October 19th, 2012 | 227 Entries

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227 Entries for “shown”

  1. It was shown to him, not in the way that she gently caressed his face, or the way she held him tight throughout the night, but in the way that she never forgot to add that little bit more pepper to his food, or record his favourite show on sky+. No it wasn’t the grand amorous gestures that really showed her love, but the little ones that so often go unnoticed, unless they’re gone.

    By dancershoes URL on 10.19.2012

  2. I was shown at the Mayflower back in 2006. My parents had high hopes for me, but I let them down by winning the red ribbon. The pathetic red ribbon, second place for a stunning Shi-tzu such as myself. I let them down, and I drink every night to numb the pain. I will never be a blue ribbon winner.

    By billina URL on 10.19.2012

  3. I knew what I was being shown. It was my baby picture. But the people holding me as an infant? I didn’t know them. I couldn’t remember seeing them ever before, and yet, here stood an elderly man with piercing blue eyes telling me that I was the daughter of a Queen.

    Really! I thought trying to hide my smile to be polite and tried to walk away.

    “You are needed,” his gravelly voice stated quietly behind me, “The Witch has taken your kingdom. You are needed to take it back.”

    I looked back at those eyes that make my skin get all goosey-bumps. He was serious. What? Was he crazy or did he want something? Money? What?

    By Cim URL on 10.19.2012

  4. Her mind reeled from the images she saw, etched forever in her mind. Her father, standing over her sister’s body. A knife in his hand, dripping with blood, and the smooth, glassy look on his face as he looked into her eyes.

    He took a step towards her, holding out a hand with a palm coated in blood, showing her her sister’s–

    She whirled on her heel and ran.

    By Brill URL on 10.19.2012

  5. He had not shown up to my inbox this morning. It feels quite devastating because I am waiting for his text since yesterday. We haven’t settled our issues yet.

    By Rheina on 10.19.2012

  6. Once he was shown the gravestone, he accepted the truth. He would never get that five bucks back from his brother.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 10.19.2012

  7. I was shown the word. No time to think, just write. How many times have you been shown something you did not understand, with no time to react, just the need to do SOMETHING. Anything really. I have been shown the path and now it is time to manifest my own reality into that which must be, for now is the time to step towards greatness. Let it be.

    By Micah Franz on 10.19.2012

  8. I have been shown this option more times than there are stars in the sky or sand on the shores. That awful little voice has spoken to me, degraded me and lied to me more times than the sun has touched the earth. I am tired of being dragged down, back into your nasty pit of chaos and depression, anorexia. I am sick of your little games that pull me further and further away from happiness. You are one, sick, sick little thing and you don’t deserve any say in my life. You are worthless. Sincerely, one girl who’s escaping your evil clutches

    By laughalot on 10.19.2012

  9. She didn’t want her face to be shown – tried to coax her, persuade her, and throw her a bone, but she didn’t want her face to be seen. She kept quiet in a mask so pristine and green with a sheen that radiated a thousand miles past the European skyline and the Irish isles. The emeralds were dull against her real eyes, but she never would tear off her disguise.

    That’s the story. Just trust me. It’s the way it should be. You’ll never get a real solution out of me.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.19.2012

  10. I have not shown anyone anything about myself. Sure, my facebook pictures have “shown” my personality and what I do on the weekends, but there is absolutely no way to SHOW what I have been through, what I am going through, what I plan to do. Only I can know.

    By AlexAnne on 10.19.2012

  11. He forgot to reveal exactly how it had happened. Now that it did he, himself was not sure how it had.

    By Ed on 10.19.2012

  12. You have shown me what it is to grow and mature.
    You opened my eyes to new horizons.
    You taught me life’s greatest lessons.
    And showed me the importance of kindness.
    Thank you.

    By odelle on 10.19.2012

  13. one day she was shown something. this thing she was shown was fabulous. she loved the thing she was shown a lot. this thing was happiness. she wished she could be shown this happiness. she wished to could show this to other people too. If only the whole world could be shown this. if only.

    By Michelle on 10.19.2012

  14. shit u shown me a word
    a word that i cannot discern
    what is this some kind of test?
    I don’t understand how this works
    show me once again
    that which I want to see

    By Cally Peterson on 10.19.2012

  15. shown. I was shown the world, but i settled for only you. I would be happy just by your side for the rest of my life. lets travel the world together. I havent seen anything since I was shown you. I am sorry for constantly pulling away its too easy. I feel incomplete without you. I was given you for a reason

    By Kaitlyn on 10.19.2012

  16. When the cards were shown, everyone at the table stood up

    By anthony URL on 10.19.2012

  17. I never thought I would see the day. I have been shown the door. I didn’t see it coming, but now I will be going.

    By Lee URL on 10.19.2012

  18. I don’t like it!
    Shown is one of those words that looks silly if you type it a lot!
    shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown shown!!!!!!!!!

    By Amris on 10.19.2012

  19. Never before has the revealing been so awkward.

    By Peter Borghero URL on 10.19.2012

  20. My money was shown to the police officer as I sat down thinking about what I’ve done I didn’t mean to do it, it just sort of well happened i was shown to the world.

    By Bob on 10.19.2012

  21. I don’t understand it’s just something i can’t explain it it’s just there it’s just bothering me and now I hate it and I want to kill it and bam! now it’s dead

    By Charlie on 10.19.2012

  22. I showed you how to be a man.
    How to love a woman.
    I showed you how to be yourself
    And I showed you that any person deserves to be loved.
    I showed you how to get to where you are today and yet
    What did I get in return?
    All I got was the silence that radiates from he tomb of memories that used to be US!
    I got the hushed conversation quick when I walk by.
    I got the awkwardness when we are near.
    I got the pain and hurt and regret from losing you.
    I got nothing but pain when I gave you nothing but love and happiness.
    Oh well you say. Life isn’t fair. I know that for sure.

    By Gabriella Selbe on 10.19.2012

  23. I was shown a picture. It wasn’t just any picture, it was the picture of my late wife. They told me she died in a car crash but I couldn’t bring myself to believe them. Days, months, a year past and all I wanted was to see her again but I knew. I had to know that she wasn’t coming back. Not from the dead.

    By Astrid1315 on 10.19.2012

  24. Shown the world I still choose the little grain of sand and its prismatic fury in the blaze of the setting sun. Shown the sun I still choose its longing glint of light in the pores of your skin.

    By Neelvar on 10.19.2012

  25. in my heart everything is shon, the lies, the cares, everything! everyhting is shown and I am free. In my heart, the way that everything is beautiful, because I am free, and I am myself.

    By sarah on 10.19.2012

  26. i have show to the world all the things i have inside mee, what i have earned in my heart thanking to the life to be alive!! and all the gratest experience i have in this wonderful adventureeeee!!!

    By paula on 10.19.2012

  27. He has shown so much affection for her, but all she did was run off with another man. He wanted her back so bad, his heart aching for her every second of the day. She never really loved him, she never will.

    By Roooonnniie URL on 10.19.2012

  28. She’s shown that she owns the shoddy loans she’s sewn.

    By Marianne URL on 10.19.2012

  29. It’s a word that not a lot of people know how to do. To show love; to show knowledge. To show that you’re listening. It’s this one simple word that means to much to the world-that can help the world be a better place. Why are we all afraid to show our true emotions? Why do we show fake emotions? Or why, do some people, like showing what they shouldn’t? We live in a world where people aren’t real; they’re fake and we all accept that. Why? Why don’t we show the world we care, and what we really are?

    By Tiffini Aldrich on 10.19.2012

  30. it was shown in the evidence of the case that the accused was in fact at the scene of the crime and saw more than the statement lead us to believe, but she was extremely high at the time of the incident so her testimony was thrown out.

    By alexander on 10.19.2012

  31. shown shaun shane shame name blame black sack track trail.

    By caro on 10.19.2012

  32. She was shown the proverbial light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. It came in the form of a needle and love. It came fast, hard, it came up through her veins and it was the sweetest living death you could feel. However, she soon found instead of the warmth of those becoming rays she craved she found thick concrete walls, crushing in. Collapsing her veins inside her tender arms and stealing her soul.

    By ktrnbrml URL on 10.19.2012

  33. There are things that are shown, and some that are hidden. It takes one sincere thought and depth in thinning to really see beyond. Most times all answers are under our nose, but we can’t reach them, but we simply don’t know, how to see what is presented, to do what is asked, and most importantly to see what is shown.

    By Simran on 10.19.2012

  34. I was little, I have grown, I’m still young but now I know. The world is big, and I am small, there is a lot to know, that I still have not known. I am waiting to be shown, and see what is to be truly known.

    By Simran on 10.19.2012

  35. I was shown the vast valleys. I was shown miles of opportunity. I was even shown God’s grace; but i stumble and fall with every step. Even though I am shown grace daily, I fail. God’s grace is a like a heavenly bowl of which is always full.

    By Grace Baker URL on 10.19.2012

  36. She was never shown how to pop open a bottle of champagne, someone else would always do it for her. So when she was confronted with a desire to finally drink that champagne in the fridge, but no one was home, she knew that she was in for a steep learning curve.

    By alleycat URL on 10.19.2012

  37. Is it possible for death to break you little by little, all at the heads of your friends?

    No one believes me. No one ever believes a person who’s blind, or who’s hideous to gaze upon. The discrimination I’ve been forced to deal with has taken its toll. And all because I crossed that fine line between all that is good, and all that is taboo.

    I tried to bring my love back to life. But my attempt failed, and instead I meet with the Thing beyond the Gate, and it revealed me The TRUTH. That collective consciousness of all the knowledge of the world. My answer was in there, I was sure. But I was taken from the steam before I could find my secret.

    I was shown The TRUTH, and as toll, I can no longer see.

    By Aster Vox URL on 10.19.2012

  38. sometimes the word matches up perfectly to my current train of thought. I have been shown, today, that the wonderful feeling up everything fitting perfectly is not common. At least not common enough to serve as a comfort.

    By dizzier on 10.19.2012

  39. you are the sun, shining on the horizon. Your bright colors are shown in the depth of the sea. My mad imagination is raging through, bright like the colors in the prism. bring bliss into my life, show me the way to your love. give me freedom, come fly with me.

    By Zalika on 10.19.2012

  40. These past few months. These past couple years. These past lifetimes. you’ve shown me what it feels like to be a prisoner. To be trapped in a hell that I had little choice in. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve what you do and I won’t apologize. But in the next few weeks, it’s going to take alot of power not to show you how far you’ve pushed me.

    By Mezzyface URL on 10.19.2012