October 19th, 2012 | 227 Entries

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227 Entries for “shown”

  1. the things that you’ve shown me
    the things you’ve made me see,
    mostly physical, but some emotional
    I’ve learnt emotions I never knew I had
    I’ve done things I didn’t think I ever would
    I’ll never forget that, and what you have done for me

    By mystifulme URL on 10.19.2012

  2. To see something
    something that has been proven
    to show something
    to demonstrate
    to clarify
    something you saw

    By Rose on 10.19.2012

  3. There was glimmering hope in the boys eyes. He saw the item in his teachers hand and felt his heart grow soft and excited. He had waited for this day for three months now and realized it was finally here.

    By David on 10.19.2012

  4. I’ve been shown a lot of things seeing is believing and seeing is knowing what everything is. Seeing is learning. Hearing is so important too but with not a great sense of hearing seeing is so important, without sight, what would I do I’d have to struggle through the world.

    By Emily on 10.19.2012

  5. It was the most difficult decision she’d ever made. She knew once she’d shown him, once he knew, he would either stay or he would hate her forever, and she had no way of knowing which. She wanted desperately not to show him, but it wouldn’t be fair of her to keep this hidden, to have him not know.

    Three hours.

    Three hours until it would be shown.

    By Grace on 10.19.2012

  6. Kai had something very important to show his lover, Luhan. It was to be an anniversary present. A simple black tie that would match well with his white suit. It was elegance at its simplest.

    By Tristan on 10.19.2012

  7. You showed me what it felt like to feel beautiful, but you didn’t make me beautiful. You showed me what it feels like to be loved but you didn’t make me deserve love more or less than I ever have before. Now, I can show myself what I want from someone because you showed me that you weren’t willing to stay. Show yourself, or stay the fuck out of my life. Please.

    By Suzy on 10.19.2012

  8. The amulet was shown to all of the people in the theater, but none of them could manage to fix the shattered orb in the center.

    By I on 10.19.2012

  9. Trust in yourself, give of yourself, show yourself. For those who are vulnerable gain trust, those who are known and shown are responded to in kind.

    This is kind of a hard word to write about. Try something better, like chlamydia or barrow.

    By Davie on 10.19.2012

  10. He was shown the bright four-pointed star that rested on top of the spiral tower. It gleamed in the dim moonlight, and if he stared at it long enough he could make out tiny flickers of moments shifting right beneath the crystal surface.

    By aeir URL on 10.19.2012

  11. I show not what I think and believe but what I would like to think and believe. Because showing others my barest skin, the very dimples and creases that shape the being I inhabit and choose to live, I show you me.

    By Jen R URL on 10.19.2012

  12. So, as I opened my eyes, I saw what was waiting for me… what he prepared, just for me… I looked at him and smiled. He smiled back. And we sat, quietly, thinking about all sort of things. It was our night, the night we were waiting for after so many days apart. We were together, cuddling, hearing the thunders outside and we knew what happiness felt like.

    By NikkiEvans on 10.19.2012

  13. Her light shown on me like a pale sun, high in the sky and impossibly far away. Everything about her was light. Her lashes, pale and pristine, eyes glowing like fire-lit crystal. I could barely look at her. Everything was light, so much light, shining out and away, my very own, fragile pale star.

    By solameya URL on 10.19.2012

  14. I’d shown her the mirror years ago. She liked the way the blue crystals looked like the ocean and the red ones burned in the light. I liked the little marking in the corner: xo xo marta; i wished she liked it too.

    By savannah on 10.19.2012

  15. It is a word that means many things, often good and sometimes bad. It indicates discovery, intrigue and maybe a hint of mystery, that has been uncovered in the past. It has the same sound with the name Shawn. It is a five letter word of the alphabet.

    By Marianne on 10.19.2012

  16. Living my life as a mother has shown my father that I have grown alot from when I was younger and now being a grandmother has impressed him also. I am proud to see that smile on his face. Growing up I have disappointed him quite a few times.

    By Phoebe on 10.19.2012

  17. i’ve been shown how to do many things but i think the things no one shows you that you learn yourself are most important. last year you just showed me how weak i am and i think now i’m a lot stronger. pity you’ll never know the real me.

    By Almha on 10.19.2012

  18. She said shed only show you once
    But her smile is slipping
    Grey eyes glinting
    In the firelight

    By Alias on 10.19.2012

  19. Maybe you do not believe me.
    I can no longer wield this weapon my dear. Your hands twitch and your legs shake. Now on the floor you call out to me, “I did care.” Your words just echo inside my hallow being. SHE opens the door and light pierces my eyes. You still glow like an angel, but your demonic morality’s being holds a clean scythe. The demon smiles at me. By now you are away with her enjoying false happiness. It didn’t take any part of you to hurt me. I did it to myself.

    By amangelindiore URL on 10.19.2012

  20. I have shown all I am made of and all I have to give through my words. I have given everything I’ve got to my writing and shared more than I ever thought possible through my writing. Somehow I can do this. I can’t say it out loud but with a blank screen and a flashing cursor I’m able to spill my soul.

    By Jessica URL on 10.19.2012

  21. Between the skin and nail
    the white edge and dirt outline
    the trim of blood, dried and dead
    a line of red, where the pressure he made
    on doors that wouldn’t budge
    on chairs that wouldn’t swivel
    on hearts that wouldn’t break
    – his fingers, yes, bore the disappointment

    By gsk URL on 10.19.2012

  22. I have waited for three years now, and he still hasn’t shown me who he is. And yet, I am drawn to write him. Still in hope that I will meet my pen pal one day.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.19.2012

  23. shown is what is presented to us, the stuff that they want us to see. I want to see what I see not what they put in front of me. Time to seek out the sights, not to see everything everyone else sees. no time for shown.

    By Donkey Kong on 10.19.2012

  24. you had a thousand ways to show me life, and you showed me the beauty that no one else had shown me before.
    you showed me ways to love.

    By ashley on 10.19.2012

  25. My face has only been shown once in my life. The rest of the time it is covered in cloth or silk. For I am afraid of what my face will show. One person has seen my true identity, and that person absolutely and completely will have my heart forever.

    By danielleyymarie URL on 10.19.2012

  26. She had shown me how to do it, and I still didn’t know. It looked simple enough, to see her stitch around the buttonhole, but when I tried to do it, I found myself perplexed.

    By Margaret on 10.19.2012

  27. There are many things that must be shown in this world. Shown how to drive. Shown how to live. Shown how to write, draw, walk.

    By Andrea on 10.19.2012

  28. It has been shown that we can love one another unconditionally under the right circumstances. It doesn’t take magic or science. It just takes fate.

    By Angela on 10.19.2012

  29. You are shown the light as a child, but instructed to forget. Just how many of us, can forget? Surely not all. The beautiful warmth of almost perfect, is something no one would want to forget.

    By mandi2356 URL on 10.19.2012

  30. so many people have shown me what they are made of and it’s bad, and i tend to not believe it. so why is it that i’m being shown what this man is made of, and it’s all wonderful, and i don’t believe that either? why don’t i believe what i’m being shown? ever? weird.

    By sabrina URL on 10.19.2012

  31. He was considered the chosen one and if there was only a way I could have shown him that would have made his life more worthy and maybe if I had done it sooner it wouldn’t have ended the way it did.

    By BriannaNicole URL on 10.19.2012

  32. The wind had blown
    The movie shown
    The popcorn now long gone

    By Jeanne URL on 10.19.2012

  33. I have shown you my heart. Have I not?
    I have given you the blood that beats through the veins that keep me alive.
    They keep me breathing.
    I have shown you my insides that keep me alive.
    I have shown you because you are a part of them now.

    By mathildareese URL on 10.19.2012

  34. I was shown the gun, and I stuttered immediately.. I flunk my self to the floor upon being shown the .98 barrel gun… I was puzzled by such display, my life flashed before my eyes and that was the very last time I saw the sun shine.

    By casanique bailey on 10.19.2012

  35. He has shown me the world. He opened my eyes to the things that nobody else sees; the bees and their fluttering wings and how they land on flowers, picking up things with which to make honey. He showed me. He showed me everything in the world. And yet nothing. He only opened my eyes.

    By Emily Ramser URL on 10.19.2012

  36. I was shown a piece of paper by a friend and it was very inspiring. It was a picture that he had drawn of a random object and it made me think about the simplicity of life and how the talents of one person can bring joy and hope to another. It was as if all my faith in humanity had been restored.

    By Danielle Tuthill on 10.19.2012

  37. My deer had been shown on Facebook

    By Denton URL on 10.19.2012

  38. People have shown me many things, but affection isn’t one of them. It isn’t their fault because I don’t really show them affection either so we are even.

    By sturmzie URL on 10.19.2012

  39. There is something you cannot see, inside the very room you are sitting it. Do not try to find it, because it cannot be found. If you do find it, you will regret it, because if you look at that spot, you will be watching the love of your life die in another lifetime. There is nothing you can do.

    By Jeremiah Jaster on 10.19.2012

  40. I’ve shown you only so much. Only the surface. You must try now…. really try to muster the courage to take the plunge. Its not easy it never has been nor ever will be. But that one leap can forever change you.

    By adriana URL on 10.19.2012