August 23rd, 2012 | 516 Entries

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516 Entries for “side”

  1. Who’s side are you on?
    mine or her’s?
    God or Satan’s?
    Liberal or Conservative?
    Good or evil?
    Which side will you choose?
    what side makes you the happiest
    Will you make the right decision?
    Make a choice.
    Who’s side are you on?

    By Bmichelle URL on 08.24.2012

  2. Oh so there’s only one word of the day?
    Why would I want to write about side for 24 hours?
    side side side side
    how much could you write about a side?
    The other side of me?
    wow she’s just being miley.
    Oh well this is awkward
    I have an awkward side, well it’s my only side.
    I like to press the return key a lot, well this is the end of my 60 second stint, wasn’t that a fun walk in the park?
    Yeah, I didn’t think so

    By bmichelle URL on 08.24.2012

  3. My side ached heavily as the bat found its way against it. I felt a rib crack, and I groaned.
    “Please… Stop.”
    All I heard was laughter.
    Another swing, another crack. I briefly tried to remember why I deserved something like this to happen to me, what I could have done…
    Why me?

    By KD on 08.24.2012

  4. I turn to my side. My face is warm and the room has begun to twist in my eyes. My blankets are strangling my legs, wrapped around me like seaweed in a coral ocean. I can’t understand why I have so much pressure on myself. Mom yells. I hear a smashed glass. Screaming. It hurts.
    My feet find their way to the wooden floor, making a small creak while I’m doing so. I pad downstairs in midst of an argument. I see my mother. Laying, on the tiled floor, with tears streaming down her face. Across her nose, down near her chin. And then I see my father. With violence in his eyes…

    By Holly on 08.24.2012

  5. He was in the side street, overlooking a painting when I saw him years later. He look good. Age had done him wonders. He was a grown man now, I imagined a ring encrusting its place on his finger. Longingly I looked at him and saw the young boy I had first fallen in love with. Bringing back those bitter sweet memories of the man I loved and lost.

    By Anya URL on 08.24.2012

  6. On the bright side, she was a alive. Maybe she didnt think she shoyld be alive but she was. Her only worry was that of the boy who would take her to homecoming. She almost died and she was worried about homecomng!

    By Tracy on 08.24.2012

  7. side by side inside we are walking with only a chance to even glimpse what is really in our hearts. and souls. our souls inside. side. side. i have nothing else to say about side. i think i am about done with this word. slide. i can add an l and make it slide like how my cock goes down your throat hole. and then i can also change it to haha i have nothing else to change it into i am out of ideas and i hope this word changes soon. that would be great. is sixty seconds up?

    By nykkia on 08.24.2012

  8. Ripping pain seared her left side. She could barely see anything from where she stood, the pain blinding her and leaving her breathless. Jim noticed the jagged arrow protruding from her lower abdomen only after her body had hit the ground. Although he couldn’t say he was surprised, the forrest was teeming with bloodthirsty hunters looking for their kind. But it was unfortunate to have to lose another one. He’d liked rose, trusted her. Sighing, Jim closed her eyes and walked onward, if only slightly more aware of his surroundings, moving deeper into the thicket of foliage

    By Katie on 08.24.2012

  9. Im so tired. I just feel like, I want some one to do everything in their power to treat me te way i deserve to be treated. The way that i treat them. I would never intentionally hurt or upset someone.

    By Patrick Cole on 08.24.2012

  10. On the bright side, she was a alive. Maybe she didnt think she should be alive but she was. Her only worry was that of the boy who would take her to homecoming. She almost died and all she was worried about homecoming!

    By Tracy on 08.24.2012

  11. Which side is the right side? We are constantly asked this question. And really, who the heck knows? We pick whatever we feel is right.

    By Natalie on 08.24.2012

  12. Pick a side! Pick a side! The chant was becoming louder and louder. My heart raced as I they looked at me…just me. All my “friends” had abandoned me and I was there in the middle of nothing, just by myself. If I picked the girls from my street, I was safe from getting jumped or beaten, but I would earn the name “chola”. If I picked the blond girls with the nice hair and nice clothes, I would be accepted by everyone and go be just like them, but I would also be called “white girl”.

    By Tracy URL on 08.24.2012

  13. I went to the side of the house and I saw a man standing there. He seemed lost in thought. I didn’t know who he was or where he came from, but I was curious, so I walked towards him. As I approached him, he turned to me. He looked familiar, but I couldn’t put a name to the face. I asked who he was, and he gave me this look as if I should remember him, but wasn’t surprised that I didn’t. He told me that his name was Sam, and that he used to live next door. It didn’t take but a second for me to recollect who he was. We used to play together as children. He had moved away when we were still very young. Our houses were adjacent to each other. The part of the yard he was standing in bordered the sides of each of our respective houses. I remembered that we were the best of friends, but when he moved I never heard from him again. Until now.
    It was like a whole new world just opened up, but I had yet to realize all of this. I couldn’t wait to catch up with him. See what made him return now. Of all times.

    By Goodies URL on 08.24.2012

  14. On the side of the omelette, there are plates. Plates of food, of delights, of evil and flowers. You never know what you might get. or should you get it? You don’t know, you look at the odd food on each plate and it seems they could eat you instead. You don’t eat these kinds of food, these dark, bloody pieces, you realize, as they crawl out of the plates and grab at your skin.

    By Andy URL on 08.24.2012

  15. Janice rolled over onto her side towards Mark, he was fast asleep. She smiled and knowing she had met the love of her life.

    By Natalie URL on 08.24.2012

  16. From the moonlight coming in through the window on the wall above us, I saw the edge of his back, the shape of his shoulder as it turned to ribs and hip and down to his leg. I held him. Like a backward hug, loving the heat of skin upon skin as he laid on his side of the bed and I on mine, on our sides.

    By Ellie on 08.24.2012

  17. I chose a side. That side was my father’s. I gave up my identity to help. To take over. To enable. Drinking, threats of suicide, it scared me into a corner. Now I’m choosing a new side. My own. Time to start my life.

    By Amanda URL on 08.24.2012

  18. Her side of the bed was always warmer than mine. I think her natural body temperature was just higher than me. She always felt hot, not like a fever hot, but like a warm radiating heat. It was like the warmth of her heart transcended through her caramel skin nightly to keep me warm even during the winters when I felt the chill within my heart was unbearable.

    By Lauren on 08.24.2012

  19. I want to travel to the planet from side to side. I want to see everything. I want to meet everyone. There’s so much I want to do, in such a short amount of time.

    By Morgan on 08.24.2012

  20. I don’t pick sides. At least, I try not too. Sometimes I get sucked into the argument and before I know it I’ve left my neutral stand point and am blaming someone else. I’m sorry.

    By Morgan on 08.24.2012

  21. dark side, side ways, side table, inside, sidewinder

    By Jessica on 08.24.2012

  22. I want you by my side. I love being with you and the person I become when were together. We would make each other very happy. But, I don’t love you that way.

    By Marina URL on 08.24.2012

  23. he left her on the other side. now what? she was right behind him the whole time and now she’s gone. how did this happen? he was livid by now. cursing under his breath.
    but as fast as the realization came, the answer came faster.
    he knew now what he must do. the new question- was he ready? the answer? well, he only had a blink’s time to decide. the Window was fading…fading…fade-….

    By goli ix URL on 08.24.2012

  24. side by side
    you and me
    always till the end
    but when you gave up
    all is emptiness by my side
    could you please come back?
    and fill this emptiness?

    By hanisha URL on 08.24.2012

  25. An angle, the side, dark shadow on one corner and pure, blinding, perfect light, unbelievable in it’s purity on the other. The darkness made all the more foul for the comparison to it’s polar opposite, sin against perfect, beauty against horror, grace against murder.

    By Ashlynne on 08.24.2012

  26. the side profile of his face was beautifully daunting. i carefully traced it onto my paper, keeping my distance. he did not laugh, nor smile. he stayed stoic, as if the trees across the courtyard were the most interesting things in the world. i stared and sketched, him unnoticing of me all the while.

    By Allison Sands on 08.24.2012

  27. I’m by your side
    wish you were here

    By Courtney on 08.24.2012

  28. he ran his hand down the side of the box. it was smooth, and colder than he imagined. he could hear the gears grinding inside, but for the life of him couldn’t remember how to open it. how to turn the key and play the music…

    By tissueboxes URL on 08.24.2012

  29. What side are you on when it comes to the upcoming presidential election? Did we always pick sides are viciously as we do today? The best side is the one that represents the people as a whole and not the rich.

    By Sharon URL on 08.24.2012

  30. He twisted it, turned it. Threw it and caught it. It consumed minutes, hours, days. It was his obsession, yet something he still couldn’t figure out. All he could ever finish was one side. One side of the rubik’s cube.

    By Gianni URL on 08.24.2012

  31. dies

    By fan URL on 08.24.2012

  32. human. bed. horse. house. strong. dependable. stand by.

    By reagan on 08.24.2012

  33. I stood by his side,
    Waiting to fall.
    I stood by his side,
    And I knew that it all
    Would crumble apart,
    But I would stay there.

    By Jeanette Hamilton on 08.24.2012

  34. My side of the argument is always right and it’s also always wrong. It’s all about how one perceives things. Just because you’re adamant doesn’t mean your side is more right than somebody more passive about the situation. I just wish that sides could never be taken. That’s the worst thing about human beings. Too many sides.

    By Andrew URL on 08.24.2012

  35. Side as if someone who stands by your side. Doesn’t matter if it is a mother, best friend, or a lover. Having someone by your side makes one feel stable and protected and protective of that person. People tend to feel more secure when having someone by their side rather than standing alone.

    By Katie on 08.24.2012

  36. It was worse than stepping on a sharp rock with no shoes on. The pain in my side was excruciating. I knew I had to go on but every step was another shot of pure agony.

    By Devon on 08.24.2012

  37. I seem to be caught in the middle of everything. Even after all this time I’ve spent throwing myself towards one side or another. I still haven’t landed anywhere. I still haven’t hit a wall. I’m still rolling about like shopping bags in a trunk. I’m unstickable. I’m unkeepable. And I never feel one way or another.

    By Yamuna URL on 08.24.2012

  38. At the side of my head lies sorrow–a side where there should have been happiness. What happened?

    By Ivan on 08.24.2012

  39. Lying on my side, I think about all the stupid things I’ve done today.
    I turn over and try to sleep.
    Welcome back, high school. Nice to see you again.

    By Dana on 08.24.2012

  40. I think deep down everybody wants to have somebody by their side.
    Ever serial killers. Even the guy who works at McDonalds.
    Everything we do is to be happy, so why are we all so pessimistic?
    God we’re lonely people… :P

    By Lan URL on 08.24.2012