one of the characters from Starsky & Hutch. She backed away, suddenly uncomfortable. She hit the counter, and as he came closer to her, she realized she had nowhere left to run. She was trapped.

    By Connie L. URL on 05.29.2011

  14. australian
    old man
    old school

    By Esha on 05.29.2011

  15. i have funny side burns. i dont like then at all. could you please cut them opff for me?? why do people get side burns? they dont even suit anyone!!! everyone always just wants to cut them off… or shave them off rather!! its quite sad… that so many little hairs are wasted.

    By cindy on 05.29.2011

  16. bun
    follow the leader

    By juanitaamv on 05.29.2011

  17. i don’t like sideburns. i think of the color orange. sometimes they can be attractive but that’s only when they are well kept. other than that, i don’t like them on a guy. i think of tangled too. and my high school bible teacher

    By gabby on 05.29.2011

  18. sideburns are the best friends to yor cheeks. sometimes people may not like that they are there, they might protest and have to much too say about the friends you choose to keep around, but the thing is, these are the guys who are always there, no matter what happens. they are there when its cold, it keeps the cheeks warms, even if it cant do anything but be goosebumped, they are they to give out advice, often whispering in our ears. and they are there to see it from your perspective. what do you have to say about friends like these -always there. they might not be the most attractive, or they might be out of style, but what does style matter, if it makes sense to you?

    By Martina on 05.29.2011

  19. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Comin’ down today from the left half of my mountain to show you all my E P I C S I D E B U R N S!! Whoooop! Like all the way they curl, mi capitano, up and down with hairs on the side of my head! Oh yeah! I AM A SIDEBURNS ULTRA-STAR!!!

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 05.29.2011

  20. Tastefully inappropriate on anyone near a playground; undesirable on otherwise dateable men; can only be rocked by Burt Reynolds.

    By Allison on 05.29.2011

  21. they are like little trees at the edges of your face kind of like black evergreen trees just hanging there like oh my lord not attractive kevin jonas know what im saying ahh the purple bar no time running out well why are they called side burns who got burnt with them anyways makes them sound painful can’t think of anything else. oops i accidentally hit back so i have extra time. that is cheating so i will not write anymore about side burns.

    By Neds on 05.29.2011

  22. Just makes me think of the show Community. Starburns. I love that show. Can’t think of much else to write about this. Huh. They’re kinda hideous, usually.

    By The Carrie Monster URL on 05.29.2011

  23. Shaggy and unkempt, he smelled of week old french fries and cigarettes combined with a hearty musk of stale sweat. Yet, despite her shallowness, or perhaps because of it, the girl couldn’t bring herself to leave him, those sideburns were just too dreamy.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 05.29.2011

  24. sideburns were originally started by general burnsides, an-if you like it-fashion pioneer. sporting the sideburns, he became well known and many others followed in his example. unfortunately, they may have been dyslexic, for as you can see, we now call them sideburns.

    By Sabrina URL on 05.29.2011

  25. the top hat lies
    gracefully on his head
    his locks ruffle in the wind
    the world is in his palms
    and god is above
    carrying, guiding
    him along the way
    Judaism is his shelter
    he is prepared
    God is on his side

    By Mia G. URL on 05.29.2011

  26. The man walked slowly into the bar, his hair dark and his sideburns glistening in the light with sweat from the just finished battle. His sword arm was sore and his shoulder bleeding from a particularly nasty blow he’s taken just before the battle ended. He spotted the person he had been looking for and his face split into a grin that was much too big for his face.

    By Rebecca on 05.29.2011

  27. Sideburns suck, they suck because my phone’s autocorrect does not recognize the word and therefore thinks I’m lying. That’s just too bad I guess.

    By Jen on 05.29.2011

  28. Elvis. Mustaches. I think of strange men with Mullets. I really hope they aren’t coming back into style, that’d be horrible. When I think of mullets I think of Billy Ray Cyrus, and I’d really rather not. I think of old timey music and sequins.

    By Em on 05.29.2011

  29. sideburns look funny.Do girls get sideburns? That’s look strange/

    By Lindsay on 05.29.2011

  30. sideburns,are like mustaches that lost their way. they are what creepy men have on their face, they always make someone look like elvis presley. before you get your sideburns cut remember this, creepers have sideburns

    By hipposyum URL on 05.29.2011

  31. Long and beautiful. No beard needed to display manliness with sideburns. Colin Firth inspired is best, but any long, thick hair will do.

    By Aimee on 05.29.2011

  32. yuck! hate them! shave ’em off! who only go with sideburns? they make you look like a creeper, and if you’re going to rock the creeper look, just go all out and grow a frikkin beard!

    By Eugienna URL on 05.29.2011

  33. I think of my Uncle John. My uncle is a bit portly with the a lovable Italian charm. He drinks to be merry, not to be drunk, and loves company. He has thick hair and of course, he has sideburns. Maybe I should get him a trimmer to take care of those patches on wither side of his face, but then what would i write about when presented with 60 seconds to write about sideburns.

    By Nicole K. on 05.29.2011

  34. Were long and unkempt. Almost looks like muttonchops. They were too big for his face and darker than the hair on his head. They looked like steel wool creeping down his face. Stopping short of his plump red lips, sticky with guiness and smelling like a pub.

    By Ellen on 05.29.2011

  35. My uncle John is a bit portly with the a lovable Italian charm. He drinks to be merry, not to be drunk, and loves family and food. He has coarse hair and of course, he has sideburns. Maybe I should get him a trimmer to take care of those patches on either side of his face, but then what would i write about when presented with 60 seconds to write about sideburns.

    By Nicole K. on 05.29.2011

  36. The man burst out every which ways with bodacious attitude. Killer sideburns, a smile that could blow the mind of every teenage girl within a 5 mile radius, not to mention the curious drawl that seemed to have a life of its own. Johhny had finally arrived.

    By yetihk URL on 05.29.2011

  37. side burns some people have. you may have them too. if you were a guy. im aguy. you can shave sideburns and so can i. thats right i can. they are hairy. so side burns are hair and they are on guys faces.

    By shahid URL on 05.29.2011

  38. Sideburns are a strange and unorthodox piece of facial hair. They can be cut into several different styles but they always retain the same basic shape. I’ve seen sideburns coloured pink, dreadlocks, curly and straight but all have the same quality of class and tackiness at the same time. However, the upper class treat them like a fashion accessory. Just peculiar.

    By Laura on 05.29.2011

  39. my sideburns are growing endlessly to my chinny chin chin. They didn’t use to be grey. But hey, age is like that.

    By Stratoz URL on 05.29.2011

  40. Walking down the hall’s of Bishop’s, I pull my hoodie closer around my head. I took a chance by keeping my sideburns. Avoiding the glare of teachers, I scurry to my next class, feeling like a shrew under the gaze of an eagle.

    By will URL on 05.29.2011