October 25th, 2010 | 310 Entries

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310 Entries for “shore”

  1. sea shore sees me standing seeing losing the wind as it’s blowing past me… shore me up save me now take the weight out away… it’s not mine to keep

    By seekellygo on 10.25.2010

  2. I sat on the shore, watching the waves … watching, thinking, remembering. Grieving. God, I missed her. I loved her, although she never knew. And never would now. Gone. Far gone, far away. Beyond me, beyond the waves.

    By Hagbard on 10.25.2010

  3. She went to the shore of the sandy beach and looked out at the waves rippling on the horizon and as the water broke into the shore. She smiled at the peacefulness of the shore scene. She loved the lakeshore and it was her happy spot to be. She loved it.

    By Emily URL on 10.25.2010

  4. I stared at the shells leaving jagged criss-crosses as they tumbled in the sea foam. I watched as dark froth of water bubble up from the wounds. It was a relief to know that even the sea is not always peaceful. A relief to see such beauty in the midst of all the pain and tumult.

    By SprawlingInk URL on 10.25.2010

  5. I used to spend my weekends by the shore until i stopped seeing your face in the ocean.
    Now i spend my weekends on my back as the boys scribble in magic marker on my stomach. They are washable and vibrant in shades, and they wash off in the sink later. You imprinted yourself behind my eyes until i saw you everywhere, and I promised myself i’d never let anyone come near me with a permanent marker ever again.

    By Kay on 10.25.2010

  6. I have this memory where I’m standing on the edge of the world on a perfect day. I can feel the ice cold water on my feet and I notice how different it feels from the hot sun beating down on my back. My eyes can’t even begin to do justice to the view. The horizon is hard to differentiate from the sky; it’s all a calm blue. The sand is white and riddled with seashells and the occasion crab. The salty breeze ruffles my hair and makes grains of sand stick to my legs.

    The world was large and for a single moment I was afraid.

    By emma URL on 10.25.2010

  7. I used to spend my weekends by the shore until i stopped seeing your face in the ocean.
    Now i spend my weekends on my back while the boys write on my stomach in permanent marker. They are vibrant in color and they wash off in the sink later, which is the best part.
    I let you get under my skin and leave your imprint on me and when you left i promised myself i’d never let anyone come near me with a permanent marker ever again.

    By Kay URL on 10.25.2010

  8. i met you on the way there. i didn’t think it was possible to find someone you love by first glance. but it happened. i miss you. i love you. i want to be back on that plane to mexico. when i only wished about you, i didn’t know about you. come back to me baby. please?

    By chelseaaa! URL on 10.25.2010

  9. She wandered up and down the beach, listening to the waves beat against the shore. It was years since she last came here, since the accident. She would never see him again; she knew that much. But now was the time to accept it. That’s why she was here. To scatter his ashes.

    By Rebecca on 10.25.2010

  10. the shore is big and full of light and it glitters in the sun. iiii am running out of time what is this. not acceptable.lsjdlkjflsdjfslkdjfl

    By kaitlin on 10.25.2010

  11. The shore was a very nice place to be when you’re bored. I sometimes go there when I just want to be alone…Most see it as a place to have sex and party, but there is an innocence there that some do find and hold dear.

    By Nick on 10.25.2010

  12. I love the ocean’s shore. It is always full of life and wonderment. I believe that everybody should have the privilege to experience the ocean shore at least once in their life.

    By Vanessa Jackson URL on 10.25.2010

  13. I always wanted to live on the shore. I could imagine myself staring out into the vast sea, lost in the possibilities within it. North Carolina, Ny, or Washington, any place where I could just stare endlessly. Never mind that I’m terrified of open water and can’t swim.

    By DanielaChante URL on 10.25.2010

  14. I went to the shore early in the morning. I was alone. The breeze was cold. I was in awe. There he was standing, looking for me, wanting to say a word but he could n´t.

    By elena on 10.25.2010

  15. We walked along the shore wondering if today might be the last day that these waves would splash against our sand covered toes and the feeling that sat silently between the two of us crashed like a torrent against a breakwater.

    By Paul on 10.25.2010

  16. on the shore is where I like to take you altough we almost never go. I just want you to sit and breath the air with me

    By Peter T URL on 10.25.2010

  17. i love the sand in my toes, and smelling the beautiful salty water rising out of the ground. i have so many fond memories with family and friends. it is my favorite get away, great place to free your mind.

    By megan on 10.25.2010

  18. Shoreline and skyline
    Evergreen trees in the dark sand
    So wet it never dries in the Pacific Northwest

    By Amiee URL on 10.25.2010

  19. I looked at the sky. I knew he was somewhere. I could feel how close he was. But could not see him.

    By elena on 10.25.2010

  20. island, waves, beaches, sand, sounds, brown, blue, sky, sun, relaxing, lighthouse, waiting, always waiting, water slapping on the rocks

    By Connie on 10.25.2010

  21. seashore, gulls, crabs, sailboats, swimming,drowning, lifesaving, a peacefull place, lighthouses, ripcurrents.

    By Hartmanman URL on 10.25.2010

  22. the beach was most beautiful on the sunday afternoon when i was there with Everett. it was a gorgeous day when we began to have a debate about the true word for beach. being from the east he said shore.

    By Matthew on 10.25.2010

  23. I miss the ocean shore where I used to live. One time crabs attacked me on the beach, but I miss it either way….

    By Ryan on 10.25.2010

  24. I really dislike the shore. I hate the breeze, the salt in the air. Quite frankly, I hate everything about it. The sand between my toes does not excite me nor does the waves against my feet make me feel at all relaxed.

    By Giovanni URL on 10.25.2010

  25. something that i’ve already written about. i suppose this is the limitations of the computer, or perhaps i just don’t understand the system and there really will be only one word each day. Oh, that makes sense. there’s one word. each day.

    By Matthew URL on 10.25.2010

  26. Once I went to the shore. I ran away from my mother. I walked in the hot sun hoping to find a friend. A woman approached me and asked if I was lost. She took me back to my mother. I never found a friend. I found a kind stranger…but not a friend.

    By Taylor URL on 10.25.2010

  27. Witing is as diving from a parachute, as you fall yo can experiance ots of excitemen, freedom and acoplishment

    By fifis URL on 10.25.2010

  28. the cool ocean breeze came up off the water and cooled my red, hot face. i knew that i had nothing to worry about but still, my face was hot with nervousness. i wanted to cry. but i was so happy i simply couldn’t.

    By Danny on 10.25.2010

  29. she sells sea shells down by the sea shore. phew that was easy.

    By steve french URL on 10.25.2010

  30. The jersey shore is a completely ridiculous show. people make a big deal about watching a bunch of stuck up and rich guidos go out and party night after night and back stab each other. I don’t see how two seasons of this show could be made.

    By Matt on 10.25.2010

  31. she said,”well we can always make more room downstairs, if you move the linens, and replace the toiletries with clever pictures of frogs disclaiming any anecdotes you might have encountered last Tuesday when you came up from the market looking for mangos in a peach tree. I’ve told you several times to clean your mess as well, Joseph.” To which I replied in Spanish, “Yo siempre puede debatir con la corona de Su Majestad si los hombres estaban en el derecho a mover el arbusto de ropa de fuera del jardín.” Then, without warning, in walked Pauly Shore.

    By steve french URL on 10.25.2010

  32. he was running along the shore, when all of a sudden he realized something: this is about the shore, not a bout me. so he bagan to pick up shells, peering deep into their complexity

    By David John URL on 10.25.2010

  33. Waves crashing, sand, blue. Those bottles we would make in third grade with blue water and oil. Slosh slosh slosh. Some people say “sure” that way. I miss the ocean, long for it.

    By Adam Milner on 10.25.2010

  34. Waves crash­ing, sand, blue. Those bot­tles we would make in third grade with blue water and oil. Slosh slosh slosh. Some peo­ple say “sure” that way. I miss the ocean, long for it.

    By Adam Milner URL on 10.25.2010

  35. I stood on the shore looking out into the murky waters. From the note I received in the mail and the way I knew his thought process worked, I knew her body would wash up eventually.

    By Gabrielle URL on 10.25.2010

  36. I sit at the shore of the ocean, when suddenly, a boat lands at a nearby dock and the crew start shooting the crew of the dock.”Uh-oh” I thought. This can’t be good. I ran back to my beach chair and grabbed my pistol and my police badge, remembering how useful these are even when I am off duty. I start to run towards the terrorists, contemplating who they are when I hear the bang of a sniper rifle…

    By Christopher Roy on 10.25.2010

  37. wrtertearga

    By Mr Slivka's Class URL on 10.25.2010

  38. I was shore he was okay… Or was it sure? Spellings elude me.

    I didn’t know why he was late, but surly he was okay. Or was it shorly?

    Spellings elude me.

    By Ethan on 10.25.2010

  39. you rest your feet upon the shores of your own insanity, dark waters of absurdity and uncertainty lick your feet in cold appreciation of your company. don’t worry, your insanity will take care of you.

    By Emily Jane URL on 10.25.2010

  40. I went to the shore as a way to get away from the stress of the day. The shore soothes me and makes me feel better when the world is falling apart. The crisp smell clears my head.

    By T on 10.25.2010