August 23rd, 2012 | 516 Entries

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516 Entries for “side”

  1. I looked over the side of the ship, wondering where the hell I was about to go. Did anyone ever really know? We are always so obsessed with looking back. Seeing things in the rearview, our lives just chock full of regret for things that honestly just don’t matter! We need to grow up. I need to grow up. I picked my head up and turned around. This was no time for looking back.

    By Natalie on 08.24.2012

  2. My back side always hurts after riding the bus. I guess maybe because it’s a whole new situation and environment that I become very uncomfortable and stiff. Plus, the bus can get boring without a good book or some homework to read. Maybe I should bring a pillow on the bus!

    By Amarie URL on 08.24.2012

  3. Which side? Inside, outside, upside, downside, his side, her side. There are countless sides that could be taken, yet so much information about each required before a choice can be made. How to find all the information in the little amount of time required?

    By Tyler on 08.24.2012

  4. side by side we stood, facing one way, facing the other.
    my skin was bare and yours was cold.
    the glittery sun didn’t seem to affect us.
    the distance that was inbetween our coldness made me shiver.
    deep down, i wanted this moment to last forever.

    By Kelly URL on 08.24.2012

  5. One can side with the Republicans or one can side with the democrats. Or one can have an open mind, making decisions based on each individual item as it comes up. Wouldn’t it be better to not have sides to take?

    By Jean on 08.24.2012

  6. side can be left side right side. It can also be upper side and lower side.there are other ways of sides too those inside and outside..if one hav one side that is straight line .

    By Bobby on 08.24.2012

  7. My brother found me on the north side of the Tennessee state line. He, however, was on the
    south side. I warned him that if he crossed that line, he would go to prison for eternity. He
    stepped across, not even the slightest bit afraid, and was arrested.

    By Zachary Williams on 08.24.2012

  8. Sides are only perceivable by us in two dimensions. To see more than one side of something, you must exist in four dimensions, in which case you would be able to see every side of an object all at once. Because we are only three

    By Alorelis on 08.24.2012

  9. Will you please take a turn towards right side.

    By Naveen Anand on 08.24.2012

  10. i just want to kept aside everything so that i can do wat i actually want to do frm d past many days.. to reach my dreamz… to keep myslf happy i hv to keep aside certain thing as soon as possible.. :)

    By upcoming star on 08.24.2012

  11. “This side of the slide is the best shade.” the little girl played like crazy for weeks under that slide. hiding in the tall grass that always gets missed from the lawn mower. she would drag her puppy under the dark patch over and over again after he would run out. Her hair is in tangles and her dress is stained and ripped. but she is happy under her playground.

    The bum underneath the bridge has been watching her for weeks, their hapiness is the most diverse thing he has ever encounted, his shade covered in bland concrete keeps the sun away and the dirt damp. perfect for worms to maybe catch a fish or two. to think that he once played under the slide and was so happy, and now it is his only shelter.

    By Julia on 08.24.2012

  12. side dish. side kick. i wish i had a sidekick — someone to be the funny me. because then i really WOULD be funny. why do i want to be funny; i think it’s another dimension. and it can make life easier. lighten it up. and that just seem important (oops there goes the serious me.)!

    By jfw on 08.24.2012

  13. i wanna see you inside out. every side of you. even the dustiest corners of your soul.

    By zahrin ali on 08.24.2012

  14. would be really nice if you were here right now by my side. i would tell you stories of me on my way to being a man, dad. i would love to have a smoke with you.

    By zahrin ali on 08.24.2012

  15. The side of the building toward above him, menacing in its scope. He tried not to let it overwhelm him, but what could he do. He needed to go inside, and it was not the cold concrete that scared him. It was them.

    By Jeremiah Jaster on 08.24.2012

  16. I was on the side of the car crash. I mean i was on the sidewalk when it happened, the collision that is. I walked thoughtfully as the racers sped by. One was flying particulary fast and obviously didnt know that area as the person sqeeched on his brakes and made a hard turn, crashed into the metal barrier and flipped into the gulley. Theres glass and metal scraps and blood on the asphalt. Sirens fill my ears

    By matt on 08.24.2012

  17. Sherlock laid back as the darkness and the high-thread-count sheets enveloped him, rolling onto his side to fix a gaze on the crescent moon as he contemplated the night’s events. The adrenaline and endorphins from an exciting case well solved had long since subsided, leaving his general mood at a low buzz. The night had been… interesting. What had started as merely an accidental accompaniment, bringing the new flatmate along to prove a point to Lestrade, had turned out to be a valuable partnership. Even without being asked, the quickly-loyal doctor had gone to great measures to ensure Sherlock’s safety.

    Burying his face into the cool down pillow, Sherlock drew a breath and tried not to think about what might have happened if the sharpshooting veteran hadn’t rushed to his side. Failing that, he tried to keep from wondering what difference it would have made in the world if he’d actually gone through with swallowing that infernal capsule.

    By floppybelly URL on 08.24.2012

  18. A side of the box peeked out from the bookcase, it’s lid filmed over with dust. I went on to not sleeping that night. The box seemed to aurally resonate in the darkness, filling my stomach with all sorts of unpleasant sensations. Curiosity bit first but it soon grew to distrust, anxiety, and even a bit jealousy. What was he hiding from me? I slid it off the shelf at 6am the next morning…

    By teevee on 08.24.2012

  19. The side of me that lay there on the floor next to her was much different than the side of me that stood next to her on the shore of the Pacific ocean. I am still trying to decide which side is more in love with her.

    By TheRealNichole on 08.24.2012

  20. This side of the wall seemed to glow like the inside of a prehistoric sun. The stones each gave out radiance and power, flowing between each other and feeding the essence of the place. The plants, emerald and flowering grew beyond

    By Ariel Lacey URL on 08.24.2012

  21. which side will you take? if i put myself on the itchy and uncomfortable side and you’d have to lean outside for me, would you still take my side? it’s silly taking sides anyway. but still, would you?

    By sign_with_the_e URL on 08.24.2012

  22. so many sides of a person you’ve not seen or met
    how could you fall in love with one side
    settle with that one side

    take time to know abit of every side that person has
    fall in love with every little side

    sides, so many of them one many have

    By shidahmars on 08.24.2012

  23. The part of my grilled cheese I love most.

    By Coryn URL on 08.24.2012

  24. You are always on my side; even if I’m wrong. You love the words that I say and what I think. There is a belief in me that motivates me to be better. I love you.

    By Kaitlyn Guillotte on 08.24.2012

  25. don’t think just write is a interesting thing to think about, I’m on my side. this word is hardley influencing me at all. when they say don’t think just write do they mean about the word? I want to write about other things. I love words but they don’t come easy.

    By Anna on 08.24.2012

  26. There it was, the other side of the bed. The side that she couldn’t even fathom being filled, by herself or any other. Rolling over in her sleep to awaken on that side felt like a betrayal, that it was moving on, and that moving on was forgetting, and to forget was unforgivable.

    By April on 08.24.2012

  27. not the front, its what left aside. not really payed attention too. but still a part of the whole thing. left and right. merrrrrrrr

    By Lexi Barton URL on 08.24.2012

  28. drinking games are full of waiting and hoping. it’s much like the bus station, sometimes with people you know and sometimes with strangers, only with a lot more drunks when it isn’t yet 3 am. and maybe i get to kiss you, mouthful of beer and spit that wants to explore.


    mostly it’s sitting beside you, and finding that i can’t move.

    By isa on 08.24.2012

  29. They took each other’s. In nearly every argument I was always to lose. It couldn’t be done this way. They’d say. It couldn’t be done that way either. They’d say. If you think about it, there’s really only one way. Compare each part of the whole to each other, and you’ll see they aren’t really the same, there are subtle differences but of course none of them amount to much. They’re differences no doubt, but only for systematization. For giving an order to chaos. They’re chronologically numbered. They start at fifty. Why? I don’t know and that’s beside the point. Keep focused.

    By Meg on 08.24.2012

  30. Why it is always expected to pick a side? Always, in everything. It is expected to be a black or a white but never an in between gray. Does picking a side make things easier?

    By Owlet on 08.24.2012

  31. Side – so this is the only word could think of giving to me. Well had it not been for curbing my writing skills I would have never sat to write on this topic but let’s put my ego aside and start spouting the words coming in my mind. First let me be clear I didn’t write this article in one go,as always Procrastination dawned upon me and I lazied around a bit,listened songs and then started writing this article. Anyways,coming back o the topic – side. You know this word has always had sooooo many meanings. Lets just start with the first one – side : whenever someone uploads a picture of themselves with a chum or a relative,people generally tend to ask “Which one are you?” and when the reply comes,say right/left,the other person again asks “Whose right ? Mine or yours?”
    Okay now isn’t it the most weird and absurd question to ask ? :S I seriously haven’t been able to answer that question. Arggghh!! Some people are so dumb.
    2nd one – I remember as a kid what this word meant because at that time,there used to be only one meaning – “Whose side are you on ? Mine or hers/his?” This used to happen whenever I used to end up in a fight with a friend and we both used to roam in the class asking everyone the same question and used to literally count how many people were supporting us so that we could knock each other’s heads off . Silly stuff. I would say.

    yes! That’s all I could think when I first read this word. Okay, now don’t look at me like this.

    By Sarah Khan URL on 08.24.2012

  32. The side of the house was concrete–stark and cold looking. The people living there must be the same way, only coming out to collect there mail or get in their car. They hardly ever interacted with their neighbors. The old woman living across from them watched from her window, looking for any malfeasance she could report.

    By Taylor on 08.24.2012

  33. The side of my face. Which side are you on? Side by side. The Seaside. I’m on your side. Slide on over here by my side. The north side of trees gets the moss. Side saddle is th

    By Laura on 08.24.2012

  34. Die Seite wechseln kannst du immer. Ich meine, dein Vater hat dir das damals so abfällig gesagt, dass Horst seine Meinung geändert hat. Seine bis dahin heilige und immerwährende Meinung. Und dann überlegte er es sich plötzlich anders. Da weiß man doch gar nicht mehr, woran man bei ihm ist. Vielleicht wechselt der jetzt jede Woche die Meinung, so wie die Unterhose. Stell dir mal vor, das würden alle machen.

    By Lisa URL on 08.24.2012

  35. This side of you is me. The other side is her. Up front and backwards and inside out as well.

    By teeda URL on 08.24.2012

  36. I wrote about side yesterday. What is this madness?! I demand a new word! I want to increase my intelect not repeat it! Maybe instead of outside I could write about inside… I don’t know but I want another word!! Peace out.

    By Ayla Rae Baewer on 08.24.2012

  37. a side can be a lot of things. Chips, peas, onion rings, potatoes, beans, maybe some mushy peas. It is also part of a shape and can be either left or right, but they are never wrong.

    By Ewan Brown on 08.24.2012

  38. And then I was pierced in my side, the mass that was my body, punctured. Gravity pulled me down. And then the blood, flowing from me, from the wound effortlessly, as if it had always been flowing.

    By Lauren on 08.24.2012

  39. She pushed me off to the side, like I was a forgotten doll, no longer important in her life. And now she wants me back into her life, her best friend once more, but I don’t think I want to play this game any longer.

    By Kat on 08.24.2012

  40. There are many sides to one position. Many sides to one person. The person is centralized at a point in time and various sides come out at various times. Though the centralized point changes many different times and drastically through out one human’s life. This doesn’t mean they are the same person. Sides. Side’s are too black and white.

    By Kristen on 08.24.2012