August 23rd, 2012 | 516 Entries

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516 Entries for “side”

  1. everything and everyone has them except for spirit. maybe there is an undiscovered universe where things exist without them but I cant imagine what they would be like or what form they would take. would they be minerals, or even intelligent beings? I dunno. sides are everything. yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    By izzy on 08.24.2012

  2. I look at the side of the building, the brick crumbling and decaying like a dusty corpse. It’s amazing, the way people let buildings die like this. Would they let a person, starving in the gutter, decay and fall the same way these buildings do?

    Sometimes, that answer is yes. The wrong person ends up with the wrong fate, and nobody bothers to help them. They waste away in the dirt and waste of their peers.

    By Sister Ginger URL on 08.24.2012

  3. Side front back forwards onwards we go. Over mountains and valleys and the things we dread the most and at the end there is home. The place with love with the beat of each heart from the marrow to the bone and all of it is just for us. I wonder what side the house will be on this year.

    By Anj on 08.24.2012

  4. A stated position on any subject. We are often afraid to take position or stand in our convictions. Taking a side is an exercise that benefits us all.

    By Freda Washington on 08.24.2012

  5. To one side, there was a steep, ragged drop. To the other, a steep, ragged climb. Which direction did he want to go? Climbing either way, but up or down? He looked up. The blue sky against the brown rocks.

    By Carolyn on 08.24.2012

  6. side by side like two penguins, I think. I don’t know why penguins. Are they known for being side by side kind of creatures? We dip our toes into the water and I can see your feet and your toe nail varnish and your toe ring and the worn material of your flip flop. but not you.

    By Hayley Reed on 08.24.2012

  7. She sashayed her fingernail down my side
    transparent vanish delving into white pressed skin
    a lemon dipped edge going deeper
    until it divided ribs to touch the heart

    By gsk URL on 08.24.2012

  8. It’s never easy being the last one picked.
    David, he’s always the first one. Who can blame him? He’s huge.
    But it really gets me that Alex is picked before me – I mean, he’s not good at this game, know what I mean?
    So why am I always last? I hate how they just look at me with their finger raised but afraid to say my name.

    I hate football at recess. I really do.

    By John on 08.24.2012

  9. I see my old self,
    in the space where time transcends the rib cage,
    transforming iron bars to sun rays,
    the cement beneath her bare feet soft grasses,
    painfully recreating a world
    in which I have let her free.

    Lying on your side,
    you speak to me
    of all the lives you’ve never lived.

    The smile betrays your lines
    not from laughs.

    I know your true intent.
    Don’t hope
    that I’ll relent.

    These visits only keep
    written note of your dreams
    that I may twist
    and burn them
    and toss the ashes
    to the seas.

    By Effie Felix URL on 08.24.2012

  10. I don’t know whose side I’m on. Bobby has been a close friend for so long, but when I walked into the bathroom that day, the gruesome scene I beheld was something that I could not unsee. Every morning, I wake up with shivers down my spine knowing that he could bring himself to those lengths over the matter.

    By carlyrenee URL on 08.24.2012

  11. I chose the side who’d rather die. So I deserved what came next.
    That, when night descended, and the first shot shook the block, and the first crash of glass shattered my mind,
    that as the people yelled and screamed in arrhythmic war chant for release,
    and the raids began and the tear gas poured and we collapsed over each other, suffocating,

    With every egg they’ve snatched,
    with every shell they’ll try to crack,
    poking and prodding to see just what caused
    all the chaos and rioting.
    They’ll all be empty compared to what I have in me.

    By Effie Felix URL on 08.24.2012

  12. by your side i wish to be. i long to be with you but you never know. will you ever? your warmth is what i long for in the cool weather. please

    By jella on 08.24.2012

  13. there are three side in the triangle,the wall side is to strong,your personel side is so much the way this side is not looking so good. what is your weakest side

    By satyamurti on 08.24.2012

  14. On the dark side of the moon, there were strange creatures gathering-planning what indeed they would do next. Inside though the light beings were sleeping, until they were needed again to save the moon.

    By K on 08.24.2012

  15. i was sitting by the side of a cool river. suddenly i saw two birds on my side. they were beautiful, walked side by side and then flew away! a vision of those joy birds on my side made my day!!

    By shefali URL on 08.24.2012

  16. life has two side it can be either positive or negative. it depends upon u which side you take as. it all depends how you see the things in your life

    By Priya Sharma URL on 08.24.2012

  17. there are three side in triangle,what is your best side .what is the side effect of this medicine.
    this side is not so good.

    By satyam URL on 08.24.2012

  18. side to side. right by your side. you the love of my life… that look you give me. that gaze. those eyes checking up on from head to toe…

    By diyana URL on 08.24.2012

  19. There are many sides of a story. In truth, there are just really many stories. There are stories of the hero, the villain, the sidekick, the extra, the victim and many more. All you have to do is to decide which one is the truth and which one that matters because in every story the hero might be the bad guy or the real good guy.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 08.24.2012

  20. I love to sit beside u…n i also want to take ur side whenever anybody fought u ….i know u al

    By Ayushi Jaiswal on 08.24.2012

  21. side to side i would like to sit with you
    the way it is when we are together
    are the most magical moments we share
    side to side let us sit..
    hold my hands and smile with me…..
    be with me in my bad times and with my good times too..
    no..don’t speak..
    just show me that you will..
    its all i wish and all i ask for..

    By poornima on 08.24.2012

  22. there is a side to everything. you can be pessimistic and see the bad side or be optimistic and see the good side. but the point is what you want is not always what you get, there are things that come with it and until you prepare yourself to accept them as a whole, you will never be satisfied.

    By shar on 08.24.2012

  23. side by side. I was walking down the street side by side with my “best friend.” Problem is, she wasn’t my best friend. She and I were just the only two fat girls in the class and no one else would have anything else to do with us. I tried. I tried to be nice to her and be her friend. But she knew the score, and only tolerated me.

    By ariel4thou on 08.24.2012

  24. on one side there could be light, happiness and joy and on the other side there could be darkness, misery and sorrow. but we are in the middle of those two sides and will never be able to tell into which we move

    By iona URL on 08.24.2012

  25. There are two battles around me.
    The one in my heart and the one in my country. The one in my country is easy. One man hates another, so we fight.
    The war in my heart is dangerous. If the right people to not win there, I will die.
    I ask myself who I want to win, and the scary part is, I do not know anymore.

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 08.24.2012

  26. Side orders, on the side, looks to the side, beside myself with worry and not often enough with joy, beside the point, what is all this about anyway?

    By Mary Eadem URL on 08.24.2012

  27. Side has many definitions it could mean 1 side of a triangle or you are on someone’s side what is up with that? There are few people though that think side could substitute as a name. His name was Side. He was a handsome boy with human girls following him everywhere but none would ever be with him…for he was a mythical creature.

    By Tia URL on 08.24.2012

  28. I am on your side, whether you’re far or near, I am there for you. Do not fear, for I will never run away. Oh how I miss you. How I look up to you. I wish, for once, that you are on my side. But you are not and you ever will. To think of it the other way around, its impossible. But I wish you, the best. For you

    By Nash on 08.24.2012

  29. She was always there, by my side. No matter the circumstances, I could always count on her being next to me, supporting me, getting me through the tough times. But now she was gone, and I didn’t know what to fell. My side felt… empty.

    By Meriwether on 08.24.2012

  30. from his side, I am simply indecisive, easily swayed, obtainable. the way I see it, opportunity will come on its own time.

    By t URL on 08.24.2012

  31. An area at the outer point from the middle. it is also something you have with your mains in a dinner. like a salad. when priced in a restaurant it is nearly always lower than the price of the main dish your order. It can also be about an argument you agree with, it is to take the same stance as someone else, or be on their side, to ‘have their back’. Like in sport, or in a social situation, often in confrontation.

    By Sean Preston on 08.24.2012

  32. There was always a different side that she never took into consideration; the one that almost everyone else saw but her. All she wished for was for people to see from her point of view. “I’m just playing devil’s advocate,” most of her friends would say. They could talk to her until the sun went down, but it was no use. She never saw their side.

    By hearapianofall URL on 08.24.2012

  33. The side of the mountain was a dangerous place, snow making the surface slippy, rocks unstably attached, edging closer and closer to the edge, ready to fall. Evelyn stared below her; a mass of clouds met her eyes. She could see nobody else. She was stuck.

    By Lexi URL on 08.24.2012

  34. There are no sides. You are not black or white, evil or good. We can choose for one path but in the end all twists and turns, and in fact what would be left if it hadn’t its best friend right. Good and Evil, Hyde and Jekyll. We need all of it. Every side.

    By Kuro URL on 08.24.2012

  35. i have a side, well two sides really. well three if you count the front side. i guess it’s actually four because if you count the front side then you have to count the back side. and now wer’re all doing the hokey pokey. putting sides in and taking them out. this could go on for hours. there seems to be no end to the pokey-ing. oh, and don’t forget about the shaking all about. who does that?

    By Joanna on 08.24.2012

  36. there one side that’s true to every story there is. But that one side is true to whom ever happens to be telling the story. To others it may be the falsest thing on earth…

    By Silhouette URL on 08.24.2012

  37. be by my side!! lolz. side by side! don’t know what’s coming tomorrow, maybe it’s trouble and sorrow, but we’ll travel along, singing our song, side by side. fries with a side of ketchup? does ketchup even count as a side? not a side DISH, i guess, but still a side? sid. sid sounds like a name. omg you know that game where they say you have to change 1 letter of a word at a time, and it has to morph into a new word? and each time you change a letter, the new creation still has to be an actual word. so you can’t go from side to sie. i’m gonna try to do that. side -> slide -> slid -> lid -> lip -> pip -> pipe! yay! of course it would have been harder if i actually assigned which word i was supposed to get to BEFORE i started randomly changing letters. but i’ve decided that “pipe” is a very good ending word. ta ta!

    By a lemon drop URL on 08.24.2012

  38. which side are you on this means what your opinion is….. or if you are for or against a topic. side can also mean to your left or right or toa position in relative to you.

    By manswinee on 08.24.2012

  39. Who’s side are you on? There are a number of different sides one can take on an issue, and maybe the fact that I am thinking of this interpretation proves how divisive it is. Why do we think of taking sides first? Why not order a side of guacamole? Why not sit on the side of a cliff? Who knows. America needs to stop taking sides methinks.

    By Luke on 08.24.2012

  40. Who’s side do you take? The one who has your heart? The one who has your back? Or do you side with those who share your blood running through their hearts? Do you side with the one who has completed you in life, or with the ones who gave you life in the first place? There are no side if you draw no lines

    By Sarah on 08.24.2012